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How to understand that a man or a guy likes you


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Falling in love with a man who is flirty by nature is sometimes confusing. On the one hand, you understand that he is flirting with you, but the question is: is it because he likes you or because he flirts with everyone in a row? Does his attention mean that he wants to establish a more serious relationship with you? Despite the fact that it is not always easy to determine the true intentions of a flirty person, in this article we will tell you how to identify signs that he hopes to become someone more than just a friend.

What are the gestures talking about?

Everyone knows a simple truth: the words of the interlocutor are not always sincere. Playing the role of your well-wisher, in the soul he may experience different feelings. Or, on the contrary: the guy with all his might pretends to be a cool macho, and his fingers nervously tug at the scarf and his eyes timidly ask: “Do you like me?” Therefore, in such a situation, pay attention to the gestures that accompany the words. Understanding their language, it is easy to understand how this person relates to you.

To find out a man’s attitude by gestures is simple. To do this, observe him when he is close, follow the movements of his body, arms, facial expression:

  • By chance, you were not far from each other. The guy begins to mechanically straighten his clothes. These gestures will indicate that he wants to look attractive in your eyes.
  • If a girl in love and a young man are standing nearby and are having a conversation, she needs to look at his pose: a man who likes a woman often unconsciously puts forward one leg, as if pointing to the object of his interest.
  • The guy, being next to the girl he liked, tries to look taller, so his body at this moment is slightly tense and stretched up.
  • When talking with a man, look at his face: if the eyebrows are slightly raised, as if expressing surprise, then the woman can be sure that causes him interest.
  • If in your presence a young man twists a ring on his finger or, talking with you, fumbles a button on his jacket, this means that he was seized with excitement, which he is trying to cope with. And this certainly can serve as a sign that he feels for you.
  • Did you notice that the guy is looking at you? Don’t worry, this is a simple demonstration that you are interested in it. And most likely, he managed to examine you back when he first saw it.
  • Talking with you, a man rubs his chin or cheek with his hand, touches his eyes. In these gestures you can see signs of manifestation of his excitement and desire to please.
  • If a guy is standing with his hands on his belt, then he unconsciously wants to show his physical strength, as well as self-confidence. He wants to please the interlocutor.
  • Sometimes you can see that his eyebrow barely noticeably rises and falls. The guy does this without noticing it for a few seconds. Such an involuntary movement on his face is a sure sign that you are not indifferent to him.
  • If a woman notices that a man is looking at her, parting his lips and slightly expanding his nostrils, she can be sure: her appearance aroused admiration for him.
  • A young man smoothes his hair or, conversely, involuntarily shagging them. This gesture suggests that he is trying to look more attractive.
  • Feeling a cool breeze, the guy carefully offers you his jacket or sweater. Know that he considers you his woman, is ready to protect and protect you.
  • You can rest assured that you are his beloved woman, if you are talking with your loved one and during the conversation he begins to unconsciously repeat your gestures. For example: you take a phone from your purse, he immediately mechanically takes his cell phone out of his pocket and so on. These gestures are a clear sign that he really likes you.

To finally be sure that you are not indifferent to the guy, you should conduct a small experiment: ask him for a little favor or for help in some business. If a young man takes it with joy, then you should no longer doubt the sincerity of the feelings of his beloved!

What does the look say?

Sign language, facial expressions and movements can tell a lot. But people say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Views are very eloquent. They can replace the whole conversation, express joy and sadness, love and hate. So how do you understand by the look of a loved one his attitude to himself? What can be read in his eyes?

The main signal characterizing the boy’s feelings for a girl is a change in the shape of the pupils: when a young man is excited, his pupils will increase significantly and can expand to the upper edge of the shell. And if a guy likes a girl, then when he meets her, his pupils become larger.

If his gaze focuses on his forehead, then he has only business interest. And if he looks from her eyes to lips and back, it means that between them there can only be friendly relations. The boy’s long tender looks at the girl or his squint at her, accompanied by a kind smile, indicate that he shows deep interest in her with sincerity of intentions.

Let's say your views accidentally met. If a young man detains him, or, conversely, takes him away very quickly, then we can say that he has feelings for you.

Being in the general company, he constantly visually searches for you. Or, having loudly told a funny story for everyone, he quickly glances at you to see if you are laughing with everyone. This suggests that you are not indifferent to him!

You are the cause of his worries

If you see obvious signs of excitement in a man when you start chatting with him or flirting, then there is no reason for doubt. You made a strong impression on him, and he cannot hide it from you and from the rest of those around him. Why does a young man lose the thread of a conversation or say too much, starts twisting objects in his hands, then sits up, then gets up when he is nearby? The answer is obvious. It is unlikely that any of your friends will feel the excitement in your presence to such an extent. The guy is clearly not indifferent!

A smile will make everything brighter

Even being not in the best mood, he blossoms with a smile at the sight of you. Not every girl who appeared in the radius of his presence, causes him such a reaction. You are capable of this. He smiles at you sincerely, with all his appearance demonstrating the pleasure of your appearance. Of course, friends are always happy to see us. Yet joy based on friendship is hard to confuse with joy based on heart affection.

Meeting place can not be Changed

Circumstances began to develop in such a way that you seem to accidentally intersect here and there. You suddenly find yourself on the way to go home after work. Or not home, but in the same supermarket. Or he is not on his way, but he still offers to give you a ride there. He seeks out any opportunity to inadvertently meet with you, and uses any excuse to spend at least a few minutes together.

