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Internet business from scratch: where to start and how to make money


I have been doing online business since 2011. And in this article I want to tell you the whole truth - where to start an Internet business from scratch. The information in this article is likely to go against what you are used to hearing and reading on this topic. So get ready. Now we will break your stereotypes.

The content of the article:

If you are only thinking about how to start your online business, then most likely you do not have a lot of money. And if you think that this is your main problem, then you are very mistaken.

Your main problem at the start of an online business

It is just wonderful that you have no money. Really. All my experience shows unequivocally - if a person has money at the start of his business (on the Internet or off the Internet), then everything ends always the same. He puts them in a wrong place. He seeks to leave "for the money." And as a result, he loses all his money.

And the fact that he is losing money is not the worst. The worst thing is that a person will forever develop a “negative reflex” associated with business. It’s like a child being burned for the first time on a hot kettle. And then he will never poke his hands there.

And in the story of the Internet business the same. Once burned - and no longer you can entice a person to try a person again.

But if there is no money, then you have to think. To think - where to get traffic for free, how to make a website for free, how to sell harder. And then you begin to develop the skills necessary for doing business on the Internet.

Yes, that’s exactly what your main problem is now. You don’t know anything. An online business is only on the selling pages of information businessmen, it is so cool, light and pleasant. In fact, you need to learn a lot and learn a lot before you hear the ringing of the first coins in your electronic wallets.

And what kind of skills? Here are three key skills for successfully running your online business.

3 main skills of an Internet businessman

The most vital skill for any type of online business is the ability to attract targeted visitors. This is also called "marketing" on the Internet. That is, you need to learn how to make sure that many people come to your sales sites who in theory can become your customers.

It’s not a fact that they will pay you money and turn into real customers, but attracting an audience is a number of steps.

In order to attract potential customers, you need to learn how to configure contextual advertising. This is the most basic source of commercial traffic on the Internet today. And first of all, this is Yandex Direct. If you still have illusions in your head that you will find a good director and he will do everything for you - forget about it.

No one will do anything to you even for a million rubles (if you had one). In the beginning - only by ourselves, and only with our own hands.

Next, you need to learn how to work with targeted advertising on social networks, with SEO-traffic, with teaser advertising. These are all completely different systems, and they work in completely different ways. If you want to learn everything right away, take my course on Multiple Traffic Sources. He will help you a lot.

Website development

For traffic to be converted to sales, you need at least one selling site. If you are sure that you can conduct business completely through social networks, then, perhaps, you will not need a site. You just create some kind of VKontakte group, and it will work for you instead of the site.

But in the vast majority of cases, you still need to have a website. Let it be just one page on the Internet. But she must be. Moreover, in reality you will need a lot of such pages (believe my experience).

Now there are many different online designers who allow you to create pages on the Internet quickly and effortlessly. And this creates the false feeling that making a site is easy.

In fact, setting blocks from the constructor, and writing something into these blocks does not mean making a site. You will need to learn at least the basics of html in order to be able to perform simple actions with sites without the participation of programmers. This is also a skill, and this also takes time.


The main way to sell on the Internet is to write sales texts. Even if you sell personally via Skype or through correspondence on social networks, you can’t do without copywriting.

Because copywriting is the psychology of sales. You need to learn how to “see” your target audience. Understand what language they speak. Feel what pain they are experiencing. To be able to choose the right words so that the person on the other side of the screen understands you and believes you. To upgrade your copywriting skill, download my free book Contactless Sales. This will be a good step forward.

These are the three skills you need to start pumping now: traffic, sites, copywriting. And for this, you just need to start doing any business from the list that I give below. You do not need to set any global goals for yourself now. You just need to learn how to perform the simplest actions on the Internet.

Imagine a child who only yesterday began to take the first uncertain steps. So you come to him and ask, “Where are you going?” But he doesn’t go anywhere, he just walks. And he walks in order to strengthen his muscles, learn to maintain balance.

Here you have the same thing. You don’t go to any goal of “capturing the world”, you simply repeat simple movements, developing and developing your skills:

And in order to make it more fun and faster - choose one of the five main options for Internet business. Choose any option. Then you can change the direction of activity as many times as you like.

