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What you can build from Lego with your own hands: 100 ideas and step-by-step instructions with photos


For several decades, LEGO designers have been very popular. In almost every family there are even several models or series of this toy giant. The secret of many years of popularity is that it is not just an ordinary constructor. This is a whole fairy-tale world, with its unique stories, heroes and incredible houses and castles. To collect them, sometimes mere ingenuity and observation are not enough. Therefore, before you make a house out of Lego, you need to familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions and gain some experience.

A little bit about brand history

Already in the late 50s, the first thematic designer kit appeared. And in 1968 a whole toy city was built from a huge number of plastic parts. Since then even Lego contests and festivals have been held. In addition, many author’s manuals on the assembly of individual compositions have appeared, including “How to Make a House from Lego”. These instructions turned out to be the most popular, since practically in any series of the constructor there are any buildings: castles, buildings and cottages.

The most interesting thing is that the details, even in 1958, are almost completely consistent with today's and are suitable for use in any of the current hit series. Production technology and the idea of ​​the company have not lost their relevance to this day.

Most Popular Series

Whenever another set appeared, it became a significant event both in the history of the company and in the lives of ordinary children. Each of these series is unique in its own way and has its own individual characteristics and advantages. That is why it is quite difficult to name the most popular of them. But the most notorious are the sets "Bionicle", "Lego Technician", Dino, Castle, Space, Lego Duplo, Ninjago and many others. By the way, a significant part of them has been produced for several decades and still has not lost its rating and relevance.

Interesting do-it-yourself Lego models

These designers have long ceased to be exclusively childish. Now they are the subject of a kind of competition in the originality and scale of buildings. The most original from the series "How to make a house out of Lego" were:

2. Football stadium. This is a real copy of the current German Allianz Arena. This model saw the world in 2006. Moreover, its construction took more than 400 thousand lego parts.

3. The legendary battle of The Lord of the Rings. The battle of Helm's Paddy was immortalized. Here, to make towers, walls and siege weapons, the author needed to collect about 150 thousand parts.

4. The walking city. This interesting design was assembled in 2010. The creator tried to illustrate his own ideas about the eco-city of the future.

How to make a Lego house? What series to start with?

Some models and sets of the Danish company are quite complex. Therefore, in order to make a house out of Lego, the instruction is obligatory. This is the only way to understand all the nuances. If you do not want to resort to a step-by-step guide, then you should start with

  • "Dollhouse". This simple designer is designed specifically for girls. It has 3 floors, a balcony, a bath, a bedroom and a kitchen. It does not require a flight of fancy, everything is clear and concise.
  • "Beach House". This kit is inexpensive and quite simple, because summer houses are always a little ascetic. They do not have complex designs and details, such as, for example, in the Lego set of Mobile Homes.
  • "A house on a tree". This dream has also come true in the game set. The creators offer 3 basic variations, but each child will be able to add something of their own.

How to build a house from Lego: some tips

You have acquired the long-awaited series of your favorite designer, but do not know where to start and what you need to do first of all? It's quite normal. Before you build a house from Lego, you should consider several universal and special tips for the owners of this toy:

1. The first step is to check the availability of all parts in accordance with the instructions. This is done so that already during the assembly process you do not suddenly find missing or excess elements.

2. You can see the design options that are not only in the manual itself, but also on the Internet.

3. You can buy a set of "Freestyle" to standard parts, for example, "Lego City". How to make a house of them, even a child will tell you. But if you doubt your own abilities, go further.

4. If the constructor is old, and the circuit for it is lost, you can use the official company website "Lego". True, for this you will need the article of the toy.

As a rule, it is better to purchase sets from the same series, because the details of different series are different in size and diameter.

Putting a lego house. Step-by-step instruction

As a rule, all structures of buildings and structures have the same construction principle. Only parts and add-ons differ. Therefore, the main steps in the question of how to make a house out of Lego look like this:

  1. We create a platform. To do this, you can lay out lines of cubes until the desired value has been increased.
  2. Spread the blank walls. You need to think in advance where the windows, doors and all kinds of balconies will be.
  3. We build walls with access and windows.
  4. We make the roof. To do this, you can use ordinary bricks, gradually laying them out with steps from all 4 sides, or use the special roof, which is present in some structures.

What you can build from Lego with your own hands

To make the original vase you need to take:

  1. Glass (old vase)
  2. Designer Details
  3. Glue

Stock up on the Lego base, this will allow you to move the craft from place to place, without risking losing the glass of water inside. Build the bottom of the future vase from lego details, make a box that covers the glass. For the reliability of crafts during assembly, lubricate the elements with glue.

