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Examples of writing (writing) a resume


Suppose a certain Natalya Petrova (all coincidences of names and real people and enterprises are random) at the end of the university in the Volga region moved to Moscow. First, she headed the household chemicals section in a store in the near Moscow region, then moved to a wholesale and retail company that sells household chemicals throughout the country, where she oversaw sales not only in Moscow but also in the regions.
She becomes cramped in the framework of her current position, but the company cannot offer options for promotion. Natalia begins to look for a new job and responds to the vacancy of the deputy head of the sales department at another company that also sells household chemicals. Requirements for the candidate: work experience in the field of wholesale trade in household chemicals, leadership of people, interaction with regional offices.
Despite Natalya’s compliance with all requirements, the employer, having received her resume, did not contact.

Wrong resume
File Name: My Resume
Summary of Petrova Natalia
Age: xx years
Phone: 8-9xx-xxx-xx-xx
Russian nationality
Marital status: divorced
Goal: getting a better job
Middle Volga University of Economics, 2000
2001 - English courses
2002 - sales training
Work experience:
2005 - 2009 - LLC “Current place of work”, sales manager
2000 - 2005 - LLC “Previous Employment”, Head of Section
Languages: English - Intermediate
PC Proficiency: Advanced User
Hobbies: embroidery with the Bulgarian cross

Error handling

In real resumes, sometimes there are wordings in the spirit of “I am looking for the work of some director or deputy, watchman, cleaning lady, and any other that does not require higher education”.

In the Altai Republic, postscripts to vacancy announcements are not uncommon: “graduates of GASU (Gorno-Altai State University, the“ main institution ”of the republic - Ed.), Please do not worry.
And a graduate of a Ukrainian university who has worked in Moscow for more than 10 years and has long had Russian citizenship, after reading the resume, the first thing to do is to determine if he has a Russian passport, since the position was offered only to Russian citizens. The recruiter had doubts after the “Education” section in the resume. Since then, this candidate has indicated citizenship in his personal data.

For example, at least two companies in Moscow are called Gemini LLC. One of them specializes in logistics, the other - in the retail trade of consumer goods.

There is a known case when the applicant, knowing that the company cultivates a love of tennis, mentioned that the avid tennis player himself knows about this fact. He was credited with plus such a manifestation of interest in the future employer. True, he mentioned his hobby not in a resume, but in a cover letter.
A job seeker applying for a job in a network of mobile phone salons indicated in the resume that he was a pusher. The HR manager had a similar hobby, and this decided the case in favor of the candidate. But he then refused the proposed position himself: the salary did not work.

Decor. Of great importance is the use of graphic effects. In this example, they are ignored - and in vain. It’s best to highlight the section names in bold. And the subsections "Responsibilities" and "Achievements" in the description of each place of work - in italics.
The main requirement for a resume is that it should not only accurately inform about the most important skills and qualities of the candidate for the employer, but also bring this information in a convenient form.
A few simple tricks. If the subsection and the information in it go in one line (for example, “Date of birth:”) It is better to separate them from each other by a tabulator. Moreover, the information in the following sections should begin at the same level. The helpers are a tab and a space.

For example:

Date of
Family status:married

It looks better and more comfortable than:
Date of birth:
Location: Moscow
Marital status: Married

Before sending a resume, you should view it from the monitor and print it if possible. This will allow you to evaluate how convenient it will be to read it, whether the most significant information is striking. If something is wrong, you have to redo it.
Instead of age, it is better to indicate the date of birth: you never know how life turns. Maybe you will work for another year or two in the same company in the same position and with the same terms of reference, and then send a resume with an outdated figure.
Employers usually perceive any inaccuracy in such a document as a manifestation of neglect and laziness. Which does not add to their desire to communicate with the candidate noted in this.
The same applies to grammar and punctuation errors. Their presence in the resume often becomes a good reason to put an end to the candidate. This happens even if he does not pretend to be an editor, proofreader, translator, typesetter or secretary, where one hundred percent literacy is required. At a minimum, when writing a resume, use the spell check option in a text editor. If you fill out an online form, it will be safer to first type the text in the editor and then copy. An important point: in all sections where the transfer is being made (responsibilities, achievements, additional information, personal qualities), a semicolon must be put after each item. After the last point. The speller usually does not recognize this error, but it matters. If achievements or responsibilities are limited to one point, a dot is placed after it.

The options from the series “I’m looking for the job of a secretary-rifirend” or “I will be an ideal workman” are a 100% guarantee that the resume will go to the basket.

Example resume (correct version)
File Name: Natalya_Petrova_resume
Natalya Sidorovna Petrova
Contacts:(495) xxx-xx-xx, mob. 8- 9xx-xxx-xx-xx, [email protected]
Personal data:
Date of
Place of residence:Moscow
Goal:position of head of sales in a trading company
Work experience:
2005 - present vr.LLC “Current place of work” (Moscow)
Organization Profile:wholesale and retail trade in household chemicals
Position:Sales Manager
- interaction with wholesale (trading enterprises) and retail customers,
- drawing up and conclusion of contracts, control of settlements,
- coordination of the activities of representative offices in the regions.
01.2000 - 12.2004LLC “Previous place of work” (Mytishchi, Moscow region)
Organization Profile:household goods store
Position:Head of Household Chemicals Section
- conclusion of contracts with suppliers of goods,
- keeping inventory in the section:
- organization of trade in the section,
- A personal guide to sellers.
Basic education:
1995 - 2000Middle Volga University of Economics (Ulyanovsk)
Additional education:
03 - 09.2001 g.English courses, Native English school (Moscow)
06.2002 g.Training “Effective Sales Skills”, “Institute of Successful Managers” (Moscow)
Additional information:
  • English: I communicate freely on everyday topics,
  • PC - user (MS Office),
  • Aircraft driver, 3 years driving experience.

Example resume No. 2

A certain Ivan Ivanov works as the head of the IT department in a company specializing in metalworking, and is looking for work in a similar position or in lower positions, but with the prospect of growth and a higher and fully official salary.
However, the resume was directed by him specifically to the vacancy of the head of the IT department. No reaction from the employer.

Wrong resume
Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

Location: Moscow

Contacts: (499) xxx-xx-xx, (915) -xxx-xx-xx, [email protected]

Purpose: getting the work of a programmer, system engineer, system administrator with an income of 40,000 rubles per month (strictly white salary)

Work experience:
04.04 - present time - CJSC “Last Job”: Head of IT Department, System Administrator
Company Profile: Research and Production Enterprise
- writing special programs for the needs of the company
- quality control of programs written by subordinates
- load distribution between employees of the department
- maintenance of computers of the organization
- interaction with Internet providers

02.2001 - 03.2004 - LLC "Last but one place of work", programmer
Company profile: IT-holding
- writing programs in C ++ for the needs of the organization and third-party customers

09.1997 - 01.2001 - OJSC “First Place of Work”, System Administrator
Company Profile: Wholesale
- organization from scratch and maintenance of the internal corporate network
- maintenance of computers in the office
- computer repair in the office, if necessary

1992 - 1997 - Moscow State University Lomonosov, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

Professional skills:
- writing programs in C ++
- repair and diagnostics of computers
- creation and maintenance of internal corporate networks
- IT department management

Personal qualities
Highly educated, entrepreneurial specialist, ready for business trips, fluent in English, non-smoker, family man, with good abilities and a desire for professional growth.

Petrov Petr Petrovich - (499) xxx-xx-xx
Sidorova Elena Sergeevna - (499) xxx-xx-xx