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How to wash dog toys


Caught yesterday under a terrible rain, as a result, the white neck of the dog turned yellow. Shampoo does not take this matter, yellow spots are still the same bright and colorful. Nobody knows how this business can be deduced? Or put up with the fact that I now have dogs of such an exclusive color?

Well, do not bleach it))

Well, there will be a lesson for me - not to skimp and buy only Hunter.
I hope it burns out in the sun after some time.

Ol, don’t worry. I once bought Ramsey a red collar, Ferplast. Shit. After a couple of baths, she noticed that the dog's coat had acquired a pinkish tint Essno immediately threw out this collar. After a week, approximately the shade disappeared, the dog did not soap, it went off by itself.
Since then, I have thrown colored collars for the night on a wet rag, if they have flowed back to the boutiques.
The funny thing is that the black collar of the same company was not painted. And red sheds.

Oh, it came down - I like it.
And about a wet rag is also a great idea, you will need to use it. By the way, when I bought this yellow one, I got everyone in the pet shop with the question "Is it not shedding" and I was assured that in no case will this happen. Oh well.

In general, bleaches for dog hair are sold, but personally, I’m trying to try something))

quote: Originally posted by Nadezda:

In general, bleaches for dog hair are sold, but personally, I’m trying to try something))

quote: Originally posted by recordaras:

By the way, when I bought this yellow one, I got everyone in the pet shop with the question "Is it not shedding" and I was assured that in no case will this happen. Oh well.

P.S. About the plaintive book is not a joke. This is now a serious tool of pressure.

We agreed with the photographer, we painted yellow neck.

Here is a little of what happened:

very beautiful photos))

cool pictures, especially the 4th

Thank you, I also liked the result very much, did not expect such beauty. Not for nothing that we drove the dog yesterday in the heat.

he still has a spectacular color, bright) photogenic dog, created for the magazine cover)

Cool photos Do you cast for brides?

By the way, according to the photographer. Is it possible in the PM or here a few words about photographing?
I would also not mind doing a portfolio to Ramsey until summer. Dap costs how to agree, etc.

No, the beast is not my show, the brides do not shine on him.

And the photographer herself suggested we meet and shoot, not taking a dime, but only offering in exchange for our time, a disk with all the good photos in full size. So this is just lucky.

Class. Thanks for the info in pm. But in general, you are very lucky

Yes, not at all, I will be glad if something proves useful.

3. Pour hot water into a bucket.

Add 1.5 cups of bleach and soak the toys in this solution for 30 minutes. After that, take a brush and rub each toy thoroughly. Pour bleach water, pour clean hot water and soak toys in it for half an hour. Then, all objects must be washed under running tap water. Toys should be washed until they no longer smell like bleach. Before giving toys to the dog, they must be thoroughly dried with a towel or in the fresh air.

Basic rules - we buy a pet on our own

None of the dog handlers will ever say how many times a year you need to bathe your pet. Basically, dogs are bathed once every six months or once every three months. Particularly whimsical dog owners bathe their dog every 5-7 days. If you have a big dog, it is recommended to seek help from specialized salons. It will be very difficult for a girl to cope, for example, with a Newfoundland or a Doberman who is afraid of swimming and begins to break out. And if you have a representative of brachycephals, then you can do such business. It will be necessary to know about dog blankets

When washing a pet in an apartment, it is necessary to consider several recommendations:

  • About 1-2 hours before swimming, it is necessary to close all doors, windows and windows - a wet dog and a draft are not compatible things,
  • The bath is taken by the pet exclusively in a collar and with a leash,
  • Do not allow shampoo, soap and water to get into your pet's ears. Animals with cropped ears are washed in a hat or they don’t wash their hair at all - the rule is simple, and observing it will not allow your pet to get sick,
  • You should worry about the health of the pet and cover the bathroom floor with a large bedspread or sheet. These measures are necessary so that, jumping out of the bathtub, the dog on wet paws does not slip and does not simply break its bones,
  • If your dog has bitten before or still continues to do so, it is recommended to wear a muzzle - this will avoid unnecessary injuries to the owner and the bath from unnecessary pogroms,
  • In the process of washing the pet, do not force him to sit there by force - praise the animal, cheer. If necessary, treat yourself to a "delicious",
  • To wipe, you will need several towels - their number is calculated based on the size of the dog. Remember! After washing, the pet should be as dry as possible,
  • Do not blow dry the dog! If you use it, then blowing should be done with a slightly warm stream of air,
  • After swimming, do not drag the dog outside. If she begins to rush around the house - do not bother. This is a natural process of muscle recovery and tone them.
  • To simplify all this, you can cut the doggie (preferably a typewriter).

The question may arise - is it possible to wash the dog with ordinary shampoo? We will answer - it is possible. The main thing is that it contains such components as protein, fatty acids and substances that leave the skin dry.

5. Now you can proceed to washing soft toys.

They can just be washed in a washing machine. Load them into the tank, add regular washing powder for the machine, and add a small amount of bleach to the liquid detergent tray. If you have a dryer, after washing the toys should be immersed in it. This will help kill all remaining germs and bacteria.

Dog wash

After completing the preparatory procedures and preparing the necessary conditions and means for washing, you can proceed directly to bathing your pet.

