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How to make a smart person healthy


Everyone wants to be healthy and feel great, but with the modern rhythm of life, they are not always able to monitor their body. In the 21st century, humanity lives in a terrible rush, where every minute counts, for the sake of their employment, people are often stressed, acquire bad habits, refuse to eat right and do not play sports. But if you follow simple rules, everyone can improve their health and life will sparkle with new colors.

Rejection of bad habits

For many centuries, mankind has been subject to addictions that adversely affect health. The main drugs are alcohol and tobacco. Often these two destroyers of life go side by side. Alcohol adversely affects all processes in the human body, eventually enters the metabolism and causes an irresistible craving to drink again and again. Vital organs are primarily affected by alcohol. Alcohol-containing drinks cause significant damage to the brain, some neurons die and are excreted in the urine, as a result of which alcoholics experience a decrease in mental abilities and personality degradation. Alcohol has a bad effect on the heart, it literally destroys the cellular structure and kills this organ for years.

Smoking is no less a dangerous bad habit; today it has taken on the scale of an epidemic. In a smoker, the lungs take the first blow, then a vasospasm occurs from carbon monoxide and even after one cigarette the pulse rises above 100 beats per minute, which is recorded by doctors as tachycardia. Fighting bad habits is very difficult, but the best way to defeat them is to completely refuse. A person who quit smoking and drinking alcohol will immediately notice changes in his body, improve not only health, but also the quality of life.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is one of the pillars of good health, because a person consists of what he eats. Improper food and overeating on the contrary, it leads to the development of obesity, diabetes and a lot of other diseases. With the development of the food industry, a person practically stopped cooking his own food, it’s much easier to go to the nearest supermarket and purchase convenience foods, all the more it does not take much time. People are in a hurry to do their business, forgetting to have breakfast, sometimes have lunch, and only in the evening, having bought ready-made products, have a tight dinner. This mode will not lead to anything good. The most appropriate option would be fractional nutrition, it is not necessary to cook large portions of them, you can replace them with frequent meals of a small volume. Do not be lazy because it is about health and a long quality life. It is also advisable to maximally refuse semi-finished products, canned food and all products that have already been processed at the factory.

The enemy of the body is also excess sugar and salt, even if they are not personally added to food, then in most finished products they are contained in large quantities. Sugar can lead to diabetes of the second type, destroy blood vessels and cause obesity. Salt is no less dangerous and is able to retain fluid in the body, creating an excessive load on the heart and increasing blood pressure. By themselves, these two additives do not bring the body any benefit, but they stimulate the taste buds and make you want to use them again and again. By removing salt and sugar from the diet, you can significantly improve your health: pressure will decrease, swelling in the legs and under the eyes will disappear, the load on the heart and liver will decrease, and the likelihood of developing diabetes will also be reduced.

Playing sports

If half a century ago, most of humanity was engaged in physical labor, then with the advent of the era of automation, the number of people spending a working day sitting in a chair has grown significantly. But the human body did not develop in such conditions, and a sedentary sedentary lifestyle detrimental to health. Almost immediately, after the worker sits in a chair, destructive processes begin inside the body:

Calcium is washed out of the bones,
The level of sex hormones decreases
Vessels lose their tone,
Muscle mass decreases, while fat mass increases on the contrary,
Stress hormone levels increase
The heart loses its strength and begins to beat faster.

To correct this situation, you can periodically do a warm-up, getting up from the workplace, if it is possible to equip the workplace with a table with a variable height, so that to work part of the day. To maintain health, it is not necessary to play sports, you can just walk more. Take walks in the park or, if possible, abandon the car while walking. If there is absolutely no time, it is enough to spend half an hour on morning exercises, it will tone muscles and awaken the whole body from sleep.

Immunity and hardening

It is difficult for a modern person to maintain the immune system in excellent condition, constant stress, lack of sleep and poor environmental conditions, leads to a decrease in the protective functions of the body. This problem can be solved in two simple ways. First of all, you need to normalize sleep, do not stay long in front of the TV or take the phone with you to bed. A good long sleep increases immune activity, the body fights dangerous viruses in a dream. The second way to effectively deal with various diseases is hardening. It is not necessary to immediately take a bucket of cold water and pour it in the cold, just a contrast shower. Hardening keeps the immune system in good shape, and it is always ready to repel the attack of viruses and infections.

Summarizing: to always be healthy, to avoid illnesses, sleep well enough, be physically active, give up bad habits and eat right.

1. Do not focus on food

Everyone wants to focus on Sergey Fage, confident that he has extended his life to 120 years, including through careful selection of a diet. However, few of us are willing to spend more than $ 200,000 to study our bodies just as well.

