Useful Tips

How to survive a break after a long relationship


  1. You need to understand that very rare relationships last your whole life!
    Sooner or later, you may have some kind of discord or rupture, and you will part.
  2. There must be an understanding that in this world, in principle, there is nothing so super stable so that it would never go away and collapse.

Understanding this 1 advice from a psychologist on how to survive a breakup with a loved one greatly strengthens your knowledge.

2. Find your favorite activity that you want to do and be passionate about completely and with great passion.

  • Regarding your life, in principle, finding your occupation that you want to do, you want to live and be passionate - it strongly strengthens you emotionally and from all sides!
  • Having it, you will not be so jarred and thrown into panic at some loss, even if you broke up with your loved one.
  • Your favorite hobby, hobby, your own path, energy and passion invested in it very much recharge you, give you a goal in life, give a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment from life.
  • Thanks to them, you forget about gray everyday life, completely penetrate the process, forgetting everyday little things and breaks. You no longer worry about what to do if you are abandoned or how to survive it.
  • Having broken the relationship, now you can completely immerse yourself in your favorite business and fully stay and grow with it further.
  • For example, it can be your projects, business ideas, events, your creativity, financial plans, hobbies and your favorite sport. Who on what much.

Always remember your favorite hobby and passion, put it in the first place now, and then you will no longer need the advice of a psychologist on how to survive a breakup with your girlfriend or young man.

3. Realize that relations in any situation cannot be a mission and a goal in life.

  1. Social programming suggests that the relationship is supposedly - the most important component in life. That is, building relationships, people make the main component of life. This is a very common thing that can now be observed.
  2. She's so Hollywood and from the movies or from some hidden childhood dreams. It occurs in both men and women. And if you do not get rid of this illusion, you will still need the advice of a psychologist on how to survive a break with your loved one.
  3. There is another wrong belief in people. People come to their soulmate as if under the bosom of a tree from work or study with the conviction "but here it will be good for me."
    And if this happens in your head, then, as a rule, it does not justify hopes.
  4. Sooner or later the illusions will collapse. To some extent, people can create each other this illusion, then it all crumbles just to pieces.

Relationships are definitely important.

In them we can realize ourselves, let another person realize, establish emotional contact with a partner, make our own and his life easier.

But in general, they cannot be a mission.

Illusions of girls

On the part of girls, such a thing is more often present in the head. And therefore, they often need help and various advice from a psychologist on how to survive a breakup with a beloved man.

Girls elevate relationships to a higher rank because they have such a biological factor as family and child.

Your cant is that you had to be distracted from the hard clinging to relationships and making them a goal in life.

This will only make you worse, because sooner or later the illusions will begin to break, and you will again think about what to do when your beloved has left you.

4. Do not let yourself slip into an emotional pit after breaking up

  1. It is very important when such breaks occur. and critical moments, this is not to allow yourself to slide into an emotional pit. Some people get depressed. You can find out about ways to get rid of depression in another publication. They can last not one day, but even a week or two. It can really undermine you.
  2. Emotionally, the problem can be completely trifling. But, for example, a man can so emotionally slide into this gap that he will have a desire to go to the mountains, become a monk and do nothing else in this life or go headlong into business, forgetting about women in general.
  3. Although in fact, not everything is so serious. Anything can happen. Do not wind yourself, do not make an elephant out of a fly, and know everything about how to survive a breakup with a girl after a long relationship or many years of marriage.

First find harmony with yourself and solve the problem inside

If you have an unstable emotional state, depression, then first deal with this.

Some people go to extremes after the break and rather run to look for a new partner.

And this supposedly will be a solution to the problem. This supposedly closes questions about how to survive the pain of parting with a loved one.

Is this really a solution?

What mistakes do people make?

People simply patch their soul wound with a plaster, they are looking for a replacement, rather than dealing with themselves.

This throwing from one extreme to another does not end with anything good.

Accept the state in which you are now, see it and tell yourself: “Yes, now I am not quite in harmony with myself after the break. Well, nothing, I’ll solve this issue first, and then we'll see. ”

Stop looking for love from the outside, first love yourself. Learn more about how to love yourself, written in a new FeelPassion article.

Keep this in mind and no longer need the advice of a psychologist on how to survive a breakup with your husband.

6. What your brain can do with you: an analogy with a hackneyed record

  • All your memories of past lovewhen everything was good, bloomed and smelled - it was just an appearance.
    If that balance were maintained, then it would be true. And so this is an illusory appearance. This is already like a hackneyed record, which, moreover, has cracked.
  • How is the brain joking with you? When you had a break and there were a lot of jambs that you don’t even want to remember, your brain throws this hackneyed record to you.
  • You put this broken record in your head, where the melody is no longer playing, but an incomprehensible rattle sounds, a miserable semblance of a melody and some unpleasant sounds.
  • This record does not need to be repaired!
    You just need to find what you really need!
  • No need to even try to come back. It's not worth it.
    Approach the situation soberly, and you will know everything about how to start living after breaking up with your loved one.

