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Healing the soul - the best ways proven by time


Experienced specialists working with internal energy are confident that the soul and body are inextricably linked. However, a large number of the most ordinary people adhere to this point of view. A special scheme was even developed to find a direct connection between the manifestation of negative emotions and the diseases that they can cause.

Healing the soul and body is a process that each person must perform independently. After all, it is built entirely on personal feelings and as if it is a journey into your inner world. In such a situation, the energy of love will help, the strength of which will renew the soul and body. And in the heart there should be enough space for warm feelings, and it must be cleaned of any negative, especially from fear and anger.

How to heal your soul?

Heal the personal inner world is subject to everyone. You can always achieve harmony if you understand the nature of your soul, which has a feminine foundation, well. To maintain inner energy, desire alone is not enough. Positive emotions, creativity and some imagination are needed. The development of these properties allows, first of all, the healing of the female soul.

Be sure to strengthen the connection with the forces of the magical world. Perceptions of spirituality can always be redefined regardless of religion. One should always find the opportunity to devote time to objects and deeds that bring joy and pleasure. In stock, you need to have several different ways that cause pleasant feelings. It is necessary to carry out the healing of the soul in a relaxed state, using meditation.

Psychosomatics and psychotherapy - healing soul and body

People working with energies argue that the soul and body of a person are interconnected. Even a special table was determined by which it is possible to determine the relationship of emotions and various diseases. Healing of the soul and body must be carried out individually, as this is a personal journey of self-knowledge and spiritual evolution. To do this, use the energy of love, which has tremendous power. Sent love carries out the renewal of soul and body. Another important point - you need to cleanse the heart of fear, anger and other negativity in order to make room for warm feelings.

How to heal the soul?

Every person can learn how to heal his own inner world in order to achieve harmony. First you need to study the nature of your soul, which has a feminine, and the spirit - masculine. To maintain internal energy, it is necessary to use imagination, passion, desire, emotions and creativity. Paying attention to the development of these qualities, it is possible to strengthen and heal the female soul.

It is also recommended that you deepen your connection with the Higher Powers by revising your perception of spirituality, regardless of religion. Take time for things that are fun. It is best to have about five ways that can give pleasure. In order to conduct healing of the soul, it is recommended to learn how to relax, for which use meditation.

Karmic Healing of Soul and Body

Psychics assure that every action and emotions of a person are reflected in his karma and have negative consequences. The doctrine of karma says that each person builds his own future, so you need to work on your thoughts and emotions. Esoteric healing of the soul is positioned as daily work on oneself. It’s best to work with a specialist, but there are a few tips that will be the first steps in the right direction.

  1. Exclude from your life the media that clog the brain and soul of a person.
  2. Stop complaining about others and yourself. In such a situation, it is recommended to imagine a bowl of water in which you can drown the negative.
  3. Learn to control your thoughts, as they often lead to stupid things.
  4. Perform healing of the soul through meditation using different techniques.

Step one. Recognize the presence of a wound.

When the wound is in sight, we see damage and blood - this stage goes by itself. But with mental wounds is not so. Sometimes for years we try to deny our own pain. No, everything is fine, nothing hurts, nothing special. We devalue our own injuries, they say, and somewhere people die of hunger, so this is nonsense. Is our pain disappearing somewhere? No. Stays inside. Deep. Sometimes too deep.

Communicated somehow with a friend. Her husband left her after 20 years of marriage. Without explanation, he took and left. And she sits and says, they say, I wish him happiness, may all be well. She collected his things herself. Itself drove him. The children herself persuaded her father not to be angry. Two years have passed - and she gives him gifts for the New Year, birthday. I gave him everything - a car, an apartment. I went to my parents. Children are already studying in another city. Nothing from him is necessary, let everything be fine with him.

And she is ill. It’s so sick that it’s creepy. She grimaced sharply, grew old. I say, are you crazy? What are you doing? You probably hurt ?! Why are you pretending that everything is fine?

And she smiles so strangely and says - no, you think. He’s probably better off there, but I’m able to handle it. You are the one to blame. And he continues his song about the main thing.

And only a year later she wrote me a message: “I hate him. You was right. I suddenly realized that he was just using me and throwing me away. Trampled. Destroyed. I hate ... "

This was the beginning of her healing. She saw her huge wound, recognized her and was able to move on.

