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How to create your perfect future


We feel happy only if we have a family and a sufficient amount of livelihood. Therefore, when we plan our future, we try to foresee every little thing. However, despite this, some people lead a miserable existence, while others quickly succeed.

The philosophy of Louise Hay helps many to create the desired future. She, practically without the help of doctors, got rid of a malignant tumor and created bestsellers on how to heal herself. When writing books, she was guided by her own life experience. This great writer believes that love can heal any ailment.

The main law of the universe

♦ It is common for us to think about something all the time. Many of our actions depend on our thoughts. Suppose you are offended by any of your loved ones. So, at the moment in your head there will be evil thoughts. If you make any remark, then you will react to this very sharply.

Do not be surprised if you are rude in the store. Do not rule out the dismissal from work. In this case, the fault will lie entirely with you. Do not forget about the boomerang law.

If a neighbor lives on your landing, who constantly “bones” you, then you should not be offended by it. This woman will sooner or later get what she deserves.

How to create your future?

♥ Louise Hay believes that each of us is able to create our own future through our own thoughts. We cannot change the events that have already occurred. However, if you have achieved something at the moment, then this is the result of your actions and beliefs. If you have any desires, then you definitely need to declare them to the Universe.

Stages of creating the future

If you want to build your future yourself, then you need to consider that you have to go through any lessons. This will allow you to achieve prosperity. The universe will give you clues in the form of any disease or event. If you analyze your thoughts, you can influence your future life.

What steps need to be taken in order to create the future?

  • For starters, forgive all your offenders. Redefine the relationship to the actions you have ever done.
  • If you did something wrong, forgive yourself. Inspire yourself that you did this only because of insufficient life experience. If you said something to someone in a rush, just apologize to the person and do not remember the incident anymore.
  • Never talk about yourself that you are alone, poor or ugly. Otherwise, you will become one soon. If you yourself like yourself, then you can quite turn your life for the better.
  • Ask the Universe only about what you need. You absolutely do not need to ask her for a car just because your friend has it. In this case, you will not wait for the result. Your affirmations should only be positive.
  • If, for example, you are not happy with your work, then you need to thank the Universe as a source of income. In doing so, you should start looking for another job.
  • Do not rush things. If you are dreaming about something, then you need to believe that the Universe will fulfill your desire.
If the universe does not fulfill your wishes
  • If the Universe is in no hurry to fulfill your order, then you need to think about whether you are making any mistakes. First, pay attention to your own emotions and feelings. Perhaps you are not consciously criticizing anyone around you for yourself.
  • In this case, you need to forgive this person. This is the lesson the Universe teaches you. Louise Hay says that the cause of almost all of the problems is criticism and anger.
  • If a person has any wrong beliefs, then his body makes him aware of this by ailments. If you are aware of your mistakes, then soon get rid of your diseases.

If you ignore the tasks set by the Universe, then you may have AIDS, a malignant tumor or some other serious illness.

♦ The reason for the unwillingness of the Universe to fulfill wishes may be the incorrect formulation of affirmations. Be an optimist. Do not gossip about others. Do not remember the sad events.

Take care of your health. Forget about alcohol. Cross out canned food from the menu.

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If you change your daily routine, you will change your life

“You will never change your life until you change what you do every day. The secret of your success lies in your daily routine. ", —
John Maxwell

We are all equal in that each of us has 24 hours a day. Nobody can beat a couple of extra hours, no matter how rich and influential he is. And here is how and what we spend these 24 hours ... there can already be huge differences, and all our actions (all without exception) affect what awaits us in the future.

Your time is your most valuable currency, of which you have an extremely limited amount. And only you can decide what to do with it: you can either invest these hours in the future, or spend them in vain in the present.

You can spend the time allotted to you by fate every day on something that really matters to you, or spend it thoughtlessly and aimlessly on all kinds of little things.

