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How to look elegant


How to look thinner and slimmer if you are not completely satisfied with your appearance? What methods can be used to correct the figure and create the image of the ideal Goddess?

Every girl is beautiful in any weight if she looks healthy. Everything else is fears, blocks in the head and the influence of society on the human mind. How to look thinner and younger in a photo or in life? How to dress to look slimmer? Here are some visual tricks:

⚜ Try to always wear clothes of your size. And forget about the wide hoodies. Always remember this.

⚜Jeans, pants, shorts and high waist skirts are the fastest way to make you skinny.

⚜ Things with a smell - perfectly correct the figure. Wraparound dresses and blouses will help to slightly reduce large breasts if necessary. A skirt with a smell will ideally hide the excess volume on the hips.

⚜Also correctly selected asymmetric things will luxuriously hide all your flaws in any places (dress or top on one shoulder, asymmetrical skirts, etc.).

СлиIf you think that you have any flaws in the figure, then avoid unnecessary details and voluminous prints in clothes.

⚜How to look much thinner in jeans? It is better to hide voluminous hips with monophonic dark trousers or jeans. But a small belly or broad shoulders with a dark sweater or blouse.

⚜ Refresh your look with contrasting combinations. But a darker color should always go to the problem area.

⚜Sets in one color (and even in shade) visually merge the figure into one long harmonious line, stretching the silhouette. Example: bandage dress.

⚜Do not know how to look thinner and slimmer? Choose clothes from dense fabrics.

⚜Add extra long jackets, vests and cardigans to your wardrobe. As a result, the elements of clothing collect the image together and create a kind of vertical line that stretches the silhouette.

Such clothing should end below the hip.

⚜ A vertical strip on the sides (!) Of the clothes “eats” extra pounds.

We learned how to visually look slimmer with the help of clothes. Now let's look at other life hacks.

Accessories and shoes

⚜Long earrings extend well the face and neck. And in combination with volumetric styling are able to create a "weight loss effect." But you should avoid long massive earrings-rings.

⚜Wide belt perfectly collects the image as a whole and emphasizes a thin wasp waist.

ЛетоCould summer be soon, and you want to be the most beautiful on the beach? How to look thinner in a swimsuit? Choose a swimsuit by the type of figure.

⚜ Pump shoes perfectly fit and fit most female looks. As a result, in any bow you will be the Queen.

Keep shining

How to look thinner not only in the photo, but also in life? Try the following life hacks:

⚜ Tanning will help you get thinner. This is the most reliable way that allows you to visually look much slimmer and hide any flaws. As a result, your skin tone should be slightly golden, and not resemble a Papuan who just ran out of a coal mine.

ИстClean skin and radiant body oil are ideal for all girls who want to be in the eyes of those around with charming dolls. The following products are suitable:

  • body oil highlighter,
  • highlighter in moderate amounts for sculpting the face (apply on the cheekbones and under the eyebrow).

In addition to the wonderful smell, oils give incredible radiance to your skin.

⚜ Follow your posture. Straighten up! You will visually become 5 kilograms less.

⚜ Did you know how to look thinner in the face? Create voluminous hairstyles on your head. It is necessary to achieve some imbalance, so that the body seemed slimmer. What hairstyles are there to look thinner? The ideal option is curls. They visually shift the emphasis to the head. Even if it is a ponytail or braids, it is worth slightly dissolving the locks to create splendor.

⚜When there are light accents on the hair (balayazh, ombre, shatush, etc.), they allow you to look much slimmer. You can highlight a couple of strands near the face or along the length of the hair. As a result, it really works!

Now you know how to look thinner and slimmer. Pick and use the tips that are right for you. And always remember that you are magnificent every minute. Even now. Love yourself, and everyone around you will love you, not noticing your minor flaws.

Thanks for your time⚜

Secrets of Elegance

The secrets of elegance do not lose relevance at all times. Elegance - like an eternal classic - always distinguishes the owner of great taste from the crowd. An elegant woman is unique, smart, attractive and elegant. You can look elegant at absolutely any age, and not so much how old a woman is - thirty, fifty, seventy, etc.

Elegant shoes

Of course, when we start talking about elegant shoes, first of all heels pop up in the head. Yes, graceful pumps really look very elegant, which can not be said about shoes equipped with a massive platform. Leave this nightmare to the workers of the oldest profession in the world.

Unfortunately, in most stores in the regions of our country, such absolutely not elegant shoes make up the bulk of the shoe. In the absence of a choice, our women buy all this, and yet such a platform makes the figure overweight and looks like it went.

Elegant shoes are not always heels. Flats, boots without heels, boots, sneakers can also look very elegant, subject to certain conditions. Firstly, these shoes should be stylish, high-quality and expensive, and secondly, you need to be able to combine them with other wardrobe items.

