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How to open a real estate agency from scratch: areas of work, documents and specifics


Today, the real estate market is developed almost all over the world, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that more and more real estate agencies are opening. This fact alone indicates the high profitability of the real estate business.

There are some important aspects that you need to know before starting this business.

The nuances of running this business

The easiest and most proven way for a successful business is the way with a person who has already gained good experience in this area. If there is no reliable and experienced partner, you can purchase a ready-made agency.

When buying a real estate agency, there are both advantages and disadvantages. An absolute plus is a significant reduction in financial costs for the start. The disadvantage is the purchase of the so-called “pig in a poke”. There is no way to know the reliable history of the company and the level of professionalism of employees is also not clear. A company that has lost its reputation in the eyes of customers is much more difficult to rise, and this is worth considering.

Realtor business is not licensed, therefore, to open a real estate agency is not required to circumvent a myriad of different authorities. It is necessary to collect a traditional package of documents - register a business entity with the tax office, rent an office. In the future, the budget will be needed to pay employees and advertising.

The principles of the real estate agency

Real estate agencies specialize in the following areas:

  • long term rental,
  • short term rental
  • daily rent
  • purchase and sale of real estate.

It is much more convenient and preferable when the agency operates in one area of ​​the market - local housing stock, commercial real estate, suburban real estate, foreign real estate, rental apartments and so on.

Often firms provide additional services that not only bring significant income, but also allow you to attract additional clients and gain a good reputation. These services include:

  • professional legal advice
  • coordination of redevelopment of objects,
  • transfer of housing to non-residential,
  • organization of security of mutual settlements of the buyer and seller,
  • transportation services and so on.

The main profit for agencies is provided by commissions from various operations related to real estate. Usually it from 4 to 8% of each transaction. Many companies, for their own benefit, set fixed prices for a small transaction amount. Successful can be called a real estate agency, receiving monthly from 20 thousand dollars.

A huge number of real estate firms open regularly and as many close. The termination of work occurs for many reasons. Most often it’s because of uncompetitiveness or because of an initially incorrect approach.

Phased opening of the agency

Today it is possible to register a legal entity in various forms - OJSC, CJSC, LLC, IP and so on. As for a real estate agency, most often the choice is limited to LLC.

To register an LLC, you need the following documents:

  • Application form 11001 - on the state registration of the creation of an LLC with a notarized signature. The direction of activity is also indicated there.
  • Charter LLC.
  • The decision to create LLC number 1. If there are other founders - a memorandum of association with the minutes of meeting No. 1.
  • Receipt of payment of state duty for registration of LLC.

The company should be registered as a tax payer and receive the relevant documents within five days. It is also necessary to open a bank account and provide information about it to the tax service.

After registration of a business entity and receipt of all necessary documentation, the following steps are to be taken:

  1. The choice of an office suitable for all parameters and the conclusion of a lease.
  2. Office space arrangement: it is required to purchase office furniture for employees and equipment - several PCs, a server with an agency database, printer, fax.
    Do not forget about the Internet connection and your own PBX, as the principle of work itself implies constant telephone conversations with customers. The PBX should be set up in such a way that all incoming calls are received on an advertising telephone, and outgoing calls are made from additional lines. Phone number must be chosen easy and memorable.
  3. Staff recruitment. Since the agency has not yet been developed and has a developed client base, for the first time five or six employees and one dispatcher are quite enough, the functionality of which will include receiving phone calls, distributing clients and maintaining statistics on concluded transactions.
    Needless to say, it’s better to recruit a team of well-trained and experienced employees with their own client base. But experience should not be a decisive factor, it is important that people are positive-minded, and not try to justify their failures with various external factors. The professionalism and determination of the employees of the beginning real estate agency is one of the most important aspects on which it is better not to save.
  4. Advertising and building a good reputation of a real estate agency.

Work with foreign real estate

Recently, an increasing number of Russians are interested in residential and commercial real estate abroad. Some just want to buy housing abroad, but there are more ambitious individuals who want to organize their own business working with foreign real estate.

