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Technology of life in a camping with little things (beginner)


Achievements of technological progress have become an integral part of our life, and therefore the idea of ​​spending a couple of days in the open air without wifi and the usual things already seems unrealistic. We are frightened by the lack of comfort that has become a necessity. The opportunity to take a bath in hot water, meet the morning in a soft bathrobe with the alluring aroma of coffee, recharge mobile devices, get a good night's sleep - without all this, the trip loses all its romance and attractiveness.

Can camping be comfortable?

The very idea of ​​a large trip to nature for recreation implies that travelers do not reach the place of spending the night by foot, but by car. Since there is no need to carry the load on you, you can take with you not only the most necessary things, but also many pleasant things that can make your vacation enjoyable.

Of course, you will spend nights not in the open air, but in a large spacious camping tent with good ventilation. And spending time outdoors can be as comfortable as staying in your fully furnished city apartment. Consider the most interesting solutions that will make your stay truly enjoyable and memorable.

Quality sleep is the key to a good vacation

We spend energy all week and restore them only on weekends or on vacation. To deprive oneself of the pleasure of getting enough sleep in nature would be at least illogical. They will help you to fully relax: a comfortable wide sleeping bag, a self-inflating rug for a sleeping bag, an inflatable mattress bed, a folding bed, camping furniture for the kitchen, chairs.

How to provide a daily diet?

Modern urban dwellers are closely watching the food. In camping conditions, you can not change the usual diet. If you associate trips out of town with dishes on the grill, grab a convenient prefabricated coal grill with you. So you can treat yourself and your companions with meat, fish and vegetables on charcoal and even cook mulled wine.

Camping conditions suggest not only harsh pots and cooking at the stake. Modern travelers increasingly take small gas burners with them on the road, allowing them to cook any kind of meal for one or for a company. This is a great way out of the situation if you do not want to make a fire for cooking, or you stopped in a conservation area where it is forbidden to make open fire.

A charcoal grill will come in handy in the city, if you decide to get to the nearest park or to a summer house for a picnic.

How to replace the usual furniture?

Spending an evening by the fire sitting on a log or bare ground is a romantic adventure. However, such a pastime refers more to youth extreme sports than to comfortable rest. Camping folding chairs and armchairs are designed to provide your convenience on a trip. Take along a table for a joint meal and evening gatherings.

How to provide illumination of the site?

For a comfortable outdoor vacation you will need lighting. You can choose models of headlamps or stationary universal lights that are suspended from a tent tent or put on a table. If you go outdoors for 5-7 days and take LED lamps, one set of batteries is enough.

What cooking utensils to bring with you?

If during the trip you count on something more than instant noodles, you need to bring along kitchen utensils: plates, forks, knives and spoons. For complex dishes, additional utensils come in handy. For example, a grater can be used as a colander. To save space in your backpack, give preference to models that fold into each other and with removable handles.

Use small jars to store salt and spices. Discard the usual matchboxes from which something constantly wakes up.

How to charge your favorite gadgets?

Electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our lives, and today we can’t imagine a comfortable stay without the ability to take photos, call relatives or chat with friends on social networks. The camera’s battery lasts 7-9 days, but the phone’s discharged during this period.

Bring a solar panel with you to avoid unnecessary problems. It is suitable for recharging phones, smartphones, iPhones, cameras and camcorders, flashlights and other electronic gadgets. Choose high-power models: the compact travel options won't let you charge your devices fast enough.

How not to stay without fresh water?

If the campsite is located near the village, you can drive there for water. If the place to spend the night is located in a deep forest, away from "civilization", the presence of fresh water must be taken care of in advance. In order not to lack it, it is worthwhile to purchase a carbon or ceramic filter.

The principle of using such devices is simple: put a filter on the bottle, lower it into a pond and begin to pump water through the filter into the bottle. Filters remove dangerous microbes, bacteria and dirt from the water - the main causes of food poisoning. Remember: you should not drink untreated water even from a fresh key: you cannot be sure of its purity and safety.

For greater certainty, in addition to filters, you can use water disinfectants. They kill all dangerous microorganisms with ultraviolet radiation. For transportation of purified liquid, special devices are used: folding cans, buckets or flasks. Modern models are very compact and weigh no more than 100 g.

We care about personal hygiene

Even if you stay near the river, a hot shower will not be superfluous. Take along a special tent for organizing a shower and toilet. To take a shower with comfort, use solar water heaters. Pour into a liquid in a container and leave under the sun until it warms up. The matte black surface of the device completely absorbs ultraviolet rays, and therefore heating does not require much time.

Important Travel Tips

If you are traveling in a large company, take an additional tent to organize an indoor dining area.