And so the best question that you can ask yourself by creating for yourself a picture of an ideal future is:

What should my perfect day look like?

It is unlikely that you will be able to achieve an ideal life, if you can’t organize even one of your days. But if you can arrange the day, you can organize the week, followed by the months, years, and ultimately your whole life.

So how should your perfect day look like? What should you do today, tomorrow and so on in order to live the way you really want to live?

As Edward Deming wrote about this:

"If you cannot describe what you are doing as a process, then you do not know what you are doing."

Do you know what you are doing? Do your actions facilitate the process of moving from the place where you are now to the future where you would really like to live?

Do not do more, but less

“The fastest way to advance in life is to do not more, but less. Start by stopping doing what holds you in place. ”,
- Benjamin P. Hardy.

Many people living in the modern world live like hamsters caught in an endless wheel from which they can’t get out of any way - they run faster and faster, do more and more, but, despite this, remain on the same location. And if they do not get rid of the negative ones before adding positive actions to their lives, they will take a step back before each step forward, stomping in place, even if they have the illusion of moving forward.

That is why those who really want to achieve their goals in life should begin to do not more, but less.

If you want your normal day to be as close as possible to the perfect picture of the day, you should first free yourself from the habits that hold you in place. If you try to run in heavy shackles, you will only get tired faster.

As your days begin to more and more correspond to your values ​​and goals, your self-confidence will increase. Every day you will become more and more convinced that you really have embarked on the path leading to your chosen goal, and will become much more willing to take risks.

Your creativity will skyrocket. You will take on a variety of projects and eventually give up thoughts in the style of "I won’t succeed." You will fluctuate between the states “it may not work out, but it was worth a try” and “my success is inevitable”.

Your work and life will begin to bring you more and more pleasure. Every day will make you at least a little, but better - and all because you have finally abandoned what keeps you in place.

Do not spend a single extra minute in completely unnecessary pain.

As the writer Benjamin Hardy wrote about this in his book “Willpower alone”:

“Do not spend your whole life - or even one extra day - suffering from unnecessary pain. Do whatever is necessary to ease the shackles that are hung on your ankles. Get rid of the burden holding in an environment where you simply cannot flourish. ”

We talk about the strongest architectural faculties of Russia

The profession of an architect has always been to this day remains one of the most interesting and at the same time complex creative professions. Buildings from the very beginning of the existence of humanity make our lives more comfortable and safer - and architects are responsible for this.

To become a good specialist in the field of architecture, just one talent is not enough: considerable zeal is required to master the profession. After all, the architect must be mathematical engineerwhich can provide the building with security, and an artistable to come up with and bring to life the original design idea, and sociologistcreating a comfortable environment for residents of the city, and even historian, because in the physical form it is necessary to reflect the spirit of the time.

Now, in an era of rapid technological development, the profession of an architect seems even more complex, but very promising. Buildings need to be built not only practical, but also aesthetic, environmentally friendly, multi-functional and much more. A specialist must be able to work in complex computer programs, choose the right materials from a regularly growing list, feel the trends and literally see what will happen to the results of his work in the future.

In this regard, we tell in which universities they teach such a science as architecture, and what to do there.

Let's start with the second question: How to enter an architectural specialty? Pupils will have to work hard even before they become applicants, because any architectural program in a higher educational institution involves passing additional entrance tests. Most often they hand over a drawing / architectural drawing, graphics / architectural composition or drawing. In addition to internal tests, the results of the exam in the Russian language and specialized mathematics are also taken into account.

If you think that there will be no problems with the preparation, it's time to think about choosing a university. We have prepared a small selection that includes five Russian universities with excellent programs for future architects.

MARCHI is a leading architectural university in Russia. The institute was officially opened in 1933, but it did not appear from scratch: MARCHI continued the traditions of the Moscow architectural school, created back in 1749. Since 1994, MARCHI has been accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Currently, studies at the university are conducted in 4 areas - bachelor's "Architecture" and "Design of the architectural environment", as well as master's "Architecture" and "Urban Planning". MARCHI also offers annual preparatory courses for high school students.

