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How to learn to read books quickly?

Send Life hack How to learn to read quickly: a technique for children and adults.

Reading is not only a fascinating activity, but also a certain obligation of a person. Thanks to the ability to read, a person receives a maximum of information in his life - determines the format of the store, the composition of the product, learns about the diagnosis and much more.

The question of how to learn to read quickly is considered in childhood, however, for an adult, this skill or familiarization with it is important. Next, methods of fast reading will be considered, because reading fast means more time to do and learn.

The importance of speed reading

The quick reading technique is called speed reading. Why is it necessary in principle? The fact is that a person masters new knowledge only under the condition of visible perception.

At the same time, it is no exception to read important information that is necessary to achieve its goal.

Imagine the situation: you have legal troubles, and only brochures with the Criminal, Tax, Labor or Civil Codes of the Russian Federation go to help. In which book to look at the information you are interested in is unknown, and the time to solve the problem is limited. What to do in such a situation?

Scroll and read information similar in meaning that will allow you to find the answer you need. But how to do this if you are reading not just slowly, but generally previously refused to read books?

In this case, the untrained brain will not find the right answer to the questions, and if it does, it will not be able to perceive it to the proper degree. As a result, the problems that have arisen will only worsen.

Experts say that a person who not only reads a lot, but owns the speed reading technique:

  • self-assured,
  • has adequate self-esteem, is somewhat self-critical, which is also only useful in most situations,
  • achieves its goals.

Such statements are not groundless - for this, experts from various systems have conducted numerous studies. They came to the conclusion that getting a decent education in life is possible only with the help of a large number of books read.

An educated person can always find work to his liking and with good material support. A successful person strives for self-improvement, which is also achieved by reading certain updated literature.

In the absence of a desire to read, people, like children, begin to “lag behind in development” - they cannot be realized in life due to a lack of understanding of the situation around them (economic, social, interstate).

Why does a person read slowly

Not always even special exercises in speed reading help to achieve the desired result. There are certain reasons why the speed reading technique is “useless”. These include:

  • low vocabulary - the problem can be eliminated by reading interesting literature (artistic or scientific),
  • lack of proper concentration of attention on the text - in this case, the problem is explained by a weak articulation apparatus, which is easy to train using special exercises,
  • untrained memory - can only be developed by constantly reading books and discussing or simply recalling what was read,
  • the complex content of the book - not always a child or even an adult can perceive an intricate plot or a large number of complex sentences in the text,
  • constant return to a certain word - often in the text there is some incomprehensible word, it must be clarified.

5 rules for learning how to read books quickly

Since childhood, we learn to read quickly in order to run through school or university material. Then do other things. But what if you have a list of 20-30 cool books that you really like, but just don't have enough time? This is where the speed reading technique saves. It is important not only to swallow information, but also to leave something in the head after reading. Below are 5 rules to help you read quickly.

Rule 1 - Concentrate

The main goal is to focus on reading itself, complete immersion in the book. Outside affairs should not fall into your focus. The noise in the house or on the street, the conversations of neighbors, the parallel thinking of plans, the flow of thoughts - all this is very distracting. How to quickly learn to read, if you are completely unsure of what the book will discuss? The main thing that helps to concentrate is to read the description and reviews before reading.

This helps to subconsciously evaluate how important the material is and increase the speed of reading and assimilation. A pleasant and meaningful process depends on internal balance and complete concentration on the book. If you are clearly aware of what you want from a book or text, this will speed up the process. After all, it happened to everyone that you literally swallowed a book. The plot fascinated you and you drove yourself to quickly find out the denouement.

Rule 2 - do not replay

Subvolication often occurs during reading. This term means that a person repeats what he read aloud or in the mind. Naturally, this slows down the process. To read books correctly, you must remove this habit. Forget about repeating sentences or whole pieces of text. When the subvolication recedes, you will read easier and faster. The brain will begin to absorb and better remember selected books.

Rule 3 - Represent the General Image

An important point in speed reading is the ability to concentrate on several main parts of the text at once. One of the secrets of quick reading is the ability to read any material in separate parts. You do not have to think about each phrase or paragraph. The brain will process a separately selected block and allow you to remember the main message of a book or article.