Partnership programs

This is perhaps the easiest option, how to start your own business via the Internet. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to have your own product to start earning. The disadvantage is that you cannot manage the entire sales chain.

An affiliate program is when you find an interesting product and begin to advertise it on your selling sites. For each sale you are charged a commission - a percentage of the purchase price.

The problem is that there are not so many really high-quality affiliate programs. And more often than not, these are some information products (courses, trainings). See more about affiliate programs in the information business at this link.

I myself am not a big fan and skilled at earning money with affiliate programs. All I do in this direction is sometimes place affiliate links in my articles on the site. But without a special system. However, I manage to somehow earn 2 - 3 thousand rubles a month only from these affiliate programs.

If you take this matter seriously, you can bring the income to an acceptable level. They say that there are people who monthly earn only from affiliate programs at 100-200 thousand rubles.


This option is suitable for those who love independence. Here you have to make your own information products and sell them yourself. But you will earn much more than in the same affiliate programs.

In affiliate programs you will be deducted 10 - 20% of the cost of the product, and from your products you will receive all 100%. In addition, you will have the opportunity to fully control the sales funnel. You can change something if it is not selling well.

The main disadvantage, of course, is that in order to run a successful information business, you need to know and be able to do something that other people want to learn. You can either delve into your old competencies, or choose a new one and quickly learn from books and in practice. See more about how to start an infobusiness from scratch at this link.

Network marketing

Network marketing or MLM (or as it is now fashionably called - "network marketing") is not suitable for everyone. This is an extremely specific type of online business. I'm not saying that he is bad, or that there are only scammers. Even the opposite.

I believe that it is MLM that will allow you to quickly pump the necessary skills for the Internet business. Of the benefits - good training, and again, you do not need to have your own product.

Of the minuses - people do not like the network business (because they do not like when they are recommended something for money). Another drawback - today in fact a lot of financial pyramids have been divorced, which are hidden behind the network business. In fact, there is no product there, and it all comes down to what you pay for what someone would pay you from below the structure.

If you do not have much experience in the network business, then distinguishing a real MLM from a financial pyramid is very difficult. And it is very likely that you are still getting into one of them. But then they are mistakes, to learn from them. Perhaps network marketing is right for you.

Maintaining your blog can not be 100% attributable to business. Most often, earnings there go not from sales of a product, but from advertising. That is, you create some kind of platform, fill it with useful and interesting content, promote it. And then you hang an advertisement there for money.

However, this does not mean that blogging should not make good money. On the contrary - this is a great and very monetary way to earn a lot without selling anything at all. For example, if you have a content site on the Internet with traffic of 15 - 20 thousand people a day, then you can quite earn 100 - 150 thousand a month from advertising alone.

Of the minuses - you will have to work very long and hard before you see the return on your blog. To reach the level of 15 - 20 thousand unique students a day, you will need about two years of work (and this provided that you will do everything right right away).

By the way, blogging can be not only classic. You can make your own VKontakte group or YouTube channel. It will also be blogging, only social. There you will focus not on SEO, but on the viral distribution of content. If you are sure that you don’t want to sell anything to anyone, then blogging is probably your best bet.

Sale of goods from single-page users

The last option of Internet business in our today's “review” is maintaining your online store. Only this is not a large online store with a bunch of product positions, its own logistics system and other attributes.

You can make your own little “Internet shop” literally on your knee. To do this, you need to make a landing page, place some product there, and start traffic.

In words, everything looks simple, but in fact there are a number of pitfalls. The biggest minus is the need to deliver the goods to the buyer. It is logistics that most often becomes the reason why it is not possible to conduct business through single-page pages. Goods go on for a long time, people refuse to buy, and so on and so forth.

Of the pluses, it’s easier to sell live goods than, say, the same information products. A living physical product immediately understands its value. Read more about how to make a one-page website for selling goods. And also about what should be the selling structure of the landing.