So instead of paranoidly counting the calories of each dish or sticking to a stressful diet, we recommend that you focus on universal tips:

  • eat low-fat dairy products,
  • eat lean meat or poultry,
  • prefer vegetables to cereals and fruits to desserts,
  • drink more water, prefer clean water and tea to coffee and soda,
  • forget about the semi-finished products,
  • discard sugar.

Sugar is poison. No sweets, fruit juices, bread, pasta, honey and so on. Nutrition experts argue about a lot, but agree on one thing: sugar is extremely unhealthy.

Do not abruptly sit on a fashionable rigid diet, picked up from a magazine or from a colleague, it is better to choose the optimal diet with a doctor, based on scientifically based data.

Raising a healthy diet into a cult can result in a very unpleasant eating disorder, such as orthorexia, an obsessive neurosis of proper nutrition. Another scourge is the roller coaster that most women like: “I’m losing weight” (usually by the summer, a significant event) and “I am gaining weight” (during the holidays, during stress). First, unrestrained food, then a tough diet with a calorie content of 700-800 kcal per day. This approach to nutrition is not reasonable.

2. On the move - life: walk more

Buying a car is a status marker. Anyone who can afford not to push around in a crowded subway and not freeze at a bus stop waiting for a bus has undoubtedly succeeded in life. However, does this allow you to be a healthy person? Unfortunately no.

Life requires movement. When we transfer from an office chair to a car one, we deprive ourselves of the most essential component for health. Even the most sophisticated fitness bracelet as a result only counts the miserable steps to the coffee machine and vice versa.

Want to be healthy - walk daily and in plenty. You can refuse a car or take daily walks with a dog, but scientific research is inexorable: at least 10 thousand steps a day are required for a healthy state of mind and body.

A 2015 study published in the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy demonstrated the effects of daily walking on reducing stress and anxiety. Participants in the study, who completed a program of 10,000 steps per day, decreased anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, and improved mood.

3. Do not google diseases

Cyberchondria is a new word describing a mental disorder, which consists in the desire to make an independent diagnosis based on the symptoms of the diseases described on the Internet sites.

Each of us spends hours studying the medical sites and fearfully revealing signs of tropical fever, which was brought from the resort, or, God forbid, cancer. By the way, for fear of cancer, there is also its own designation - carcinophobia.

As a result, after hours spent in googling the symptoms, we get only unnecessary excitement. And in the worst case, we also proceed to completely unnecessary treatment.

It is difficult to limit oneself in this passion, and in this case, resort to the following advice.

4. Spend a weekend actively

The status of an intelligent person needs to be maintained, so we spend the weekend in constant training: we urgently need to learn a third foreign language or pass the Google AdWords exam. It’s much healthier to walk and play sports.

Provide yourself at least one day of mental detox - give up the Internet and a smartphone. Although it seems that on this day in your circle of friends there will certainly be events that require an immediate reaction, in reality this is not so. Spending a day in nature, breathing fresh air and learning new things not from presentations, but from your own experience, will be much better.

If you are a city dweller and are not inclined to walks in nature, spend the weekend getting to know your city. An art gallery, going to the theater or even watching a fresh movie will bring you more pleasure than the next day spent on a laptop.

5. Do not drink extra pills

Sergei Fage, mentioned at the beginning of the article, takes a couple of pills a day. But if this is not a special complex, balanced by doctors based on tests specifically for your body, you should not chase the quantity.

It is better to limit yourself to Omega-3 and water-soluble vitamins, than to risk knocking down your metabolism with chaotic interference in the metabolism.

6. Be careful with fasting.

The terms and ideas that came from the east - yoga, meditation, qigong - brought a lot of useful things to our lives. Looking at the people of China and Japan in old age, I want to learn from them this useful experience. However, not all practices survive successfully on our soil.

Fashion for Ekadashi - one-day dry fasting twice a month - came to us from the Hindu tradition. An event similar to Christian fasting at some point became another type of newfangled diet.

Doctors say dry starvation can lead to complications of urolithiasis and gout, and in the long run to problems with the liver and kidneys. In an unprepared person, the first immersion in Ekadashi causes unwellness, nausea, dizziness, and headache.

Many diseases, for example, those associated with the heart and blood circulation, with dry fasting can lead to serious deterioration. So do not overdo it with restrictions.

