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Tip 1: How to become soft


More and more people, especially teenagers, are interested in how to become insensitive. Emotion is good. But not always. Life is unpredictable, there are ups and downs in it. And just the last of some particularly emotional, kind, sympathetic and vulnerable people can seriously hurt. If this happens regularly, you have to somehow ignore the situation. And the question of how to become cold and insensitive comes to the mind of many. Just in order to no longer feel pain, not to feel the sorrows of failure. This is not the best solution, but in some situations the only way to be saved. There are some tips that will definitely help you bring this idea to life.

Not everything is given

Just take your time. To begin with, think carefully about whether you want to rid yourself of emotions. Often, restoring them is more difficult than eliminating them. By the way, not everyone is given to be insensitive.

Remember: the true lack of emotion is few who have observed. Usually cruelty and composure in a person’s blood. If there is a predisposition to these traits, then solving our today's question will be easy and simple. Otherwise, you will literally step on the throat of yourself and your internal structure.

Often how to become an insensitive person, responsive kind people think. Moreover, the unforgettable. They will have to seriously work on themselves. As practice shows, such people are not capable of realizing the idea. Unless for a while. And then inside there will be a feeling of guilt. But true composure does not allow this.

Return to misery

The first rule that can only help is a return to your suffering. Each person has some kind of memories that bring pain or huge resentment. It is to them that you will have to turn in the subconscious mind every time you are covered with positive emotions.

Usually at first it becomes very painful to experience negative moments. But at one point this feeling disappears. And you do not care. Once you achieve this, it will be easier to solve the task.

Try to remember all the negative events at once, in bulk. Only in this way can you fully answer how to become insensitive. Yes, this may seem impossible, but with prolonged practice you will notice obvious changes in your behavior.

Lack of attention

The second rule is to ignore nothing. Neither for people, nor for any events. Forget about holidays, about relatives, about friends. It’s enough sometimes not to wish someone a happy birthday once, so that they begin to consider you cold-blooded.

Yes, at the very beginning it will be difficult. Especially when your favorite holiday comes or some bright, pleasing, emotional event occurs. But you should not just ignore him, but meet with complete indifference. Until you learn this, it will not work to become an insensitive person. After all, such people usually rarely show their emotions. Most often, their faces show complete indifference to everything.

Say no to help

A very interesting fact is that refusing to help someone instantly makes you a cruel, bad person. Even if you really are simply not able to help or refuse for some specific, justified reasons. So, to figure out how to become an insensitive creature, you just need not to help people. That is, in general. Absolutely. Even the little things. Remember: helping is very unprofitable. Especially close people. They often require you to do something that will harm you. In addition, help in practice evokes positive emotions. And you don’t need it. After all, the main task facing you is to completely get rid of emotions.

Please note that you must always refuse. And even if help is vital. Initially, this will not be easy. But with time you will get used to it. By the way, very often this step makes life much easier. You will not do anything to the detriment of yourself.


Are you often offended? Or maybe you just succumb to eternal emotional tyranny? Gather strength and courage. and mirror the behavior. Do not be afraid to hurt your offenders for life. However, like all other people.

What does it mean? Treat your offenders exactly as they treat you. Anyway, who is this relative or just a friend / acquaintance. Take an example from people who hurt you. They are usually just perfect role models. After all, the ability to offend for the living is a good skill for a cruel person.

What to do with those who communicate with you with kindness and friendliness? Mirroring will not help here - it is a charge of unnecessary positive emotions. Therefore, just take an example from your offenders: try to distance yourself from such personalities, constantly tell them something offensive, unpleasant. Over time, this will become your habit.

Full control

And here is the golden rule that you should always remember. If you want to understand how to become insensitive, you need to take control of all your emotions. How to do this? There is no exact algorithm here. Just a few tips.

To get started, choose a profession that makes you suppress emotions. For example, a doctor. There you will be able to teach some things that will help bring our current idea to life.

Also a good way to control emotions are a variety of psychological courses and trainings. They are called - "Emotion under control." True, they are more taught to restrain the negative. But similar principles can be interpreted for positive feelings.

In the end, try to keep everything good inside yourself and suppress it yourself. Think: "Everything is bad." And repeat it to yourself constantly. Even if everything is just wonderful. Sooner or later you will notice how you learned to control emotions. In this case, it remains only to always maintain a stone, emotionless face when communicating.

It's all. Just before you become cruel and insensitive, think carefully about whether you really need it. It will be harder to regain emotions. Pain is always easier to survive than to drown out.