In general, a one-page business is probably the only “real business” that can be scaled to many millions of earnings per month (and make it stable and not closed to you as a business owner).

Therefore, if you think broadly, it is best for you to sell goods through landings.

In conclusion, let us once again summarize everything that was said in this article.

  • If you do not have money at the initial stage of building a business on the Internet, then this is good. So it’s much more likely that you will learn to think correctly, before investing somewhere,
  • To run a successful online business, you need three main skills: the ability to attract traffic, the ability to quickly create high-quality sites, the ability to sell and convince with the help of texts (copywriting),
  • There are five main types of online businesses, and you need to start any of them, just to pump your skills into practice.
  • Affiliate programs are convenient because you do not need to have your product for sales. The disadvantage is that you earn only 10-30% of the sale value and cannot control the entire sales funnel.
  • Infobusiness - suitable for independent people who want to make products themselves and sell them themselves. The advantage is really big money. The disadvantage is that you need to have knowledge and skills for which people are willing to pay money.
  • Network marketing is a specific type of online business. Its advantage is that you have a team of mentors that will train you intensively. The disadvantage is low earnings, negativity from others, a high probability of getting into a financial pyramid.
  • Blogging - suitable for those who do not want to sell anything. Your job is that you create an interesting and useful content platform, and then earn money by advertising on it. You can earn a lot and constantly. The disadvantage is that you must first work long before your blog starts making money.
  • Selling products from single-page sites is the only “real” business on the list. It can be scaled and completely excluded from the business process. The disadvantage is that you need to deal with the logistics of goods and deal with very high competition.

I hope that now it’s become clearer to you where it is better to start an Internet business from scratch. And after some couple of years you will have your own real money machine online. Do not forget to download my book "Hitchhiking to a million." There I show you the fastest way from zero to the first million on the Internet (squeezing from personal experience in 10 years =)

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Most modern companies have already appreciated the opportunities for expanding their activities that a virtual business opens up. However, for the average user, the realization of their own ideas and ambitions through network technologies is quite affordable. About how to start making money on the Internet from scratch - in the article

To open a business on the Internet is within the power of every person who knows how to use a computer at the level of a confident user. To start your online business you need to determine the goal, evaluate your own strengths, identify possible risks, test ideas, draw up an action plan. In general, to do everything that is in ordinary business only taking into account the features and tools of promotion on the Internet.

Read more about ways to earn extra money on the Internet in this article.

What you need to know to open your business on the Internet

To start your business on the Internet, it is important to consider the main factors and adhere to several rules. So what should you focus on at the very beginning?

  1. The psychological attitude. No matter how trite it may seem, but the mood plays an important role in the success of any project. Thinking about how to create your own business from scratch on the Internet, you should be prepared for the first difficulties, ups and downs. After all, there are so many who started and gave up on the first failure,
  2. Goals and objectives in business. This factor can also be attributed to the psychological attitude. Answer yourself honestly - why do you need this? Write down your goals - the realization of creative abilities, making a profit, benefit for others, fame, creating your own business model.
  3. Assessment and calculation of possible risks - this is a practical approach. The main risk in any business is the loss of invested funds, so you should not start with borrowed money if you are not 100% sure of success. Calculate in advance where and how to minimize costs or create your own business on the Internet from scratch. Another rule is the definition of a stop point. The big mistake of many start-up businessmen is an attempt to reanimate a non-profitable business through constant investments. Determine for yourself the situation in which you need to stop.
  4. Gradual start, the movement from smaller to larger have more prospects for development than large-scale business ideas. A small business on the Internet can be started without investment or at minimal cost, then the likelihood of large losses and risks are reduced to zero. This factor is very important for beginner inexperienced businessmen.
  5. Direction selection - The second practical question that needs to be solved initially. Even before you start your own business on the Internet, you need to choose the field of activity in which you understand. You should not even start a business in which you do not have sufficient knowledge. If, nevertheless, you decide to take a chance, find a partner who has experience and knowledge in the chosen field.
  6. Emphasis on quality- The most important factor, regardless of whether you offer a product or service. On the Internet, as in real life, a fairly large number of offers, and word of mouth on the network works no worse than in ordinary life. In order to choose just you, you need to create a reputation.
  7. Изучение базовых интернет-технологий продвижения нужно для распространения информации в сети и привлечения заинтересованных пользователей. Internet promotion has its own tools that can be compared with real marketing and advertising, but they have their own characteristics. If you understand at least the essence and mechanism of the promotion on the Internet, it will be much easier for you to develop your idea.
  8. Studying tax legislation and accounting fundamentals. in most cases, small business prefers the legal form of entrepreneurship, in this case it is necessary to keep records and submit reports to the tax one. However, Russian legislation does not forgive mistakes: an incorrectly completed form can lead not only to red tape in the process of correcting an unfortunate error, but also to fines of the Federal Tax Service. The best option for a novice entrepreneur is to use one of the many numerical online services for bookkeeping or hire an outsourcing company. You can see the cost of such services here

