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Best in class: how to teach a child to be popular


A large number of students often wonder "how to become cool." It is rarely possible to “conquer” this status without any effort. It depends on a large number of factors: leadership qualities, self-confidence, luck, strength, quick wits and so on. Someone is given to become the coolest of all by nature, and someone must look for a large amount of information and follow certain tips to stand out from the gray mass.

How to become cool

Sooner or later, almost all teenagers (both boys and girls) have the question "how to get cooler." In the class, most likely, a certain leader is already present, which everyone considers the coolest, but how to get around him?

Useful tips for a boy

The steepness for each person has its own definition. It can contain completely different concepts, principles and actions. But if you really wondered “how to get better,” you must adhere to specific covenants in the classroom and in the yard:

  • Never coward before an adversary, even if he is older or not alone. Being able to fight is cool, especially if you win.
  • Not to be like everyone else (in a good way, for example, give up cigarettes and / or alcohol when everyone uses it and makes you sick.

Basic rules

Oddly enough, the girls also wonder "how to get cooler." There is probably a "flock" of girlfriends in the classroom, or did you like a boy in front of whom you want to flaunt your coolness. There are certain rules that apply to both girls and boys:

  • Keep track of your appearance. Everything should be in order: clothes, shoes, leather, hair. If you said to yourself “I want to become cool,” you must maintain your appearance in perfect condition.
  • Be confident in everything. Whatever you do, you must be firmly confident in everything.
  • Develop your principles and, therefore, always adhere to them.
  • Develop leadership skills. A really cool one will be able to lead his classmates, friends and just acquaintances.

Fatal "coolness"

A large part of the “tough” guys and girls believe that toughness is depraved behavior, a manifestation of aggression, disrespect for others, but this is not so. I would like to give the main erroneous positions for schoolchildren who are wondering "how to get cooler."

  1. In the classroom, you should not try to bribe everyone. Money spoils people, especially if they are not earned by their own labor.
  2. Neglect both classmates and elders (teachers, parents). Such behavior will only repel and set against you.
  3. Unnatural, too strong praise of one’s skills, strength or knowledge. The people themselves recognize a strong and intelligent person as cool, without the help of any low methods.


Given all of the above, a guy or girl (if she still had the question "how to be cool in class") should have at least the slightest understanding of what efforts are worth making to become cool / cool.

“Cool” status obliges you to do a lot of work on yourself. Continuous self-improvement, knowledge of the world and people is a great work that requires everyday self-development and self-limitation in many things. The basic rule that you should adhere to is to be yourself. No cool behavior can replace the naturalness, kindness and desire to help people, and this is appreciated in people both at school and just in life.

Popular children: who are they and what can they do?

What is he, a "popular child"? The cutest, best-dressed, spoiled offspring of wealthy parents? This view is outdated. Popularity in a modern school is the result of well-developed social skills.

There are people who make friends wherever they go. Here they are - popular. This kind of demand provides the child with a lot of opportunities for development and socialization. What is the secret to success? Here are four tips that a reasonable parent will give a child craving for popularity.

1. Praise people!

The ability to say compliments is, alas, a forgotten art. Modern culture is selfish, we learn to show off, to praise ourselves, to present ourselves from the best side. It is necessary to teach children not only to show their best sides, but also to notice the best in others. And not only to notice, but also to voice what he saw. Encourage children to compliment: for example, make it a rule that the child makes five compliments daily, and soon it will become a habit.

2. Be the initiator of communication

The best advice a good mother can give to a child who is afraid to go to a new school, kindergarten, club or sports section, because "what if I’m not making friends with anyone there ?!" is to initiate communication. “All you have to do is go up to someone and say hello, my name is Masha, and what about you?”

We are well aware that something similar even works in an adult team: at social events, at new jobs, in unfamiliar companies, many of us are waiting for someone to initiate dating and offer their company. So why not become this initiator? And do not learn it better as soon as possible.

3. Stop gossip

We all gossip: both adults and adolescents in school corridors, and even kids in kindergarten, so the child needs to be prepared for such a situation.

The most common instruction for such a case is something like this: "Say that you will not discuss someone behind him." But can you imagine a child who will follow the instructions exactly, without fear of becoming an outcast, without fear that the next round of gossip will already be about him?

Instead of teaching the child to stop gossip by engaging in an unnecessary confrontation in general, suggest that he simply stop talking, mentioning some positive quality inherent in the subject of discussion, and then change the subject. This is a very useful skill that will be useful to the child more than once in life.

4. Help those in need

Let your child try to pay attention to those who feel lonely, lost in the crowd, useless to anyone. No need to force him to be friends with them all: a small conversation, a smile, “hello!” - all this is enough. Well, since not everyone who feels lonely and unhappy, this shows that you need to invite the child to pay attention to people altogether - regardless of whether they look lonely.

Developing social skills in children, offering them useful scenarios in order to cope with everyday difficulties, is just as important as developing fine motor skills or reading, writing and information retrieval skills. Perhaps it’s worthwhile to set aside time for a special discussion on the topic “How to be pleasant and loved by everyone” and return to it again and again. The child receives the most important lessons at home, no matter who says it.

Rules of popularity among classmates?

If you really want to, everything can turn out! And even if it seems to you that you are not beautiful enough, or not so smart, not charming, etc. - all this is nonsense! The main thing is to start believing in yourself and put yourself above others. Any girl can become popular. But you need to follow a few rules. Never think about:

  1. Humiliation. Do not humble yourself in front of a man, no matter how popular he is.
  2. Imitation. Do not imitate the popular girls in the class; you do not need to copy their behavior.
  3. Relationship. Never start dating a guy to pay attention and interest to you.

Observing these principles, you can get individuality. After that, you can begin to achieve a more complex goal.

How to become popular among your classmates?

To begin with, you need to begin to monitor the appearance and behavior. Any girl feels more confident when she looks good. Just makeup and expensive clothes are not enough. Beautiful clothes will not hide a hunched posture or a crooked gait.

Even a professional make-up will not hide dirty hair and a sloppy appearance. From this it follows that when choosing clothes you need to choose not what is fashionable, or what is more expensive, so that you would pay attention to it. No! You need to choose what suits you. You must stand out from the crowd.

Remember one rule, not only the girl who is constantly in sight is popular. You still need to learn how to please people. To do this, you need to behave correctly, (c) be able to communicate. The main thing is to have self-esteem! No need to start a friendship with those who are unpleasant to you. Choose a company in the classroom that you like, with which you feel confident.

How to become the most popular in the class?

  1. Take care of yourself! This is the most basic rule. Clean, neat appearance, fashion accessories, light makeup (do not overdo it), the right shoes for your Look.
  2. No less significant rule, figure! Watch your diet, fewer buns at school buffets. Want to become the most popular in the class? Be patient. If you are overweight, sign up for the sports section.
  3. Rules of conduct in the classroom. No need to be jealous, on the contrary, become friendly, smile at everyone, say compliments about their appearance. Do not interrupt classmates, listen to them to the end. Show that you have a good upbringing.
  4. You need to be original. It is necessary to declare your talents. If you draw beautifully, take part in contests, and your classmates will admire your work.
  5. Try to be an “asterisk” in the gray mass of your class. Let your classmates pay attention to you, joke more, speak, communicate! Become a certain ringleader of your class! Then a completely different story will begin in your life that you dreamed about!

And in conclusion, I want to say, everything is in your hands. You need to be better not for someone, but for yourself, every day to be better than it was yesterday. Follow all the rules and become the most popular among classmates. The main thing is not to drown in the glory! Good luck

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