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12 portraits in the computer game Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can open useful passages through the Hogwarts School of Magic. However, trying to get their passwords, it may seem to you that getting the information necessary to open the passages is very difficult. If you want to solve everything yourself, then you do not need to read further. This article was created for those who are desperate, or for those who do not understand what information the portrait is asking for.

Spells (with the mouse)

  • Aktsio (pull): hold down the left mouse button, a sharp movement of the mouse down,
  • Depulso (repulsion): hold down the left mouse button, a sharp movement of the mouse up,
  • Reparo (repair): hold down the left mouse button, circular motion clockwise,
  • Wingardium Leviosa (levitation): point to an object, move left-right to raise the object, then release the left mouse button and move the mouse to the specified location (the object should hang in the air and follow your movements), press the left mouse button and lower the object ,
  • Incendio (fire): hold down the left mouse button, move up and down,
  • Expelliarmus: hold down the right mouse button, a sharp movement of the mouse down,
  • Dumbfounded: hold down the right mouse button, circular motion counterclockwise,
  • Protego: hold the right mouse button, a sharp movement of the mouse up,
  • Reducto (smash): hold down the left mouse button, circular motion counterclockwise,
  • Rictusempra (tickling): hold down the right mouse button, move up and down,
  • Petrifikus Totalus (immobilization): hold down the right mouse button, circular movement clockwise,
  • Levicorpus (levitation): hold down the right mouse button, move left and right,
  • Expecto Patronus: hold down the left mouse button, repeatedly circular movement in a clockwise direction.

Additional Information

Optional tasks (castle research) - this is the use of spells on various objects. At each location there are vases, portraits, chests, etc. For the correct use of spells on these items, you are awarded points. Energy balls and an inscription appear on the screen, how many points you need to score to receive the next award. These tasks can be performed at any time in the game.

Tips are given by Almost Headless Nick and Crybaby Myrtle.

In the prologue, Sirius Black will teach Harry several spells: Aktsio, Reparo, Depulso and Wingardium Leviosa. The screen will show the movement of the mouse / sequence of keys, the task is to repeat each spell three times. You will then arrive at Hogwarts and automatically chat with Ron.

1. The first of September

Go to the entrance to the Hogwarts. After talking with Fred and George, you will get a Marauders card. Click the right arrow and select Hermione from the quest list. Exit the map by pressing the Tab key. Open the door and climb the stairs to the seventh floor. Talk to the Full Lady and find out that you need a password to pass. Talk to the student in a red stripe sweater (this is the Gryffindor) who is walking up the stairs next to the door. He will say the password. Repeat the password for the Full Lady and go to the living room.

Apply "Akcio" on the slate, then "read" the ads with a "Space" ("Enter"). Ron will say you need to find Neville Longbottom. On the Marauders map, select Neville. If you haven’t conjured before, Cry Myrtle should appear and talk about the Hall of Rewards.

Go out into the corridor. On the stairs between the sixth and seventh floors next to the portrait in a golden frame is Crybaby Myrtle. Behind the portrait is the Hall of Awards, in which cups for your successes will be displayed in the windows.

In total, there are twelve portraits in golden frames on the stairs and in the corridors at Hogwarts, each of which hides a door to a secret room or a secret passage. Secret passages are convenient, since you significantly cut the path. In order to get inside, each portrait needs a password. Each door has a portrait on each side, if you see doors with a prohibitory sign, with high probability these are future secret passages. Some portraits are sleeping (exit), so look for awake portraits (entrance) to get the password. A password is not needed for a portrait in the Rewards Hall, just talk to him.

Go down to the third floor and open the door to the stairs. This door connects the residential part of Hogwarts with the training. Having strayed along the corridors, you will leave on the Suspension bridge, where Neville stands. Take out the magic wand and disperse the Slytherins. Go right and go up to Professor Umbridge’s Dark Arts Defense cabinet.

After the video, find on the map the Marauders Fred and George and go to the Transfiguration courtyard. The brothers will teach Harry the Expelliarmus and Dumbbell combat spells. After that, Harry will be left alone, a Slytherin will attack him. Beat the Slytherin Dumbbell, then use the Expelliarmus.

Harry will go to Professor Umbridge and return to the Gryffindor lounge with an inscription on his hand. Hermione decides that the inscription can be reduced using a recipe from a book in the Library. On the stairs, Hermione will tell you that on the second floor there is a door with a portrait (it hangs on the landing between the second and third floors). Now all portraits are activated.

I recommend not talking with portraits yet, but following in the footsteps while exploring the area. You have to go through the door on the first floor, wander along the corridors for a long time, go through the Stone bridge, the Configuration yard and, finally, find the Library.

