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How to open the lock with a paper clip if the key is forgotten or lost


There are often situations when a person leaves the house, the door slams, and the keys remain inside. What to do in such a situation? Well, do not call the rescuers! Therefore, for many, this article will be useful, in which we will tell you how to open locks with a paper clip.

Why is this needed?

Many people may suspect that this article smacks of crime. However, you need to be able to open locks not only in order to clean someone else's house. This can be useful in order to quickly get into your own home, because the situations described above are not uncommon. In addition, it often happens that a person is simply closed in an apartment or house, preventing him from going out, and there is a very important meeting on his nose.

Points will also be useful that describe how to deal with the lock of the interior door (there are often situations when you need to get to a person who has not had time to do anything stupid and do something terrible). Having figured out how to open the locks with a clip, you can be independent of emergency door opening services, which sometimes linger on the road and charge a lot of money for their services. Well, the last point will especially appeal to young people. Learning to open the locks with a paper clip, you can easily get to any roofs of houses and basements where teenagers like to live, arranging their games there or organizing extreme gatherings.

Before you figure out how to open the locks with a paper clip, you need to know that the closing mechanisms are different. So, not all locks can be opened in the simplest way, for some you may need special equipment other than simple paper clips, more complex and specific.

What locks are there?

1. Pin cylindrical. It is they that can be opened with a paper clip, of course, if you learn to do it right. The key of such a lock has notches on one side that do not prevent the cylinder from turning when opening.

2. Safe (or level). Such locks are almost impossible to open with a paper clip, because they are made with secret.

3. Finnish (disk). A distinctive feature is a long round key with sawn teeth on one side. It is characterized by special reliability, the paper clip will not open, however, such a lock can be cut down or opened with a collar.

4. Automotive. This is most often also a pin lock, which can be opened quite easily with a paper clip.

Varieties of castles

Before proceeding with the opening of the lock with a paper clip, it is necessary to understand what types of such protective structures may occur.

In total, several varieties are distinguished:

  1. Cylindrical with pins. Keys for such mechanisms with small teeth that rotate the pins when opening. This option can be opened with a paper clip.
  2. Safe, which can not be manipulated, as they have a lever mechanism with a secret.
  3. Disk. Open with a long key with notches. You cannot reach with a paper clip, but you can saw it off.
  4. Automotive. Has a pin in its design, therefore subject to opening.
  5. Heck or padlocks are simple locks that are easy to open when you lose your key.
The scheme of the level castle

The question arises, why then do you need a lock if most of them, except for safe and disk, are so easy to open? To protect yourself from thieves, you can check whether your protective mechanism lends itself to stapling prior to installation.

A complex lock is used for the entrance doors, which includes several opening mechanisms at once, so it cannot be cracked with a hairpin. In this situation, if you have lost the key, you will have to call the wizards, and then install a new security system.

Preparation for the process

Understanding how to open the locks with a paper clip, you need to know that the tool itself must first be prepared. A paper clip should be the most common, but it will need to be slightly modified to work. To do this, it unbends, and the tip rotates a little, so that the letter "G" is formed in the end. It is in this version that a working tool is needed. For a better effect, the bent end of the paper clip can be slightly beaten with a hammer to make it flatter.

Turn a paper clip into a master key

To open the lock you will need:

  • Two paper clips. One will act as a master key, and the second as a tensioner to rotate the locking mechanism.
  • Pliers. With their help, it is much easier and more accurate to bend a paper clip or hairpin, giving it the desired shape for opening.

DIY skeleton key

Now we collect our homemade master key:

  1. Double-fold the long tip of one paper clip to a straight wire. We will insert it into the keyhole of the door. You can add a slight bend at the end for the convenience of pressing the pins.
  2. Now do the tensioner. It can be done in two ways:
  • We bend the long end of the paper clip at a right angle, after double-folding it. This option is simple, but not of high quality.
  • Bend the ends of the paper clip so that the curved part remains in the middle. In this case, connect the ends of the wire. One tip should be slightly longer. Then from this elongated piece, retreat 1 cm and make an angle of 90 degrees.

