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What are the subtleties and difficulties in the work of the cashier


Varvara Dmitrievna will authoritatively answer the question: how to learn how to work in a store at the checkout? Her experience in supermarkets is 22 years. All the tips will come in handy.

Hello. You most likely chose a profession because of hopelessness. Well, did I guess? The salary is small, frequent fines and office checks.

And theft. But you are only responsible for the cash desk. That is, for the money. If in the negative, pay from your own wallet. At the end of each shift.

Well, do not be alarmed. You are so. I rose to the senior cashier. In general, let's go.

* You must learn to quickly and accurately calculate large and small money, scan goods and give change. Do not forget about checks. Pack herring (and not only) in free plastic bags.

* There is nothing complicated in mastering a cash register. Sometimes a refund is required. This is where the first turmoil begins.

* Learn calm. Without an iron extract, you will not succeed. The work of the cashier is carried out in an endless stream of customers, among whom there are discontented, vicious, conflicting and grumpy. And if you begin to respond to every creature, then do not even last a week.

* Carefully watch what you punch. Particularly quick, they will distract, speak their teeth, gently pushing the stroller behind them. Unobtrusively look into it. If indignation is heard, just ignore it. They can call, humiliate, insult. An experienced cashier will do his job, remembering that the store, as it were easier to tell you, is a stall where there are different heads. Rude, but intelligible. If the buyer scolded you, imagine yourself a psychiatrist, who is faced with an aggravated patient. I did it, it became easier to work.

* To learn how to work at the checkout, you need to understand that no one will praise or thank you at the store. The administrator believes that you are obligated to do what he says. I do not like it, you are welcome to the labor exchange.

* And here is the most important thing. Make friends with the changer. Through thick and thin! In which case, it will replace you, but you do not let her down. Remember that you work in one team. Break apart, then someone will have to quit. Well, if without setups. Otherwise, you will pay the shortage. I went through all this when I started working as a cashier.

* Sometimes you will be asked to replace the seller. You also put piece goods on the racks located next to the cash desks. Do not forget to print the current price tags.

* The store has its own “kitchen”. Over time, you will be dedicated to it. But for this you need to learn how to keep your mouth shut.

I have a mink coat, a foreign car’s average scall, a summer cottage in the suburbs and a refrigerator packed to capacity. Despite the fact that I live without a husband, in a three-room apartment.

If you have questions, you ask. I will answer in full.

Varvara Dmitrievna Ponomar.

The material was prepared by I. Edwin Vostryakovsky.

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  • What are the subtleties and difficulties in the work of the cashier
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Working with people is always hard. Especially when you have to serve disgruntled, tired people who came to you for shopping. Some people come to the store not so much for goods, but in order to relieve work stress by entering into a conflict. And when calculating clients, one must be extremely careful not to make a mistake and not to calculate either yourself or the client. In addition, it is incredibly monotonous work. And you also need to get used to it. After all, there are few breaks, they last for nothing, and all day you have to sit in one position, smiling at complete strangers.

Psychological problems in the work of the cashier

The main thing that every novice cashier faces is a tremendous psychological burden. During customer service, restraint and courtesy should be exercised in any case. You must always be in a good mood, to be friendly. In parallel with this, be very careful. The cashier should always look neat and well-groomed. The cashier’s hands are what the buyer always pays attention to. After all, through these hands pass products both for themselves and for their children. Therefore, not only nails, but also hands should always look perfect. Agree, after a hard shift it’s not easy enough to take care of your own hands every time. And at home after a day of continuous communication you just want silence and relaxation. But everyone today has family and friends. Even with non-daily employment, the load will be very high. So you should think about whether you are ready for this.

Physical problems in the work of the cashier

You will have to spend the whole day in a sitting position with a few short breaks. In the process, you can do invisible gymnastics, provided that it will not distract you much from work. And do not forget that completely strangers to you can become its witnesses. The constant noise of the cash register can cause headaches. A rumble of a crowded room and the aggressive behavior of some buyers leads the body into a stressful state. So be sure to evaluate all the pros and cons of this profession, evaluate your capabilities critically, choosing a cashier job. It’s worth starting with small shops. If on the first day you have to serve 500-600 people, most likely on the second day you simply will not go to the workplace. The work of the cashier is very complex and responsible not only financially, but also morally.

Varieties of profession

  • Cashier - Clerk - Bank employee. Engaged in work with clients who decide to open a bank account, take a loan or withdraw a sum of money. The cashier-operator maintains a customer base and adjusts it.
  • Controller - Cashier in the trading sector, she works with a cash register and, with its help, performs the calculation of buyers for goods, acquires tickets and issues subscriptions.

In transport companies, such an employee is involved in issuing and selling tickets, travel documents or season tickets.

  • Currency cashier - an employee of a currency exchange office performs operations on the purchase, sale and detection of counterfeit banknotes.
  • Cashier accountant - a popular position, the leaders of many organizations appreciate such specialists, since they are assigned cash operations and you can be entrusted with working with bank cards. The employee has the skills of accounting and issuing funds, and also stores documents and securities, maintains a cash book in accordance with the established rules. At some enterprises, the duties of a cashier may be assigned to an accountant or other specialist related to finance.