There is hardly a newcomer who has never before dealt with real estate abroad, will be able to immediately conquer the market. After all, even in order to get a license, documented evidence of experience in this area is required. And the work will be carried out remotely, which is very difficult without real sales experience.

The partnership business of a foreign agency consists of the following steps:

  1. A partner from abroad prepares all the necessary complete information about overseas property with a detailed description, plans, photographs, diagrams and so on.
  2. Domestic partner makes a good site, fills it with the available information and searches for customers. When the client is found, he carries out all the preparatory work for the transaction between the buyer and the foreign partner.

Neither print media, nor radio and television have such a strong advertising effect when conducting business in foreign real estate as the Internet, so the main emphasis should be placed on the World Wide Web.

Having analyzed the preferences of Russians who are interested in foreign housing, the most popular countries are Croatia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Latvia. Most often they want to buy cheap houses and apartments near the sea, as well as residential and commercial real estate in capitals and tourist centers, which will subsequently be leased.

View the business plan for the organization of beekeeping and its detailed description here.

Specialization in rental housing

As practice shows, the idea of ​​a business for renting real estate for rent is quite successful. As the demand for rental housing and commercial premises is constantly and steadily increasing, therefore, the number of offers is also growing.

But, like in any business, there are some nuances here, which every beginner businessman, aimed at the success of the enterprise, needs to know about:

  • You can’t do without investments. In order to profitably rent out the property, it should be preliminarily prepared, carried out repairs, acquired decent furniture, etc. This is especially true of the issue of daily rent.
  • It is important to register activities, which will avoid problems with the law and unforeseen expenses. Registration is simple, since this type of activity is not subject to licensing, and in this case you will have a good and quiet sleep.
  • It is not necessary to carry out a full and expensive repair in the apartment. Many cosmetic procedures can be done on their own, and furniture and appliances can be used outdated and unnecessary to you. In the future, as business develops, larger infusions can be allowed.

This business involves continuous development, and consequently, increased profits. As an example, in the future, you can do the construction of housing and leasing it.

Responsibilities and risks of running a real estate business

Running a real estate business involves responsibility and the risks associated with it. And the risks are quite numerous, these are civil, tax, risks associated with the activities of financial monitoring, FAS, criminal law and others.

When concluding a transaction, the agency draws up the so-called “Guarantee commitment”, which sets out all the agency’s obligations to the client. Therefore, it is so important to hire a good lawyer with a high level of professionalism who can competently draw up a contract and take into account all the nuances.

So, the main pitfalls of business include:

  • Civil risks. It is likely that the transaction may be invalidated. This can happen when the transaction was made with a purpose contrary to the foundations of law and order, is imaginary or feigned, committed by a legally incapable, incapable or minor person, committed under the influence of deception, violence, delusion and other factors preventing an adequate decision, etc. . It often happens that third parties start to dispute a transaction about which nothing was known, for example, relatives, former spouses and other persons.
  • Counterparty risks.
  • Risks associated with the activities of the financial monitoring service.
  • Risks associated with the activities of the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

As practice confirms, in case of unforeseen circumstances, if this obligation was not attributed in the contract, it is extremely difficult to recover the amount from the real estate agency through the court for lost property. Unless, you can reimburse the cost of providing services.

How to build a customer base?

To quickly build up a client base and thereby ensure a stable income, you need to use the following instructions:

  • As everyone has long known, advertising is the engine of commerce. It is necessary to make sure that as many people as possible know about the agency in advance.
    Advertising should be served in several major newspapers and magazines, television and radio, as well as in such a popular source of information as the Internet. You can also distribute flyers and put up ads. Effective is an advertisement with photographs of real estate. The main advertisement is the agency’s main sign. It should catch the eye of passers-by, and not get lost, so you should pay attention to the optimal size and color scheme of the image.
  • As for the company’s site (and it must be mandatory), it is important that the site is of high quality, credible and attracts the attention of as many Internet users as possible. In addition to basic information about the agency, it will not be superfluous to have additional information on it that is interesting to potential customers. It will attract customers with praise and several stories of the employees themselves about well-conducted transactions. On the site you must post photos of employees and directors. Do not forget about business cards, stationery with a company logo and other little things that allow you to win the attention of customers.
  • Perhaps one of the main conditions is the availability of a prestigious office in a place with a large concentration of potential customers. As a rule, it is the center of a city or territory near large shopping centers, metro stations, and transport stops. It is worth considering that renting a room in the center will cost much more. In any case, it is necessary to select an office on the first line of houses. The entrance should be located on the ground floor from the side of the street, since the entrance from the courtyard automatically blocks the path for many customers - it’s much more difficult to notice the sign in the courtyard.
  • The client must certainly feel comfortable in the office, which is facilitated by a pleasant interior, fresh smell, order, optimal air temperature, various cozy accessories, indoor and fresh cut flowers. You can offer visitors tea or coffee, which will also have a beneficial effect on reputation.
  • The image is created slowly, but in the future brings significant results. Diplomas, certificates, licenses need to be hung in a prominent place. The uniform of employees should look respectable.

Together with a responsible and professional approach of employees to work, the client base will not be long in coming.

Opening cost

When opening an agency, the following expense items must be considered:

  • Wage. Real estate managers, as a rule, receive piecework payment in the amount of 30-60% of the commission for each transaction made. Director, accountant, lawyer, dispatcher, cleaning lady and other employees receive a fixed salary, which is set in accordance with the rates applicable in the labor market.
  • Office rental - about 15-20 thousand rubles.
  • Computers, printer, fax, cash register and other equipment - about 60-80 thousand rubles.
  • Software - from 20-30 thousand rubles.
  • Advertising - 5-15 thousand rubles a month.

The profitability of the agency depends on the scale of the business, the size of the investments and the professionalism of the employees.

What you need to know before opening a real estate agency

The main activities of real estate companies are as follows:

  • Long term rental
  • Short term rental
  • Daily rent
  • Buying and selling real estate

When starting a business from scratch, select a specific area in which you plan to provide services: housing, commercial real estate, country houses, real estate abroad, rental apartments.

Ideally, you need to conduct a marketing research and understand what services are in demand on the market in your city. In addition to the main ones, many real estate companies provide a number of additional services, which often bring a substantial part of the profit:

  • Consulting a lawyer specializing in real estate
  • Reconstruction approval
  • Transfer of premises from housing to non-residential
  • Activities aimed at increasing the mutual settlements of the buyer and seller

When selling real estate agencies earn on commissions, which are paid during various operations with objects. This is approximately 4-8% of each transaction.

What determines the popularity of real estate agencies?

The myth of realtors light bread has existed for a very long time. Despite the fact that real estate agencies in the cities are in the tens, and in large cities and hundreds, not counting private realtors, new firms are opened every year.

The main reasons for the popularity of real estate business:

  • relatively low entry threshold: just rent an office with a telephone,
  • at the initial stage, employees are not needed and you can work alone,
  • high margin per transaction (one client per month is enough to earn 30-50 thousand rubles),
  • the previous profession, work experience and education do not matter - the ability to communicate with people is enough, and the information necessary for work can be studied using the Internet.

Most new real estate agencies open former realtors who have gained experience and a client base.

If you have never worked with real estate, then this is the path that will be optimal for you. For starters, it would be nice to get into any agency, "run" at least six months and understand the basics of the real estate market in the field, and not through a computer monitor.

However, as in any business, who previously stood up, that and slippers. Firms with a well-developed brand, with experienced employees and their own client base, existing for more than a dozen years, are gradually crowding out newcomers and small players.

The assignment agreement allows you to transfer the debt to another person. Read all transaction details here.

What you need to open: we draw up documents

For the work of a real estate agency it is enough to register as an IP. It is simpler and cheaper. You can submit an application through the website of the tax inspectorate and receive a certificate after paying the state duty.

If you plan to conduct business with a partner, you will need to register an LLC. To do this, you need to collect a package of documents:

  • Application in form 11001 - on the state registration of the creation of an LLC with a signature certified by a notary. The application must indicate the direction of the company.
  • Charter LLC.
  • The decision to create LLC No. 1. If there are several founders, a memorandum of association with the minutes of the meeting No. 1.
  • A receipt with a paid state duty for the registration of an LLC.