Elegant clothes

Elegant clothes should emphasize the dignity of your figure and be selected solely by age. At 60, an extreme mini looks just ridiculous.

Length in general plays a big role, dresses and skirts, sheaths, covering her knees, always look more elegant than mini dresses. As for trouser suits, they should combine elements of female and male.

Shirts and blouses are generally a separate issue. I can not imagine a basic wardrobe without shirts and blouses. In combination with blue basic jeans and ballet flats, you can get a no less elegant look than with heels.

Outerwear is also important. A luxurious cashmere coat must be in the wardrobe of an elegant woman.

The choice of the color of clothes, shoes and accessories is no less important than the style of the clothes themselves. Vivid colors to vivid colors of discord. The basis of an elegant wardrobe should be made up of natural shades: beige, gray, black, white, milky, etc. Nobody makes you dress like a gray mouse, you can also easily use noble bright colors: burgundy, your shade of red, royal blue, dark green, as well as those colors that are right for you. But you should not overdo it so as not to look vulgar.

Also get rid of habits to wear leopard and animal prints. Despite the fact that they are in fashion this season, they rarely decorate anyone.

Elegant accessories

If you can afford diamonds, that’s fine, but you should not hang yourself from top to bottom with them. There is nothing worse than when a woman puts on herself at the same time earrings, a massive necklace, a bunch of bracelets and rings on almost every finger, "Schaub was expensive."

Do not be afraid to use quality jewelry and other jewelry. In fact, an elegant look is impossible without accessories. This is especially true for bags. The outfit itself can be straightforward and simple, but you need to take a good bag and shoes.

Elegant hairstyle

Everything in the image of an elegant woman should be neat: clothes, nails, shoes, makeup and hair. Watch your hair, do styling, use topical dyeing.

The collected hair always looks very elegant. A short haircut can also look spectacular, as well as beautifully styled long hair. Avoid hairstyles using a huge amount of varnish, as well as all kinds of sparkles. It looks awful.

Elegant makeup

Makeup should be in place. In the afternoon - it's a discreet daytime make-up, and if you like to use bright lipsticks, you can also do this in the afternoon. Just the emphasis in this case, you will do on the lips, and the eyes to paint less saturated.

For an evening out, you can put on makeup and brighter, just feel the line between brightness and vulgarity.

By the way, the ability to do good makeup is the weakness of many of our women. Fortunately, now the most diverse courses “Make-up artist for himself” are gaining popularity, and the Internet is full of video materials.

You can dress very nicely, buy pumps, do hair and makeup, and absolutely not be able to wear it all. Watch your walk, be sure to practice in front of the mirror. Movements must be confident and smooth.


If you lose your temper and shout, what elegant image can we talk about? Try to listen to the people around you, to be kind and friendly. Bitchiness also does no honor to anyone.

Watch your speech, don’t swear, don’t “gag” and don’t “shock”. Learn to keep up conversations on a wide variety of topics. A real lady also always feels when she should be silent. You should also catch yourself on speech "weeds" and "tear" them out with the root. Kakbe, Ahh, Well, etc.

1. How to look slimmer: pump up

If you are a guy, most likely the extra weight that you wear is around your waist. You won’t be able to get rid of it in 15 minutes, but you can use this time to slightly increase the size of other parts of your body, so that your waist appears smaller in comparison with them. One of the best ways to do this is push ups. Properly performed push-ups affect several parts of the body, but, in particular, filling the chest and shoulder muscles with blood will make you seem more pumped up. Remember: muscles make up 70% of the water, so make sure you get enough water before, during and after your workouts.

3. How to look slimmer: straighten up

Yes, it is that simple. Experts believe that poor posture can make it look a few pounds heavier than it actually is. When you stoop, you lose centimeters in height, so you add body weight towards your middle part. Result? You look shorter and wider. So straighten and straighten your shoulders. This will bring your shoulder ratio to 1: 6 - also called the Adonis ratio. Studies have shown that women are most attracted to men with a triangular body proportion.

4. Pull up your pants

As the trousers became more streamlined, their distance between the middle of the crotch seam and the top of the belt was reduced. Belt position is important because it determines how your pants fit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline. Pants with a low rise look great - provided that you do not have excess fat at the waist. Wear pants so that the belt sits on your natural waist.

5. Do not carry in your pockets

Over the past 12-15 years, trousers have become narrower. At the same time, phones have become wider, longer and flatter. While our pants and phones have evolved in diametrically opposite ways, we walk with packed pockets that add volume to your body. Exit? Do not carry too much in your pockets. Replace your bulky wallet with an elegant card holder for your main cards, remove the rarely used keys from your keychain, and put your phone in the inside pocket of your jacket, or hold the phone in your hand.

Now you know how to look slimmerHowever, these are tricks that hide only a little your excess weight. To be slim, you need to monitor your diet and lead an active lifestyle.