And the last tip: do not borrow money to start a business on the Internet, test the idea with minimal investment. The risk of material losses and financial problems in the future is better to minimize immediately.

Internet business ideas from scratch, where to start

The idea and goal setting is the first step where to start a business on the Internet. Here is a list of ideas for developing your own business and generating income online:

  • photobank - creation and sale of copyright photographs,
  • Dropshipping - intermediary services between databases of goods and the buyer,
  • production of gift soap and natural cosmetics,
  • sale of organic products,
  • the provision of real estate services,
  • development and sale of scripts for holidays, corporate events, weddings,
  • the provision of home equipment repair services,
  • assistance in finding a job, creating a resume,
  • assistance in calculations, creating estimates,
  • logistic services,
  • library of forms and forms,
  • baking cakes to order,
  • individual tailoring,
  • services of a wedding hairdresser, makeup artist,
  • custom t-shirt design,
  • service exchange and an application that facilitates the search for workers and personnel.

Working schemes how to build a business on the Internet

To figure out how to start your business from scratch on the Internet without investing money, you need to determine the main direction. Business in the network, as in real life, is built on the offer of certain goods or services. Among all directions, the most popular are such schemes:

  • sale of goods
  • professional services
  • development, creation and implementation of own products,
  • information Services.

How to open a business on the Internet from scratch without investing in the sale of goods

Sale and resale of finished goods, dropshipping is the most affordable, well-known, but also the most competitive niche of the Internet business. A novice entrepreneur who wants to open his own business in sales, you need to understand that he will have to compete with already well-developed online stores. And this means that you need to create an offer that can attract a buyer with something - lower price, faster delivery, narrow profile of goods.

At the initial stage, you can use free bulletin boards, business accounts, and your own groups on social networks as sales platforms. However, sooner or later, every Internet entrepreneur faces the question of creating and promoting their own website. Here, investments will be required to purchase a domain, pay for the services of site developers, the cost of advertising and promotion.

How to start an online business with services

Any kind of service can be offered through its own website, ad sites, specialized and specialized groups in social networks. That is, any skills can be monetized, given the two main conditions - professional skills and quality. Of the most popular types of online services are:

  • tutoring,
  • Internet Marketing,
  • creating content for sites,
  • photographer and video services,
  • photo and video processing,
  • services of home masters, husband for an hour,
  • advice on employment, legal assistance.

If you are a professional master, you can find customers who need your services via the Internet and even create your own online service. You can start at no cost with free ads and social media accounts. In the future, you can create a site by tying already promoted groups to it.

Read more about business promotion in VK here

How to start an online business when creating your own products

If you know how to do something with your own hands or have the skills to create intellectual products, then you can start your own business on the Internet without start-up capital and investments. The Internet is a huge platform for monetizing your skills.

For example, hand-made is a direction that has been at the peak of popularity for many years. To understand what is at stake, just take a look at the Fair of Masters website. Any kind of handmade goods can be sold at a good price, among the most popular areas:

  • natural soap and cosmetics,
  • jewelry from beads and stones,
  • clothes, accessories, toys and handicrafts.

