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All adjustments of a chair with the TopGan swing mechanism


If you regularly work or study at a computer, you need an office chair that is correctly adapted to your body to protect yourself from pain and other back problems. Chiropractors, physiotherapists and other doctors claim that many people develop severe spinal ligaments and sometimes problems with the intervertebral disc due to prolonged sitting in an office chair that is not suitable for a particular person. But adjusting the chair is simple, and it will take several minutes if you know how to adapt it to the proportions of your body.

All adjustments of a chair with the TopGan swing mechanism

- there is an adjustment for free swing,
- fixing the back in the working position,
- adjustment of the deflection force, adjusts to the weight of the seated person.

Below we consider all the features of this mechanism.

1. The first adjustment, in height. You can change the seat height by turning the lever (see Fig. 1), which, in turn, acts on the gas lift. The seat can be raised or lowered, adjusting the chair to the user's height.

2. The second adjustment is to fix the chair in a working, upright positionstops the backrest swing. This can be done using the same lever (Fig. 1), but this time we turn the handle to the right or left. When turning, the lever enters a special round hole to the left of the mechanism and fixes the back in the working position, you sit straight and the chair does not lean back.

3. Adjusting the chair for your weight. In front of the mechanism there is a special spring hidden by a cap, which regulates the stiffness of the swing of the back of the chair. If the spring is tightened tightly, then a person with a large weight can comfortably sit on a chair. If the spring is weakened, then the swing becomes easy, comfortable for a person with a small weight. This mode is adjusted by turning the knob clockwise or counterclockwise. Attention! In this case, you should not apply too much force, if the spring is fully fixed, you can break the thread on the bolt, which is located in the center.

TOP-GAN swing mechanism, how to adjust, video:

Computer chair - the rule of choice

Knowing the main criteria for choosing office chairs, you can ensure a comfortable and safe workplace for which you can spend a long time without fatigue in the back and damage to your health.

  1. Choosing a chair that fits your body size. All computer chairs can be conditionally divided into two categories - for adults and children. Most seats purchased according to the person’s age are suitable for ninety percent of people thanks to the multifunctional adjustment available.
  2. The ability to change the parameters of the chair in a sitting position - to adjust the office chair to the characteristics of your own body in this way will be much more convenient.
  3. The ability to adjust the height of the seat is an important criterion when choosing an office chair. The same applies to adjusting the backrest. Adjust them so that the position of your body is perfectly correct and work without pain and fatigue.
  4. Choose a chair on which the front of the seat is slightly bent down. This will provide comfort when sitting, ensuring a comfortable position on the back of the thigh and the inside of the knees.
  5. Give preference to chairs whose upholstery is made of soft, breathable and non-slip fabric. Thus, you will provide yourself with a comfortable seat, both in the summer and in the winter season.
  6. Pay attention to the crosspiece of the computer chair - it must be stable to ensure balance. For greater ease of use of the chair, it is very important that the crosspiece is equipped with wheels. When buying, you should check their working condition.
  7. It is worth giving preference to a chair with adjustable armrests. To ensure that the movements of the hands are not limited, the height of the armrests must fully correspond to the size of the hands.

How to adjust the chair

Proper adjustment of the computer office chair is a rather important point in the organization of the workplace. After all, you should ensure not only a comfortable position of the user, but also to prevent such unpleasant moments as pain and back fatigue as much as possible.

All modern models of office chairs, both pneumatic and non-pneumatic, quite easily change the position of different parts of their structure with the help of special adjusting bolts and levers.

Setting up a chair for individual parameters of a person consists of several stages.

Adjusting the seat height of the computer chair in accordance with the height of the workplace and your own height

Criteria to determine the optimal height of the office chair:

  • the ideal position of the seat height can be determined in a standing position - the highest point of the seat should be below the knee,
  • in a sitting position, you should sit at a comfortable distance from the table, put your hands on it and straighten your back so that the shoulders are parallel to the spine, and the angle of the bent arm should be ninety degrees. If your palms are below the elbows, this means that the seat of the chair is low for you,
  • Determine the correct position of the legs relative to the seat. To do this, place your feet parallel to the floor - the distance between the front of the seat and the thigh near the knee should be about 1.5-2 cm. If the distance is greater, then you need to raise the chair. If the finger hardly passes or does not fit at all between the seat and the hip, this means that you should raise your legs. To do this, adjust the seat, and in the absence of such an opportunity - use a special stand.

You can adjust the height of the chair in the following way - slightly stand and raise the lever located under the seat. When reaching the desired height, release it.

Adjusting the height of the seat down is carried out without getting up from the chair - just pull the lever. When the chair under the weight of your body drops to the desired height, release the lever.

Seat depth

This parameter is quite important, as it allows a person not to stoop while sitting in a chair, and also helps to minimize the load on the back, which, in turn, prevents various injuries.

To determine the correct depth of the chair, you need to sit down, the back is flat, feet on the floor. Then measure the distance from the front edge of the seat to the back of the lower leg. The ideal width of the space is about five centimeters. If the distance is shorter, this means that the chair is too deep and the back should be moved forward. If the width is more than 5 cm, then it needs to be moved back.

How to adjust the depth of the seat? In most cases, this can be done using a special lever. If this is not possible, use special supports for the back or orthopedic pillows.

Backrest adjustment

It is no less important than the depth of the seat. The angle should be such that it can support the back when you are sitting in your favorite position.

There is an adjustment screw on the back of the backrest to help you adjust the angle to the value you need. To do this, unscrew the screw and, leaning forward or backward, determine the most convenient position for yourself. When the choice is made, lock the screw.

Armrest adjustment

Put your hands on the surface of the table or keyboard so that the angle in the elbow joint is ninety degrees. In this position, your elbows should lightly touch the top of the armrests, moving freely from one side to the other. When they completely lie on the armrests, this restricts movement and quickly leads to fatigue, as the hands significantly feel the additional load.

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Adjust the armrests with a screwdriver or screw. If it is not possible to lower the armrests, it is better to remove them altogether. So you protect yourself from unwanted pain in the fingers and shoulders.