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Examples of how to write a cover letter to a resume


The cover letter is an integral additional part of the resume when you are employed in a large foreign or domestic organization with Western foundations.

If you are applying for a position in a foreign company with a global brand, then you must approach with all responsibility to writing and composing a cover letter.

According to generally accepted rules, a cover letter is issued:

  • on a separate form, if the resume is sent in hard copy,
  • in the body of the email, if the resume is sent by email,
  • details, title, date, name and address of the recipient must be made out in accordance with the rules for writing business letters.

A cover letter to the resume is usually provided on a separate form with the details of the applicant or in the body of the email (message).

Here is an example of writing a short cover letter:

Dear Alexander, in response to your vacancy, a "real estate specialist" posted in the newspaper "Personnel", I will send my resume. I would be very grateful if you did not leave him unattended.

Kolesnikov Maxim, phone + 7-985-23-56-89

Good afternoon, Alexander.

In the attached resume file. I apply for a lawyer job. The source of information about the vacancy I am ready to provide any additional information necessary to consider my candidacy.

Sincerely, Maxim Kolesnikov, phone + 7-985-23-56-89

Please consider my resume for a vacancy Real estate specialist, realtor. I will be glad to receive an invitation from you for an interview.

Sincerely, Maxim Kolesnikov, phone + 7-985-23-56-89

A more detailed cover letter is written in a similar pattern.

For greater clarity, you can familiarize yourself with the sample cover letter to the resume.

Highlight the main pointsto be reflected in the extended form of the cover letter:

1. The proposed position (as shown in example No. 3, it is possible to indicate two adjacent posts), for which a resume is provided.

2. Link to the source, from which it became known about the vacancy.

3. Offer to the employer consideration of your candidacy.

I found out from TV commercials that your company has vacancies in the field of maintenance and control of fiber optic networks. In this regard, I want to offer my candidacy for consideration for a vacancy related to the implementation of the function of mounting, laying and setting up peripheral equipment for fiber optic networks. I suggest that my work experience may be required as a foreman of installers or as the head of a maintenance department.

4. Briefly, but accurately and informatively, make an extract from the resume in order to justify the correspondence of your professional and personal qualities to the position for which you are applying.

5. Be sure to say about the willingness to work with returns and professional growth, in the direction indicated in the vacancy, in this organization.

Over the past years, I have been successfully operating in the chosen direction as part of the state veterinary and customs regulatory authorities, I have developed contacts and experience of cooperation with both the largest Russian food industry enterprises and leading foreign suppliers. The attached CV will give an idea of ​​my professional experience, qualifications and potential opportunities.

All the experience of my work, professional knowledge and skills, as well as expectations of further advancement lie in the field of active direct sales and work with clients (both at the executive and the administrative level). At the moment, I have more than 5 years of experience working in sales on the B2B market in the manufacturing field, as well as leadership experience in this direction during the last year of work. At the last place of work, I, as the head of the sales department, was personally responsible for the activities and results of the B2B sales service (medical and cosmetic equipment).

6. Willingness and desire to undergo a personal interview or interview at the company, during which you can more fully and accurately provide information about yourself.

I will be pleased to accept the offer to meet and tell a little more about my work experience and possible potential. You can contact me by phone ... or email ...

If you are interested, I will be glad to answer all your questions within the framework of the interview. You can contact with tel. Thank you in advance for your attention and the time devoted to my candidacy.

We hope that using these recommendations, you will be able to draw up a competent cover letter to the resume.

Cover letter to the resume Example 1.

In response to your vacancy, “Specialist in Attracting Wholesale Customers,” published in the journal “Salary and Jobs,” I am sending my resume. If necessary, I am ready to provide any additional information for consideration of my candidacy.


Petrova Elena, tel. 8-917-121-12-12

Example 2

Good afternoon, Anastasia.

In a resume file attached to the letter. I apply for a position of the manager on crediting. Information about the vacancy was taken from the site Jobs and Careers I would be extremely grateful if you did not leave the resume unattended.

Sincerely, Elena Petrova, tel. 8-917-121-12-12

Example 3

Dear Ivan Ivanovich,

I ask you to consider my resume for the vacant position of system administrator, deputy head of the IT department.

I will be glad to receive an invitation to an interview from you.

Sincerely, Elena Petrova, tel. 8-917-121-12-12

Set design rules

The letter should be in free form. The main goal is to interest and encourage you to read your resume more carefully. Please note that this is a business letter, so it must be executed in accordance with all established rules.

