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How to decorate the wall in the room with your own hands: the best decor ideas


The design of the room consists not only of major interior designers, but also of small, and sometimes very small elements that can introduce relevant and very necessary accents to our interior that determine the mood of the room.

These accents include wall decor, so the questions of how to decorate walls and how to decorate walls are very relevant today.

And more and more often, amateurs to experiment with the interior are interested in how to decorate the walls with their own hands, because sometimes the proposed design solutions for decor, which can be bought in a specialized supermarket, cost a lot of money, and wall decor with their own hands is much cheaper.

When your nursery, bedroom, living room or kitchen is just after renovation. You have just arranged your furniture, and it seems that something is missing, just think about how to decorate the walls, and possibly how to decorate the walls with your own hands.

In our article, we presented you wonderful examples of how to decorate rooms with our own hands.

You will learn how to decorate a wall with your own hands, using simple methods for decorating and decorating walls.

We have also prepared for you a huge photo collection on the theme “Wall Decor: How to Decorate the Walls of Rooms in a House”, which presents amazing photo ideas on how to decorate walls so that it is stylish, original and interesting.

How to decorate the walls of the room - paintings and shelves

The traditional answer to the question of how to decorate the walls are paintings. It is paintings - this is a universal solution to the wall decor of any room in the house.

Note that today the paintings are presented in a huge abundance of options. And if you do not have money for the originals, you can always pick up beautiful reproductions that will look stylish in your interior design.

The original wall decor does not just mean placing one picture in the center of the wall.

Yes, of course, even with one picture you can very pleasantly refresh the interior of any room. But you can choose the most different ways of decorating walls using paintings.

So you can arrange several paintings in the same style on different walls, lay out a set of paintings of different sizes on the same wall, decorate the wall with a large number of paintings of different sizes and shapes. Ideas for decorating the walls with paintings, you will see below.

Another way than to decorate the walls, in particular, than to decorate the walls with your own hands, which can be attributed to the traditional options, is wall decor with all kinds of shelves of different shapes and sizes.

If you make an original shelf with your own hands, come up with an original shape and choose a color that will harmoniously blend with the interior of the room, you will get a wonderful option on how to decorate a wall with your own hands without a lot of money.

If you want to get a fashionable interior, but you do not have the skills and craftsmanship in this business, you can buy a beautiful wall decor in the form of shelves and shelving in a furniture and decor store.

How to decorate a wall without any troubles: hours

Further on our list of ways to decorate the walls of a room, a clock takes its place.

Today, watches are present on every gadget, so the need for them in the form of decor is significantly reduced.

Nevertheless, many, deciding how to decorate the wall of a room, choose the watch of various shapes, sizes and styles, because it is always beautiful, relevant and, in the end, will never be superfluous.

Wall decor in the form of large antique clocks located in the wall, clocks formed from paintings, photographs, figures, watches of various shapes and sizes, nowadays popular, glued to the wall, creating a 3D effect of a 3D dial.

A watch is a good and useful idea on how to decorate a room’s wall beautifully and tastefully.

How to decorate walls: many mirrors

Mirrors will help to make the interior design original. Wall decor with mirrors can not only look very unusual, but also become a useful factor in expanding the space of a room.

And it’s not necessary that you use large mirrors. You can decorate the walls with compositions of small mirrors, combining them according to one or another principle.

You can lay out mirrors by grouping them with paintings or plates, which will also look very original.

Framing plays an important role in mirror decor, so make sure it matches the room’s design style.

How to decorate the walls: photos and drawings

If you have a happy family, then the suitcase with photos in your bins is definitely hidden. The next answer to the question of how to decorate the walls of the room will be compositions from photographs.

By choosing the original photo frames in the same style, you can arrange photo panels on the wall, presenting the whole story of your life.

Creating a photo collage is not at all difficult. Note that family photos are perfect for the living room and bedroom, and in the kitchen you can decorate the wall with photo compositions of imprinted fruits, vegetables, spices, which make a bright accent in your interior.