If children go on vacation with you, connect them to the fees. So kids are more interested, and parents easier to control them.

Pack different things in multi-colored bags: this way you will easily find what you need upon arrival at the camp.

Decide in advance who will store the key to the car. For a 100% guarantee of safety, take the spare keys and put in a safe place.

Take a folding plastic bucket with you. They take up little space in the backpack and can perform many functions: to serve as a container for clean water or food waste, a washing container and a toy for children on the beach.

To prevent annoying insects from spoiling your trip, take care of repellents in advance.

Think about your leisure activities in advance: hike board games, badminton or a flying saucer.

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So - there is a place to go (camping) and there is something to go (by car). It is advisable to study the campsites before (for example, read what is written about this particular website), the car should be large and comfortable - in the sense - the trunk should be large.

A. Campings: there are different classifications: from 1 to 5 stars. Differ in the availability of comfort and additional services. Naturally, the price of accommodation is different! If in a 2-star tent during the peak season they stand side by side, then in the campsites of increased comfort, the place for each tent is enclosed by bushes, and you will be protected from night snoring and other sounds from the neighbors' tent.

At the "multi-star" campsites there are: playgrounds and sports grounds, a swimming pool, a bar and cafe, a grocery store. Prices are naturally higher!

Insert: the campsite administration does not work around the clock, and therefore, if you arrived at the campsite in the evening, after about 9 p.m., you might not be allowed into this night!

There are buildings in which there are tariffs included in the price: toilets, showers, rooms for washing clothes, washing dishes.

For a night in France in a 4-star camping, we paid: in Avignon for a place (tent, car and 2 adults) - 17.99 euros per day. In Lyon - 12.80 euros in the same season. On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea - 31 euros. Rates vary seasonally, which you can find on camping sites.

When traveling abroad, try to behave in a civilized manner.

Do not yell like in the forest, keep clean, do not throw garbage anywhere. Put all the waste in a bag and throw it in the garbage cans, which are many in the campsite. Think about the prestige of the country that you represent as a camping guest. It is your behavior that will judge the country as a whole!

1. The tent. It is better to buy a tent at the end of the tourist season, prices drop significantly, you can save from 50 percent or more! You can the cheapest. But if you are traveling for a few days, and intend to continue the tradition of relaxing in campsites in the future, then it is better to immediately buy a comfortable tent with a “dressing room” with a height of 1.75 m., In which you can stay in the rain or hide from the burning sun, and on a cool evening, closing the entrance, feel comfortable, warm and without mosquitoes! How many places to take a tent, it depends on your family or the number of your companions. There are different options, so you decide. If you will be traveling with children or with a couple of your friends, you can buy a tent with separate sleeping compartments. This is also very practical! A small tent dooms you to the life of a rabbit in a mink. 

When setting up a tent, find the opportunity to put it in the shade, otherwise you will feel like in a greenhouse, deciding to sleep during the day.

But never put a tent or a car under the trees: the danger is that you stain it with hard-to-wash resin dripping from the tree in hot weather. Not bad to buy, the so-called a sail mounted above the tent and giving it a shadow on a sultry and sunny day.

- If you do not want in the evenings, or even in the afternoon, to stumble over the stretched stretch marks from the tent, then, first of all, on those that are in front of the tent you need to cut out circles from bright material (cardboard, plastic, etc.) which you will attach to the struts driven into the ground, or sew “sleeves” of luminescent fabric, which you will put on the strut mounts of the tent near the stakes driven into the ground.

Think about what you will sleep on. After all, you eat to relax, but without a good sleep - what kind of rest is this ?! In the relevant departments of any supermarket, you can purchase items necessary for sleeping in a tent. This may be litter made of synthetic foam, tourist - they are sold and cost about 7 euros a piece. One of the options: inflatable mattresses, but you need to buy a small 12 volt compressor, or a foot pump, or blow it with your mouth .... "Until blue in the face."

Take small soft pillows, you can even inflatable. Do not forget to take pillowcases on them. For people who want a more comfortable sleep, I advise you to buy folding beds (cost from 16 euros on the Internet), but compact, especially for camping, unless of course the place in the car allows.

If you travel only in the warm season, then buy practical thin sleeping bags with zippers. They are hygienic, easy to wash. And if, suddenly, it gets cold at night, then go to bed with them right in your clothes. Heat guaranteed. Thin blankets do not interfere. They can be covered at night and also wrapped in them, sitting in the evening near the tent, if the weather has let us down a little.