Tropina Natalya Vladimirovna

Psychotherapist. Specialist from the site

Heels are probably necessary and cover your shoulders, they are already very large)) If you have breasts, show it!

sorry 1st not author

Losing weight can certainly help! You need at least 59 weight. And 55 is better!

1, And how many shoulders do you have? (I measured in volume). Of course I guessed that they are rather big, but that they are very large ((

about! we are just clones :-), right now I measured it - everything is the same - I also have 4 sizes of breasts, while the hips are not very wide and thin legs - I also got exhausted - but the only thing I brought out for myself was no frills, no round ones and on the shoulders cutouts. V-shaped collars, stand + some sort of long decoration. there are no more options .. I’m just listening

but in general I don’t really worry too much, since I’ve never been deprived of the attention of men, I think that it will do it the same way - you won’t cut your shoulders, and losing a few pounds will not work - for example, my chest is losing weight and my cheeks are falling - because of which my inherent childishness disappears

Related topics

5, and I have a chest that’s so small, I’m not afraid to lose weight)) and my face is also childish, it’s round, even when it was thin (in childhood) it was like that, everyone called the moon.

and on horseradish look elegant? Let them love as they are

strange, my shoulders do not seem to me "very big." normal for my height, like, of course, I wouldn’t call them elegant

author, I have 95 shoulders and what?
true waist 63

a large physique you know this clearly no weight of 62 kg (with your height), no matter what the shoulders

Olga, a large physique does not mean tons of fat, this is when a wide bone.

and the 5th guest decided to brag)

Damn, and I have 95 shoulders (if I measured there). it seems they’re not so wide. It seems to me to lose weight and that's it. My height is 167, weight 52 and I look very personal

13 What I decided to brag about.

IMHO - traditional weight loss will not work. In my opinion, this is about broad-boned girls: "A thin cow is not a gazelle yet."
To look graceful, achieve grace in movements and manners. Watch your posture, gait. Engage in dances, oriental practices (especially recommend). Choose clothes, hairstyle (go to the stylist, if you feel that it’s not working out on your own).

With a wide bone, it is unlikely to look elegant. What for? Look bright and catchy! Or is it an elegantly synonymous feminine for you? This is far from always the case. Grace can add clothes, accessories, hairstyle. By the way, how are the shoulders measured? at what points?

Well, people give. So I was intrigued by the shoulders of 93 cm, I went to measure my circumference. And sitting at work, she took a mouse, measured the shoulders with a wire :) and then counted it with a ruler. 93cm With a height of 160 and a weight of 43 kg. Clothing size 40 Russian, XXS teenage. I consider myself to be graceful girls, astenik. Yeah.

I have shoulders 95, hips 91, waist 65. Growth about 1.70, weight 53 kg.
Yes, of course, the figure is far from ideal, the bone is wide.
There was a period when weighed 60-62, while it actually looked
cumbersome. Now I like myself, I avoid wearing black-and-white bottoming, sporty tops with round
neckline and bare shoulders. That's all.
I can advise you to lose weight, go in for sports, but without loading the upper body. Do not wear thick sweaters, black tight trousers, etc.

You have a normal physique, well, maybe a little big. I have it almost the same, height 172, weight 65, shoulders (horror) 98, waist 73. When I reduced weight to 58, I looked like a prisoner :), everyone tried to fatten me. Wear heels, you will look slimmer, but rather find yourself a big man, you will look slim against his background :).

Ha, author, I generally have 103-104 shoulders in a circle and they consider me elegant and refined. :) True, my hands, wrists, ankles, etc. are thin. And the foot size is 37. And your back is wide? If not, then not everything is so bad. A couple of kilograms would probably be nice to lose. Perhaps the hands will become more comfortable. By the way, 16 cm for the wrist is quite a bit. I have 14, and always have to customize the bracelets, shorten, and you only have 2 cm more. Extend your neck visually. Be very careful when choosing shoes. No "weighted" models. Everything is elegant. Heeled preferably.
Still largely agree with Fly. Nothing softens a large figure so much as grace in movements and plasticity. It is very important. And more effective than V-necklines, long jewelry and elegant shoes combined.

"If you're fat, take elegant poses."

Throw off a kilo of 5-7, grace appears, work on problem areas, and broad shoulders can be skillfully hidden with clothes

a thin cow is not a gazelle yet. lose weight of course. but not everyone is thin. I threw off 20 kg. but the face became terrible .. and the skin sagged. But with my bone I can’t have a drop of excess weight. I was 14 years old at 178. and 77 kg. leg 41. hips-120.

I am very worried, please tell me
how, with a large physique look more elegant?
hands, thighs are powerful, the girth is the same, the waist is missing, the ass is more boobs
but I want attention

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