Step by step we will consider how to bathe a dog correctly:

Initially, a comfortable temperature is selected. Dogs do not like hot and cold water, so you need to first create normal conditions. Before dousing the dog, you need to make the water warm enough so that the animal does not freeze, it is especially important when bathing a puppy who did not have time to develop immunity. If washing is carried out in a vessel (bathtub, washbasin), it is necessary to immediately draw water knee-deep,

Wet the body of the pet. You should not wash your face, otherwise the water will get into your ears and eyes, which will make the animal uncomfortable. It is recommended to wet the dog to the neck so that the coat in all layers is saturated with water. If the dog has thick hair, it will take some time for this. It’s not worth using a strong pressure for washing, this will lead to a fright of the animal, it is better to set a steady stream of water, and use special nozzles on the tap, which will allow you to wash the dogs more efficiently and simply,

Shampoo is applied. Modern shampoos foam well, but with a long coat of a pet, the liquid still does not penetrate deeply. For a greater result, it is worth foaming the washing liquid in advance in a small container with a small addition of water. This approach will evenly distribute the shampoo throughout the coat. For a short-haired dog, it is enough to apply detergent to the body and rub it all over the body. If shampoo is used, then a washcloth and a sponge are not needed, it is enough to manually foam the substance and apply to the animal. The advantage is that the owner will be aware of the condition of the animal and will detect growths or seals, if any. Wipe the wool from the detergent along the growth of the hairs,

  1. After rubbing the shampoos, you need to leave it for a while, which is indicated on the package,
  2. Wash the soap from the wool with high quality, pouring water until the water becomes clear,
  3. Wash your face is not worth it, as this can lead to fear of the animal, perhaps it will begin to break out. To remove dirt from the face, you need to use a damp cloth and remove dirt from it,
  4. Dry the animal with a microfiber towel,
  5. Comb the hair while it’s wet, so as not to get confused,
  6. Treat the dog - this will help pacify the animal and accustom to future washing.

How to wash a dog after a walk

Now, let's look at a few basic rules for bathing a dog in the spring and autumn, when he comes running from the street with a dirty belly and paws:

  • Regardless of the time of year when you brought the baby home, you must immediately accustom him to washing his paws after a walk,
  • In the spring and autumn, paws are washed with exceptionally slightly warm water. In winter - exceptionally cold. The problem is that the sensitivity of the dog’s paws is twice as high as ours - just imagine what will happen to your pet if you put his paws in a basin of hot water,
  • Do not use a large capacity container. It’s enough to take a small basin and a rag,
  • When instituting a puppy, you should immediately think over the process of accustoming to washing after the street.

In the summertime or during the hot season, many dog ​​breeders simply water their pets from the hose, and they take this calmly. If your dog has a thick coat, then in hot weather, having organized a bath for them, they themselves will jump into it and cool.

Selection of detergents for the type of dog skin

The question may arise - how to wash the dog if there is no shampoo? Everything is simple here - you can use baby shampoo with a sufficient content of lecithin and lanolin. If you don’t even have baby shampoo at hand, rinse your pet's skin with plain warm water.

"Scented" dogs that are falling out in dirt or garbage should never be washed with soap! It is better to break the egg yolks into the water and mix them thoroughly. Use the resulting mixture as a rinse, thoroughly massaging the skin and then washing it off with a stream of water.

Attention! If your dog’s coat is dull, this is the first sign that the detergent you are using is not suitable for your pet.

Dog smell - how to get rid of amber

How to wash a dog so that it doesn’t smell like a dog is another pressing question that many dog ​​breeders have. It should immediately be taken into account that healthy pets will not show a smell, since this is unnatural in nature for a predator. The appearance of aroma is a signal of poor (wrong) care for the dog.

Tip: Do not spray the dog with perfume and deodorant! These manipulations can not only spoil the animal’s hair and damage the skin, but also easily deprive the pet of smell!

To get rid of the smell of the dog, it is recommended to perform the following manipulations:

  • Wash regularly the mat on which your puppy sleeps (at least once every two weeks),
  • Constantly wipe the place where the dog rests,
  • Stress - from fear, the puppy may give out a special secret, which will only increase the level of unpleasant aroma,
  • Constantly monitor the condition of the ears of the dogs - only they are enough to spread the aroma to the entire room,
  • Monitor the condition of the coat. Constantly comb out excess hair,
  • Diet for a pet - can solve the problem. Eliminate all junk food from his diet. If in the process of proper nutrition, the amber disappeared, then your pet is allergic to some product,

  • To eliminate a faint odor, special dog perfumes are sold
  • You can also get rid of amber by wiping the dog’s coat with a solution of water and vinegar. Remember, the procedure should not be repeated more than once a month.
  • Pay attention to such a factor as the use of dog deodorants - masking the aroma, you can miss the manifestation of symptoms of possible diseases. If all else fails and the dog’s bad smell remains? Do symptoms begin to manifest? We take a pet with us and hurry to the veterinary clinic! It is not possible to make a diagnosis on their own, and an examination will avoid the development of the disease. Now it will be easy to bathe the dog. Compliance with the simplest rules for caring for your "baby" will avoid many problems, while the dog will be clean, tidy and energetic.