Interested in reading a book quickly? Then learn to clearly define information blocks in order to improve the speed and quality of reading a book. Do not be afraid to misunderstand the author or return to a certain place several times. Better hold the thread of the story in your mind and read on. The brain itself will analyze the text when necessary. There is no need to waste precious minutes or hours on returning.

Rule 4 - Leave Bookmarks

Another important tip is to use rulers, stickers, pencils or pens to bookmark. The pointer will help to quickly restore the memory of what was read and not miss a further thread. Speeds up the process, if you will lead the bookmark line by line - this way you keep attention.

Direct your resources to read quickly, and the brain will do the rest. Try to trust him, control him less and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Rule 5 - Train

Regular exercises teach not only how to read quickly, but also improve your skills with each book. Start as an athlete with a lung and gradually move on to a difficult one. First read detective stories, novels, relatively simple texts that are not overloaded with accurate data.

Gradually, the habit of assimilating the text is fixed, and you can move on to complex materials. With each new text, the meaning of what you read will begin to consistently fit into your head. When you develop the memory, you will recall with maximum accuracy the details that interest you. All books that you read will pop up as you wish.

3 effective ways to learn how to quickly read and remember

In order for the brain to better remember what it read and to store information for a long time, one should understand the memory working system. There are 3 main words - impressions, associations and repetition. So you read Robert Chaldini's book Psychology of Influence. You really liked this work and you want to get the most out of it. How to do it? Work through these three levels.


A person is able to remember much more if he reads the material emotionally. For example, to read quickly, some sections may be presented. Try to feel the emotions of the characters and the atmosphere. Feel yourself in the role of the main character. You have to invent and manage your impressions. So you can keep in mind more information. If the visual is not yours, then read your favorite chapters aloud. The book should evoke vivid emotions in you.


This method is known to many, but it must not be missed. There is only one reason - it is incredibly effective. A person associates the meaning of what he reads with something familiar to himself. The association method is a text memorization technique that allows you to better remember and understand the material. It’s much easier to explain new things if you compare them with your friends.

Take notes

A small but important tip: leave notes.

Write in the margins (only if this is your book). Bookmark it. Make reviews when you read the book. Later, you can study your notes and refresh important points. You can postpone the text even for months, but if you re-read the notes, then remember a lot.


When you read a book, you get away from the hustle and bustle. You are spiritually elevated and developed as a person. Often we ourselves do not suspect what we are capable of. Read, re-read books and try to use the unlimited possibilities of your brain. Today, everyone around us is talking about fast reading techniques that can really help read faster and better. However, remember that these methods will only be useful in one case - if you read them, study and use them. I wish you success!

Basic Tricks for Quick Reading

Learning to read speed should begin with a study of the main points in technology. These basics include the following points:

  • Only useful books should be read. If there is a desire to become successful, then you should opt for autobiographies of talented entrepreneurs and so on.
  • Books are selected only with an easy-to-understand presentation - these include manuscripts by contemporary authors. The classic in this case will be inappropriate, because the text will contain a large number of already obsolete words.
  • The selected book must be read quickly 2 times. The first time is familiarization with the information, and the second time it is already a speed reading technique.
  • Read only in places convenient for you - preferably at home and at least 1-1.5 hours without interruption for important matters.
  • You should not read a work that you do not like, and also “superfluous” - you should not read a science fiction book for a person who wants to succeed.

These are just the main points that will help you learn speed reading at home. Further it is necessary to study subtleties in a technique.

Speed ​​Reading Techniques

Methods are divided into groups - intended for children or adults. If we talk about adults, we can distinguish the following methods of mastering speed reading:

  • Reading a book from beginning to end, and then vice versa - from end to beginning. In this case, the possibility of increasing the reading speed is implied.
  • Diagonal reading is a very interesting technique, but reading diagonally helps in quickly scrolling through books. Basically, this method is used in the study of fiction.
  • Driving a finger along the bottom of the line - this method is also used in the study of reading techniques in preschool age. This is explained by help in concentration.
  • Appropriation technique - based on the selection in the text of keywords that are no longer read, but perceived.
  • Empathy technique - it is important to visualize the main character of the book, to feel it. The presented actions make it easier to perceive readable text.