If you know how to create mobile applications or sites, create design or develop programs, these products can also be implemented on the network. The most demanded now mobile applications. Analysis of the last year's market showed that the following applications are in greatest demand:

  • for personalization and personalization of mobile devices (backgrounds, screensavers for screens, icon sets, shells),
  • music apps that let you listen to music online,
  • libraries with books in various formats, including audio,
  • tools to improve the performance of mobile devices,
  • applications for sports, fitness, yoga,
  • applications to optimize and facilitate travel.

You do not have the skills, but are interested in how to start your online business on the creation of mobile applications? A simple tip is to find a partner and share responsibilities. He creates applications, you implement them. For the sale of mobile applications on the network, there are specialized platforms:

  • SellMyApp,
  • Flippa

In addition to selling ready-made mobile applications, you can take orders for creation from companies. Ubiquitous mobilization and virtualization has led to the fact that sites, magazines, social networks, and services are being transferred to the format of mobile applications.

Read about creating a business account here.

Starting your business on the Internet from scratch and without investments is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You can start with one type of activity, and then expand the business or add related products or services.

Three months of accounting, personnel records and legal support for FREE. Hurry to leave a request, the offer is limited.

1. Where to start an Internet business from scratch (without investments) 📝

The beginning of one’s own career in business implies a set of completely different qualities and attitudes of a person compared to hired activities.

In the minds of most people laid the principles of work and providing money only on the basis of the instructions of the authorities and constant, stable earnings.

What is important to know before you start in an online business?

4. It is advisable to start with a little activity.

A career in business involves a long distance journey. All well-known multimillionaires began their journey with a small business, gradually expanding and learning from their mistakes.

Before registering your business, we recommend reading our article - "How to open an IP - step-by-step instruction."

Beginner may be a very good large-scale idea, but its one is not enough - it is necessary to learn the correct organization of activities.

Experienced entrepreneur can notice the idea of ​​a novice, use it and win the competition with a less sophisticated opponent.

The appropriate solution would be to “go through the business school” from the bottom up and prepare yourself for large-scale business areas.

5. Choosing a direction of activity that is familiar to a beginner

It is important to start your business with a direction in which the beginner is well versed.

Otherwise, you will have to devote a significant amount of time to studying the specifics of a product or service, evaluate the competitive environment, and consumer preferences, which may negatively affect the development of the business at the initial stage.

6. Develop self-confidence and perseverance

These qualities are not innate, their person acquires in the process of life. An important key to developing these skills is the possession of business information:

  • study of modern business trends,
  • reading business literature,
  • watching motivational films,
  • Studying success stories of famous entrepreneurs.

7. Correctly prioritize business

Many businessmen devote most of their time in their business to activities that bring more satisfaction, ignoring those areas that provide more profit.

It should be noted that consumers wish to receive quality goods or a favor at the best price.

Cheap low-quality products can bring success only in the short term, and in the long-term - lead the business to collapse.

Proper quality of goods and services, as well as a high level of service are the main components of business success for many years.

8. Business is not for everyone

Doing business independently is not for the majority of the population. According to statistics about 10% People can successfully make money with their own business. Everyone must understand and accept this fact.

Very often, newcomers start their own business with illusions and a wrong perception of reality.

The main differences between a employed person and a businessman are different thinking, therefore, before starting to do business, a beginner should take into account the information from the above points.

2. How to start a business on the Internet from scratch - TOP-4 schemes for making money 💰

The development of the Internet has contributed to the emergence of a number of schemes for earning without investment. More details about making money on the Internet without investments are written in the article site.

A novice entrepreneur is expectedly worried about financial injections into his own business, as he does not have independent business experience or financial assets to start. In these cases, it is advisable to use models for earnings that do not require investments.

Scheme 1. Business providing Internet services

The best solution for starting a career in business is to provide online services. The main advantage of this scheme - lack of need for the purchase of goods, raw materials and materials.

To use this scheme, an entrepreneur must:

  • possess certain skills demanded by network users,
  • the presence of customers willing to pay for these services,
  • provide services in the required direction, gain experience in business and earn money for larger activities.