3. Cooking. What they cook and what they eat.

If you go to camping for the first time - it makes sense to bring your favorite electric kettle or coffee maker with you - camping usually has electricity. In the relevant departments of stores there are all kinds of stoves and burners. We bought a gas burner, and a cartouche set for it. For ours, the smallest cartouches were needed. So one cartouche was enough for us for a whole week. And this: in the morning tea or coffee, at lunch to warm up food and tea, and dinner, too, coffee or tea. The gas burner is comfortable but exposed to wind. To prevent its flame from blowing out, make houses of three or four sheets of cardboard, an aluminum foil glued with aluminum foil, a folding screen-type fence that will protect your burner from the wind. Due to this, gas will be consumed more economically and rationally, because heat will not be blown away by the wind from the bottom of the vessel. Stock up in winter with cartouches or cans of gas, in the summer they will already be more expensive.

Why I do not advise you to cook hot food in a tent:

- open fire in the tent is unacceptable in conjunction with safety rules when handling open fire,

- This is not only dangerous for the life and health of you personally, but also for camping neighbors in the event of a fire in the tent.

- pairs of food are absorbed into the fabric of the tent and you then, if you withdraw, then with great difficulty.

Do not take a lot of food with you on the road, one that does not have time to deteriorate on the road. Shopping and supermarkets are full along the way. It’s nice to have a travel car refrigerator. If you decide to buy, then buy one that works both from 12 volts and from 220 volts.

Do not forget to bring plastic bags with you, you will store leftovers in them, because they can be closed almost hermetically, which will block the way for ants.

4. Dishes and appliances. In principle, the dishes can be any: plastic, metal, one-time paper. We preferred metal dishes made of thin steel.

Lightweight, hygienic, unbreakable!

To boil water for food, we took a 2-liter metal bucket with a transparent lid (it is convenient to use and do not burn your hands) and were very pleased with it: you can boil water and boil the soup ....

Be sure to take a sharp knife for slicing foods.

4, What else is needed for a comfortable camping time?

- Folding easy table!

The first time we were without it, and it was not very convenient in the evenings, especially when eating. To huddle on your knees or squat is not the best option. We bought an aluminum folding table that folds very compactly. True, in some campsites you can find tables with benches on the territory, but this is not very convenient.

- Tripod chairs were bought for him.

- Evenings need lighting. (The campsite area is lit everywhere differently at night!) If you are not connected to electricity, you will spend evenings in the dark or in dim light candles. The batteries in the flashlights run out of steam pretty quickly! We bought a gas lamp, with exactly the same interchangeable gas cartridges as for a gas burner. The light gives this lamp a very good, even, watt sort of up to 80. To move around unlit territory, you must always have a flashlight with you!

- At a building materials store, buy a large plastic wrap for apartment renovation. In case of rain, you cover the tent, and it remains dry, if suddenly one after another several rainy days, then you will avoid the increased humidity inside the tent.

- Do not forget to bring along plastic clips for drying clothes and not only. They will be very useful to you, even in order to attach the same film to the tent.

Do not forget to take a plastic cord for drying clothes.

- If you plan to use electricity, take an extension cord with a long cable. Do not forget to ask whether the plug of your extension cord fits the shape of the outlet of the host country.

- A hammer for hammering and removing pins when setting up and removing a tent.

- To prevent mud from your shoes from entering the sleeping area of ​​the tent, lay a piece of film or the like in front of the entrance to put shoes on.

- Do not forget the mosquito repellent.

- the ants will certainly “visit” you, and they will crawl into your products. Take along something to scare them away.

- It would be practical to purchase a flooring made of awning fabric impregnated with plastic, size 3x4. It can be laid on the ground in front of the tent under a canopy, and if necessary, cover the tent with heavy rain, and hang it as a canopy for shade.

find out if you can swim on the campsite and grab swimsuits, as a rule, there are pools in four- and three-star campings. In principle, you can bring bicycles, but, on campsites there may be rental points where you can rent boats, bicycles and more. There are children's playgrounds and sports grounds, as well as tennis. If you take an interest in the area where the campsite is located and its sights, then you will be provided with an interesting and informative pastime. Therefore, do not be too lazy to look into directories, the Internet, everywhere you will find the information you need for this. After all, there is a tourist information office in every place, where there are heaps of avenues with offers to see local attractions.

Do not leave expensive things in a tent when leaving for an excursion. Administration is not responsible for loss!

Перед складыванием палатки будьте внимательны, чтобы не привезти домой живности ввиде тараканов, которые нередко встречаются в кэмпингах!

— газовой лампой в палатке советую пользоваться в основном, устанавливая ее где-то на полу, т.к. вверх от нее идет очень горячий воздух. Она может испортить вам или того хуже, воспламенить синтетическую ткань палатки.

Вот, пожалуй, и все, что я хотел вам посоветовать. Чем меньше возникает проблем, тем качественнее ваш отдых!

By the way! Always keep the fire extinguisher of your car in a tent in a conspicuous place!