If you are submitting a resume in print, the letter should be done on a separate sheet. When sending by e-mail, you can print it in the body of the message, and send the resume as a separate attached file. Regardless of the form of sending, do not forget to put down all the necessary details.

Having figured out how to write a cover letter, you can significantly increase your chances of finding a job. Its presence indicates respect for the recruiter.

Short note

When deciding to stand out among the other candidates, remember that it is better to be concise. In the letter, you can emphasize your desire to get the specified work and highlight the necessary information about yourself.

I am submitting my resume for a mechanic job posted on the website http: I am ready to additionally provide the information that is necessary for the consideration of my candidacy. I would be grateful if you did not disregard my resume.

Sincerely, Konstantin Stoleshnikov. Phone (495) 9999999 ″

What to specify

Regardless of whether you write a short or full letter accompanying the resume, it is important to start it correctly. If you know exactly who will consider these documents, it is better to insert a personal appeal:

  • “Dear Angelina Viktorovna!”
  • “Hello, Valery Petrovich!”

If you don’t know exactly who will read it, then it’s better to start it like this:

When choosing the full option, indicate how you learned about the position. You should also write that she interested you.

Indicate your professional achievements, but do not write down your entire work experience. Do not duplicate a resume.

It is also important to finish it correctly. After seeing how to write this document, you will see that it is better to complete it with the words:

"Thank you for attention.

Thank you for taking the time to read your resume.

If you have questions, I can call the number (495) 1111111 ″

Do not forget to add:

  • “Regards, Nikita Sergeyevich Savelyev, phone (495) 2222222”,
  • “With the best wishes of Vetrov Maxim, phone (495) 3333333”.

Possible options

The following sample text will help you figure out what exactly you need to write.

“Hello, Alexander Vasilievich!

In the Kadry newspaper, I saw that a competition for the position of sales manager was announced in your organization. I am interested in the proposed vacancy. I meet the specified requirements, because I have five years of experience in a similar position. The ability to competently build a negotiation process and knowledge of the specifics of the market will allow me to get started right away.

Detailed information about my skills and achievements can be seen in the resume. I would be glad to meet and talk about my experience, potential and skills.

Thank you for the time spent reading my resume.

Sincerely, Prikhodko Vyacheslav.

Properly drafting a letter indicates your respect for the time of the recruiter. It can attract attention by forcing you to read the resume in more detail.

You can also take as a basis another option.

Seeing on your organization’s website the vacancy of the head of the department responsible for the quality control of products, I decided to send my resume. For more than two years I have been the head of the Quality Department, so I already know all the nuances of work. I clearly fulfill the tasks set by the senior management, I can effectively organize the work of people and monitor the implementation of plans at each site. At the previous place of work, I was able to increase the productivity of the Quality Department by 12% by optimizing the control process.

Information on work experience is indicated in the summary. Please consider it. If you are interested in my candidacy, please contact me. Phone (495) 5555555.

Thank you for attention.

Sincerely, Belgorodov Vitaliy Igorevich. "

If you understand what they write in the cover letter, then everything turns out to be not so difficult. If you want to change the scope of activity, then it is better to compile it in this way:

From the newspaper Trud I found out about the vacancy of an economist in your company. I offer you my candidacy for the specified position. Persistence, the ability to make decisions in stressful situations, to delve into the nuances of work in a timely manner, and the desire to work in your company, which is a leader in the market of metal products sales, will help compensate for the lack of similar experience. I will also be able to quickly get into the work due to the presence of a higher economic education and two years of work experience as an accountant.

I ask you to consider the summary I sent and thank you for the time spent reading it. Ready to answer additional questions at your appointed time. You can make an appointment with me by calling (495) 6666666.

Sincerely, Chevankova Irina. "

First employment

The hardest thing to understand is yesterday’s graduates. They are afraid to make a cover letter to a resume without work experience. On the contrary, if you have nothing more to indicate besides the specialized education, it is better to draw up a small explanatory one.

“Dear Igor Borisovich!

At the Kadrovik agency, they provided me with information that you have a vacancy for the position of translator of medical texts. I am a certified specialist in this field, so I propose my candidacy for the indicated position.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Anastasia Rybkina. Tel (495) 7777777 ″

Additional recommendations

Before sending, try to look at your description through the eyes of the employer. Also relatives or friends can help with this. Often in cover letters there is artificiality that is not found in ordinary speech or the construction of phrases looks too elaborate, which makes the reader feel awkward.