Figure 2. Mediation Based Business

It often happens in business that a product in demand is presented on the market at an inflated price or not at all. There are also enterprises everywhere that produce high-quality products, but do not know how to properly market them.

The scheme of activities in this area is very simple:

  • an entrepreneur possesses the skills of effective sales of goods,
  • he has contact with suppliers or manufacturers of goods that can sell them at a wholesale price,
  • a businessman finds a buyer who purchases goods at a retail price,
  • An entrepreneur makes money by providing an intermediary function.

In the Russian segment of the Internet there are a lot of resources where you can earn significant money through mediation.

Scheme 3. Partnership with the employer

Each ambitious business owner is interested in developing his own business and increasing profits. If an employee has information that allows the organization optimize production, reduce reject rate, improve formulation or reduce production costs, then he may turn to the employer with a proposal for cooperation.

The scheme looks like this:

  • the employee’s knowledge and skills that allow to give a positive economic effect for the organization,
  • offer of cooperation to superiors,
  • partnership and earnings as a percentage of cost savings or increased profits.

Idea 1. Gambling

Everyone is passionate in nature. With the development of the Internet, the popularity of many gambling has grown significantly.

Online casinos, poker resources, betting shops gained admirers among millions of people in the world. You can use these sites to earn seed capital.

Its useful to notethat in some gambling games, income depends only on luck, and in others, on abilities and skills. The latter include a Forex game. The main thing is to choose a reliable broker. One of the best is considered "ForexClub".

You should not count on long-term success in online casinos, unlike sports betting and poker games, where analytical skills are needed to a greater extent, and income depends on experience and knowledge. How to place bets in bookmakers, what sports betting strategies exist, we wrote in our last article.

Idea 2. Promotion of companies

Many worthy manufacturers of demanded products are not represented or are not sufficiently present on the Internet.

A novice entrepreneur familiar with the mechanisms of Internet marketing can offer his company promotion services, as well as its products on the Internet.

Having discussed the partnership conditions for cooperation, an entrepreneur can create a website for the company and attract additional customers for the remuneration stipulated by the contract.

Idea 3. Own online store and / or services for the delivery of goods products (food, goods, etc.)

Having your own online store (IM) gives certain advantages in online sales. Through IM, you can sell almost everything (services, goods, equipment, and so on). It is especially relevant and profitable to carry out business cooperating with China. About creating a business with China on resale without investments, we wrote a separate article.

Now consider a food delivery business (Catering), where an online store is used for effective sales.

Catering services- quite a promising type of entrepreneurship in medium and large cities.

With the growth of population incomes and an increase in the number of wealthy people, a situation arose that in order to successfully maintain the standard of living, more and more time should be devoted to their activities.

At the same time, in everyday life a person has a large number of cases that "kill" a significant amount of time. These factors create significant demand in the “food delivery” market, but competition in this niche is still insignificant.

List of Possible Catering Earnings

When organizing activities, entrepreneurs should choose one of the models of earnings in this business:

  1. Own online store with the list of goods required by customers. With this option, the entrepreneur should have significant financial resources and opportunities:
    1. Create a website (How to create a website for free, we wrote in one of our materials),
    2. Think through logistics
    3. Equip a warehouse (purchase equipment) and so on.
  2. Supermarket Supply. The method implies the absence of a need for a warehouse, but only the organization of the reception, transportation and delivery of orders.
  3. Earnings on courier services. It is the least expensive way.

How to work in this business?

The process of working in a business for the delivery of goods includes the following stages:

  1. Request. Potential customers of the organization fill out an application form in the online store, in which it is necessary to indicate all the necessary data, as well as to formulate individual characteristics of the required product (How to open an online store by step-by-step instructions, we wrote in detail in a separate article),
  2. Consultation. The application is accepted and, if necessary, the consultant contacts the client and negotiates the nuances of the goods, delivery and payment,
  3. Purchase and delivery. After that, the order is sent to people who are engaged in delivery. Using information about the wishes of the consumer, the products are bought and delivered to the customer within the agreed time,
  4. Payment. It is important to provide the consumer with a choice of different calculation options. For example, use the services of mobile, trading or Internet acquiring.

