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How to become a bold and more determined person: useful tips


In order to succeed and become a leader, you need to be brave. But what if there is no such quality from birth, and fears do not allow you to come to your senses? How to become a brave, confident person? We will tell you how to change yourself and stop being afraid.

Understand courage

Courage is more than defeating fear. To take courage means to become successful and sociable.

Courage is a skill:

  • to take responsibility,
  • soberly look at what is happening,
  • own your emotions
  • protect your territory, interests,
  • make decisions quickly.

Having understood what this quality means, you can start a course called "How to Be Bold and Successful." It is laid out in the following paragraphs of our article.

Believe in yourself and not be afraid of change

Uncertainty is one thing, and self-distrust is another: “I can’t”, “Nothing will work out,” “Everything is hopeless.” This attitude is already a defeat. You need to believe in your strengths, capabilities, abilities, and also trust yourself.

There is another important point that encourages a frank conversation with yourself. Sometimes our insecurity is the result of a fear of change. Indeed, to pass an interview means to change the rhythm of life, to show the best qualities, to exert yourself, as they say. And why, if you really don’t have to try at the current job. True, the salary is small, there is no development.

It does not happen that the wolves are full, and the sheep are whole. After all, how to become better, bolder, if you do not be ready for change? Especially for the best.

Conquer fear

Fear is one of the reactions of consciousness to what is happening. It arises at the moment when it is necessary to decide whether to run away or advance. When we are afraid, cortisone, the “stress hormone,” is actively released in the body. It is he who can be thanked for panic attacks.

Interesting that fear is inherent even in newborns. It manifests itself in the form of self-preservation instinct. The first fears that our subconscious gives out are the fear of noise and falling. Other fears are the result of the influence of close or life circumstances.

Almost all phobias or complexes are rooted in childhood, when caring parents suggest: “You can’t go there - an angry dog”, “If you study badly, you will become a loser”, “Nobody does it like that, like everyone else!” Forming under the fear of social condemnation, we, being already adult uncles or aunts, are afraid of dogs, we are sick of an excellent pupil syndrome and are afraid of objecting to the leadership.

The rest of the fears we carefully instill ourselvesfearing to get sick, go crazy, die.

Those who want to learn how to become courageous need to get rid of their fears, change their thinking, and understand that our thoughts do not allow us to become brave.

Here are the rules to get you started:

  • Do not avoid fear and situations that cause it.
  • Meet forehead with a hotbed of fear, if it is safe.
  • Rationally, logically explain what is happening.

Develop determination

How to become brave or at least seem to them? Learn to make decisions quickly. It is important not to let the imagination paint a picture of the negative consequences of their act.

You can make it a rule - for reflection, no more than 2 seconds. For example, a dog appears around the corner, at the sight of which the soul goes to heels. It is necessary to count in the mind up to two, come to your senses, taking yourself in hand. It is not so important what to do - call for help, pick up a stone from the ground, the main thing is not to lose your temper.

If you manage to overcome yourself, it is advisable to reward yourself - eat a cake or spend a couple of hours in the entertainment center.

Risk is a medicine under the clear title of “How to Be Brave.” The fact is that when we take risks, the body produces adrenaline, and it blocks fear.

To make a mistake, lose or lose something is not as scary as never risking at all. Staying in a "shell" lowers self-esteem, while risk increases it. You can start by participating in the auction, and end by opening your own cafe or buying a motorcycle.


How to become brave? Learn the basics of this quality in practice. It will not be easy, but there is no other way. Reading smart books, useful articles is a great start, a good motivator, solid support. But this is just a theory, and everyone should develop skills himself.

For example, set a limit of up to three bold actions per day. It's not about saving the drowning people or catching up with armed robbers. The "bar" of courage is different for everyone. To someone talking with a stranger is already a difficult act, requiring effort and work on yourself. You can write to the girl (guy) you like, return the goods to the store, or, in the end, make a comment to the neighbor whose dog appropriated your rug to himself.

Everything at once may fail, but the result will not be long in coming. After a month of intense training, you will be able to share your own experience on how to become brave.