Also, the organization must be registered as a taxpayer and within 5 days to receive documents confirming this fact. Далее потребуется открыть банковский счет и передать информацию о нем в налоговую.

Как работают агентства недвижимости?

Услуги в сфере надвижимости разнообразны, как и сами объекты недвижимости. Вы можете заниматься только жилой или только коммерческий недвижимостью, а можете и сочетать оба направления.
In addition, there is a secondary housing market where sales and purchase transactions are made, as well as a housing rental market.

Step-by-step instructions on opening a real estate agency from scratch and opening a company

To open a real estate agency it is necessary to carry out a number of mandatory actions:

Registration of a legal entity LLC or IP. If you decide to create your own business alone, then an IP is suitable, and if you have a partner, then without LLC options.

Preparation of a package of documents. The cost of organizational expenses, taking into account the opening of an account with a bank, will be 3,000 rubles for an individual entrepreneur, and 10,000 rubles for an LLC.

Rent or redemption of premises. For the initial start-up of a business, rent is unambiguous, and then you can attend to the purchase of an office space with a separate entrance on the ground floor.

Recruitment. This item is at your discretion and is completely dependent on the initial capabilities.

Organization of labor and business processes.

If you decide to open a franchise real estate agency, then most of these points will help you to solve franchisees.

Full transaction support

Depending on the subject of the transaction, the activities of a realtor are as follows:

  • When working with the seller: the agency carries out pre-sale preparation of the apartment, gives advertisements, holds impressions, draws up documents and accompanies the transaction,
  • When working with a buyer: The agency selects apartment options, checks the apartment for legal cleanliness and fully accompanies the transaction.

Office space selection

For doing business, it is advisable to choose an office in the central part of the city (if the agency will be engaged in the rental and sale of real estate throughout the city) or in the area where the activity will be directly carried out. The most optimal solution is an office on the ground floor with a separate entrance on the red line. The second option is an office in a large business center. An office may consist of several separate rooms. The first room is a customer waiting room and reception, the second is a place where real estate agents are located. Separately, a manager’s office should be organized, which can be combined with a place for paperwork if the lawyer is coming. If the lawyer works in the state on an ongoing basis, you need to provide another office where he will work and execute the transaction.

Information Services

In addition to transaction support, the agency can also provide information services for those customers who prefer to buy and sell housing on their own.

In this case, for a small fee, the agency provides from its database information on objects that correspond to the wishes of the client.

The same principle can be used in the real estate rental market: look for apartments, take 50% of the monthly rent or provide a database of available offers on the market.

Real estate business: what a beginner needs to know

As in any activity, there are pitfalls here. The biggest problem is information leakage. Unscrupulous employees can “share” customer contacts with your competitors or conduct transactions privately.

How to protect yourself? Carefully consider the choice of personnel and be sure to write down all the duties and responsibilities of employees in the contract. For example, indicate the amount of the fine for disclosing confidential information.

Another option to simplify your task is to purchase an existing real estate agency. So you get a business with an established reputation, customer base and staff if he agrees to work on the same terms after the sale.

It is important to understand: a ready-made business does not guarantee you passive income and simpler management of the company. However, if you correctly choose a working agency and check the business before buying, you can get great help for starting!

Staff recruitment

For the success of a real estate agency, you must recruit the following team: hired or from among the founders. The staff will include - the head of the agency, the secretary or assistant manager, real estate agents (realtors), a lawyer. As an additional staff, as necessary, the working unit of the deputy head, driver, site maintenance specialist and advertising companies is introduced.

International Real Estate Agencies

There are agencies that sell real estate abroad: in Spain, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and other European countries, as well as in the USA. In order to sell foreign real estate, you need to find partners in these countries.

There is nothing complicated about it - thanks to the Internet you will find hundreds of websites of foreign real estate agencies. Many of them willingly go to partnerships, and you can only conclude an agreement with them.