Also, beautiful wall decor from photographs can be supplemented with children's drawings. Such originally designed walls always attract the attention of guests and for a long time delight the household with positive emotions about the past tense.

How to decorate walls with inscriptions, stickers, applications

The modern version of how to decorate the walls with your own hands with inscriptions, applications and glued elements will appeal to lovers of a stylish interior.

Wall decor with huge inscriptions, applications and stickers in the form of animals, trees, flowers, butterflies and other figures is very popular today especially among young people.

Such wall decor will immediately solve the problem than decorating the walls in the nursery, living room, bedroom, creating a stunningly stylish interior design through wall decoration.

Butterflies, flowering trees, intricate abstractions, imitations of cities, etc. will appear on your walls.

Positive inscriptions will be a good motivator for your excellent mood and energy boost for the whole day.

How to decorate the walls in the room: 3D wallpaper and photo wallpaper

Probably, you will not surprise anyone anymore in such a way as decorating walls, like 3D wallpapers and photo wallpapers.

Nevertheless, the demand for these technologies is not in doubt, because with the help of 3D wallpapers and photo wallpapers you can create stunning design options for any room.

Most often, 3D wallpapers and photo wallpapers adorn only part of the room, in particular one or two walls.

3D wallpapers and photo wallpapers can be made in a variety of subjects. Cities, gardens, forests, streets, the sea, landscapes, impressionistic and expressive masterpieces can appear on your walls thanks to the drawings on the wallpaper.

Wallpapers for a children's room will become a very good option, because drawings in the form of fairy-tale characters, the underwater world, the pirate theme, etc. will be very interesting for the kids.

Today, there are a lot of ideas on how to decorate walls. We have collected for you, our dear readers, photo tips on how to decorate the walls of the room so that you can realize the original ideas proposed by the designers in your own home.

Rules for decorating walls in a living room

Thinking about how you can decorate the wall in the room with your own hands, you can not ignore the recommendations of experts. Without observing the simple and logical advice of design and decoration specialists, one cannot achieve the desired result.

  1. Matching the decor to the style of the room is an important principle of decorating walls in an apartment or house. Agree, it would be ridiculous for a Scandinavian-style living room in the spirit of a "winter fairy tale" to be decorated with murals with palm trees and ocean views. Or in a bedroom with a palace interior to place knitted toys - characters from modern cartoons.
  2. Wall decor should not fill all vertical planes. It is advisable for a collage, exposure, modular paintings or wall decor in the room to do one accent wall with your own hands. Attention will be riveted to it, and it will be more interesting to consider the most interesting elements.

Decorative composition plays the role of an accent, while it occupies a smaller part of the wall

“Slice” of autumn on the windowsill in the living room

Modular paintings radically change the interior of a room

Following these simple recommendations of designers, everyone will cope with any decorations on the walls, but it is better to do them yourself.

Drawings on the walls

Many are mistaken in the belief that only people with the talent of an artist can decorate a wall in a room. But many do not even assume that real talent is dozing in them, even they do not know how to draw. Beautifully placed finished elements, too, not everyone can. But why not try yourself in some affordable technique?

A simple drawing can be quite spectacular.

To do this, you need a smooth wall with painting and the image that you want to see on it. Without much work, you can do hand-painted wall decoration with your own hands.

Drawing options:

1.Stencil sprayingIt is important to prepare a beautiful perforated pattern, work carefully so as not to stain the walls and floors.
2.Black and white square silhouettePictures in the style of “Choi is alive” or “John Lennon is alive” according to the finished sketch, we enlarge the image and gradually fill in the square.
3.We draw prints or printsDip a lemon slice or a beautiful autumn leaf, a textured roller or a specially prepared carved blank into paint.
4.Paint with fingers and paintAn original technique for a children's room that will appeal to adults and children.
5.Fill color blocksThe preliminary markup transferred from the image you like is painted over with the necessary shades.

Using texture painting, you can give the wall a bump or create a bright accent in the interior of the room

A student of an art school can depict a real masterpiece for a nominal fee. Those who want something special, but are not sure of their talents, are recommended to invite a friend or acquaintance who will make a sketch or a full-fledged drawing. For example, if you know a talented teenager who is fond of graffiti, give the opportunity to realize themselves in your interior. Offer for a pack of chips and a can of cola to decorate the wall in the hallway (another room) with your own hands, after having approved the sketch.

