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How to start getting enough sleep: 15 rules of sound sleep


Tomorrow should happen an event that makes you be in anticipation and so worried that it is impossible to sleep? Maybe tomorrow is Christmas, your birthday, or the start of your vacation?

Maybe tomorrow is Christmas, your birthday, or the start of your vacation? Emotional arousal may keep you awake all night or literally prevent you from sitting in one place. Here are some tips and tricks that will help calm your nerves and eventually fall asleep.

Try this:


If you do not need to board the plane at 3 a.m., you should not go to bed earlier, because most likely you will spend this time thinking about tomorrow's event. Go to bed at the same time as on a normal day, and try not to sit at the computer or in front of the TV at least an hour before bedtime, so as not to get excited. Make sure that all the things planned for today are over.. In an excited state, you can forget something, for example, lock the front door. Plunging into a dream, you can recall this and abruptly jump out of bed. Perhaps after this it will be difficult to fall asleep again.


. Are there things that need to be done or a brilliant idea came up that I would like to tackle later? Write them down, and make a plan for implementing the idea if necessary. Nothing to keep in mind all this, it is better to sleep well. If you have an important event tomorrow, such as a long trip, first day at school, or a new job, start planning carefully. Complete all pre-training, if the situation allows.


In this way, you can calm the body and mind. Try to do this every day, in which case you will warm up and relax. Prepare fresh pajamas and comfortable bedding to make the process of falling asleep as comfortable as possible.


A warm drink will help calm down. Warm milk, herbal tea (or any other decaffeinated tea), and liquid chocolate (but remember that it contains caffeine) are well suited for this purpose. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks, and if you tend to use the toilet at night, skip this step.


It will be difficult to fall asleep if you are not comfortable, so choose the appropriate pajamas and blanket. Check if the windows are open (or closed) to ensure the right temperature in the bedroom. Do this before you go to bed.


Let your mind concentrate on something else - reading a book, collecting puzzles, solving math problems. Avoid things that excite you, such as writing the first chapter of your new action-packed novel.


Lying with your eyes closed, turn on the music and listen to some soothing song. Listen to exceptionally quiet, calm and soft music at this time of day. Sounds of the ocean or birdsongs would also be a good alternative.


If you are unable to take your mind away from an exciting event, try to relieve tension in turn from different parts of the body. Start with your toes, clearly imagine them relaxed. Do the same with your feet, ankles, legs, hips, stomach, torso, then with your fingers, hands, shoulders, neck, head. Continue to relax each part of the body in succession until you calm down completely. This is both an intellectual and a physical exercise, so it will help to divert thoughts away from an exciting topic.

Other hints

If an important event should happen in the morning, and for this reason you want to go to bed earlier, read some fascinating article before going to bed. Relaxing while reading, your body will be larger than it is usually ready for bed.

In general, it is better to adhere to the usual sleep pattern and go to bed at the usual time. Do not drink any drinks that contain caffeine 2 hours before bedtime. They will affect your drowsiness and make you awake longer. Listening to your favorite music will help you fall asleep.

Tighten your whole body, then relax completely. Start relaxing with your toes. This will help better relieve stress.

Do not use any electronics. - she will not let you relax. Make sure there are no electronic devices nearby. Get away from the computer, close the laptop, set aside your favorite tablet. All devices must be turned off or out of reach so that there is no temptation to use them. Just relax. Remember: as soon as you fall asleep, then what you are waiting for will come much faster. Relax and go to bed. With each exhale, imagine yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a dream. We promise you will fall asleep quickly.

Before going to bed, go to the toilet. If you have to get up to go to the restroom, it may be difficult to fall asleep again. Close your eyes and turn off all devices that make noise. If nothing helps, lying with your eyes closed, try to imagine yourself doing what you are so looking forward to. You will fall asleep, and fantasies will smoothly go to sleep.

If the event is to happen tomorrow, say mentally that it’s still 5 days before it. Repeat this over and over. Listen to your chosen music and keep in mind the countdown that remains before the expected event.

Re-reading your favorite book, the plot of which you know well, can be more relaxing than reading a new novel. A book that you liked so much that you enjoy reading it a second or third time will not make you want to read it as soon as possible in order to find out what events will happen next. Try switching to something else.

If you share a bed with someone who is not looking forward to tomorrow's event, think about something related to that person.

Make sure that the temperature in the room is comfortable, this affects the speed of falling asleep.

2. The habit of getting up late

If you are used to waking up after dinner, then the body will not need sleep in the next 22-23 hours. Even if you do hard physical work, go to the gym and do a workout, the body will want to sleep no earlier than 2-3 in the morning. You can use sleeping pills, but this will not solve all the problems. Frequent drug use can lead to chronic fatigue and even cause insomnia. It will be right accustom yourself to get up early - This is the first and important step to begin to get enough sleep.

3. Stress and stress

Stresses, worries and worries experienced during the day will inevitably lead to a lot of unnecessary thoughts before going to bed. The brain is so arranged that emotional events need to be analyzed, and the best moment for this is before bedtime. These thoughts will interfere with sleep and sleep well. Read how to get rid of stress and stop getting nervous in a separate article.

5. Use of gadgets before bedtime

Modern man does not imagine his existence without various gadgets. Their constant use negatively affects sleep. Try to abandon their use at least an hour before bedtime. You will allow your body to relax, and prepare for bed.