Find inspiration

Psychologists are sure that to achieve a good result is possible only when there is support. For example, running in the mornings is better with a company, and doing it with a trainer. You can overcome the peaks alone, but it is much harder.

So it is with self-development. You need to find a brave and resolute person who knows exactly how to become brave, can inspire or cheer.

Someone draws strength by watching the Die Hard series with Bruce Willis, and for someone, a role model is a person who has overcome a terrible disease.

It does not matter who becomes the inspiration, the main thing is that he is, and he would like to be equal.

Take care of your body

Statistics say that 85% of brave people are physically healthy people who monitor their diet and daily routine, go in for sports.

How to become brave if you have never been so? Enroll in a sports section, learn self-defense techniques, discover new facets.

Achievements in training will give confidence in yourself and courage in general.

These 9 tips are a great cheat sheet for someone who wants to learn how to become brave. We talked about how to change your life for the better, overcome fears, and set up positive thinking. There is an opinion that the bold are especially lucky, so more boldly follow our advice and you will succeed!

Psychological portrait of a brave man

To become bold and courageous, you need to know what characteristics are inherent in a determined and self-confident person. A person can be called brave only if he meets the following requirements:

  • Able to keep emotions under control, adequately assesses the situation and is able to make the right decision, relying solely on the voice of reason.
  • He knows what he wants, does not give up his goal, even if for the sake of its achievement it is necessary to make certain sacrifices.
  • He is responsible for his words and deeds.
  • Ready to fight for the honor and dignity of loved ones.
  • Soberly assesses his capabilities, but never gives in to difficulties.

The daredevil differs from a coward in that in any situation he does not lose his face and does not bend under the pressure of public opinion. Courage allows you to believe in a bright future, because a courageous person realizes that fate is wholly in his hands.

Nature of fear

To develop courage, you first need to defeat your fears, many of which originate in childhood. Strong fright and fear are the response of the nervous system to a situation that forces a person to flee or surrender to danger. At the same time, the adrenal glands begin to actively produce the hormone cortisol, which provokes severe stress.

Thus, fear is a natural reaction of the body.Based on chemical processes in the body and supported by an environment that teaches a person to always be alert. The ability to not be afraid and not to panic is developed through a proper training of consciousness.

Any attempt to hide from a real or perceived threat by burying one’s head in the sand makes fear more intense. The longer a person seeks excuse for his cowardice, the more time he will spend on panic about the possible undesirable consequences of a particular situation.

Only by looking into the face of your fear can you find an effective weapon against it.

Self confidence development

In a good, impudent and self-confident person who is not afraid to take responsibility and realizes that he is stronger than circumstances, he lives much easier than someone who is in captivity of fear. Confidence allows you to do bold deeds. Its development will require a lot of effort, time and self-discipline, but the game is worth the candle.

Modern books on psychology contain many recommendations that allow you to become a fearless person who can move forward in spite of difficulties. In particular, they talk about the importance of imitating confidence until it becomes an integral part of character. You can try to deceive your mind by pretending to be a brave daredevil. For example, to invite a girl you like on a date, making a promise not to worry if she refuses.

Once you manage to cope with fear, you should reinforce your success with encouragement. It can be expressed both in a material reward (a favorite dish, a bottle of expensive alcohol), and in intangible (a visit to a cinema, a country vacation).

In no case should failures and internal constraints dictate their conditions. Only he who does nothing is not mistaken. It’s unlikely that you can become a brave person without getting bumps, so you should not be afraid of failures on the way to gaining courage.

Exit Comfort Zone

Refusal from a habitual way of life at first can cause alarm, but it will give the chance to rise above fears. The implementation of new actions teaches us to be more comfortable with surprises, because of which, in fact, doubts and fear are born. Studying how to overcome fear in a specific situation will allow you to learn how to demonstrate courage when confronted with unforeseen circumstances.

Reasonable going beyond the comfort zone to the risk territory is a necessary condition for personal growth. You must learn to remove fear when meeting a new one. It is worth starting small. For example, to approach a stranger on the street with a request.

Everyone has things that he can not dare. One is not able to overcome himself and object to the leader, whose radical demands run counter to personal convictions, the other is afraid to jump with a parachute, although he has been dreaming about it for a long time. Sometimes these fears can be eliminated, and sometimes it does not work out.