Therefore, you can develop this direction in parallel with the main activity.

Employee Responsibilities

The duties of the head include monitoring and organizing the work of the entire real estate agency.

The duties of the secretary or assistant include the receipt of incoming calls and correspondence, the formation of applications for the purchase and rental of real estate, the registration of real estate, sometimes advertising issues and the performance of tasks on the economic part of the organization. At first, these tasks are performed by the leader and you can do without an assistant.

The tasks of the real estate agent are clear, the implementation of real estate activities in the field of rental or sale of real estate. For the effectiveness of realtors, groups of agents are formed by territoriality (determined for a certain area) and the specifics of real estate (residential, commercial, houses, land, new buildings).

The competence of a lawyer is the execution of transactions and all related documentation. He is involved in the conclusion of service contracts, drafts contracts of sale, gift, barter, hiring, etc. Provides advice to realtors and clients, collects a package of documents for the transaction and representation in all institutions necessary for the type of activity. At the initial stage, you can also not hire a lawyer and use the services of a law firm in outsourcing.

Accounting in the company can be outsourced or hired as an accountant.

Where to start registration: registration, documents

Licensing of real estate activities is not currently required. In order to open your own agency, it is enough to register an IP or LLC, no more permissions and licenses are needed.

Paperwork will take from a week to a month, depending on the chosen form of ownership.You can entrust this question to professionals, and to deal with more important issues yourself. But the services of such companies cost money, the current thing you decide: spend your own time or hard earned.

SP or LLC?

For starters, you can register as an individual entrepreneur - registration is easier and cheaper, less fines (no one is safe from this).

You can register as an individual entrepreneur without leaving your home through the website of the tax office. You just have to pay the state fee (800 rubles) and come in five days to the tax office for a certificate.
An individual entrepreneur is not required to have a seal, but it is recommended that it be done, if only because customers have more confidence in documents with a seal.

If you create an agency with a business partner, then the question of IP disappears by itself - you will have to register an LLC. From a client’s point of view, most people don’t care what your legal form is. It is important that your company has a good reputation.

Franchise work

The concept of franchise came to us from foreign practice, where franchising networks are very developed, including in real estate.

In Russia, the situation is somewhat different. Our market is dominated by small agencies, without brands. The whole peculiarity of the Russian real estate business, especially in small cities, is personal connections and acquaintances or word of mouth. In this regard, the hype of delirium is not of great value. Therefore, not so many of our well-known brands among real estate agencies.

Exceptionally, the Miel company, which has been successfully implementing the franchise for more than a year, has been heard.

Do you need a franchise, decide for yourself. On the one hand, it is a recognizable brand and a ready-made business model. On the other hand, this business is not so technologically complicated to require support in the form of an "older brother". Yes, and monthly payments for a certain value, which is not at all obvious.
If you are a beginner, then it’s better to forget about the franchise.

Work alone

The profession of a realtor does not imply collective work. A real estate specialist works with a client alone. The need for a team of employees arises because the business needs to expand, otherwise most potential customers will go to other agencies. One person is not able to cover all areas of the city, even with a population of several hundred thousand people, not to mention large cities.

If the question arose about finding employees, the question arises: where to look for them? It’s good when you have the opportunity to invite friends or former colleagues with whom you worked together in another agency.

In the real estate business, it is very important to work with people you trust.

But sooner or later, you still have to look for employees on the ad. I must say that people are reluctant to go to this vacancy. The search for employees may continue for months and not yield results. The main reason is the lack of a salary and a stable income.

A realtor can work for a month and not earn anything. In this sense, working in a real estate agency is more a business than a job.

Realtor income - its percentage of the sold apartment, which he is still required to share with the agency. Most agencies do not have any rates, social guarantees. This explains the high turnover of employees in agencies.

Many agents who have worked for several months simply abandon this activity without ever reaching the long-awaited deal. As a rule, in the first 2-3 months the beginning realtor does not receive any income.

At the same time, the disadvantages of this work are obvious:

  • irregular working hours
  • transport and mobile costs,
  • there is a possibility of fraud on the part of customers,
  • lack of guaranteed earnings with the effort expended.