What does a smart person need to be healthy? In fact, there is only one thing: to be smart. So, do not allow yourself to go to extremes that are dangerous for your own body, and give time for a quality rest in the daily pursuit of success.
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How to become a healthy person

What is health? It is a mistake to believe that a healthy person is one who has no pain. No, the health of the physical body is, of course, wonderful, but spiritual health is also important. But it is not customary to talk about this health in our society. To speak of spirituality in general in our society is a bad manners. To set the table for Christmas, to make Easter cakes for Easter is, of course, a good thing, but nothing more. And this is the problem of modern society. Physical health is just the tip of the iceberg. All problems at the physical level originate in the spiritual sphere. There is even a whole branch of science devoted to this idea - Psychosomatics. Try typing this word in any search engine and read about what diseases these or other problems lead to on the spiritual and psychological level. And if you have any kind of physical health problem, read about what could be the reason. You will be surprised how connected the body and consciousness are in this regard. For example, knee pain can be associated with pride. And it should be noted that today a lot of people suffer from a crunch and knee pain. And pride in our society is a very common occurrence. Coincidence? Maybe. But worth considering.

There is an opinion that 50% of our health depends on nutrition, and 50% on our thinking, worldview and the general state of our consciousness. And this concept is fully justified. If a person begins to change his diet, then many health problems go away, and if a person begins to work with his consciousness, then life becomes completely harmonious. And interestingly, starting to change his diet, a person also senses changes in consciousness. Thus, everything is interconnected.

For example, there is an observation that shows that eating meat has a tremendous negative effect on both the body and consciousness. And you will be surprised what positive changes will occur with your body and, most interestingly, with consciousness, if you refuse meat. And the healing of many diseases after the mere exclusion from the diet of meat is only the least that can happen to you. A few months after exclusion from the diet of meat, positive changes in consciousness begin: aggression, fears, depression disappear, and life begins to reveal new interesting facets to a person. And even the world around begins to change! Why is this happening? Everything is simple. Any meat is a product of murder, that is, a product that carries pain, suffering, fear, death. Even in ancient times they said: "We are what we eat." Therefore, immersing ourselves in the product of murder, we immerse in ourselves all the negativity that it carries. And in this world there is a simple rule: like attracts like. If we immerse in ourselves the energy of pain, fear and suffering - it is precisely this energy that we will attract from the outside world.

What does a person’s health and harmonious life in general depend on in the first place? There is such a basic law of the universe as the law of causation. He says that nothing arises without a cause and nothing passes without consequences. This law is better known as the law of karma, and it can be formulated by a simple saying of our ancestors: "What you sow, you will reap." Thus, all our health problems are the consequences of our bad deeds. And understanding this, accepting this idea is the beginning of a truly healthy lifestyle. After all, the health of the body, as mentioned above, is only the tip of the iceberg. And if a person’s soul is sick with vices, then this will sooner or later affect the body, it is only a matter of time. Our Universe is reasonable and fair, and if some person destroys everything around him with his bad deeds, then sooner or later the Universe will simply “neutralize” it through some kind of illness.

Understanding the law of karma is, oddly enough, the first step towards absolute health - both spiritual and physical. Why is this so important? The fact is that, by committing unwholesome acts, we create reasons for similar acts to be committed in relation to us. This is not some stupid statement based on blind faith. This concept is confirmed by Newton’s third law: “Action always has equal and opposite opposition.” Thus, when performing any action, one must be prepared that exactly the same action will be performed in relation to us. That is why Jesus also taught his disciples: “Do with others as you want to be done with you.” And he said so not because he wanted to make a holy man out of all, but simply because he wanted to help people avoid suffering, because by causing suffering to others, we create reasons for our own suffering. And if it is understood by man and accepted as a fundamental truth, then this will be the first step to health.

Thus, all the causes of our illnesses lie in the field of morality. If we live by conscience, then everything will be in order with health. There are some exceptions to this rule, which are also due to karma. For example, if a person has committed some kind of serious misconduct, then the consequences of his act he can endure for a very long time, regardless of the fact that he already realized the destructiveness of his actions and began to live in good conscience.

Отказавшись от совершения неблагих поступков, мы прекратим создание причин для собственных страданий и болезней. И это — начало истинно здорового образа жизни. Having formed a clear moral paradigm and decided to follow it, we create an indestructible base for a healthy and harmonious life. And this is primary.