The negative effects of lack of sleep

If a person does not constantly get enough sleep, then certain health problems may soon begin. The most common consequences of lack of sleep include:

  • 1. Decreased immunity. The human immune system is directly related to sleep. Poor and short sleep reduces a person’s immunity, which will inevitably lead to colds, especially in winter.
  • 2. Excess weight. With a lack of sleep, the body does not recover, and it requires additional energy in the form of food. Over time, this will lead to the appearance of extra pounds.
  • 3. Bags under the eyes. This is one of the most common symptoms of sleep deprivation, and almost anyone who has trouble sleeping will experience a gradual appearance of circles under their eyes, which over time will only become more pronounced.

I think these are good enough reasons to try to accustom yourself to get enough sleep. We pass to the main part. As usual, I will ask you arm yourself with a pencil and make a small abstract of the recommendations that seem most appropriate to you. Do not put off until tomorrow, use a few recommendations today - get rid of bad habits, establish a regimen, and soon notice how you begin to fully get enough sleep. Our course will consist of 3 consecutive parts. Well, are we starting?

1. Find the cause of lack of sleep

The first and most important thing is to find the main reason why you do not get enough sleep. It can be a habit of watching TV shows until late, drinking coffee or tea in the evening, “hanging out” on social networks until late at night. Record this reason. And do something every day to eliminate the cause of your lack of sleep once and for all.

2. Decide on the required amount of sleep

The work schedule does not take into account the individual characteristics of a person by chronotype. Regardless of whether you are an owl or a lark, you have to get up and go to work in the morning. Set the regime so that the body receives the amount of sleep needed to recover. This advice is very important for a full sleep, and you need to not only identify your sleep norm, but start observing it every day - including on weekends. Of course, at first it will not be easy, but very soon you will feel how the body gets used to the schedule and you begin to fall asleep very quickly.

3. Schedule a sleep

Create a schedule on paper to help you make better use of your time. Calculate the necessary time for awakening, as well as for morning activities. With eight hours of sleep, calculate when you need to start going to bed. If you need an hour to do morning things, and you need to leave work at home at eight in the morning, then you need to go to bed at twenty-three for an eight-hour sleep.

4. Plan a day

You need to plan not only hours of sleep, but also the daily routine. This is necessary so that during the day you learn have time to do everything, and you didn’t have to stay up late with something and violate the established sleep schedule. Think in advance everything that you need to do during the day, and try to act in accordance with the schedule.

5. Remember to do sports

Exercise helps maintain the body in excellent condition. If you are unwilling or unable to attend the gym, start doing evening jogs and perform a set of physical exercises. Exercise in the morning. Allocate at least 30 minutes a day to exercise. If you do not have so much time, then you can train 3 times a day for 10 minutes. Starting to play sports is very important to maintain a healthy and full sleep.

2. Take care of the comfort of the bed.

Bed linens should be pleasant and the mattress comfortable. If possible, change the pillowcase more often - at least once a month. Try to start sleeping on your back. Sleep on your back prevents the formation of facial wrinkles. Comfortable sleeping conditions are an important step towards getting enough sleep.

3. Come up with an evening ritual

Before going to bed, teach yourself to perform some kind of pleasant and calm ritual. It is advisable without physical or mental stress. For example, read a book or listen to music. After some time, the same sequence of actions will help to start falling asleep faster and getting enough sleep.

2. Do not set the alarm

Most people have this habit - from the evening to set 3-4 alarms with an interval of 10 minutes, and after hearing the alarm, turn it off and sleep until the next signal. If you also have such a habit, be sure to get rid of her since this method of awakening is a great stress for the body, which has to fall asleep, wake up many times. Moreover, it still does not help to get enough sleep.

2. The habit of falling asleep

Studies have shown that you can compensate for lack of sleep within a day and a half. If more than two days have passed since the moment of lack of sleep, then it is already useless to sleep off. The body will fix the lack of sleep and continue to perform its functions in the usual way. If you want to start getting enough sleep, you will need to select the mode by which you will go to bed and get up at the same time both on weekdays and weekends.

4. Drinking coffee in the afternoon

A cup of coffee allows you to cheer up perfectly during the day. But drinking a cup of coffee after dinner can have a negative effect on the night's sleep. And coffee in the evening will reduce all attempts to start getting enough sleep. It is worth noting that some drugs may contain caffeine. The recommended daily rate is 400 mg of caffeine. This amount of caffeine is present in four cups of coffee.

5. Not enough darkness

In order to start to sleep, and to get up in the morning without difficulty, you need to sleep in complete darkness and absolute silence. Little lighting or extraneous sounds will disrupt your biological clock. If you can’t ensure complete darkness or get rid of extraneous sounds, then you can start using special masks for sleeping and earplugs.

What foods help to get enough sleep?

Carbohydrates have a positive effect on deep and sound sleep. A glass of milk with a spoon of honey before bedtime will calm and relieve nervous tension. The intake of nutrients helps to reduce the activity of nerve cells and begin to prepare the body for sleep.

Vitamins B3 and B6 affect good sleep. The required amount of the daily intake of vitamin B3 is contained in a pair of slices of rye bread and several slices of cheese. To supplement vitamin B6, it is enough to eat a salad or a small piece of liver or beef.

Eating almonds will allow compensate for the lack of calcium and magnesium. Amino acids that affect the depth of sleep can be obtained by eating dates, bananas or dried fruits.

With insomnia, it is recommended to eat eggs, fish products, oatmeal, dairy products, cherries, cherries, honey.

Healthy Drinks

Herbal teas have a positive effect in terms of getting rid of insomnia, reducing nervousness and improving sleep. The best drinks to help sleep well are:

One of these drinks can be consumed instead of the usual evening black tea, and this will help to calm and further comfortable sleep.


It takes a long time to start to get a stable and high quality sleep and get used to the new regime. This may take several weeks - do not wait for quick results. But remember that the effort spent will be manifested in good health, increased productivity and performance, as well as a good mood and cheerful mood. Good luck