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Rainbow unicorn costume: create a fabulous look for a girl with our own hands


This can be done quite simply. The main thing is the desire to make a costume, as well as the availability of all necessary materials. Let's reason logically. A unicorn is a horse (or horse) that has a horn. So, first of all, you need to make a horse costume. How to make such a costume can be found here, here and here.

When the horse’s costume is ready, it remains only to attach or sew the main part to the costume - it's a horn. As the simplest example - roll a hat or mittens into a roll. It will turn out something similar to a horn. Glue and sew to the suit. If everything is done wisely, the costume will look very impressive.

I thought for a long time about how it would be more profitable to present my idea for a costume and realized that I didn’t have to invent anything). I'll tell you how it came to mind.

What is such a suit? Let's look at such a suit for a girl. It can be a dress, or a fluffy skirt made of light fitin. Mostly used pink, white and blue colors. Then the most interesting. To completely reincarnate, you need to make a unicorn horn. It turned out to be simple. Take, for example, cardboard and make such a narrow fist. Then we wrap it in foil or paint with silver paint from a spray can. Next, we need to attach the horn to the rim, or make rubber bands on it so that it hangs well on the head. Gum then should be hidden under the hair. It is recommended to wear a wig in blue or red. But I think that white or blue is better).

And also, it turns out, the costume of the unicorn is very fond of Hollywood stars. What are we worse)?

Delicate image for daughter

The hardest part about creating a unicorn costume is to figure out what to make a horn from. But this problem is easy to solve. Headbands are sold in children's stores, to which both ears and horn are immediately attached. If you have not found this, then do not be discouraged, just buy cat ears. The horn is easy to do on your own. To do this, you need cardboard and double-sided tape. We turn the cone and glue it. It does not take more than 5 minutes. It is better to sew such a horn to the rim so that it does not fall off at the most inopportune moment. The daughter needs to wind the hair so that it curls fall on her back. Thus, you can mask the plastic rim. The unicorn costume, the photo of which you can see above, suggests a delicate skirt-tutu and a light elegant topic. Tights are also better to choose white, but it is advisable to put on your feet not shoes, but soft boots.

Color suit

Creating this image will have to work hard. Here one bundle can not do, although it is also present here. The unicorn costume will include not only the ears and the horn, which are an integral attribute of a fabulous horse, but we will also make a mane. Let’s start with her. We will make mane from corrugated paper strung on a wire. Cut the colored paper into pieces. It is desirable that the mane should not consist of 3 flowers, but from 6-7. In this case, it will be easy to avoid repetitions.

We string the paper onto the wire, and so that it does not roll down, at the end we tie a knot, which we decorate with a thread brush. This mane will be easy to attach to the head with hairpins. On the head we also attach ears and a horn. White leggings and a turtleneck will be the basis of the costume, but the skirt-tutu will add a touch of playfulness. If you do not have such a skirt, then it is easy to do it yourself. For this trim tulle need to be collected on an elastic band. Unicorn costume is ready. The image is bright and fabulous.

Evil unicorn

If you are planning on Halloween but don’t know where to go, be original. Unicorn costume can be made not only in sugary marshmallow color, but also make it original. Here we again need to sew a pack and make a horn of cardboard. We find a white topic and paint it with gouache, that is, put blots. Take the old thing, keep in mind that the paint from the fabric will not completely move away, even if you put the topic soak in bleach. Yellow or any other colored shoes and white stockings will complement the image. They can be replaced with pantyhose in the net, which should be upgraded a little and add a couple of holes.

It remains to apply makeup. Everything is easy here. You can buy translated tattoos with bloody smudges, as an option - draw blood yourself. To make it look natural, you need to use not one shade of red, but at least three, and also add a little black. Draw streaks should be on the face, chest and arms. Get the original unicorn costume. On Halloween, you can safely go in it.

Positive unicorn

We will tell you in the end how to create a funny image of a fairy-tale character. Do-it-yourself unicorn costume is easy to do. We need a jacket with a hood. It is advisable to find one to which ears are immediately sewn. If your wardrobe does not have such clothes, then ears and a horn will have to be worn separately with the rim. How to make mane out of paper, we already told. The principle is the same, but this time from paper we will also make a tail. The method of its manufacture is not different from the mane. The tail is attached to a pink tutu, which can be exchanged for any other colored skirt.

We put on white leggings, and on them we make peculiar tassels that are made of thread. We cut a bunch of threads of the same color and tie it from one end to a knot. We do the same 8-9 times with other skeins, then we sew our brushes to the legs. Using the same principle, we make a “fluff” on the chest. The final touch is colored pompons, they are sewn to the ties of the sweatshirt. The color wig will complement the image.

How to make a horn for a rainbow unicorn costume

First you need to make one of the most basic elements of a unicorn costume - a hoop with a horn and a mane, decorated with colorful flowers.

1. Cut a triangle from felt with a rounded bottom. You can also use cardboard, which on top just paste over with felt, cloth or any other material.

2. Fold the triangle in half and sew the sides together with a blind seam.

3. Align the sides so that you have a cone-shaped horn.

4. Draw a stitch along the entire bottom of the horn, but do not pull the thread. Then fill the horn with any material: cotton, cloth, paper. This is done so that the horn holds a vertical shape.

5. Pull the thread of the stitch to collect the fabric of the horn below. Then wrap the horn with a beautiful thread for embroidery and tie it at the bottom, closing the "bottom".

6. Cut circles of different sizes of colored felt. Shape the flowers by laying circles on top of each other.

7. Cut two strips of felt 5 cm wide and 10 cm long to decorate the hoop. Place the usual hoop between the two strips of felt and glue it all together. Then glue the horn in the center of the hoop with hot glue. Also glue felt flowers to the horn and hoop.

How to make a skirt for a unicorn costume

A pink full tulle skirt will complement the costume of the unicorn as well as possible. We already told you how to make a fluffy skirt of tulle with your own hands. Repeat all the steps in the workshop to create a similar skirt for your daughter's unicorn costume.

How to make a tail and mane of a unicorn

The tail and mane of a rainbow unicorn must be made of all the colors of the rainbow. Cut small strips of multi-colored tulle (a couple of centimeters wide). Then make your girl a hairstyle of five ponytails, which descend in a cascade from the crown to the neck. Tie each strip of tulle around the elastic to create a look of mane.

To make a multi-colored tail of a unicorn, collect all the remaining tulle of different colors together and sew to the back of the skirt.

That's all! An excellent basis for a unicorn costume, which you made yourself, will be plain leggings and a t-shirt or blouse with a long sleeve to match it. Bring the costume together and your baby can go on Halloween, New Year or another holiday to give joy and let the rays of good.