However, at the physical level, you should take care of your health. The next most important item is nutrition. And here we should also mention the law of karma. Health nutrition is primarily ethical nutrition. If our food makes someone suffer or die, such food will not be healthy. Because, as mentioned above, by causing suffering to others, we create reasons for our own suffering. Therefore, a healthy diet is a complete rejection of meat food. It is also worth considering that any food of animal origin is a product of the exploitation of animals. Take an interest in the conditions in which chickens and cows live, which give us those products that we, without even thinking about their origin, use. For example, a modern cow in its entire life has never seen the sun. She is kept indoors all her life without fresh air and normal living conditions. Whether or not to use such products is everyone’s personal choice. But one should always remember the law of karma and understand that everything that we transmit to the world will return to us. And if we sponsor a business that causes suffering to living beings, it will not pass without a trace for us.

So, a healthy diet is primarily an ethical diet that does not harm living beings. At the very least, this harm should be limited as much as possible. The next point of a healthy diet is the complete rejection of various intoxicants and drugs, such as alcohol, nicotine, coffee, sugar and others. Yes, sugar is a real drug. Studies of brain MRI have shown that the brain responds to sugar and cocaine in exactly the same way. The difference is only in the intensity of the reaction, and the same parts of the brain are involved, and the principle of reaction is the same. That is why it is so difficult to refuse sweets: the fact is that manufacturers, knowing what properties this legal drug has, add it even to places where, by the logic of things, it should not be - in salty foods.

As for alcohol, the concept of “moderate drinking” is widespread in our society. However, the harmlessness or even the benefits of small doses of alcohol is a myth that alcohol corporations are imposing on us to add us to this legal drug. Empirically, the harm of any dose of alcohol has been proven. Alcohol, getting into the blood, makes red blood cells stick together. Blood carries these “flakes” of cells to the brain, where the vessels are very thin, and these “flakes” clog the vessels, which leads to the mass death of neurons - brain cells. "Killed" neurons after several hours are excreted in the urine. Thus, any dose of alcohol leads to the fact that a person, in the literal sense of the word, urinates with his brain! Do you think that it’s normal to drain your brains into the toilet “moderately”? The question is rhetorical. And, again, this is everyone’s personal choice. Only here to talk about health with "moderate" use is not necessary.

Coffee is also a legal drug. Any encyclopedia will tell you that caffeine is an “intoxicating substance” and a “psychostimulant,” that is, a drug. Is drug use a sign of a healthy lifestyle? Everyone decides for himself. And everyone is also responsible for the consequences. And then do not write off the consequences of their own actions on the environment.

The concept of "bad ecology" is very convenient, because it allows you to shift the responsibility for your health from yourself to someone else: the government or even just nature. But this is nothing more than a trick that allows you to justify your weaknesses and addictions.

Physical activity is also an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to separate concepts such as “sport” and “physical activity”. Sport is a kind of circus industry where people are forced to ruin their health for the sake of some illusory and, by and large, nobody (except those who make money on it) unnecessary victories. And physical activity is the key to the health of the physical body. However, physical activity should also be in reasonable form and in reasonable quantities. For example, such popular jogging in the morning, especially many kilometers, especially on an asphalt road, is a sure way to destroy the spine and knees. Therefore, sanity should be shown in everything. And, instead of thoughtlessly winding kilometers at the stadium, it is better to maintain your body in a healthy state by the practice of Hatha Yoga, which allows you to harmoniously develop and eliminate health defects.

However, physical health should not be an end in itself. It’s sad to watch people who have created a cult of the body and their whole life - this is endless training in the gym, counting calories and watching muscle growth or weight loss. Consciousness in us is still primary, and matter is secondary. Therefore, the first place should be work with your consciousness. And the body should be perceived only as an instrument of action in this world. The tool should be in working condition, but no more. As our ancestors said: "The body is the sheath for the blade of the spirit." It is this attitude that should prevail in matters of a healthy lifestyle.

Thus, health is only the consequences of our actions. Every day we make our choice and every day we pay for the choice we made yesterday. And the fact that today we hardly get out of bed is to blame only for ourselves and no one else. And only when the understanding comes that we ourselves are the cause of everything that happens to us, only then does some development begin. As long as we transfer responsibility to other people and blame some kind of ecology, government or someone else for our problems, we will remain at the starting point. There is a simple truth that has already led many to perfection: change yourself - and the world around will change. Do not take a word, just try. And miracles will begin to manifest.

How to be healthy

This article is co-written by Luba Lee, FNP-BC. Luba Lee is a certified family medical assistant from Tennessee. He has a master's degree in nursing from the University of Tennessee in 2006 ..

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Most people mistakenly think that in order to be healthy, you must follow a strict diet and spend a lot of time in the gym. But it is not so. You can gain health with a few simple rules in your daily life. Make it your habit to choose your health when it comes to food, recreation, sports and sleep. The sooner you start, the faster you will feel better!