It was painful, yes, to admit that you are not highly spiritual, and such betrayal hurts you. But without this, healing is impossible. How can one cure what is not? How can you ignore the presence of a wound and at the same time rely on yourself to overgrow? Yes, if the wound is small, the body may cope. And if deep?

This stage is inevitable. While we glue the wounds with a band-aid, they only become inflamed and spread poison throughout the body. Whether we like it or not, first you need to remove all these adhesives and honestly look in depth. See your injuries, your wounds, your pain. I know this on my own, for many years I turned a blind eye to the fact that I have a huge pain associated with dad and mom. The problem from such a blind eye did not go away.

Meditation Healing Soul and Body

Adherents of alternative medicine believe that Qi energy flows in a person, which must constantly be in motion, but often this becomes unrealistic due to numerous obstacles. Thanks to regular meditation, you can remove all the blocks and achieve a uniform movement of the energy flow. In addition, a person will get rid of mental problems, and there will also be a normalization of the work of internal organs and systems.

It gives meditation the healing of the soul and body, the main thing is to direct the qi energy to the problem place in order to start the self-healing mechanism. You need to sit in a comfortable position and relax in order to feel the movement of energy through the body. It is important to feel how it falls into each cell. The energy should be directed to the place where the maximum voltage is felt. It is necessary to carry out meditation until lightness in the body and inner harmony are felt.

Mantras for healing the body and soul

The human word has tremendous power, which is able to influence a person, both in a positive and in a negative way. With their help, you can be treated for various diseases, not only physical, but also mental. Ancient prayers have tremendous healing power that can influence a person. During the pronunciation of the mantra, certain vibrations of different frequencies are created. They are not physically felt, but they can be caught by ear. Vibrations improve the functioning of the whole organism and strengthen immunity, and healing of wounded souls takes place and energy is renewed.

It is necessary to start reading prayers during the waning moon, if you need to get rid of some disease, and continue the action for 21 days. If the goal is healing, then the best period is the growing moon, and the duration is the same. It is better to repeat the mantra either in the morning or in the evening. It is preliminary recommended to relax and clear your head of extraneous thoughts. You need to repeat the words 108 times. The text of the mantra is as follows: "RA MA DA SAY SEY SO HANG."

Films healing souls

Modern cinema produces a huge number of films and among them you can find pictures that will help you find peace, relax and get a boost of energy for future achievements. If you want to heal the soul, then you need to choose movies of melodrama. Although people have different tastes, one can really identify worthwhile paintings:

  1. “Cherbourg Umbrellas”, France / Germany, 1964.
  2. Awakening, USA, 1990.
  3. Diary of Remembrance, Canada, 2004.
  4. “Memorable Walk”, USA, 2002.

How to heal the soul - Orthodoxy

The priests say that in the first place a person has a soul, and then a body. To keep it that way, you need to restrain your thoughts and control actions. Through faith in God, forgiveness and healing can be obtained. It is recommended that you attend the temple regularly and practice confession. For the healing of the soul, the Unction is performed when they are anointed with oil, invoking the grace of God.

The bell ringing, which literally permeates a person with energy and heat, heals the soul and body. Listening to sacred melodies, one can cope with all fears, anxieties and bad thoughts. It has a bell ring that has a positive effect on health, improving heart function, vascular status, metabolism, and strengthening immunity. The best thing to do is to ring the bells live.

Prayers for healing the body and soul

Existing prayer texts contain in their text a request sent to the Higher powers in order to be cleansed of sins and protected from temptations. It is important to rebuild consciousness through prayer so that the disease does not return. You can turn directly to God or use intermediaries, for example, a guardian angel, the Virgin and saints. A prayer for healing soul and body for children is read before the image of the Mother of God “Tikhvin”. From all diseases, both physical and psychological, the holy great martyr Panteleimon helps.

Accept, O All-Blessed and Almighty Lady of the Theotokos Virgin, this prayer, with tears to you now brought from us, unworthy of Your servants, to Your celibate image singing those who are sent with tenderness, for You Yourselves are present and receive our prayer. By no means do you ask for the fulfillment of your deeds, your sorrows lighten up, the weak health of the daries, the weak and unfortunate heal you, you drive the demons away, rescue you from insults, you cleanse the lepers and you little merciful Lady, the Lord and Lady of the Virgin and Mother of God all kinds of passions of a doctor are different: the whole essence is possible by Your intercession to Your Son, Christ our God. Oh, the All-Mother, Mother of God! Do not stop praying for us unworthy Thy servants, glorifying Thy and worshiping Thy, and worshiping with affection Your Most Holy Image, and those who have hope will be irrevocable and faith unshakable to Thee, the Most Holy Virgin and the Immaculate, now and ever and ever. Amen.