If you plan to respond to a large number of vacancies, make several options for letters and try to send them alternately. At the same time, fix the actual number of received responses for each of the options. Thus, you will be able to test the best letter and in the future use it.

What is a cover letter

Resume Written Support, or response to the vacancy - this is additional information provided by a potential applicant in addition to the official data on education and work experience contained in the resume. Often this information comes to the eyes of the employer before he considers the resume.

Job applicants who are not used to such a practice often miss this point from their attention or consciously prefer not to waste time on it, because the basic data is already given in the summary. Sometimes this approach can cost a candidate a potential position.

According to the results of the survey, more than a quarter of HR managers admitted that they did not become acquainted with the candidate’s resume due to an unsuccessful accompanying text, and many HR specialists made it a rule not to consider the resume at all if there was no accompanying information.

IMPORTANT! The applicant should submit such a cover letter, even if the job description did not contain such a requirement: such a text is taken for granted in serious companies for granted.

Pros of resume support

In addition to meeting higher business standards, which the applicant will demonstrate by providing his resume with a cover letter, it will help achieve several more important goals:

  • demonstrate your writing skills: the strict structure of the resume does not make it possible to show off the construction of beautiful sentences,
  • emphasize motivation: this is especially important for people changing their field of activity or having relatively little experience in the chosen field,
  • to highlight their sides, which are especially beneficial for this company: in the resume, this information is supplied by a common block among all your skills,
  • individualize the approach to job search: the resume is standard, it can be sent to any company almost unchanged, and the text will show interest in this particular one,
  • show that you were interested in the company, searched for information about it, and the data turned out to be attractive to you.

NOTE! No matter how brilliant your resume is, a company needs a motivated and loyal employee interested in developing and promoting it on the market, rather than just a qualified specialist. This will help emphasize the text accompanying the summary.

What to write to a potential employer

Inexperienced in writing such documents, people who dream of a good position are not quite sure what data should be contained in the cover letter. The fruits of this approach most often contain:

  • duplication of information from the resume,
  • flattering slogans in honor of the employer company,
  • self-praise without concrete evidence,
  • common words, cliches, clericalism.

Ideally, the cover letter should answer the recruiter to three important questions that will prompt him to read the resume or make a decision in favor of a competent specialist.

  1. "Who writes?" The letter will give the reader a primary idea of ​​the personality of the person hired, which is impossible from the "dry" resume data.
  2. "Why do you need me?" It is necessary to show the company its benefits from the “acquisition” of such a specialist as the author of the resume.
  3. "Why do you need me?" The benefit should be mutual, then the interests of both parties will coincide. This question also needs to be shed a light.

Obvious structure

A cover letter is a business document, therefore, it obeys the basic requirements for business correspondence. The experience of many years of practice has developed content that is optimal for this type of information.

  1. Greeting. Impersonal documents always lose personalized. If the name of the person you want to contact is unknown, use the appeal to the employees of a particular unit. At the beginning, put the universal "Dear ..", in the English version of "Dear ..". Greetings “Good afternoon, (name)”, “Hello, (name or position)” are perfectly acceptable. Beware of informal calls.
  2. Main part. It should contain short answers to the three questions above. The following information will be effective:
    • indicate how you became aware of the vacancy (not necessary if you are writing through the recruiting portal),
    • mention the position that the applicant is counting on,
    • explain why it is attractive to you (new tasks, self-realization, an interesting final product, etc.), it is not recommended here to focus on your ambitions,
    • what is your experience that is not listed in the resume, but promising for this particular vacancy,
    • informative additions to the resume: you can explain, for example, a break in seniority, prove the sufficiency of experience, level out any negative point in the resume,
  3. The final phrase. Be sure to thank you for your attention when reading your message and express your readiness to meet for a substantive conversation, interview, answers to detailed questions.
  4. Parting. Your letter is read by a living person, and, completing it, you must correctly say goodbye. Neutral: “Regards ...” or English “Best regards”.
  5. Contact details. Не лишним будет продублировать их: это единственный пункт, когда уместно полное копирование информации из резюме.

Каждый пункт не должен превышать 1-3 предложений и начинаться с отдельного абзаца.

