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Uninstall FunMoods Toolbar


Funmoods should be added to several categories on the portal Security. They think that the category of browser plug-ins does nothing wrong, but the anti-spyware community around the world thinks differently. Funmoods captures your browser and search results and uses an aggressive marketing strategy to turn visitors into customers. This activity is suitable for the category of browser hijackers. Funmood displays various advertisements for users, which makes them advertising scams. But ordinary people are tired of funmoods, they are constantly redirected to, and they call this parasite - a virus.

How did I get FUNMOODS?

There are several ways you can get funmoods. You can install it yourself if you want to get some moods (emoticons) in chats, but you did not know about the consequences. Funmoods may be installed without the express consent of the user. It captures your search page and redirects all search queries to spam results with sponsored links. A lot of ads related to Russian women. For example - how to satisfy Russian women! Chat with Sexy Russian women and women from some other countries.


Funmoods is difficult to remove, since there is no uninstall process provided for each funmoods component at once. We recommend using automated tools. The problem is that most tools will not detect funmoods, as there are several opinions regarding the classification and Funmoods. Recently, some sellers have been trying to add new detection methods, so we recommend using Reimage to get rid of funmoods ...
Another good product to remove funmoods is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
Funmoods provides some video removal guides to remove it from various web browsers.

You can remove the virus automatically using one of these programs: Reimage, SpyHunter 5 Combo Cleaner, Malwarebytes. We recommend these applications because they detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are associated with them.

What is the FunMoods Toolbar?

FunMoods Toolbar can be classified as a browser extension or adware and after it reaches the computer, you will not be able to carry out your activities when browsing normally. Firstly, this browser extension seems to be very attractive, because it gives an additional extension to your toolbar in which you can find funny animations that can talk and cheer you up. However, you will not be so happy when you find out that this adware can also control all your search activities and accumulate information about your search results. You should know that this adware can enter your computer illegally when you did not expect it at all.

So how can your trust any program that reaches your computer without permission, change your browser and monitor your activity? There should be no doubt that it is best to remove the FunMoods Toolbar from your computer as soon as possible.

How to remove Funmoods

Funmoods is a toolbar that experts are still arguing about. Some believe that this toolbar is completely safe and the people who installed it do not expose their computer to any danger. Their opponents believe that the Funmoods toolbar is able to redirect the search results of your browser, and evidence of this has been found. An unpleasant fact for users is that this toolbar displays numerous advertising pop-ups to users and follows an aggressive policy of turning visitors into buyers. If you are tired of this behavior of the Funmoods toolbar, then remove Funmoods from your computer.

Typically, the Funmoods toolbar is used by users of Facebook and other social networks, as well as users of various communication programs. Funmoods toolbar provides users with a completely unusual set of emoticons. Some users are even willing to endure advertising in order to use these free emoticons. Also, using Funmoods there is an opportunity to access facebook chat wherever you are. Funmoods also comes with the Funmoods homepage, a new search tab and default search.

Yes, perhaps the toolbar itself is not a virus or any other type of computer infection, but many users complain that their computers were infected with viruses when they clicked on the pop-up advertisements shown to them.

Before showing how to remove Funmoods manually, I will say that there are a couple of programs that can remove Funmoods automatically, this is primarily the SpyHunter program, also the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program and the stronghold production program Stronghold AntiMalware. They can be downloaded in the recommended programs section and from this page. All have Russian localization. Programs, except Malwarebytes, are paid, but worth it, because they have a specific base and deal with such threats an order of magnitude better than conventional antiviruses.

SpyHunter is a malware scanner from the US company Enigma Software Group. Automatic removal, a very high-quality semi-automatic system of those. support (in English). Finds and cleans up many additional threats that are not detected by classic antiviruses.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a relatively young project that has gained immense popularity in the West and has become practically the leader in anti-advertising and anti-spyware software for home users. The secret to success is simple - a simple and intuitive interface, an extensive database, speed, and of course effectiveness in the fight against modern infection. And most importantly, the program is free, only the active protection module and those are sold for money. support. Absolute "must have" for each user.

Stronghold AntiMalware is a malware scanner from the Russian company Security Stronghold. Automatic removal, high-quality technical system. support (in Russian and English). It has convenient additional tools for resetting browsers, selectively removing add-ons for browsers, and so on.

There are several ways that Funmoods toolbar can get to your computer. The easiest and most common installation method is installation by the user himself due to the possibility of using new free emoticons. Most likely, the user is not aware of the possible consequences of the installation. Also Funmoods toolbar can be installed on the user's computer without his permission or even knowledge about the installation. This can happen when you visit any suspicious web pages.

So, Funmoods is a program that can impose its own search engine and redirect your search queries to various commercial sites. Many of the advertising messages that this toolbar displays are related to dating sites.