There is another interesting method for reading books quickly. The method is simply called: "Assault Method." It is used by scouts when they need to understand and absorb a large amount of information. The method consists in using a non-fiction book.

The volume of the book is at least 100 pages. The technique consists in preliminary preparation of pages - it is necessary to draw a vertical line with a pencil on each page strictly in the middle.

The presented technique is taught to an individual person, but everyone can master it.

You can also read special books on speed reading - these are the works of numerous experts offering various methods and ways to improve reading speed. Everyone will find for themselves the most interesting option, which will help to a greater extent.

On the importance of perceiving read information

It is not enough to know how to learn speed reading, it is necessary to perceive quickly read information, which is not easy to achieve.

Firstly, you need to learn how to simply extract useful information from the text you read. This helps to perceive the meaning of the read much faster.

Secondly, it is important to use the clarified information in practice - in this case, a person begins to use speed reading with benefit for himself. Such actions and fundamentals are compared with the study of foreign languages ​​- if there is no practice, the learned words will be quickly forgotten.

Allocate the following rules, how to learn to quickly read and memorize what was read:

  • Talk about reading to friends and acquaintances.
  • Make notes as you read - you need to highlight important phrases or whole paragraphs.
  • Read only during hours of increased brain activity - depending on the type of person, he is divided into an “owl” or “lark”. You should choose the time when the brain is most active.
  • Never read aloud - it distracts from the perception of information.
  • It is important to focus on reading - if a person is tormented by more important events, it will be much more difficult to perceive and remember information.

When to start training?

To teach a child to read only after a full and independent analysis of his condition. The child is ready for learning if the following points are present:

  • The kid owns the speech in full - he can speak in whole sentences, uses unspoken words in a conversation with an adult.
  • He has developed a phonemic ear - does the baby perceive words well by ear, can he name the initial and last letter in the word uttered for him.
  • The baby has no problems with hearing and pronunciation - all the sounds in the child’s speech are delivered, the correct pace of sentences remains (the child focuses on keywords in the sentence).
  • The child freely navigates in space - he has a well-developed vestibular apparatus, he knows the concepts of “left”, “right”, “up” and “down”.

It turns out that to teach a child to read and teach him the speed reading technique is possible only in the absence of development problems. You should not start training at an early age, if it is not interesting to the crumb - work will not bring proper results, and training can even “stand up”.

Step-by-step instruction

To teach your child speed reading skills (to teach him in preschool this technique is not fully recommended), you must do the following steps:

  1. Make reading compulsory - it is important to read it yourself, read to the child, write notes or instructions for the child to read.
  2. Use filmstrips - there should be a picture on the screen with a brief description below.
  3. Get 2 identical books - read one yourself, give the second to the child so that he follows what he has read. Gradually, the parent should increase the reading speed.
  4. Practice a simple exercise to test your reading technique - give your child some simple text, and time yourself. Then consider how many words the kid read in a minute - offer to improve the result, the introduction of encouragement will be useful.
  5. Teach your child to read “to himself” - whispering first, then separate sentences are not read aloud (in the ratio 1: 1).
  6. Having learned to read quickly - just read - the child needs to perceive the text. For this, in addition to quick reading, the correct hyphenation is introduced into training. When a crumb simply reads at speed, he often does not perceive the meaning of what he read, so the words must be read correctly - with the correct arrangement of stress.
  7. Write down difficult words for your child to read - let us read them constantly in a separate list. Keep writing new ones.
  8. Learn tongue twisters - these are simple articulation exercises.
  9. Take the text from the book, write it on a piece of paper, or print with omissions of letters or entire syllables. The child must guess the next "incomplete" word. If such reading occurs at high speed, it means that the child will be ready to learn with standard methods of speed reading.

Once a preschooler has learned to read quickly on the tips presented above, he can be offered standard methods of speed reading, which were described above and are mainly used by adults.

Determine which technique is easier for him - use it the first time. As speed reading evolves, change methods with more complex options.