Главные требования к сопроводительному письму

The employer reading your cover letter will note as a plus the author follows the following requirements:

  • ultimate brevity: “Thinking through the tree” in business correspondence is unacceptable, ideally, the reading time of the letter should not exceed 10 seconds, and the location on sheet A4 should be half the volume,
  • capacity: all information in the letter should be useful for the employer, the "water", catching up volume, significantly "takes points" from the applicant,
  • style: business information requires a business style with its mature structure, simple designs, not cluttered by subordinate parts, lack of familiarity and excessive emotionality (the latter is acceptable in companies of a certain direction, for example, creative ones, but their market share is relatively small),
  • personality approach: you need to combine a lively and light style with the requirements of the business, it’s worth writing, as if “talking” with a recruiter,
  • uniqueness: remember that your letter should be different from many similar ones, just like you - from many other applicants, and your uniqueness should be within the framework of the requirements of the company,
  • relevance: do not use additional information that is useless for your employer,
  • specifics: measurable quantities (numbers, terms, number of projects, percentage, etc.) give any information weight and reliability,
  • recommendations: you will most likely be asked for them at the interview, but if you anticipate the request of the recruiter, this will give your resume additional weight.

Common mistakes

The most common shortcomings that reduce the impression or even completely “cut off” the chances of a successful resume review can be summarized as follows.

  1. Pattern. Standard phrases written “like a carbon copy” negate the information content of the cover letter. If the recruiter, reading it, thinks that you are copying it to apply for all kinds of vacancies, write “lost” - the purpose of the letter is not achieved.
  2. Duplication of the resume. In other words, do not retell the same information several times. HR managers are busy people who value their time and do not tolerate spending it on data repetitions. The exception is contact information - it does not hurt to write again.
  3. Going beyond business style. Creative, of course, is beautiful, but not in business correspondence. Humor is also inappropriate if it does not match the corporate culture of the employing company. Familiar and informal appeals can also serve the author poorly. Avoid jargon, as well as “misspelled” punctuation marks, emoticons, etc.
  4. Common words. Try to abandon such convenient, but nothing meaningful expressions such as “I am a qualified specialist”, “responsible”, “easy to learn”, “stress-resistant”, etc. All definitions must be proved by concrete data, evidence, arguments, for example: not “I am an experienced specialist”, but “I have been working in this field for more than 5 years”.
  5. Spelling and punctuation errors. Inappropriate for employee in important positions. Grammar “dirt” quickly and effectively turns the tenant away.

Cover letter formalities

Most often, the accompanying text is sent simultaneously with the resume, which is why it is called. In this case, some generally accepted formal points should be observed:

  • when sent in printed form, the cover letter must be on a separate sheet (form),
  • when sending in electronic form, the resume is an attached file, and the accompanying text is written in the body of the document (electronic message), in the field "message subject" write "Resume for the vacancy ...".

There are other options for submitting accompanying text:

  • before sending the resume (in this way, as if the employer's mail is “checked”, the soil is prepared, interest is maintained),
  • immediately after sending a resume (clarify certain points, remind yourself again, persuade to call for an interview),
  • after an interview (often, other things being equal, any step may tip the scales in your direction, and such a step may turn out to be a timely and correct response to a vacancy).

OUTPUT: A correctly written cover letter is not yet a guarantee of successful employment, but it significantly increases its chances.

Short letter

Most often placed in the "body" of an electronic document with an attached resume.

Having read the information about your vacancy “office manager”, published in the newspaper “I am looking for work”, I am sending my resume in the attached file. Grateful for your attention. Ready to meet to clarify additional issues.

Serebryakova Adelaide Sergeevna.

Tel (067) 722-16-78

Extended cover letter form

Hello, dear Natalya!

On the Vacansia website, I read information that in the company Novy Mir, which you represent, the vacancy of a copying equipment sales manager has been opened.

The qualification requirements given in the vacancies correspond to my level, since I have five years of experience selling office equipment, including equipment. There are established contacts with a network of suppliers and service centers for the maintenance and sale of components for various office equipment.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Komposervice, where I currently work, limits the possibilities of development and professional growth, while Novy Mir plans to expand its prospects in this area.

For more information on my education and work experience, see the attached CV. Thank you for your attention to my candidacy. I will readily accept an invitation to an interview in order to clarify specific details. I hope for a positive decision.

Evgeny Semenovich Lapaysky.

For any questions you can contact me by phone: + 7-958-10-13.