If you have a red certificate, do not forget to tell about it in the selection committee of the Moscow Architectural Institute - you can get as much as 10 additional points for it.

The Institute of Construction and Architecture (ISA) is a large structural unit of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU MGSU), leading its history since 1921. The training unit trains architects (bachelors and masters) in 3 areas: "Architecture", "Urban Planning", "Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage".

MGSU is trying to deal with university academicism and is increasingly using new educational technologies in the educational process.

Winners and prize-winners of the “Learn to Build the Future” Olympiad for schoolchildren in the architectural schedule can get a good advantage when entering ISA MGSU. Registration for the qualifying stage will begin in November. Students in grades 8 - 11 can take part in the Olympiad.

St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering is the largest educational and scientific center of the North-West Federal District of Russia, which graduates qualified specialists in the field of construction and architecture. The university was established in 1832.

The mission of SPbGASU is to preserve and enhance the traditions of the unique architectural environment of St. Petersburg. Currently, training of future architects at the university is carried out in 4 areas at 7 departments.

SPbGASU is the organizer of the interregional Olympiad of schoolchildren in architecture. The correspondence selection stage this year starts on October 29th. Winners and prize winners will take advantage of admission to the university.

The Academy of Architecture and Arts of the Southern Federal University was established in Rostov-on-Don in 2013, but has an almost fifty-year history. So, in 1964, the Rostov Institute of Civil Engineering (RISI) began training students in the specialty "Architecture", and later the unit was attached to SFedU.

Currently, training at the Academy is conducted in 18 areas, of which 5 are architectural. Students over the years of study receive knowledge not only in architectural and artistic, but also in a number of engineering and economic disciplines. Most of the studies and graduation projects are carried out on real orders of cities, regions and republics of the South of Russia.

You can enter the Academy by becoming the winner or winner of the final stage of the South Russian Interregional Olympiad for schoolchildren “Architecture and Art” in a complex of subjects (drawing, painting, composition, sketching). This year, the qualifying stage is held from November 1 to December 25, 2018 in full-time and in absentia.

FEFU Engineering School is a continuation of the long tradition of higher technical education in the Far East. The Department of Architecture was created in 1931 to train civil engineers, and in 1971 the first enrollment of students in the architectural specialty was carried out.

Education is based on a combination of art, engineering, humanitarian and specialized training. Students carry out educational and competitive projects, as well as work on real orders.

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning has been organizing the Parallels annual regional creative competition for children from 6 to 17 years old, the ARHideya International Youth Architecture and Design Festival and the ARCH’Pacific International Forum of Architecture and Design.

so, becoming an architect is very difficult: you need to start working hard in high school. But in this profession you certainly will not have to be bored! A career in the architectural field for students most often begins in the 2-3 year from the position of assistant architect. For five years, with talent, patience and a great desire, it is quite possible to take the position of a leading specialist or even a chief architect.

Young specialists work in construction companies, design or architectural bureaus, restoration workshops, furniture salons, as well as in government organizations. The range of salaries varies from 25 to 100 thousand rubles. Now more and more often, graduate architects decide to work for themselves and receive many times more.

If you want to build a bright future in every sense - the profession of an architect is just for you. But we should not forget that this is a huge responsibility not only for their creations, but also for the lives of people who will use them.

A few words in conclusion

You create your ideal future by actively and purposefully living in the present, living every day so that it at least brings you closer to the goal.

You start by defining the future that you want to create, moving on to what you need to change in the present so that it leads you to that particular future.

And when you start to make your usual day as close to ideal as possible, start by relieving him of negative actions and habits. You cannot gain self-confidence if what you say and what you do is not consistent with each other.

And finally, you string enough ideal days on the thread of your life to make a necklace of ideal life out of them.