Overly reflecting on this subject is clearly not worth it. It happens that reluctance to become bold is a manifestation of an adaptive model of behavior when a person simply does not see the point in doing what makes him fear. Focus on developing courage in other situations. So, you can first discuss your views with a close friend, and only then express everything to the boss.

Useful tips from psychologists

Courage is a quality that needs to be developed and constantly maintained, no matter how hard it may be. To go this difficult way, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Tune in to fruitful work on yourself. To achieve the ultimate goal without the right psychological attitude will be very problematic.
  2. Believe in yourself. It is necessary to stop paying attention to other people's opinions and listen to the advice of strangers. From past mistakes you need to learn a lesson and no longer focus on past failures.
  3. Do not avoid your fears. If a person is afraid to fly a plane, do not ignore flights, but, on the contrary, you should strive to use the services of air carriers as often as possible. After some time, the fear will begin to weaken, and then completely disappear.
  4. Learn to lose. There is nothing wrong with a person admitting and accepting his defeat. This time he was out of work, but the next fortune will surely smile at him.
  5. Expand your social circle. Establishing contacts with other people eliminates complexes and fears. An outgoing person is always associated with courage.
  6. Do not be afraid to take risks. A person who never takes risks, as a rule, lives bored and monotonous. The tempering of character and courage often occurs when actions related to increased production of adrenaline are performed. For this purpose, extreme activities such as climbing, surfing are suitable.
  7. Do not put things off the bat. Nothing kills motivation like endless promises to do something next time. You need to act here and now, otherwise there may not be another chance to realize what was planned in life. A brave man realizes his desires as soon as an opportunity looms before him.
  8. Praise yourself. Any action that results in victory over fear must be rewarded.
  9. Change your image. Confident people are not afraid of change. This applies not only to the appearance, but also to life views.

It must be remembered that fear is a normal reaction to the surrounding reality, without which the human race could not survive. Being a daredevil, not afraid to be at the epicenter of danger, is perhaps exciting, but extremely risky. The courage that does not go beyond the bounds of common sense will help to become better and fill gray everyday life with bright colors.

How to become bolder

Only a person who looks in the face of difficulties and dangers without deviating from his path can be considered bold. This can be learned. And the muscles of our courage to strengthen not after heroic deeds, but precisely during the daily manifestations of courage at the household level.

Recognize your fears

Even real heroes who saved thousands of lives have fears: firefighters, surgeons, rescuers. You too can not hide your head in the sand. Call a spade a spade: it is fear, and not something else.

No need to look for excuses. Fears cannot be overcome if you call them something else. Feel free to admit that you are afraid. And don't forget to forgive yourself for this. Repeat several times to yourself that you forgive yourself this fear.

Find the foundation of your fears

Fears often arise from false beliefs, and this can be worked out. So, some shy people are afraid to openly share their opinions and bring them to the court of listeners during public speaking simply because they are afraid that their opinion is not interesting to anyone.

Perhaps this was convinced by their parents, who often told the child that his opinion was not of interest to anyone. But you have already grown up! Sometimes it’s the parents who sow the seeds of fear in our hearts, but you and an adult do that in order to realize that your parents are not saints and may not be right in relation to you.

Try to constantly do bold deeds

Do not avoid situations that scare you. Be sure to record all your bold deeds and praise yourself for them, even if everything turned out to be completely different from how you dreamed. Forget about the famous comfort zone and regularly push its boundaries. Perhaps the words about the comfort zone have already been imposed on the teeth, but there are several ways to expand its boundaries:

  • Wear the clothes that you want to wear. If you have a dress code at work, have fun with style in your free time,
  • Learn sincerity. Has life taught you to hide your true emotions and feelings? Retrain and try to say something good about someone you’re talking to, emphasizing what you like about him,
  • Learn to scream. It really will make you bolder. You can master this art in martial arts classes,
  • Try to stand up for another person. For example, if you see an unfair attitude towards your colleague,
  • Learn the art of talking to strangers. Among them, there are probably your potential friends or a half.

Even those who managed to conquer the world have fears. But such people have learned to get along with them. You too can do it.