Preliminary work is completed, now we turn to the main question: how to open the door lock with a paper clip.

What to do: method 1

So, the most important stage of an important process has come. Finally, we’ll show you how to open the lock with a paper clip. However, in this embodiment, a bent metal plate is also required. Having all the tools available, you will need to perform a few simple steps:

1. Insert the L-shaped plate into the keyhole (its upper part), fixing it well.

2. You need to confidently push it, pretending that the locking mechanism itself is turning.

3. At this stage, you need to make a small hook out of the paper clip by slightly bending it.

4. Next, the clip itself is used: it is inserted inside, it gropes for the pin, which peeks out of the groove, and is pressed firmly until the plate rotates slightly.

5. The above manipulations are done with all the pins until the lock is open.

Having examined all the above manipulations and, in principle, having figured out how to open the door lock with a paper clip, a person will not always be able to do this in practice the first time. However, do not despair, you just need to repeat all the steps of the process several times, and everything will work out in the end.

Method 2. Lock inside the rotary handle

There is still a way to open the lock with a paper clip if it is inside the handle that rotates (often this option is used for interior doors). So, for this it is necessary to take the tool already prepared in the above way, insert it into the keyhole, press the pressure plate, which is inside the lock, pretty hard, and at the same time turn the handle. Klats, the castle is open!

First way

This option is addressed if it is necessary to open the pin door security systems:

    Insert the tensioner into the keyhole and make a circular motion in the direction of the opening of the lock, while pressing on a paper clip. With the right actions, the clip will encounter less resistance during the turn.

Tip: Train with pressure. Since with a heavy load, the paper clip will bend, and with a small load the lock will not open.

When you practice, you will quickly open such a lock with paper clips.

Important! All methods are provided for informational purposes only, and not for the commission of illegal actions.

Method 3. "Tongue"

Understanding how to open the lock with a paper clip, you can also understand how to open the interior door if the “tongue” of the lock is stuck. One day it will come in handy. For this, the paper clip again needs to be untwisted, forming a simple wire and making a semicircle from it. Next, the finished tool is pushed into the doorhole so that both hands can grab the two ends of the bent paper clip. Further, the tool is pressed quite hard until the “tab” pops into place and the door opens.

Second option

If your interior door is slammed shut, but there is no key, then the second method is suitable, how to open the lock with a hairpin or a paper clip. To prepare a hairpin for work, it must be bent just like a paper clip, since they are the same in thickness and material.

  1. Change the appearance of the master key. To do this, bend the hairpin and bend the tip in the form of the letter "G".
  2. Insert the curved parts of the stud into the keyhole and press down firmly on the pressure plate. At the same time you turn the door handle, at this moment the tongue will open.

There is another option, how to open the interior door:

  1. Extend the paper clip and form a semicircle. Insert the master key into the gap between the door leafs or the door and the frame. In this case, the tongue must be grabbed so that both ends of the tool remain on your side.
  2. While holding the door, pull the wire toward you until the door opens.
Arc opening

We move on to the next option for opening locks.

Method 4. Cap lock

You can also open the lock without a key with a paper clip, especially if it is not a door, but, for example, a window (when the principle of closing is similar to a barrier lowering into a finished groove). To do this, simply align the paper clip, insert it into the window hole and raise the lowered lever. That's all, such a lock opens quickly and without any problems.

Third way

To open the latch lock using a paper clip or hairpin, do the following:

  1. Thread the straightened end of the tool into the gap between the wings so that it is under the latch.
  2. Lift the master key up until the heck is removed from the loop.
Tensioner Option for Small Lock

A hairpin can come in handy if the key to the suitcase is lost:

  1. Bend the end of the hairpin in a loop. It is desirable that she follows the outline of the key to the suitcase.
  2. Insert the device into the keyhole and find the protection mechanism.
  3. Open the springs and the lock opens.