Professional holiday

There are no strict dates in order to pay tribute to all cash workers. It all depends on his field of activity. For example, the cashier in the supermarket considers the day of the trade worker to be his professional holiday, but for the cashier-accountant, a significant date can be 10th of November - World Accountant Day. Trade Workers' Day falls on the last Sunday of July.

Not so long ago it was officially approved in Russia as a professional holiday -Theatrical Cashier's Day. Celebrate it on the first monday of March.

Advantages and disadvantages

The cashier’s job is hardly easy.

  • All day you need to be in a sitting position - as a result of a disease of the spine and neck.
  • You have to spend a lot of time at the computer - from which vision suffers.
  • It bears responsibility for huge sums of money.

The positive aspects include:

  • demand on the labor market,
  • possibility of career growth,
  • the cashier works in any season exclusively indoors.

Profession requirements

Employers want to see people behind their cash registers:

  • with work experience
  • knowledge of the cash register,
  • computer skills: knowledge of 1C program and office applications,
  • ability to work with documentation and reports.

Work in the bank puts forward high demands on the candidate:

  • special education,
  • citizenship,
  • English proficiency.

Job responsibilities

Whatever field of activity the cashier's employee belongs to, his responsibilities are approximately the same:

  • enters data into a cash register,
  • takes the cashier, rents it,
  • gives money for returning goods to customers if they have a check signed by the administration,
  • provides uninterrupted customer service,
  • accepts and gives out money to consumers,
  • determines the authenticity of banknotes,
  • engages in operations with plastic bank cards,
  • takes into account and controls cash
  • keeps cash statements, prepares accounting documents,
  • deals with collection issues.

Cashier Responsibility

Any cash transactions are a very responsible process. The slightest mistake can be the beginning of big trouble, both for the organization and for the employee.

To avoid administrative and disciplinary punishments, you need to:

  • Strictly perform their duties,
  • not violate the work schedule and safety precautions of the enterprise,
  • comply with fire safety regulations,
  • prevent offenses at the workplace.

Liability awaits the employee in the case of applying the material values ​​of the organization for their own purposes.


The cashier may:

  • require senior management to provide timely and comprehensive information that affects the quality of their work,
  • claim to provide management with favorable working conditions in the workplace,
  • submit proposals aimed at improving the quality of goods and services,
  • insist on changes in organizational matters, as well as improving measures to preserve the company's material assets,
  • incline other employees of the organization to assist in the performance of official duties in accordance with their authority,
  • if other employees are stipulated in the organization’s regulation subordinate to the cashier, the cashier has the right to give them tasks and then check the work done by them,
  • make recommendations to senior management regarding the nominations for the promotion of candidates or consideration of the punishment of those responsible,

The cashier may take part in meetings and meetings organized to address organizational issues.

Profession Features

The cashier is one of the most sought after "female" professions. However, to become a successful professional, only technical skills are not enough. It is important to be able to treat people humanly. You need to want to help the client as much as possible, whether it is a product return or a response to a request to exchange money.

A good cashier will always find the courage to admit his mistake.

Professional skills

Cashier - Professional:

  • handles cash register freely,
  • masterfully uses the calculator ,,
  • scans products with a barcode, reveals fake banknotes on a currency detector.

  • friends with the computer
  • owns 1C program,
  • reports on the result of the work performed,
  • receives money in banking institutions,
  • takes care of the safety of money capital and securities.

Personal qualities

You can list a whole list of personal qualities required for the cashier profession.

However, the most important should include: courtesy and honesty.

Let us put forward into the background:

  • attentiveness and ability to communicate with customers,
  • the ability to quickly calculate and perform computational operations,
  • scrupulousness and activity at work,
  • iron nerves and phenomenal memory,
  • analytical mindset and the ability to summarize the information received,
  • the ability to concentrate on the more important, keep in memory all the necessary information, and switch attention to visitors,
  • the ability to perform long-term routine and monotonous work: patience and perseverance.

Cashier career

A specialist can get advanced training after continuing education. Successful employees do not stay behind the cash register for a long time, but by developing professionalism they hone their skills and go to the goal. The peak of dreams for someone will be the shift supervisor, others will get the vacancy of a senior operations officer.

Building a career is much more difficult if you do not have a university degree.

Places of work

Cashiers are needed everywhere in banks, theaters and the circus, in shops and restaurants, in every organization where the cashier gives wages.

Large trading organizations contain a whole staff of employees.

The average salary of a cashier is from 300 to 700 dollars. Such a breakdown of income is argued by the specifics of the specialist’s activities and belonging to the region. The average cashier’s salary is $ 500.

In prestigious institutions, the cashier’s salary is an order of magnitude higher than in economy segment stores. The position of manager will increase your salary 3-4 times.