Mixed technique also looks beautiful - a combination of several techniques, for example, decorative plaster, modeling and painting.

A chic option - a picture with a volumetric effect

Attention! Any pattern is applied only to the prepared base - a smoothly plastered wall with a paint or other coating that will not get wet during decoration.

The simple idea of ​​decorating a white wall with colored geometric patterns using stencils

Paper application

The budget way - you can decorate the wall in the room with your own hands made of paper, today it is a trend. Identical elements on an accent surface and voluminous large-format flowers of a common color with wallpaper look luxuriously looked.

Colored paper, glue and scissors - everything you need for a paper application in the form of a tree

Specialists use different types of material:

  • metallized paper or foil,
  • thin black tracing paper
  • corrugated, dense and thin cardboard,
  • toilet paper, wrapping paper, creased paper, colored paper and velvet paper,
  • iridescent “hologram”
  • wallpaper remnants
  • stickers
  • newspapers, magazines, posters, etc.

From all that can be cut with scissors and glued to the wall, a person with a creative approach is able to create exclusive jewelry on the wall with his own hands, as in the photo.

World map from old newspapers

Corrugated Brick Wall

Exhibition exposition on the wall

A free wall is a great opportunity to show your talents to your household and guests, especially if enough exhibits have accumulated. The home exhibition is hosted in different ways:

  • a small rack by the wall
  • glass or wooden shelves,
  • hanging elements on brackets,
  • scattered objects on suction cups or cloves.

The exposition is an excellent solution for those who do not know how to decorate the wall in the room with their own hands. Someone is fond of making dolls or toys, others knit or embroider something, make original crafts from plastic bottles. If the products are made at a decent artistic level, they can be put on public display. At the same time there will be an original decor for an empty corner or wall.

Bright composition in the style of pop art.

Live paintings and ponds

Today, many are fond of succulents and cacti, but they are still gaining popularity of living pictures from these plants that accumulate moisture. Knowing the secrets of making “flower designers” within the framework, it’s easy to make an original creation in the style of eco-design from them.

Wall painting of living succulents

Enthusiasts are not limited to paintings, hanging planters or closed florariums against the wall. Specialists know how to decorate an entire wall in a room with their own hands using living plants.

To create a living wall, moss is often used, which is perfect for the general background of the composition.

No less interesting is the aquarium in the form of a flat picture with diode illumination. A large pond on a stable base is a great way to zoning or replacing a wall between adjacent rooms.

The aquarium built into the partition fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen and living room

Pictures or photo gallery?

Lovers of home comfort in retro style are well aware of how to decorate the wall with their own photos. To do this, it is recommended to select the most interesting photos and images that are similar in meaning. Today, everyone has access to digital processing and photoshop, with which you can transform old pictures:

  • crop, increase or decrease,
  • run in one format,
  • make it brighter and more contrast
  • add color or, convert to black and white photo,
  • pass through color filters,
  • apply a more radical treatment.

Drawn up finished photographs in frames (purchased or made by yourself). Next, you need to prepare enough space for decorating the wall with photos. The placement can be linear, chaotic or curly, for example, in the form of a heart, circle or steps.

The same techniques are used for an impromptu picture gallery. They can belong to one author, make up a single plot.

Galleries of various subjects may be present in neighboring rooms.

Pictures are suitable for decorating almost any wall

In the nursery, the originally pasted picture of puzzles scattering around the edges is appropriate.

How to decorate a wall in a room in an original way so as not to copy anyone?

In principle, there are no restrictions on how to beautifully decorate a wall in a room. Use any materials and ideas:

    The diode ribbon and luminous tubes as the basis for the inscriptions and contours are the designer “trick" for the decoration of rooms with insufficient lighting (electricians must mount the equipment).

A recent popular trend is bright neon signs.

Wall panel with mirror beams of different lengths

Unusual watch dial with pictures instead of numbers

Any composition can be laid out from broken tiles.