He suddenly has a hundred reasons to be near you. You can determine that he wants your company. And you, of course, have no reason to refuse to communicate with him, right? Friendly meetings are not so frequent and usually planned - joint trips to the cinema or to the club bring you together. But the one who likes you very much uses every opportunity to be around for an extra minute.

Name, name her name

He very often speaks directly to you, no matter how many people are around you. By doing this, he always pronounces your name, as if distinguishing you from everyone.

If there are several girls with the same name in the company, an enthusiastic guy begins to come up with derivatives or affectionate nicknames for you.

Thus, he involuntarily shows that you are a special girl for him, unlike others. It is common for friends to communicate equally with everyone in the company, not particularly distinguishing anyone. Uniqueness gives you the look of a person who liked you, and he sets you apart from everyone else. Remember this!


You will stop asking yourself the question “Do I like a guy” when you start to notice that he wants to reduce the distance between you and touch. When a girl attracts a young man, then he involuntarily seeks to touch her.

It is as if broadcasting signals that he likes to feel you. If you feel a reciprocal desire, just support his initiative. Friends can cuddle when meeting or parting. But you rarely see friends who tend to gently touch each other's face or hair as often as possible.

Attention, you are special

The man is nice and polite with the rest of the women, and no more. He can even be so gallant that he gives compliments to the ladies around him. But all this is in the framework of friendly communication. With you, he flirts and flirts, flirts and lures, makes fun and just chatters.

Gallantry has boundaries: he will offer you and even pour tea, having shown care, while other ladies should not expect such an initiative from him - most likely, it will not. Determining why this is happening is simple: he likes you and likes you pretty much, but the rest of the girls don't. He can offer them only friendship.

Words and conversations

The young man listens attentively to you if you start telling him something. Surprisingly, you have not had such an excellent listener for a long time. Sometimes it seems to you that he is ready even about the difference in shades of lipstick to listen endlessly, if only you would tell him. When you want to be silent, a guy in love will always tell a story that you will be interested to listen to.

You have a lot of common topics for conversation, but if you want to just be silent, then you do not feel tension or tension. Everything is so simple and so natural. The idea of ​​checking whether he is really interested, does not even occur to him - he asks many specific questions and is keenly interested in your life.

Common interests

Did you tell him about a recently read book? He also read it and wants to discuss with you the features of the plot, share his impressions. Do you accidentally mention that you haven’t been to the movies for a long time? A young man invites you to the premiere of the film. Is he going to play football with friends? And you are invited to cheer for him and his team, in order to then celebrate the victory with a cup of delicious cappuccino in a cozy cafe.

There are more and more such moments, and you spend time together more and more. Friends also have many common interests. But most often they do not completely separate them. You take it calmly. And here it begins to seem to you that he is interested in your whole life, all of you. In fact, the young man seeks to get to know you as best as possible.

Help from him

Not only joint entertainments are signs that a young man feels more for you than friendly feelings. If he likes you, then he tries to help when he sees that you need it. Got right, but no driving experience? He teaches you to park, escorts to a technical station or offers to join the company in an upcoming trip to the country. And if you are sick, then he will visit you and bring a bag with lemons and honey. He sincerely wants to help and support you. If you are colleagues, then it will help to cope with numerous office equipment or install new equipment necessary for work. He is always pleased to help you or provide a service.

I am the best

To arouse your interest, a guy can begin to tell different stories about himself, showing him on the positive side. If you have no reason to suspect him of self-glorification, and the stories are really real, then think about it. Communicating with each other helps to bring people closer together. And to those who we like, we always strive to tell more about ourselves than to other people.


Does a man say pleasant words to you and notice even small changes in hairstyle, makeup, manicure, clothes? There is no doubt that he likes you. We only compliment those who we like. Therefore, fewer thoughts about whether he likes you or not, and more self-confidence. Do the response courtesy, let him know that his actions are pleasant to you. Observe only how he behaves in relation to other representatives of the opposite sex.

Duty and neutral compliments towards other women indicate that he is well-mannered. There is no need to immediately think that the guy by nature is just Casanova. It’s worth pondering only if he makes compliments to charm all the ladies in his immediate environment. For such a man, there is no difference between women.

Own company

You already know close enough, communicate nicely, but your communication is more like friendly conversations. Romance is bypassing you so far. And suddenly a man invites you to his close circle of friends. It could be anything. Celebrate the birthday of one of your friends or your own name day. He calls you to attend the match, where he will take part as a player, and then mark this event in a cozy place with the rest of the team. Any actions that clearly demonstrate his desire to expand the boundaries of communication between you will mean only one thing - you are not indifferent to him.

I have no more questions

Nevertheless, sincere and genuine interest is difficult not to notice. If a man likes you, then he will let you understand it by all means available to him that he considers correct. In order to not frighten you away with his pressure and initiative, but to provoke reciprocal interest. Even in our time of open feminism, there are men who take the first step. When such a person meets you on the way, the question of whether he likes you or not, will not even visit your head. Because the answer will be obvious.

The main thing that needs to be done in this situation is to remain yourself, to accept his tokens with pleasure. After all, men are so pleased that his feeling is not unrequited. Often we can get a signal that we like it when we ourselves are able to show it. Smile more often, someone may fall in love with your smile!