In the Library you need to catch a flying book. To do this, raise the large table three times using the Wingardium Leviosa and place it under the shelves. Then the book plans on the table. Go to the book and press "Space" ("Enter"). Hermione will say that this is a book on practical spells, and it would be nice to study it. Go to the Cry Myrtle Toilet. Learn the Incendio spell and light all the lights around the washbasin.

2. Passwords for portraits

At the meeting of the Dumbledore Squad, Hermione will say that everyone agrees to learn from Harry. You will return to the Gryffindor lounge, and Hermione will begin to repeat that you need to find Neville. Go out into the corridor, choosing the Neoville Marauders on the map. Go down to the second floor and find the portrait of Basil Fronzak.

In exchange for a password, he wants to find out where Candida Ravenclaw is from. Go down to the lobby, find any talonman (in a sweater with a blue stripe) and ask him about it. Return to the portrait of Fronzak and say the answer. You will hear the password "Success in your studies." Now you can quickly get into the corridor of the second floor to the Library (there used to be a prohibition sign on the door near the Library, now a second portrait of Basil Fronzak has appeared here).

Go for Neville, which is located near the Greenhouse. The passage is entangled in Devil's snares. Apply Incendio to the snares, then set fire to the remaining Devil snitches throughout the greenhouse. Silks need to be set on fire by all the characters, as Harry's strength is not enough. Therefore, become so that comrades can connect to the spell.

When you're done, Neville will lead Harry to the seventh floor in the Help-Room training room. You will learn another combat spell - Protego. Hermione will offer to find the remaining members of the Dumbledore Squad and invite him to training. An impressive list of names will appear on the Marauders' map. When you walk around locations and accidentally stumble upon squad members, it’s better not to talk to them, as you will be shown videos with tasks that you need to complete before this character rises to the Help Room. From the abundance of information and conflicting tasks, overload often occurs. Therefore, it was more convenient for me to first cope with the task by password, and then find all the characters, without winding endless circles according to Hogwarts.

Go out into the corridor. Two portraits hang on the seventh floor, one of which is sleeping, the other asks "to find him." A waking portrait is named Edward Rabnott.

Second Edward Rabnott hangs on the fourth floor in front of the stairs to the Clock Tower. Put a rhombus on the map on the Clock Tower and follow the trail. The portrait is covered with cobwebs, so burn it to the Incendio and ask for the password. You will hear, "One head is good, and three is better." Return to the seventh floor.

Go down the Main Staircase and find on the landing between the second and third floor a portrait of Dammara Dodderidge. She wants to eat and will say the password if the portrait of Gifford Abbott sends something tasty.

Go down to the portrait of Gifford Abbott. He agrees to send food to Dodderridge. At the same time ask him about the password to his own door. Abbott will send you to any Hufflepuff (students in yellow stripe sweaters). Go to the lobby and find out the password by catching any Hufflepuff student. The password is Dragon Egg.

Tell Abbot the password and check what secret passage he guards - into the courtyard of the Configuration office (a very convenient passage to the other end of Hogwarts). Climb up to the portrait of Dodderridge and find out her password - "Meat and Gravy." Her secret passage leads to the courtyard of the Clock Tower (also a very convenient passage).

Go down the Main Stairs and talk to the girl in a yellow stripe sweater. Her name is Hannah Abbott. She is a member of the Squad, but is afraid to go to the meeting. Hermione and Ron will offer to search for a secret passage immediately to the seventh floor to the Help Room.

Nearby hangs the second portrait of the wizard from the seventh floor (the portrait wakes up only after talking with Abbott). His name is George von Retic, and he himself will inform the password - "False scoundrel." Tell the password to Hannah. She promises to bring another student with her.

Go to the Library, where in the corner hangs a portrait of Temeritus Shanks. Try to turn right at the entrance, so as not to talk with Zacharia Smith here. Shanks will say the password if you quote the headline of today's newspaper. Go to the Main Hall. Go through it and go to the owl music stand. If you have not conjured this music stand before, apply "Aktsio" on it. If you have already managed to conjure and hang hundreds of candles under the ceiling, put out their Depulso and then apply Wingardium Leviosa. Owls should fly through the hall, one of them will drop a fresh newspaper. Come up and "read" the newspaper "Space" ("Enter"). Return to the Library and talk to Shanks. The password for his door is "No news - good news." His secret passage leads under the stairs of the fourth floor (not far from the portrait of Edward Rabnott).

The next portrait is hanging near the office of Herbology. This is Timothy Timid, who is afraid of the eyes in the picture from the opposite wall. Use the Reparo to collect the two knights on the sides of the eye and see what happens. Timothy Shy will say his password - "Burning Hooks." His secret passage leads to the fifth floor to the Bathrooms.