So, going on a trip with a suitcase locked, take a hairpin with you just in case.

Thus, with a paper clip or hairpin, you can easily deal with different types of locks. However, remember that this does not apply to entrance doors, on which a much more modern system of protection against burglary is installed.

Most often, such systems for opening locking mechanisms are used for interior doors or suitcases, in the event that the key is lost or remains on the closed side.

Do not use the advice suggested in the article for illegal purposes.

Locks, their varieties and possibilities for opening

In order not to waste time trying to break the castle into your own home, you need to know the features of certain types of protective mechanisms:

  1. Safe locks, the basis of which is a lever mechanism, practically do not lend themselves to opening. Therefore, you still have to call a locksmith.
  2. A paper clip or pin will be powerless in front of disk devices. Such a castle only needs to be sawed.
  3. Padlocks and heck easily open with improvised means.
  4. The most common cylindrical mechanisms with pins can be opened with a paper clip with minimal skills. Therefore, carefully studying the instructions, you can easily get into your apartment.

Cooking Hacking Tools

To open the lock, you need two simple home-made tools - a tensioner and, in fact, a master key. They are made from ordinary paper clips or pins as follows:

  • We bend the long end of one of the clips so that we get a straight wire with a kind of handle. You can make a slight bend in the middle so that it pins the pins.
  • We bend the ends of the second paper clip so that a curved section remains in the middle. We connect them together, and one of the ends should be slightly longer. We bend it to an angle of 90 degrees.

You can make the tensioner in a simpler way. To do this, double-bend the long end of the paper clip, and then bend it at right angles. This manipulation will take less time, but the quality of the tool will not be too high, after several unsuccessful attempts to open, you will need to again make a new tensioner.

Now we have a lock pick and a tensioner. It remains only to open the door with these tools.

We open the pin lock

If a cylindrical lock with pins is installed on the door, open it as follows:

  • We insert the tensioner into the well and try to turn it clockwise. If the tool encounters resistance, you must either pull it slightly toward you or deepen it by a fraction of a millimeter.
  • We find the direction of the rotary mechanism and insert the master key.
  • We push all the pins in turn in the reverse order, without removing the tensioner from the well.
  • After fixing all the pins, turn the tensioner in the opposite direction.
  • Open the door.

This method requires skill, so do not expect that the lock will open on the first try.

Open the heck

Hacking a door that closes on a latch does not require any special skills. All you need is a paper clip with a straightened long end or other improvised means. We perform the following manipulations:

  • we pass the tool between the door leaves,
  • make sure that it is located exactly under the heck,
  • lift the master key up and open the door.

We open the interior doors

In such constructions, lock mechanisms are usually used to close the door purely symbolically. A pin or hairpin with a tip curved in the form of the letter “G” will be enough to open them. This curved part should be inserted into the well, and then strongly press on the special pressure plate. Usually the door opens immediately.

Another way to open the interior door is as follows:

  1. As a tool, we use a fully unfolded paper clip in the form of a semicircle. It is inserted between the door and the frame and captures the lock tab.
  2. We bring out the second end of the paper clip and pull the tool towards us.
  3. At the same time we are trying to open the door.

Using a paper clip or hairpin, you can open a regular suitcase, the key to which has disappeared somewhere. The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  • bend the end of the tool so that it at least approximately resembles a lost key,
  • we insert the hairpin into the well and by touch we find the locking mechanisms,
  • press the spring with force and open the lock.

If you have installed an expensive mechanism with a secret on your door, you do not need to try to open it yourself. It is better to call a specialist who will do this as quickly as possible and will not damage internal components.

We want to warn that all the above recommendations can be used only in those cases when you have lost the key to your own apartment or forgot it inside, inadvertently slamming the door. Hacking locks is an unlawful act, so attempts to break into someone else’s home are punishable by law.