Work on yourself

Every wrong act and excessive emotions are reflected in a person’s karma and cause negative consequences. By purifying karma, people give themselves permission to change. Change often leads to a restructuring of the very foundations of life, carrying out its reconstruction. The doctrine of karma says that everyone paves the way for their own future, therefore, work is needed on their thoughts and behavior. The healing of the soul should become daily work on oneself. A few tips will help you take the first steps in the right direction:

  • Modern media practically do not carry anything useful in themselves, so it is advisable to use them as little as possible.
  • It is not necessary to speak badly of oneself and others. If there is a desire to express a negative, it is better to close it in your eyes and imagine a bowl of water in which negative emotions drown.
  • You always need to have a cold head, because the lack of control over your thoughts often leads to rash acts, which you later regret.
  • Healing of the soul can be carried out using various methods of meditation.

In alternative medicine, it is generally accepted that a person has useful energy, which must be in continuous motion. However, in the way of people often there are barriers that inhibit the energy flow. Regularly doing meditation, you can overcome all the difficulties and make the flow movement uniform, and therefore optimal. This will free oneself from the problems that burden the soul, and normalize the work of the whole organism.

The main thing that is required during meditation is to direct energy to a problem place. This triggers the self-healing mechanism of the soul and body. To do this, you need to take a comfortable pose and relax. The main task is to feel how energy penetrates into every cell of the body and especially where there is the greatest tension. You need to meditate until lightness begins to be felt throughout the body. This is considered a sign of the onset of inner harmony.

Mantra for healing

With the help of the power of words, a positive and negative effect is exerted on a person. The word is endowed with such great power that it can cure many diseases. Its effectiveness is equally high in both physical and mental illness. For example, ancient prayers are endowed with great healing power, and a person will certainly feel its influence on himself.

The mantra of healing the soul and body creates certain frequency vibrations that can be caught by the auditory organ. Such vibration can work real miracles: it normalizes the body and strengthens the immune system. If a person is injured, then through vibration, healing and renewal of internal energy occurs.

When the goal is to cure the disease, the prayer for healing the soul and body begins during the waning moon. Its duration is 21 days. In the case of a rehabilitation course, the growing moon will be its optimal period, and the duration will be the same. The mantra is pronounced the next morning or evening. Reading should be carried out in a relaxed state, the head should be cleared of extraneous thoughts.

Soul healing in Orthodoxy

The Orthodox faith teaches that the soul is primary in man, and the body is secondary. To maintain this harmony, you need not to overload yourself with thoughts and carefully monitor your actions. Bright faith in God gives forgiveness and healing. Church attendance and confession should be the norm.

The bell ringing is very soulful for people. It literally fills the body with positive energy. Listening to the chime of bells, you can get rid of fears and anxieties. It is noticed that the sounds of the church bell improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, normalize metabolism. Of course, you should listen to the ringing only live.

Each prayer contains in its text a request for cleansing from sins and deliverance from temptations. If a prayer is aimed at healing from an ailment, then at the moment of its reading it is important to focus your consciousness on positive emotions and faith in God's help. You can turn to the Virgin, as well as to the icons of saints. A prayer for healing the soul for children is pronounced in front of the Tikhvin Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary. From physical and spiritual illnesses, prayer is read in front of the icon of the holy great martyr and healer Panteleimon.

Inner powers for self-healing

In the body of each person are functions that trigger, if necessary, the mechanism of self-healing. The body is endowed with a powerful protective system that prevents the penetration of external and internal pathogens. The daily process of creating new cells by the body helps to increase energy and increase the duration of its life. All this is called self-regeneration. It is possible to stop this process only if you do not believe in the wonderful abilities of the body and do not give your own body what it needs without fail: rest, rational nutrition, reasonable loads.

