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How to make people laugh and write a joke


I re-read “War and Peace,” and stumbled upon the phrase “Pierre Bezukhov printed a letter,” for about five minutes I tried to understand how he succeeded and where he found the printer.

We went with my mother to the store for groceries. The cashier begins to break through the cottage cheese, stops, thinks, and begins to search for an expiration date. Found, looked and with a clear conscience put the cottage cheese in our bag. Mama:
- Well, will we live?
Cashier with a calmly serious face:
- Until the twenty-fourth!

Two men are talking:
“Why is your son growing so fast, are you pulling your ears, or what?”
- No, I just raise the monitor by 5 cm every month!

- Trust me!
- And that will be?
- It will be good, and then we will turn over ...

Two men are talking about sex:
- What is your favorite position?
- The back.
- Why?
- No need to make a happy face.

Intercom call:
- Man, did you order the girls?
- Sir! I am a hereditary nobleman!
- Excuse me, sir. Your horses are fed.

Two girlfriends are secreted.
- I flew to this fucking resort! I’m afraid that a baby with dark skin would not be born ...
- And what about your Sergei racist or what?

Two flies are sitting on a cacule. One says instructively:
- Life is crap, sweetheart.
Second, rolling her eyes:
- And it’s wonderful!

Today I saw.
Handwritten ad selling printer.
Stsuko, something is wrong here ...

A student enters the exam and puts a bubble on the table without talking
cognac. The examiner looks and says:
- Satisfactory.
A student pulls out a box of chocolates.
The student puts on top a chic fountain pen.
- Excellent, - and writes in the set-off.
The student takes the test, rakes everything off the table and says:
- Now you have to hand over the physics.

During the control, Sasha whispers to a neighbor at the desk:
- Cool ass at our new teacher!
The teacher:
- Sasha, do not whisper, Kolya himself knows everything.

A man came to the beach. Nobody to the people. He stripped naked and swam. He bought himself up, swims to the shore, and near his underwear the girl sits and reads a book. What to do? He ducked back into the water. He looks at the bottom of the basin. He took it, blocked it in front and went to the girl:
- Hello, beautiful girl!
- Hello.
- What are we doing?
“Yes, I’m reading a book,” she replies.
- And what about the book?
- Yes, how to guess thoughts.
“What am I thinking now?” He asks.
- You think that the basin has a bottom.

Children's cry from the hallway:
- Ma'am! Maaaaaaaaa! Mom!
- Well, what are you yelling ?! I'm in the living room. Come here and say normally what you need.
The child spanks across the apartment, approaches mom.
- Mom, I’ve stepped into shit. Where should I wash my sandal?

- And today, at school, two mathematicians fought!
- Because of which?
- Yes, they didn’t seem to share something.

How to perform on stage with your jokes?

There was a famous comedian Andy Kaufman, whose jokes were not understood for a long time, but he managed to convey his jokes to the audience, to make them understand without explaining. From this it follows that the funniest joke is one that was not chewed, and people themselves thought of it. There are many topics for jokes:

  • Relations
  • Policy
  • Story
  • Prof. Specialty
  • Education
  • Troubled teens
  • Parenting

Next, you need to actually choose one of the topics and try to write them. It is useless to actually sit and “squeeze all the convolutions of your brain”, it is enough to always carry a pocket notebook with you, and write down what will happen to you, or to someone else.

What seems funny to you is worthy of writing down this incident. Later it’s enough to just sit down and edit your notes, make jokes out of them. You should also put your jokes in chronological order, so that one topic flows into another, unless of course several topics are selected for the presentation.

Collecting amusing cases or those thoughts that seemed funny to you, you can create your own collection of jokes, jokes or create some high-quality speeches.
So, thanks to this article, you can create a joke or make anyone laugh, even a very harsh person.

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Why do people laugh?

People have the ability to laugh literally from infancy. This is our privilege over all other living beings. According to scientists, a person, as a child, is filled with a happy laugh about 300 times a day. Having matured, we become much more serious, but still love to laugh.

Laughter directly affects our health. It relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, stimulates blood circulation, helps to overcome some serious diseases, relieves sadness, fear and even anger.

Laughter is a natural physiological reaction of our body in response to humor. And the basis of humor is 2 things: inconsistency and superiority. In any case, so says the Englishman Richard Wiseman, specializing in the study of this subject. That is, if a person suddenly hears or sees something absurd, unusual, this often causes surprise and laughter.

How to make a girl laugh?

There are girls whom you do not need to make laugh, they themselves constantly laugh and giggle. By the way, psychologists say that such behavior can also testify to self-doubt, complexness. Laughter in this case acts as a defensive reaction.

And how to make a person serious or in a bad mood? It is very important for young people to master the ability to mix the opposite sex. Here are some tips to help you do this:

  • Watch more comedy films. And not only modern, but also shot long ago. Watch the famous comedians - they have a lot to learn. Charles Chaplin, Louis de Funes, Pierre Richard, Evgeny Leonov, Savely Kramarov will tell you from the screen how to make a person laugh to tears. Humorous television shows are also worthy of attention. Memorize jokes and record which of them people laugh the most.
  • Take on the experience of the great clown Yuri Nikulin: create your own collection of jokes and learn to tell them funny stories. Feel free to rehearse at home in front of the mirror, look for comic intonations and facial expressions.
  • Be observant. A lot of comic situations happen around us throughout the day, the main thing is to see this and fix it in your memory.
  • Learn to treat yourself with humor. Remember or compose short stories in which you are the main character in funny situations. Often, you don’t need to invent anything, because in the life of everyone there are a lot of such examples.

And one more tip: more practice! How can one make a person laugh if nothing is done for this? Free yourself, fool around, do not be afraid to be funny.

How to make a guy laugh?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many male comedians and so few professionally-minded women in world culture? Clowness women are a rarity. Men can fool around as they like: perform the dance of little swans, make funny faces, etc. This is perceived by others with a bang. But such things performed by the ladies often cause embarrassment and a sense of awkwardness. The thing is that most people prefer to see women beautiful, not funny.

Therefore, we do not advise girls to try to make a guy laugh with funny facial expressions like the ones that Jim Carrey became famous for. Perhaps the man burst out laughing, but may not invite him for a second date. Therefore, you need to act softer and more feminine, something like this:

  • Talk about funny cases from your life. If you don’t recall these, use the stories of your girlfriends.
  • Trying to make a guy laugh, do not be afraid to seem stupid, men still consider themselves much smarter than ladies, and if you behave like a silly woman, most likely this will be received with favor.
  • Most adult girls do not know how to tell jokes. Why not try to learn this art?
  • Laugh in response to his jokes, then he will be more responsive to yours.