Idea 4. Internet advertising

Making money through online advertising is an affordable way to generate income. Many businessmen are wondering about the effectiveness of various advertising methods.

Comparison table of traditional advertising and online advertising:

Сложности при оценке

Легко поддается оценке и анализу

Slight impact

Full influence

Comparative categoryTraditional advertising (radio, television, newspapers)Internet advertising
The ability to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional events
Дифференциация клиентовОхватывает всю аудиториюInformation is delivered to the target audience according to the specified selection criteria.
Customer Influence on Promotional Events
Popularity among advertisersDecreasesConstant growth
Trust among the populationHighAverage

The table shows that the use of Internet advertising is much more effective than traditional methods of promotion. This is primarily due to the constant growth of the audience on the network, as well as the orientation of online advertising to target consumer groups. We wrote about types of advertising on the Internet in a special article.

Confidence in online advertising depends on the age category of the population: young people are with a high degree of trust, middle-aged people with caution, and people of respectable age with a fair amount of skepticism.

You can earn through advertising on the Internet using one of the following directions: without own siteand using your internet resource.

1) Earning through advertising without your own website

The main areas of earnings on the Internet without your own website are:

  • Internet surfing ,
  • filling out questionnaires and surveys,
  • writing reviews on the Internet about goods and services,
  • blogging.

Owners of popular Internet resources want to maximize traffic to their sites. To achieve this goal, they order artists on specialized portals who view advertising information for financial rewards. This direction of earning on the Internet is one of the easiest and is called Surfing internet.

Payment for the provision of this type of service is small, but with due diligence, you can earn up to 500 rubles per day. This method of earning does not require special knowledge and experience.

More significant revenue can be obtained through filling out profiles . Paid Profiles - this is an opportunity for production and trade organizations to analyze consumer preferences, to assess their loyalty to goods and services.

The information obtained allows you to develop a marketing strategy based on the needs of people and optimize profits.

Before the active use of the Internet, research was conducted on the street, which was an inconvenient way to use.

To make money in this way you need register on the resources that conduct paid surveys, and receive questionnaires by mail to fill out. There are domestic and foreign questionnaires.

Foreign resources, as a rule, provide an opportunity for higher earnings, but not always the residents of Russia can register for them due to restrictions on a territorial basis.

Many consumers, before deciding to purchase products, prefer to familiarize themselves with product reviews in the Internet. Manufacturers and trade organizations are interested in high-quality reviews from buyers, as potential customers trust them more than advertising information from the parties interested in selling.

There are a number of paid review services on the network where you can earn good money.

Work process and features:

  • registration on the resource
  • The minimum review size is 500 characters.
  • the review must be written independently by the executor, copying is not accepted,
  • payment is not made for reviews, but for views by users,
  • the cost of a thousand views reaches 500 rubles,
  • clicking on the recall link is not considered viewing,
  • viewing is not taken into account if the familiarization with the information lasted less than 15 seconds,
  • The review should not contain a significant number of grammatical errors.

One of the modern ways of making money online is bloggingwhich is an online diary. The user through the blog shares with visitors his own views, observations and events.

Making money in this way is quite difficult, since a large number of subscribers and the ability to be interesting for a wide audience are necessary for the commercial basis of activity.

The success of the blog is affected by:

  • The specific thematic focus of the blog. An important factor determining the potential success of a blog is its specific specialization. The story of everything will not cause long-term interest among subscribers and will not lead to success.
  • The polarity of the information of a significant audience. The theme of the blog should be in the interests of the largest possible audience.
  • Blog posting on the Internet. For a more successful monetization of the blog should be placed on a paid domain and use a memorable name on it.
  • Unobtrusive, comfortable blog design.
  • Information content and usefulness of information for subscribers, as well as literacy of the text.
  • The uniqueness of the texts. Copying information from other sources will lead to a lack of popularity and accusations of plagiarism.