Hello, dear HR Manager of City-Center LLC!

My name is Eleanor. Through the mediation of your accounting employee, Elena Sergeevna Ilyicheva, I learned that an administrator has opened a job in your company. I would like to take part in the competition for this position.

Having studied the qualification requirements, I believe that I can be useful for your company in this position. At your disposal, I am ready to provide six years of experience as a specialist in the administration department of Priority LLC, a diploma of higher education of an English and German language teacher, as well as confident computer skills at the user level of MS Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.). )

My professional duties included working with documentation in Russian, English and German, communicating with clients, direct and by telephone, working with documentation, including translation of contracts, maintaining a client base. My success is marked by gratitude from the management, ready to provide recommendations.

Unfortunately, Priority LLC, where I currently work, is in the liquidation phase, and therefore I am looking for a new job. I ask you to consider the attached resume. If interested, I expect an invitation for a personal interview.

I am grateful for the attention to my candidacy.

With respect and hope for cooperation,
Eleanor Vitalevna Sendrikova.

You can contact me at any time by tel. + 7-987-33-78.

Email: ellyasend @

HR Manager
LLC "Talent"
Chepurenko S.V.

Hello, dear Sergey Vasilievich!

I was interested in the announcement in the newspaper "Employment" from 01/18/2017 that your company requires a specialist in the accounting department. My experience in the field of tax and accounting in the field of trade in children's clothing allows me to think that I meet the requirements for this position.

Over the past 5 years, I have completely adjusted from scratch and kept accounting for two firms that have different tax regimes. My responsibilities also included reporting and liaising with supervisory authorities. I had no complaints, I’m ready to provide recommendations from previous employers upon request.

I am looking for a new job in connection with a change of place of residence.

I ask you to consider my candidacy by reading the attached resume. I would be glad to be invited to a personal interview. Thank you for your attention to my candidacy.

You can contact me at any time convenient for you by phone + 7-957-89-00.

Antonina Petrovna Voskoboinikova.

Detailed cover letter

(which is intended for professing the style of personnel management of European and American organizations) is drawn up according to a similar scheme. It is necessary to reflect in the text of the cover letter:

1. The name (title) of the position (permissible - two similar or adjacent positions) to which the resume is sent, it is also advisable to mark from which source (website, newspaper) you learned about the vacant position (s), your proposal as a candidate.

Example 4:

After reading the information on your website, I found out that your company has opened recruitment for vacant positions in the field of sanitary control of meat and dairy raw materials.

In this regard, I would like to propose for consideration my candidacy for a vacancy related to the implementation of the functions of sanitary and veterinary control, quality control of finished products and raw materials.

I believe that my knowledge and experience can be useful both as a specialist in the procurement of meat and dairy raw materials, and as the head of the sanitary control service.

2. A very concise, but informative and accurate summary of the resume, which aims to confirm the conformity of your personal and professional qualities to the vacancy for which you are applying.

3. Your desire and willingness to give back, work and professional growth in the field of the direction indicated in the position, or better, within the walls of this company.

Example 5:

All my professional skills and knowledge, as well as expectations of further advancement, are in the area of ​​working with clients and active direct sales (both at the administrative and executive levels).

Currently, I have more than 6 years of experience working in direct sales in the B2B market in the manufacturing field, as well as experience in a leadership position in this area over the past two years.

As the head of sales at the last place of work, I was personally responsible for the results and activities of the sales department in the field of B2B (cosmetology and medical equipment).

Example 6:

I have been successfully operating for several years in this area in the system of state customs and veterinary regulatory authorities, I have experience of cooperation and contacts with both leading domestic food industry companies and major foreign suppliers. The attached resume will give an idea of ​​my potential capabilities, qualifications and professional experience.

4. Your readiness for a personal interview in the organization, in the process of which you provide more detailed information about yourself.

5. Contact details.

Example 7

I will gladly accept the offer to meet and tell a little more about my potential potential and work experience. You can contact me by e-mail ... or by phone ...

Example 8:

I will be pleased to answer all questions of interest in the course of an interview if you are interested. You can contact by email ... Thank you in advance for your time.

Sample Cover Letter

A cover letter is not universal for all areas and types of vacancies that interest you.

Due to the fact that the addressee of the letter is different organizations and different people, the text of the letter will also differ, in accordance with each vacancy of interest, it will slightly change.

The cover letter always refers to a specific position in a particular organization.