You also walked past the portrait of Boris Bestolkov when you were heading for a lesson in Defense from the Dark Arts. He hangs in the corridor of the third floor. Boris does not remember his password and offers to find someone who was at school fifty years ago and does not suffer from amnesia. Go to the Crybaby Myrtle's toilet and ask her for the password - Forget-Me-Not. Go back to the third floor and tell the password to Bestolkov. Check where his secret passage leads - just to the Crybaby Myrtle's toilet.

On the ground floor in the farthest corner there is a door to the corridor. Here hangs a portrait of Google Stump (sleeping). The second portrait is in the Viaduct: Entrance, on the right under the stairs. To find out the password, you need to drive away from the portrait of two Slytherins. Take out the wand and apply "Dumbfounded" on each Slytherin. Then the portrait will say the password - "Volo Futurus Unus."

The eleventh portrait hangs on the fourth floor of the Main Staircase. This task must be completed already after getting acquainted with most portraits, otherwise you will not know where to go. Meet: Percival Platt, poet and mystery enthusiast.

Platt will say: "Find a man whose faces are three. He will tell you what to bring to me." Go to the seventh floor to the portrait of Edward Rabnott, who will send you to Fronzak. In this task, his secret passage does not work, as well as the secret passages of other portraits of the participants in the puzzle. Fronzak from the second floor will redirect you to the shepherdess from the stairs of the second floor, here she is:

A shepherdess will offer to ask Google Stump under the Viaduct staircase. In turn, Stump orders to ask Gifford Abbott. Hogwarts Circle - and you are on the first floor of the Main Staircase. Finally, Abbott will answer - "Just absurd." Tell the password to Percival Platt and find out that his secret passage leads to the Boat Shed on the other side of Hogwarts.

The last portrait, as one would expect, is in the Dungeons. The door to the Dungeons is at the foot of the Main Staircase, where Hannah Abbott used to stand. Elizabeth Burke guards her secret passage and hates the Gryffindors. Have to go to the trick.

Return to the Gryffindor lounge and talk to Ginny Weasley. She will say that Professor Umbridge took a bottle from the Weasley elders and asked her to bring it. Go to the boys' bedroom on the second floor and find Harry's chest (to the left of the bed with the frog). Put on the invisibility mantle with a “Space” (“Enter”). On the way, you can’t remove the mantle, you can not conjure either! Portraits do not see you, so you have to go from memory.

Go down to the Dungeons first. Eavesdrop on the two Slytherins and find out the password for the door: "Slytherins are the best." Then go up to the third floor and go through the Suspension Bridge to the next tower. Go to the Dark Arts Defense cabinet. There are two schoolchildren in the classroom and are prevented from going to the stairs. Follow the left side of the class. Tilt two vases in turn and do not stop the students from running towards them, going right to the desks. When the boy leaves the aisle, go up to Umbridge’s office. Go right into the small room where Hermione will pick up the green bottle. Go out onto the stairs. You will automatically find yourself in the bedroom of the Gryffindor boys. Take off your mantle and go down to Ginny. Go down to the Dungeons and say the password to Elizabeth Burke twice. Check that Slytherin’s dormitory and Potions cabinet are behind the door.

For the twelve passwords found for the portraits you will receive a cup that you can admire in the Hall of Awards on the sixth floor.

3. Dumbledore's squad

Now in the Help Room there are seven members of the Squad: Neville, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hannah Abbott and her classmate. All you need to collect 28 people. Some students will come to the Help Room after a regular invitation, but most will require you to do some work in return. Open the Marauders map and click on any character from the list. The task can be performed in any order:

  • Susan Bones. Located in the courtyard surrounded by Crabbe and Goyle. You need to point a magic wand at them and win a duel. Slytherins should fall face down on the ground. Then talk to Susan and invite to the Room of Help,
  • Terry Booth. It stands at the fountain in the courtyard of the Clock Tower. You just need to talk
  • Anthony Goldstein. Located in the corridor of the fourth floor near the Clock Tower. You just need to talk
  • Michael Corner Waiting on the Stone Bridge. You just need to talk
  • Angelina Johnson Located in the Hogwarts Awards Hall. In the Main Hall, remove the chair from the door to the left of the podium and go down to the basement to Angelina. Pick up four cups and place them in color on pedestals (gold cups - for gold, silver - for silver). Restore the display cases around the cups with Reparo,
  • Dean Thomas. Bored in the yard of the Configuration. In order for him to go with you, you need to complete the task of Professor Bins and find five talking gargoyles. Attention! This task must be completed completely without saving the game during the search, otherwise it will not be counted. You need to talk with all the gargoyles so that they count. The first gargoyle stands in this courtyard in the shade of a tree. The second gargoyle is on the stairs leading to the Dark Arts Defense class. The third gargoyle stands on the balcony of the fourth floor, when you go to the Clock Tower along the passages.