After gaining popularity among network users, an entrepreneur has the opportunity to earn on the following advertising areas:

  • Contextual advertising. An ad for subscribers is placed on the blog page, and earnings will be calculated depending on the number of “clicks” of clients to the advertiser's site. What is contextual advertising, read the link.
  • Placing links to advertisers sites. Earnings may depend on the number of "transitions" or just for placement.
  • Placement of advertising banners or announcements.

Additional earning opportunities selling their own educational video and audio information and publishing advertising posts.

2) Earnings from advertising using your website

Having your own website greatly expands the opportunities for making money on advertising. In addition to the above contextual and banner advertising, placing links, it is advisable to use the opportunity to participate in affiliate programs.

A feature of "affiliates" is the availability of earnings for the site owner only in certain specified cases.

Can be paid:

  • viewing by the client of video information,
  • viewing the advertiser's site,
  • loading suggested files by the visitor,
  • customer input of personal data,
  • study by the visitor of the list of retail prices.

Making money with the help of affiliate programs in the presence of your trust (visited) web resource is much easier and simpler, but it can also be done without your own website. For example, promoting and advertising referral links under videos on YouTube.

On how to make money on affiliate programs without a website, we wrote a separate article where we painted a step-by-step guide for beginners on earning money on affiliate programs from scratch.

Idea 6. Social networks

Today, the vast majority of socially active people are registered and actively use social networks. The presence of a large number of potential consumers implies the creation of prerequisites for the creation of earning opportunities.

There are a number of areas for making money using social networks:

  • performance of simple tasks for the “promotion” of third-party groups,
  • work in popular communities,
  • creating applications with subsequent sale,
  • creating your own popular group,
  • creating groups for further sale.

Method number 1 - Performing simple tasks

The network has a large number of intermediary sites, registering on which you can earn on social networks (for example,, and many others).

The list of popular activities:

  • Clicks (likes)
  • reposts
  • joining certain groups,
  • writing comments
  • placement on your own page of video information and advertising links.

The income when using this method of earning is small and depends on the activity, perseverance and patience of the performers. Read in more detail in the article - “Earnings on the Internet without attachments on clicks”.

Method number 2 - Work in popular groups

On freelance exchanges and specialized forums about making money on the network, you can find many job openings on social networks.

For example, it is possible to get an administrator in a popular community, which will allow you to perform the functions of a moderator: to ensure the filling of information and to deal with issues of advertising.

Method number 3 - Application Development with subsequent sale

If you have special skills, an entrepreneur has the opportunity to develop special applications and make money on their sale. Owners of the most famous applications receive multimillion-dollar revenues and are constantly interested in acquiring promising programs.

The most popular directions for applications:

  • various variations of famous computer games,
  • applications that stimulate communication between people in social networks,
  • all kinds of questionnaires and tests,
  • programs for statistical and analytical information processing,
  • programs to integrate an Internet resource into a social network.

Method number 4 - Create your own popular group

In order for this method to allow you to earn, you must:

  • To create a group,
  • promote public by collecting a large number of subscribers,
  • make money from advertising in a group of other products and communities.

Creating a community will not be difficult for any registered user on a social network.

Initially, it is necessary to determine the thematic focus of the group and choose a suitable name that will attract the attention of a large number of social network users.

You should also pay attention to the design and filling with quality information.

To promote the group measures must be taken to attract as many subscribers as possible. This requires high-quality and interesting content, as well as the constant replenishment of the public with new information.

The first subscribed users can be friends, acquaintances and relatives, and then you can use the services of specialized services that provide community promotion services. We wrote in more detail about earnings on social networks in the previous article, where we talked about how to create a group, how to promote them, and so on.

After overcoming the milestone of a thousand subscribers, you can use additional methods of promotion:

  • coordinate mutual advertising with other communities,
  • Report your community to third-party groups
  • conduct advertising activities of his group through various promotion sites,
  • use by uploading quality video with a link to the community.

After creating and successfully promoting a group on the network, you can try to make money.

The most popular ways to generate income through communities are:

  • placement of advertising information in the community,
  • participation in affiliate programs,
  • the use of advertising exchanges to place advertising posts.

Method number 5 - Creating a group for further