Drawn door with a “slice” of Venice

For the original decor of a regular photo frame, you will need only one tree branch

Profiles, drywall, moldings, self-tapping screws, putty and paint - not so many materials are needed to make a decorative fireplace

Beautiful foam inscription over the head of the bed

This winter composition is easy to make from a dry branch, just remove the bark and cover the tree with varnish

Decorative plates will come in handy, if they are decorated in the style of the room

There are many other ideas on how to decorate a wall in a room, but it is better to bring something of your own. And in our gallery only photos with the most simple ideas to implement are selected.

Unusual shelves

The decorative shelf performs both aesthetic and practical functions.

This is a wonderful decoration of the interior, and a good solution for those who do not have time for creativity and are not ready for serious changes.

Forget the creepy photo murals from the 90s - modern brethren far surpass them in quality and amaze your imagination with their realism.

Design approach

Almost all the styles of interior decoration that are popular today are modern, hi-tech, minimalism, etc. - suggest light one-colored walls. The design is light and unobtrusive, but after a while I want something more vivid, some accents. And the best way to add these accents is to decorate the walls. Smooth and smooth they serve as the perfect backdrop.

Panel and collages

The easiest way is to make a wall panel of identical small fragments, paint them in colors close to the main one, or play with one of the additional colors already present in the interior.

Simple panels look good in any interior

Collages are suitable for wall decoration. They can be made from photographs - from a personal album, celebrities, natural or city landscapes, animals, birds ... and anything else. Reproductions of paintings, even simply multi-colored fragments pasted, for example, with wallpaper-companions, are also suitable.

Collage of wallpaper on the wall

Если стиль помещения ближе к поп-арт или любому другому авангардному направлению, правильно подобрать тематику, да и цветовое оформление коллажа тяжелее. This is closer to art than just design. As an example, you can play with images or reproductions of avant-garde artists in different colors.

This is closer to art

Moreover, it is far from necessary to wall holes under each frame. The solution can be borrowed from the galleries: to hang a cornice under the ceiling - ordinary or string, and wall elements to be attached to it on a thick fishing line. Changing the exposure in this case is a matter of several tens of minutes.

Since ancient times, walls have been decorated with triptychs, they only used painting earlier. You can paint the walls today, but this requires considerable talent. For those who did not succeed with painting, there is another option - to divide the image (photograph) you like into several fragments and in this form to place on the wall.

A very simple wall decoration, but it looks great

The method is simple, but gives an interesting effect. And so that everything looks more voluminous, make a basis for each fragment. You can use thin wooden slats, beat them with fiberboard, even with dense even cardboard, cut pieces of insulation - thin foam.

In the form of a traditional triptych

The style of the image, the predominant color, choose based on the general style of the room and the shades available in the interior. It is not necessary that the image consist only of such tones, but the primary colors must be present. This is the only way to connect the wall decoration with the rest of the decoration into a single whole. If you still can’t find a suitable image, you can use a black and white photo. It also looks very impressive. Only with photographs, the frames should be almost flat - pieces of hard thick cardboard and that's it.

Collage photo on the wall

We decorate the walls with photos

In general, the idea of ​​decorating the wall with photographs gives the dwelling a personality. Even strict cold minimalism becomes more comfortable. If you are tired of the cold design of your home - add a few photos with or without frames - and immediately feel the atmosphere as “warmer”.

A few photos will make the interior more homely.

Moreover, you can hang a photo on the walls according to the same principle - on fishing lines attached to a baguette under the ceiling.

Wood and stone decoration

If you consider wall decoration as something more global, stylish and permanent, you can turn to materials such as wood and stone. This will already be a stationary decor, which you can hardly quickly change. But the degree of decorativeness is an order of magnitude higher.

Volumetric wooden wall - stylish decor

You can brighten the gloom and coldness of the stone by highlighting warm tones. Fragments do not have to be even. The “torn” edge is even more interesting from the point of view of decorativeness, but it is very inconvenient from the point of view of the hostesses - it’s hard to clean.