Only man himself can heal his soul

Indeed, no one else will do it the way a person whose soul is needed to be healed. Of course, you can create a whole team of assistants who will offer their knowledge, experience and support. However, all these people will not be able to do the main thing - to heal. Only he who wants to rid his soul of everything negative can heal it. Because it is a purely personal journey into your own world in which no one else can experience their own emotions or understand how consciousness works. Others may make the right prompts, but all the wisdom of healing the soul belongs only to its owner.

Healing begins with the soul

У души и тела потребности различные. Но когда обе субстанции получают все необходимое для здоровья, наступает гармония. Нельзя ничем пренебрегать, иначе возникнет дисбаланс, и болезни начнут свое наступление. While the science of medicine deals with the treatment of diseases by influencing the body, the healing given by the Higher Forces involves starting it from the soul. After all, the soul is the beginning of existence, and it sighs life into the body. When healing begins with her, everything else will be pulled up and included in the process automatically. But the soul does not need much: live happily, have a goal in life, grow and express your emotions with positive thoughts, words and deeds.

Step Two Cleansing.

What to do with a wound? Handle. Wash, clean, disinfect. So that there is no inflammation. So that the body itself can cope with this. If you do not clean, but simply smear and bandage, healing will not happen. Cleaning is unpleasant, painful, scary. Sometimes cleansing is needed very deep if the wound is too advanced.

It does not even make sense to talk about this for a long time. This goes without saying. When a soul is ill, the same rule applies. To cleanse the heart, cleanse the wounds, live everything, pull it out, let it go.

Step Three The regime of special care and attention.

If you cut your hand, then for some time you protect it, do not swim in the sea, for example, do not carry heavy loads. Follow the doctor’s recommendations. It’s the same with the soul.

When you begin to sort out blockages, you also need a special care regime for yourself. More heat, more respect.

When I lived through childhood injuries - and this period actively lasted about 2-3 years, almost every evening I cried. It took a lot of strength, although it became much easier. Considering that I already had a son, a husband, there was also a need to work with my beloved, it was not easy. Sometimes I could not do anything, so I was crushed by the burden of the past. And I lay all day with my son in bed, we ate food that was not at all healthy, watched cartoons, didn’t walk, I cried, wrote letters, lived. And while physically could not lift herself out of bed.

Many people think that it’s so simple, you think, insults. Just dropped it and went on. Yes, if there are few of them, if they are small and shallow, it is worth doing. When you just stepped on your foot, why should you procrastinate for a long time - let it go and forget it. But if a difficult life has stood out, and so much has accumulated that it’s even difficult to breathe?

Do not listen to any "gurus of positive thinking." Like, smile and everything will pass. If you stick a smile, raise your hand and say: “hell with him” - all this will not go anywhere. Remains inside, even deeper. You need to pull this out.

The longer you deny your pain, the deeper it penetrated. All the more time and effort is required to get it all.

Find an opportunity to rest and recover when you start this process. No, this is not the time when you are sitting on the phone or watching TV. This is the time when you relax and fill up. Walking in nature, prayers, meditation, taking care of your body, massage, aromatherapy, the ability to just sleep during the day, go to bed earlier, the energy-saving mode in communication. Do not pile on yourself much during this period.

The stronger you can dive, disconnecting from everything else, the faster you can go through this process. Sometimes it’s useful to set aside a vacation of 2-3 months for intensive cleansing and healing.

Family, by the way, is not an obstacle to this. Just remove from your head all the super tasks and attempts to manage everything. Get by with simple dishes, delegate household chores, communicate more, walk together.

Relax - both physically and emotionally. And take care of yourself, be attentive to your soul.

The fourth step. Continuous wound treatment.

Disinfecting once is not enough. You know, we have such a world, bacteria here and there. Not only physical microbes, but also microbes of the soul, here and there they are sitting and ready to pounce.

And while the body is weakened, it needs to be helped. Clearing in time all that can again start the process of inflammation.

For example, if you are working with a relationship with your mother, it is sometimes useful to take a break in a relationship of 2-3 months, so that the wounds heal, so as not to cut back to life. Mom hasn’t changed, she can do the same thing again, she will hurt you again. If you gave yourself the opportunity to live and get stronger, then it will be easier for you to meet the “new blow”.

Or if we are talking about the body, it’s rather strange to starve for a week, remove toxins, and run to McDonald’s the next day, right? It is necessary to gently leave the diet, detox, fasting. It is necessary to approach this very carefully, then from fasting and detox there will be an effect.