Is it profitable to work in an agency?

From the point of view of the future realtor, such an activity has its advantages. Firstly, the provision of materials and information support. There is no need to think about business promotion, advertising. There is someone to take care of this. Secondly, there is a shaky, but support in the form of an official salary.

Independent earnings are not always successful - in a month only a few penny transactions can be made and the payment is appropriate.

But on the other hand, in each case, the income will have to be shared “with the uncle” - and this from 10 to 50% of the commission for each operation. Plus, you need to observe labor discipline, report on what has been done to management, strive to implement the plan and other features of employment. Whether this is necessary or not is up to you

Agency without an office. Is it possible?

Suppose you worked for some time at the agency and decided to go on a "free swim". You already have at least experience and your own customer base. In this case, the first time you can work alone. Moreover, there is no need to rent an office.

All work can be done from your home phone. But without a car it will not be easy, because for efficient work on the day it is advisable to hold at least 5 meetings and shows.

Real estate for rent and sale

Your agency may specialize in supporting transactions for the purchase and sale of housing or in the search for apartments for rental housing. You can also specialize in commercial real estate and provide services in finding premises for shops, offices, warehouses and others. However, there are not many such facilities in comparison with the residential market and this type of activity, most likely, will not bring constant income.

What are the features of the housing market and rental market?

  1. The rental market is more extensive. People can buy an apartment once in a lifetime, and rent a house much more often. In large cities, not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, people can live in rented apartments for years.
  2. The margin per transaction in the housing market is less, and the number of transactions may be more.
  3. Demand for the purchase of housing may fall at different periods of time, and the demand for rental remains constant.
  4. Buying an apartment is a serious decision requiring appropriate material capabilities. Any life situation can become a reason for renting an apartment: entering an institute, getting married, having a child, divorcing, moving to another city, a desire to live separately from parents, etc.

There are real estate agencies and private realtors who specialize only in the sale or rental. There are agencies providing a wide range of services.

If your company will be engaged in both leasing and buying and selling, then you will have more customers, higher profits, but you alone can not cope with this amount of work.

Illegal transactions

The real estate market is a huge field for the activities of all kinds of scammers. Moreover, they are found on both sides: both among realtors and among their clients, although there are much fewer of them.

In real estate, a lot of money is spinning and, despite fierce competition, the number of real estate companies continues to grow. Unfortunately, profit here is far from always being obtained by legal means, and the number of victims in the real estate market at the hands of fraudsters is constantly growing.

There are several prerequisites for committing crimes in a real estate transaction.

This is especially true when a person sells or buys an apartment on their own, without the involvement of professional realtors. And, of course, legal illiteracy and excessive gullibility of clients play a role.

There are several common fraudulent schemes. Everyone knows that when registering a real estate transaction, it is necessary to prepare an impressive package of documents. It is at this stage that most of the real estate scams are conducted.

For example, the “gray realtor” begins to work with the client’s documents, makes several copies secretly from him and publishes housing advertisements in print and electronic media.

Most often, he indicates a greatly reduced price of the apartment, explaining this, for example, by an urgent departure abroad. With this proposal, buyers do not have to wait long. The fraudster draws up several contracts at once, receives a deposit from all buyers, and after the documents are certified by a notary, he disappears.

Another option for using documents by fraudsters is to issue a gift certificate for real estate instead of a purchase and sale agreement. Fraudsters are very good psychologists and use each person’s completely natural desire to save time and money.

The fact is that, according to Russian laws, the donor is entitled to return the donated apartment after twelve months.

To do this, he will need to prove in court that the apartment was not properly maintained. It is not worth building illusions that a wise judge will understand all the intricacies of your complicated case and make a decision in your favor.

Of course, these are far from all schemes of “black brokers”. Despite the fact that the real estate market is becoming more civilized in our country, new ways are constantly appearing to deceive sellers and home buyers.

Just “want” is not enough. What is needed to open an agency?