The same idea, but in stone and enhanced by backlight

Live decorations from plants

Very unusual live decorations on the walls. These are the so-called "green walls." Living plants are planted to some extent. They are selected in different colors, types, with different leaf shapes. You can make such a composition in the form of a picture in a frame, with mandatory backlighting. Only it will be necessary not to forget to regularly water the decor ...

Green picture of plants - an unusual way to decorate the walls

It’s a little easier to create climbing plants. They are planted in a long container, a fishing line is tied, and lashes are distributed over it. Properly selected plants look great. The only negative is that the “decor” has been growing for a long time.

Live border on the ceiling

Another version of a living picture from plants

We make a decoration for the walls with our own hands

There are many ideas for wall decor in a room that are easy to implement on your own. Perhaps the most popular are stickers or stickers. There are many ready-made ones that just need to be glued, but it is not always possible to find exactly what you want. But you can always do what you dreamed with your own hands.

Paper wall decor: butterflies, flowers, hearts

It is very simple to make volumetric wall decor from colored paper. Only it should be double-sided - the sheets should be painted on both sides. We will also need double-sided tape, and also pencil, scissors, maybe cardboard.

In romantic interiors - children's rooms for girls - you can decorate the walls with butterflies or flowers. The easiest way to cut patterns from cardboard of different sizes. It is convenient to circle them with a finely honed pencil, then cut them along the drawn lines.

Decorate the wall with butterflies - cute and unexpected

If we are talking about butterflies, then they need to bend the “wings”, leaving the body straight. Glue a small piece of double-sided tape to the body (for now, remove the protective coating on only one side). On this Velcro it will be possible to glue the decoration to any surface.

How to make butterflies on the wall with your own hands

From such multi-colored butterflies you can make pictures. The main thing is the idea and the desire to realize it.

Butterfly Paintings

Flowers are made on the same principle from the same two-sided colored paper. Moreover, simple daisies look like decoration more graphically than more complex ones (poppies, roses, etc.). Cutting them, the petals are slightly bent, Velcro is glued to the middle. It turns out volumetric decoration.

Paper wall decor - volumetric flowers

Another romantic option is hearts. They are also cut out of paper, only the cutout is made deeper. Then joining and gluing the cut part, give the decor volume. They are fixed in the same way - on pieces of double-sided tape.

Decoration for the wall - hearts

Wall decorations made of thread and carnations

Don't know how to decorate a wall in an original way? You can make very interesting things out of thread. They take some kind of foundation - a wooden board, for example, a silhouette is filled with carnations on it.

Do-it-yourself unusual wall decor

Between the carnations, the threads are pulled, creating a three-dimensional pattern. You can use any thread, for example, floss.

Decorative wall decorations

In this technique, you can make almost any image.

Examples of finished work

One more example

To make a panel

Making a wonderful mural for a bedroom or room is easy. We need to take a dense insulation - polystyrene or something similar 2-3 cm thick.

Panel for the wall

Cut the foam into equal or different sized strips, wrap with a suitable cloth or wallpaper. It is easiest to fix them with brackets from a construction stapler.

To make the panel easy to attach, brackets are attached to them (for example, on glue). On one of the fragments - one-colored - you can apply a drawing. It can be done using a stencil, you can find some kind of pattern, cut it out and paste it.

Everything is easy and simple, in a few tens of minutes the panel is ready. Several options in the photo below.

Decoration for the walls of the kitchen

The first opportunity is to make a panel, but with a “kitchen” pattern. For example, a photo of coffee beans, a cup of coffee or some other similar images. You can make a decorative panel using even ordinary things - for example, cutlery and dishes.

Decor for the walls of the kitchen can be made from cutlery or crockery

More traditional is the use of plates brought from different countries. They are both a decoration and a reminder of a pleasant time.

Plates on the wall - and it's nice to remember about traveling and beautifully

The second way to arrange the plates is on the shelves

Another way to decorate an empty wall in the kitchen is to use stickers. They can be ready-made - you can find them on sale, or you can cut them out of any images and stick them on double-sided tape.

Wall stickers