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How to burn and erase a disc


CD-RW discs give us the ability to record and delete many times all kinds of information from disk. This is a special type of disc, which is almost no different from a regular CD-R, except that it can be rewritten many times.

In other words, after recording and using them, you can safely delete all recorded information from the disc and record a new project. Another feature, using CD-RW you can add new files to already recorded. We can conclude that CD-RW is a unique and convenient tool for storing and recording important information.
In order to properly clean the CD-RW disk, you need to go through the following steps:

Who uses Mac OSX:

1. Insert a rewritable disc and open the "Disk Utility".

2. Click the "Erase" button and select our CD-ROM on the panel on the left.

3. Click the “Erase” button to erase everything from the CD-RW. Immediately after all the information has been erased, you can add the files you need to an already clean disk.

Who uses Windows:

1. Insert the disk we need and go to the “My Computer” folder in the “Start” menu.

2. Select our CD-RW disc. We click on it with the right mouse button and when the menu appears, select the item “Clear”. We are waiting for a short time until all data from our disk is completely deleted. Now we can safely write new files to an already blank disc.

What are the wheels

Disks are CD and DVD. Many people think that only movies are recorded on DVD, and on the CD everything else is music, documents, photographs. In fact, this is not so. They differ only in size.

A DVD disc contains four or even eight times more information than a CD. That is, if one film is placed on a CD, and even then not in very good quality, then four films and even more can be recorded on a DVD disc. Music, photographs, documents, and other files and folders can be recorded on a CD or on a DVD.

Also, there are disks R and RW. The difference between them is that on R you can write information only once, and on RW - many times. We wrote it down, used it, and then erased it and recorded something else.

Well, and, besides everything else, disks can be conditionally divided into “full” and “empty”. That is, those on which something has already been recorded (films, music, etc.) and those on which there is nothing.

Burning discs

First you need to find out which version of Windows is installed on your computer. To do this, open the "Start", right-click on the inscription "Computer" (My computer) and in the list that opens, click on the "Properties" item.

A window will open in which it will be written which system is installed.

How to clean disk in Windows XP

You can clean the disk only if it is reusable. For this, RW must be written on it. If the letter R is written on the disk, then you cannot erase it, it is disposable.

Insert the RW disk into the drive.

Open it on your computer. To do this, open "My Computer":

And in it open the CD / DVD drive:

Then right-click on an empty spot (in a white field) and select "Erase this CD-RW" from the list.

A new window will open. Click on the “Next” button and wait until all information is erased. When this happens, the “Finish” button will appear. Click on it. That's all, the disc is clean and you can record something on it again.

How to erase a Windows 7 drive

We can erase a disk only if it is reusable and is called RW. If the letter R is written on it, it means that the disk is disposable and cannot be erased from it.

Insert the disk into the drive and open it on the computer (Start - Computer - CD / DVD drive).

Try deleting the file or folder. To do this, right-click on the file (folder). A list will open. See if there is a “Delete” item in it. If there is, then delete the information through this item.

And if there is no such inscription, then right-click on an empty space (white field) and select "Erase Disk" (or an item with a similar name) from the list.

A new window will open. Click the “Next” button and wait until all information is erased. When this happens, the Finish button will appear. Click on it. That's all, the disc is clean, and you can record something on it again.

Disk Cleanup Methods

We've sorted out the technical issue, now let's move on to the software one. So, let's try to figure out how to delete files from a DVD-RW and do it as painlessly as possible for the user and for external media.

There are two ways to clear a rewritable drive. The first - using utilities built into the operating system, and the second - through third-party software. Both of them allow you to equally efficiently delete files from a DVD-RW disc. Both that and another way, more likely, a question of personal preference, rather than convenience.

Established Windows Tools

All versions of Windows operating systems (XP, 7, 8, 10) have a built-in ability to delete files from a DVD-RW disc. It is implemented in the same way as the functionality for working with ordinary files and folders. After inserting the disk into the drive, the system should detect the media.

Detailed information about the disk can be obtained by calling the auxiliary menu, right-clicking on the corresponding icon. In the “Properties” section, the drive capacity, name and other information are indicated, including its type - RW or R.

In order to copy and delete files from a DVD-RW, you need to open the Explorer window with the media. Here again it is necessary to call the auxiliary menu by tapping the right button of the manipulator on an empty area in the same window. The item “Erase disk” should appear in the list. In some versions of the OS, the phrase may change: “Clear disk”, “Delete information”, etc. But the general meaning should be clear.

After selection, the system should ask again if you are sure of your actions, and when you click OK, the disk cleaning procedure starts. Operations with individual files proceed in approximately the same way, only before calling the context menu, it is necessary to select specific data, and not an empty area of ​​the medium.

Third-party funds

Third-party software has wider functionality in comparison with the regular one. A vivid example of sensible programs of such a plan are Nero, Ultra-ISO, Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120. Utilities not only allow you to erase the entire disk, but also perform different actions with individual files, images and other data.

In all the programs described above, the process of erasing the disk occurs in the same way as in the case of the Windows Explorer: open the window with the disk, call the context menu with the right button of the manipulator and select the "Clear", "Delete", etc. All tools duplicated on the control panel, so that you can run the functionality from it.

It is also worth clarifying that the programs mentioned provide a detailed report on the work done, where you can find out about bad sectors, bad tracks and other problems. The utilities have Russian-language localization and an extensive help system, so there should not be any problems, at least with the deletion of files.