The first thing we do is rent an office. If you are working with an old customer base, then at first you can do without an office. But if you want to attract new customers and also hire employees, then an office is necessary.

No less than an office, the site of a real estate agency is important. It should not only contain basic information about the company: address, phone numbers, but also clearly demonstrate what you are doing: it should include offers for sale from your client base, photos and descriptions of apartments.

work experience

Despite the fact that you can get a job in almost any agency without experience, you will have to acquire it with hard daily work, but you cannot do without it. Is it possible to avoid this fate and simply open an agency, to recruit employees who will work for you? The answer is unequivocal: impossible. Different people will come to you, including those without experience.

It is not only necessary for your employees to be trained in the basics of the profession, but also to regularly answer questions that inevitably arise in the process of work.

In addition, without knowing the whole “kitchen”, you can allow yourself to be fooled by unscrupulous employees who can do “left” transactions without your knowledge, use the customer base for their own purposes or simply steal it and go to “free bread”.

There is another way - to become the founder of the agency, which will be led by a hired director. But in this case significant investments are expected. Для тех, кто начинает бизнес с нуля этот вариант не подойдет.

Провинция или мегаполис?

Свои нюансы есть в любом месте. Меленькие города менее активны в плане аренды недвижимости, но предложения купли-продажи есть и здесь. Особенно учитывая низкую стоимость квартир на периферии для столичных граждан, всё чаще обычные «домики в деревне» приобретаются горожанами для отдыха, под дачу.

Мегаполисы всегда лакомый кусочек для риэлтора. On commissions from the sale of one elite apartment you can live comfortably for a month or two, but competition is also high here. And the client is more and more picky.

Here, more than ever, you need a perfect image and good fame in certain circles. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in a crowd of faceless agencies.

We draw up a business plan for a real estate agency

If you create a real estate agency without the participation of partners and investors, then you do not need a business plan as such. It is enough to calculate the initial costs, think through your actions in the worst case scenario and go!
But if you plan to attract financing, then a business plan will still be needed.

How much is it?

When opening a real estate company, the costs are as follows:

Cost TypeAmount
Office rental5 thousand rubles a month
Furniture20 thousand rubles a month
Computer, office equipment, software30-50 thousand rubles
Website10-30 thousand rubles
Advertising10-100 thousand rubles
mobile connection500-1000 rubles per month
Fare1000-3000 rubles per month
Accountant ServicesFrom 3 thousand rubles a month

The approximate cost of opening a real estate agency can range from 100 to 300 thousand.

Real Estate Agency Profitability

How fast will an open agency pay off? It is difficult to give an exact answer to this question.

It all depends on the number of successful transactions, on your employees and on you personally.
If a month you will conduct one transaction and earn 50 thousand rubles, then the payback period can be from 2 to 6 months.

"Underwater rocks"

90% real estate business is a relationship between people. And where people are, there may be conflicts of interest.
What is the income of a realtor when buying and selling an apartment? This is the commission on the sold apartment (3-5%). No money is taken from the seller. The agency adds the amount of its commission to the value of the apartment. Thus, his services are actually paid by the buyer.

In order to guarantee a commission, you must enter into an exclusive contract with the seller. As a result, the interests of this seller are represented only by this realtor, and the seller cannot cooperate with other agencies, according to the terms of the contract.

How often happens in practice? The seller of the apartment does not refuse to the realtor in cooperation, but does not conclude a contract. What does this mean?

When the seller gives advertisements for the sale of apartments on bulletin boards or specialized sites, dozens of real estate agencies and private realtors immediately begin to attack him.

The seller is interested in selling the apartment as quickly as possible, so he does not mind that different companies sell his apartment. But he does not sign a contract with anyone. As a result, the realtor who brings the buyer will receive the reward, and the rest will be left with nothing.

An exclusive contract is what you need to achieve from the client in the first place.

Another common problem: the buyer and seller, whom the agent brought together, make a deal behind him. If there is no contract, then the realtor will not be able to present claims.

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Should I open an agency?

There is no definite answer. With a successful combination of circumstances and a competent approach, it is a completely profitable event.