The fourth gargoyle is located on the Viaduct Bridge, the fifth - in the Caused Yard. You need to restore the stairs in the back of the yard, climb the balcony and restore the floor. Then go right and in the very corner you will find the last gargoyle.

Return to Dean and tell him about the gargoyles, Colin Creevy. Waiting in the Caused Yard. Some students took his camera and put it on the ledge of the wall. Help is needed. Move the bench as shown below.

Climb onto the ledge to the Devil's snares. Standing at the top, get rid of the snares with the help of the "Insendio" and move right to the drainpipe. Climb on it to the next ledge, on which stands a box with the letter "W". Pick up the box (this is one of the required tasks, which I will describe below), climb the left drainpipe to the next ledge. Then fix the right drainpipe with Reparo and go even higher. Climb onto the ledge on the right wall. Repair the ledge with the Reparo and move to the right. Finally, from the repaired ledge, apply Aktsio to Colin's camera. Come down. Colin and his brother will go to the Room of Help,

  • Zachariah Smith. Located in the library. This task also needs to be performed without saving the game during searches. First, he wants to get a monstrous book about monsters. Идите в Библиотеку и "прочитайте" зубастую книгу, которая лежит в правом стеллаже. Скажите о книге Захарии. Теперь ему понадобится рябиновый отвар. Отправляйтесь в Больничное крыло, заберите отвар и вернитесь к Захарии. Затем, после разговора с Почти Безголовым Ником, Захария согласится присоединиться к Отряду Дамблдора,
  • Падма и Парвати Патил. Ждут около двери на Каменном мосту. Follow them to the Divination office and talk again with the girls,
  • Lee Jordan and the Weasley Brothers. Located in the Boat Shed (automatically you will find gulls - "flying creatures" for one of the tasks). The Weasley wants Harry to help load the boxes into the boats. There is a second box with the letter “W” that you see when Hermione is talking to her brothers. Remember to touch her, then help Fred and George. Climb to the second floor of the barn, using the Wingardium Leviosa, remove the tarp from the boats. The brothers will pick up the boxes, you must intercept them and use the Wingardium Levios to put them in boats. Again cover the boats with a tarp. Go down, the Weasley brothers will put their box in front of Harry. Light the Incendio box and look at the fireworks.
  • It remains to invite the three members of the Dumbledore Squad. All of them are in the forest. First go to Hagrid's hut.

    • Ernie Macmillan He stands near the hut and is looking for someone to help prepare the assignment for Professor Snape. You need to collect five white flowers and a mandrake root. Flowers are on the road between the Covered Bridge and the hut, mandrake - in Teplice. When you go to the Greenhouse, find a potted plant in a small room behind the main hall. Go to the wall with the headphones and press "Space" ("Enter"). Harry and his friends will wear headphones. Then go to the mandrake and press "Space" ("Enter"). Go back to Ernie
    • Luna Lovegood. Perhaps this is the worst job in the game. Luna stands deep in the forest (you need to go past the hut and further into the clearing with stones). Your task is to transfer a bale of meat to the top of the hill. The difficulty is that the bale is constantly rolling. Using the Wingardium Leviosa on a bale, you must carry it so that the stones in the clearing do not allow it to slide. If the first throw can still be dealt with, the second and third throw is not very good. A constantly changing chamber that does not reach Harry's bale ... To throw a bale behind the second stones, stand between the first and second stones and pull the bale towards you. Then carefully turn and throw the bale behind the second stones. Proceed similarly and throw the bale into the hole among the third stones. If everything is correct, the festival will fly.

    In the first stones the third box of Fred and George is hidden, you need to apply "Aktsio" to the bush,

  • Zhou Chang. The last member of the Dumbledore Squad is in Soviatnik. The girl needed to send a package to her mother, but the owl does not obey. You need to drive an owl along the Sovitnik with a red heart-shaped package. To do this, repair the collapsed stairs, and at the top - the collapsed supports. As a result, the owl will sit on a stand in the center of the site. Zhou agrees to bring a girlfriend with him and goes to the Help Room. All members of the squad are in place.
  • Teach Ginny the "Reducto" spell, Zachariah Smith - "Rictusempre", Colin Krivi - "Petrificus Totalus", Zhou Chang - "Levicorpus".


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