The content of the article

Historically, the man defended, supported the family, and the woman was the guardian of the hearth. She created coziness, gave birth and raised children, and in any danger she called for help from her husband. Today, everything has changed. Quite often, a woman provides herself, buys herself a house, a car. But in her soul, she can dream of a strong companion who will discover femininity in her.

Signs of a weak woman

You need to figure out what makes a woman strong and what is weak. The very first is a reaction to problems. A confident girl does not lose heart when difficulties arise, she immediately begins to figure out how to solve everything. She plans and takes action. What would a weak lady do? She would cry, well, or at least be upset. She allows herself to express her emotions. Indeed, experiences happen in any case, but the feminine person knows how to release them, does not store them inside.

A strong woman does not know how to ask for help or does not know how to accept her. It’s easier for her to do everything herself. She would rather be alone than be humbled by request. Its opposite, on the contrary, understands that much is beyond its power, and those around it will better cope with it. She may come up with a problem for her husband, just familiar men, parents or friends.

A strong woman controls everything. Everything is on schedule, everything is clearly thought out. She is constantly tense, she needs to know about everything. Information is its trump card. A weak woman understands that she has little effect on her; she observes life more, contemplates what is happening. She is more often in the present moment, and does not run away into the future, into plans.

A strong woman looks strong. Most often she is dressed stylishly, but comfortably. The image should be suitable for driving a car, for working meetings. In her wardrobe, long dresses and accessories of a feminine type are rarely found. Strong women are like men, like watches, unisex bracelets, but do not understand lace and ruffles. The opposite image of femininity, it is soft, smooth, and in the city may not be very comfortable, but beautiful. Dresses, sundresses, heels, jewelry and sophisticated details betray helplessness.

How to become a weak woman

First you need to accept that there are more masculine traits in the character. You need to want to become more feminine. Only desire can change a lot. Analyze exactly where your strength is manifested, think about in what actions you behave strangely. And consciously begin to change your behavior.

Need to break the habit. Before reacting somehow, stop, think about how a weak woman would act. Take your time with movements, be smoother. Start by changing clothes, try asking for help. Do not carry weight, do not try to be independent. But it is important to gradually change without causing inconvenience. The biggest transformations occur when a person observes his actions and changes them, understanding what he wants to get in the end. Draw an image that you will strive for, and step by step go to it, changing your world.

Why is it worth being tougher?

Rigidity will allow you to defend your interests, principles and opinions. This is more important than it seems at first glance. Defending your interests, you provide yourself with the best conditions in this situation. You do not miss your opportunities and chances.

Girls will consider you more attractive. Girls often abandon guys because they are spineless and weak-willed. And strong men, who can be bad, are always in girls' preference.

You will achieve your goal faster if you are tougher. Dobrenkie often give way to others, allowing them to take their places and even take away what was rightfully yours. A more rigid line of behavior allows you to wipe out opponents yourself and achieve what you want.

How to look tougher?

If you want to change, you need to start with appearance and behavior. Strong and cruel people are easily distinguished in the crowd. They are given out by behavior and body language. They look directly into the eyes and do not look away cowardly. They do not slouch and do not look pinched. A strong person behaves calmly, evenly and restrained. His voice is firm, loud and calm.

How to become tougher in character?

Start to change gradually. Start defending your interests at work and in life. Refuse people who are trying to shift their work to you. Say no to people who use and try to ride your neck.

Do not agree to help people right away, it can be bound by obligations that you do not need. Say that you will give an answer later when you think carefully. This will allow you to not get any unnecessary problems in the heat of the day without advising analysis. Do not become a victim and hostage to other people's problems. Take care of improving your life, not a stranger.

Be tougher and bolder in life. Defend your rights and interests. Do not be silent and do not act. This is your life and no one will take care of you. Why do people who come from the village often achieve more than from the city? They are more rigid, rude and even sometimes arrogant. Go and take yours, but cheerfully snot snot and do not stand aside. In life, you have to push other people with your elbows, if you want to achieve the goal, and not envy the winners. Only strong people achieve their goals and achieve their dreams.

Sports become more confident, stronger and tougher. A strong body raises confidence, endurance and strength of character to a new level. With the growth of physical strength, the calculation of inner confidence.

As one hero of the movie “Rock and Roll” from director Guy Ritchie said: “No, I don’t have a penchant for cruelty, but it’s just that sometimes it’s impossible to do anything”

It is impossible to become tougher in one day, but quite real in a few months. Get out of your comfort zone, fight offenders, take your own and conquer the girls. Be tougher in nature and achieve victories, otherwise nothing ...