According to statistics, several thousand real estate transactions are made daily in Russia every day. This is millions of rubles every day! But they themselves will not come. Here we need grasp, contacts, and an unbridled desire to win. On average, a realtor receives 50-70 thousand rubles a month. Is it profitable? Yes! But how much do you need to spend to earn? And this is another question.

The residential and commercial real estate market is constantly attracting new players who are counting on successful deals and generous commissions. But are newcomers waiting here? Do not wait, like everywhere else. The golden times of realtors have passed.

Agencies now exist in a highly competitive environment. And the real estate market itself is unstable: demand depends on the season, financial, economic and even political situation in the country.

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Real Estate Agency Expenses

Thinking about how to open a real estate agency from scratch, the first thing to consider is the budget. The main costs when opening a real estate agency:

renting a room will cost about 35-70 thousand per month,

advertising costs in a real estate agency is an almost daily article. Advertising of real estate in most cases is paid. About 50,000 rubles are spent on it per month for small agencies, and about 150,000 rubles on average for large ones. When opening a real estate agency, it is advisable to provide working capital for the first 3 months of work,

The next point is the purchase of furniture and equipment. If you plan to partially remote work of real estate agents, the number of jobs is formed exactly half the number of employees. Due to traveling activities, some agents are not in the office daily. Also formed the workplace of the secretary, lawyer and manager. For an agency where a staff of about 10 agents is planned, such costs will total about 50,000-100,000 rubles,

organization registration costs, website creation, etc. will be about 50,000 rubles,

the category of initial costs should also include the wages of regular employees. At the initial stage, this item may be equal to zero,

outsourcing services. The cost of accounting services will be from 3,000 rubles per month, the cost of legal services from 10,000 rubles per month.,

transport services, mobile communication services, the services of a bank serving your company can be from 15,000 rubles per month.

To open a real estate agency you will need from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles.

A bit about agent earnings

Real estate agents work on a piecework wage system. Interest is set by the head of the enterprise depending on experience and the number of transactions. Existing practice from 20 to 70 percent of the amount of remuneration for the transaction. But, as a rule, a convenient option that suits both parties is 50%. On average, agencies with around 10 to 20 agents are considered small. In large cities, the number of agents per office, not counting branches, can be up to 100 people. You might consider opening a real estate agency with a one-person workforce. The head, manager, agent and lawyer act in one person. For such an agency you will need 1 workplace and an office of 10 square meters. However, the profit of such an agency will be minimal.

Profit and profitability of a real estate agency

What profit does a real estate agency make? This can not know and predict no one. Much depends on the base of objects, on the ability of a business manager and employees to negotiate with customers. One can say one thing: if real estate agencies exist, then they have a profit and the initially invested funds pay off quickly.

A real estate agency like any other business can be profitable or unprofitable. Making a profit ultimately does not depend on the direction of the business, but depends on the ability of the manager to conclude a deal and earn this profit.

Additional business highlights

Realtor services are mainly required for property owners. Very rarely, agency agreements are concluded when searching for the right objects, both for purchase and for rent. Basically, the real estate owner is the payer of remuneration to the realtor. Therefore, in order to provide the property owner with the service of finding a buyer or tenant, the head of the real estate agency must conclude an agreement with this owner. Without concluding an agreement, we advise you not to work, as in this business you may be “forgotten” to pay a fee. No contract - no money.

Now the street is in crisis, so sometimes the owner says that he gave the property for sale to several agencies, and he will conclude a contract with the company that will lead the buyer. So you need to move faster, as the saying goes "whoever gets up early, God gives to him." But meanwhile, you should strive to conclude an exclusive contract for the sale of real estate. This means that the owner does not have the right to conduct independent advertising campaigns and cooperation with other agencies on his property and only your agency can sell or rent this property. Therefore, the more such contracts the agency has, the more financially stable its position.

An important issue is the training of realtors and advanced training. Credit institutions, banks and the Russian or regional guild of realtors often conduct seminars on the topic of increasing sales in real estate. It is advisable to attend such events.

Dare, and you will succeed, we believe in you.