Materials for work

To make a home-made master key, you need three things that are not at all deficit and are always available:

  • Two paper clips. One of them will serve as a master key, and the other - a special tensioner designed to rotate the locking mechanism. The staples should be thin enough to pass into the borehole of the castle, and moderately long for convenient turning in the lock mechanism.
  • Pliers. They will be needed to bend staples and give them the desired shape. It’s more difficult to do such work with your hands.

Tool making

To open the door without a key from two staples with pliers, you need to make a master key and a tensioner.

  • Master key. To make it, you need to double-bend the long end of the paper clip until you get a straight rod, which will be inserted into the castle well, and serve as a master key. Some experts at the end add a small bend to conveniently press the pins of the cylindrical lock mechanism, but such a bend is not necessary.
  • Tensioner It can be made from paper clips in two ways. One of them is very simple: the long end of the paper clip needs to be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. In this case, you can get the basis of a fully working tensioner, but not a high-quality master key. Another way is somewhat more complicated: the ends of the paper clip must be bent so that its bend is in the middle, and the ends of the wire converge together. One of its ends should be slightly shorter than the other. Then, stepping back about 1 cm from the longer end of the wire, you need to make another bend at 90 degrees using pliers.

Open the locks with a paper clip

Depending on the type of lock, there are enough ways to open the door with a paper clip.

Method 1 With it, you can open the pin door locks with a cylindrical mechanism, as well as a simple padlock.

  • The tensioner must be inserted into the borehole of the lock and perform circular pressure in the direction of rotation of its mechanism. Вначале нужно попробовать двигать скрепку вправо. Обычно в замках ключ поворачивается по ходу часовой стрелки, хотя и бывают исключения. Чувствительные руки сами смогут выбрать верное направление поворота.With the right actions at the time of rotation of the mechanism, the clip encounters less resistance than when choosing the wrong direction.
  • In the process, it is important to have a constant slight tension on the mechanism. After determining the direction of rotation, the pressure on the clip must be fixed, and try using a clip-pick to try to find the pins in the cylinder. Most locks have five pins, which in a certain combination open the lock. They need to be pressed in order, starting from the rear edge of the castle well.
  • When slowly tightening the tensioner, each of the pins needs to be fixed. When setting the pin in the correct position, you can catch a slight movement or hear a click. You need to work with a master key until you get the feeling that all the locking pins are in place. Then the tensioner should be rotated in the selected direction, and the lock will immediately open.

Method 2 Usually it is used when the lock is located inside the handle of the interior door.

  • At the same time, the working tool is slightly modified: the paper clip must be unbent, and its end bent in the form of the letter “G”.
  • The prepared master key must be inserted into the lock well and pressed down firmly with the pressure plate of the mechanism while turning the knob. This will open the lock.

Method 3 They can open the interior door when jamming the "tongue" of the castle.

  • The paper clip should be fully bent and bent in the shape of a semicircle. Then the tool must be inserted into the space between the end of the door and its box with the grip of the “tongue” so that both ends of the clip are in the hands.
  • While pressing the door, they need to be pulled to themselves until the “tongue” snaps into place. As a result of these efforts, the door will open.

Method 4 In this way, constipation made in the form of a heck opens.

  • The straightened end of the paper clip must be threaded between the door leaves so that it is located under the latch.
  • Then the paper clip must be lifted up until the heck is removed and the door opens.

On such constipation, the door is considered the most unreliable and affordable for intruders to enter the housing.

Method 5 This way you can easily open the locks for your suitcases with a paper clip.

  • The end of the paper clip needs to be bent into a small loop, as much as possible repeating the contour of the lock key from the suitcase.
  • Then the end of the paper clip must be inserted into the well and turning it, feel for the clamp mechanism.
  • After opening the spring, the lock will open.

We told you how to make a master key out of a paper clip and open simple locks with it. We hope that you use our advice in good intentions. It is also important to know that most castles will not be able to guarantee the complete safety of your home and the safety of property. They are only a kind of deterrent, requiring additional measures for the protection of housing.