7. Allow yourself to leave forever: there is nothing to decide, no need to cling

Allow yourself to leave forever.

Understand that there is nothing and no one to resolve.

Some of you messed up and it is important to understand that this is normal.

No matter how painful it may be, give yourself the opportunity to leave forever.

Just like your partner gives himself this opportunity.

Every girl and every guy gives himself this opportunity.

Understanding this will close your worries about thoughts about how to survive a breakup with your loved ones.

8. Make a choice to be cool and not needy, remove expectations

  1. A man in no need is one who does not cling to other people is more inclined to give than to receive and never expects anything from this life! Strive to be one.
  2. No needy person thinks aboutwhat you will have in the future (even if you have a 99% guarantee, you don’t tell others). You can say: “Yes, I have such plans ...”. You are going to do it, but you do not live it.
  3. You take what you have at the momentbut you never expect that something will happen in the future - good or bad. It's useless.
  4. Those thingsthat you can cling to in life can be so ephemeral and destructible.
  5. Your reality should not be based on something external!

A needy person never asks questions about how to live after parting further.

A strong man is only glad that weak people themselves leave his life.

It’s harder for a woman to live like that, but it’s possible. No need to cling to people.

Detailed principles of self-confidence for girls are also collected in another section of the site.

Women have a natural need for a man who will protect her, take care, they cling to men. This is their cant!

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9. In the next six months or a year, completely change the perception of the relationship.

  • After your separation, do not immediately cling to a new person and do not try to make him immediately your own for a very long time.
  • It should not be confused with the fact that in general not to communicate with anyone and not get acquainted. No, you still communicate and get closer to new people, enjoy the attraction between you.
  • But there should not be this desire to make a person his property for a long time.
  • You must remove the time frame where you begin to unknowingly drive a person.
  • Live like this for the next six months at least after the break. Then, after six months, based on your inner feelings, you can again return to a long relationship with one girl (man).

Thin point to be implemented

The best thing you can do for a partner is to let him live life to the fullest, and you will be there with him whenever he wants to.

You still sincerely love your partner, but do not try to keep him in any way.

You must live your life and give your partner complete freedom of choice.

Embed this perception and no longer worry about how to survive a breakup with a lover or your secret passion.

You can also read about the psychology of relations between a guy and a girl in a new publication.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy poverty

  1. There must be no border and understanding that your person.
    And then you can always go further in terms of the development of your spirituality, your level of happiness and harmony.
  2. Yes, you may have a certain percentage of need in a new relationship, but this healthy need, - when you just want to see a person (no matter how you spend your time). Just want to be together.

10. Ask yourself: “Are your feelings and the image of your former partner real, or is this your subjective perception?”

Ask yourself questions:

  1. Is it possible that your former partner gives you any feelings, or does your subjective perception portray them as such, making him special?
  2. If a guy’s perception of a former girl as “special”, “giving love to everyone” and “enhancing well-being” was real, then why don't all guys perceive her like that?
  3. Why doesn't any of the other people on the planet right next to his ex-girlfriend feel better about it like a guy?

The way a guy perceives a former girl so cool is his personal subjective perception of a girl.

Besides him, no one else perceives her like that.

All other people see the same girl, the same appearance, her own face, but their well-being does not improve in any way!

And it is very important to be aware in order to close worries about how it is easier to survive a breakup with a loved one.

You yourself draw an addition to the image of the former, it does not come from him at all

  1. The guy is simply attached to those old emotions, tactile sensations and past pleasures that they gave each other. His perception portrays her as something special, as if she had a halo over her head.
  2. The same can be said about former men, for whom women continue to dry irresponsibly. Your remaining love after the break is only your personal subjective appearance.
  3. You yourself and your perception of feelings draws such an addition to a former person. This add-on does not come from your former partner.
  4. This image, which your perception paints for you, does not exist in reality. Remember this and close all your questions about how to survive the pain of parting with a married man or someone with whom you would have to leave sooner or later.

11. Your attachment is experienced to the feelings and sensations that you experienced before with your partner, and not to the person himself

Understand that you are attached to feeling, not to the person himself.

This feeling is drawn by your personal subjective perception.

Understand this, and it will become much easier for you.

Ask yourself:

  1. Why don't you feel this way about yourself?
  2. Why does it arise only in relation to other people?

The answer isthat you just don't love yourself.

People do not like themselves and, as a result, need outside help, asking for the advice of a psychologist on how to survive a break with a husband, boyfriend or female person.

12. Love yourself for real

When you truly fall in love with yourself, your total love will be much stronger than feelings for a former person.

Your love for yourself will be the strongest and strongest. No feelings can absorb and bind you.

And then you will forget about attachment to feelings, you will give more to this world.

And then people will start reaching for you.

Now you know everything from psychology on the topic of how to survive a breakup with your loved one, and you do not need any forums.

If you integrate these understandings into your life, then thoughts like “would rather leave after a painful breakup” will no longer arise in your head.

You will remove a lot of pain and suffering from the relationship and begin to look at things more objectively.