When you live a pain in your heart, you should carefully monitor the place that hurts. Avoid new situations that can aggravate the pain, do not provoke new conflicts.

Step Five Immunity.

Yes, strengthen immunity. It is always good. Then the wounds heal faster, and many bacteria die before you notice them.

Mental immunity also needs to be strengthened. Prayers, spiritual practice, reading the scriptures.

And purification itself, by the way, is also a step to strengthen immunity. When immunity is strong, it’s easier for you to forgive people, not to get involved in scandals, not to be provoked, to see the good in people and forget the bad.

Step Six Lifestyle change.

If you jumped from the roof and broke your leg, even after its healing you should not climb onto the roof again. We must draw our conclusions and change our lifestyle. Gastritis has earned - change your diet. Slipped fell - change shoes. They broke a tooth, trying to open the teeth lock - henceforth do it with a knife, for example. That is, you need to change in order to prevent a relapse of the disease.

With the soul as well. It is necessary to change the way of life, so as not to step all the time on the same rake. Change your lifestyle to a cleaner and more blissful one. Remove from life that causes too much pain. Dealing with relationships to be in them was joyful. Deal with the body, so that being in it was also a joy.

These are the simple six steps to healing that we go through if we want to be cured. At each level. And we will talk about this in more detail later.

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Love as a healing soul

The energy of love has tremendous healing power. Love and soul healing are inextricably linked. Sent to the point in the body where it is most needed, love heals it with the renewing effect of the strength of the soul and mind. The power of thought causes a shift in attention from the problem found to the search for a solution to eliminate it. The soul can “see” the pain and fill the sore spot with absolute love. This great feeling can exist only in the present, that is, where self-healing should take place.

The right concentration

Healing is closely connected with the law of attraction in the world of thought. The return of the soul to the analysis of their own actions, relationships with friends, their state of health is considered the best way to properly focus their thoughts. It helps to become what you think. And everything that you think about necessarily exists somewhere in the Universe.

People are so arranged that sooner or later they begin to draw closer to themselves that which they actually absolutely do not need in life. To attract what you want, you need to fundamentally change this wrong process.

Help hobbies and pleasures

Life is so arranged that it has to be filled with duties and obligations. Many people get used to the idea that pleasures and hobbies are not for them, because they have no time for a pleasant pastime. Thus, they doom themselves to spiritual hunger. You can begin to correct the situation by compiling a list of several ways to give yourself pleasure. And, of course, try to fulfill them.

Forgiveness Is A Close Path To Love

If the heart is filled with negative emotions - sadness, anxiety, hostility - it is useless to look for at least a small place for kindness in it. And without this bright feeling it is difficult to be healthy spiritually and physically. Forgiveness releases a charge of negative emotions with which unhealthy thoughts are filled, eliminates stagnation in energy flows to ensure a stable connection with the soul. And this is a direct path to recovery. The connection of love with the soul is undeniable, and the healing of the female soul through love is obvious.

Forgiveness with the help of correctly selected impulses extinguishes fear and an unhealthy mood that suppresses all the positive emotions of the body. Forgiveness gives impetus to the beginning of the restoration process. There is an increase in the protective functions of the immune system, reduced disposition to diseases.

Change is the right step to healing

The natural process of human development can already be considered one of the changes. Internal changes occur with every new thought. Changes in psychology help to overcome the steps of their past into the present, and then into the future. Sometimes quick but correct changes can lead to quick healing of the body. The secrets of the soul are endless, but the image of spiritual healing proposed by the soul will always remind you that if something happened to thoughts, the body can also become ill. Transformation initially involves forgiveness, the next step in change is love. Forgiving himself for rash acts and people for the insults, a person increases the space for fresh thoughts. Thus, the heart seems to expand to accommodate more love.

When people get sick, their soul and body seek healing, in other words, they want change. They send alarm signals that a malfunction has occurred in the body. So, between them a stable connection disappeared, and this became the reason for the change in the state of man and his well-being. The best way to heal the soul and body is to change yourself, change your mind, change your lifestyle.

The French philosopher Henri Bergson once said: "To live means to change, and to change means to grow up." Wonderful words, to which you can only add the dictum of the same Henri Bergson: "To grow up - means, each time to create yourself anew."