What can be built from Lego: instruction

A bright man-made wreath will be a wonderful decoration of the door to the nursery, useful for its manufacture:

Cut a circle out of thick cardboard, glue it with foam, and then drape the fabric with a suitable color for the interior. Fasten the colorful parts in a chaotic manner. The original wreath is ready, it is suitable for both the room of the boy and the girl.

Place an interesting handicraft in the hallway, it is useful in families where a significant amount of time is spent searching for keys. For manufacturing you will need:

In the manufacture, follow the photo prompts, and for trinkets, take multi-colored blocks, it is with their help that keychains will be attached to the key holder.

What can be built from Lego: scheme

You will probably be interested to know what can you build from lego friends - A cute little house for fun LEGO Friends - Mia, Olivia, Emma, ​​Andrea and Stephanie.

To build a house from scratch, ie Without instructions, use the LEGO child constructor. Base crafts - a green base, playing the role of gender, as well as the yard, if you want to expand the "possession". An interesting option would be to build a house on 2 platforms, upon completion of work, you can separate the platforms and see what is inside the building.

As the "foundation", put the bottom row of blocks, outlining the location of various rooms and doors. Outline the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, rooms. Take the construction stage as a planning stage, if a fireplace is planned in the house, then bricks for the chimney should be laid. If the house will have a second floor, then do not forget to leave a place for the further construction of the stairs.

Build the outer walls of the building. Lego-designers advise not to use the same blocks for the construction of walls, they will be stronger when using different-sized parts. Leave room for windows (in the future it will be empty openings; if there are window frames in the parts collection, insert them). Complete the construction of the rooms with the erection of internal walls.

The next stage is the manufacture of furniture, the house will look more realistic. For the kitchen, make a sink, refrigerator, oven, for the living room - a sofa and armchairs, a TV, for the bedroom - a bed, a nightstand, a desk, for the bathroom - a sink, shower, toilet. The LEGO assortment has details that look like furniture and appliances, they will give realism to your craft. You can call for help imagination and furniture to make from the usual blocks.

The base is completed, add decorative touches to the house, decorate the yard with flowers and trees. The final step in creating a house is to install a removable roof (you can move objects inside the house). You can fix it with hinged parts or simply for easy access, fix the roof at the top.

Upon learning what can you build from lego for girls and boys, start playing with the LEGO Friends house and dolls. Recreate Heartlake City: cozy cafes, veterinary clinic, beauty salon, airport.

What can be built from the Lego constructor

For the manufacture of Christmas toys, bright colorful details from LEGO Duplo come in handy. So, what can be built from Lego Duplo?

Prepare the details with the rings - hinges for hanging Christmas decorations, you will also need corner blocks. Assemble the cube and attach the corner blocks - this will expand the craft from six sides. Well, then it remains to call for help the imagination and, adding details, collect a variety of Christmas balls, Christmas trees, icicles, snowflakes.

Lego building ideas: build a catapult (add a thread to the blocks), a 3D labyrinth with a metal ball inside, a cheerful little man with moving legs and arms, a gun refueling with office rubber bands.

It is noted that children who are fond of Lego construction do not experience problems with delayed speech development, they successfully pass psychological testing at school or kindergarten, they quickly master math, writing, reading, and solfeggio. Encourage the child’s hobby, show how to play the constructor, the toy develops imagination, creative thinking, accuracy, perseverance, desire to achieve the goal.

Without schemes, build houses, robots, helicopters, trains, cars, military equipment, figures of mythical animals, heroes of popular cartoons and computer games. Lego construction is a fun activity, please the child with it.

Ordinary two-story house

It is sometimes nice to make a cozy house where everything is arranged to your taste. In this video, the author talks in detail about his cozy home-made. Having carefully examined his creation, you can collect exactly the same, well, or make some changes to it. You now have the basis, and your imagination will have to work on the arrangement of furniture in the house.

Lego seaside house MOC

Lovely and beautiful one-story house by the sea with a carport and a beautiful garden. On the other hand, you can see a neat balcony with sea views, just below the beach and black entrance, on the side there is a pier and a boat. The interior of the house is made quite thoughtfully and tastefully. Perhaps, in such a house you will want to live yourself, not like a plastic man.

LEGO Minecraft Steve’s House

Lego and Minecraft have not gone so far apart, because the main thing here and there is to build. How many of you tried to build a house in the style of minecraft? After all, this is also a rather fascinating occupation. This video presents just such a cozy house. It is worth noting that even the grass around the house is not made from the same blocks, but from different ones. The trees and the house are exactly the same as in the game itself. Since the construction is quite large, playing with such a house is a pleasure. Having carefully watched the video and examined the details, you can build the same interesting house.

These interesting houses are built from Lego. And what are you building? Tell us about it in the comments.