As you can see, it’s hard to get rid of the toolbar and search for Funmoods in the usual way. If you decide to remove Funmoods from your computer yourself, then we will help you. All you need to do is already listed in the instructions below.

First, let's clear the cache, cookies and try to change the start page:

If you have Google chrome then these instructions are for you:

  1. Open a browser and close all Funmoods pages.
  2. Click CTRL-SHIFT-DELETEwhen your browser is open. Then check the first four fields and click “for all the time". Click "clear the history».
  3. Choose Network, Change proxy settings. Select tab General. Better choose a button Empty for the start page of your browser.
  4. Close the browser.

If you are using Internet Explorer:

  1. So, clear the cache and delete cookies. To do this, open your browser, there we select: Cservice =>Delete Browsing History.
  2. Delete Temporary files browser and cookies. After removal, click OK.
  3. Now change the home page. Service, Internet Optionsthen Currentwhere we choose Blank page.

If you are using Firefox:

  1. Open a browser, click Instruments =>Erase Recent History. Choose Allpress the button Detailsput a tick on Cache and Cookies, then click Clear Now.
  2. Then click on Instrumentschoose Settings.
  3. Change the address of the home page and click OK.

Then you need to remove the Funmoods toolbar from the browser, for this you need to change some settings, so let's get started.

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Open the browser, then Instruments =>Add-ons Management.
  2. Choose Extensions
  3. We are looking for the necessary toolbar, select it and delete it.
If you have Google Chrome, then do the following:
  1. Open the browser, enter in the address bar: chrome: // extensions /.
  2. Find the toolbar that you want to remove, select it and click Delete.
To uninstall Funmoods in Mozilla Firefox, use the following instructions:
  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click Instrumentsthen Add-ons Management, Extensions. Scroll through the list of installed extensions and find the right one.
  3. Select and click Delete.

After following these instructions, you need to restart your computer for all changes to take effect. If you do not want to follow these instructions or if they are too complicated for you, then we can offer you to download the program Free Uninstall It, which will help you remove Funmoods without any complicated actions on your part.

How can the FunMoods Toolbar enter your computer?

It is not enough to stay away from the official FunMoods Toolbar website and protect your computer from infection. You should be aware that this adware can reach your computer bundled along with a large number of free programs that you download from the Internet (for example, PDF creators, video players, and others). Because of this, you should always only download files that are reliable. In addition, when downloading any free software, you must follow the installation procedure very carefully.

You should be aware that cyber criminals can bundle any potentially unwanted applications with most programs that can be easily downloaded from the Internet. However, if you are careful enough, you can deselect all unwanted applications or even cancel the basic installation procedure. So keep in mind that the security of your computer is at your fingertips.

How does the FunMoods Toolbar perform?

Once the FunMoods Toolbar enters your computer, it starts changing your browser settings. You will notice that this adware sets the default search and change homepage field. In addition, if you use FunMoods as a new search engine, it may provide inaccurate search results or redirect you to potentially malicious web pages that are mainly associated with various ads. In addition, tons of various advertisements, pop-ups and notifications will be constantly interrupted by your browsing activities. If this is not enough, your computer will become slower than usual. Since you can see the FunMoods Toolbar, this is not a desirable and effective browser extension as you think. Do not fall into the trap of various descriptions of this browser extension that promise you:

‘Cool Animations for Facebook chat, wall posts, emails and messages. Additional sites and social networks may be added ’or‘ A toolbar, that allows you to chat on Facebook directly from the toolbar, insert animations into emails ’.

All of these word conversions are simply created to trick you into thinking that the FunMoods Toolbar will help you improve your browsing activities. However, this browser can do you more harm than good, so we recommend that you remove the FunMoods Toolbar from your computer right now.

FunMoods Toolbar Removal

You can try to remove this adware manually, but keep in mind that sometimes only the manual removal procedure is not sufficient. In cases, most often any unwanted application installs some additional files that may be skipped during the manual removal process. For this reason, we recommend that you download and install the reputable anti-virus tool SpyHunter. You can be sure that this reliable application will not help you get rid of the FunMoods Toolbar, but also protect your computer from any other malicious threats or unwanted applications.

How to remove FunMoods Toolbar

Internet Explorer:

1. First of all, open a browser and go to the "Tools" section.
2. Now select "Options."
3. Go to ‘Change search results’ (on the General tab) and then click on “Settings”.
4. when you are displayed with a list of search service providers, select a new one and click on "Set as default."

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open a browser and click the down arrow button (in the Google search box and next to the logo).
2. Now select ‘Search Management’.
3. Select a new default search provider and click on "Up".
4. Remove unwanted search engine.

Google Chrome:

1. First, open a browser and click on the wrench icon (in the upper right corner).
2. When you are presented with a list, select "Settings."
3. Now select “Basics” and click on search engine management (in the search engines area).
4. Click on the desired search engine and click "Set as default."
5. Finally remove the Funmoods provider search from the list.