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Setting up ePSXe - SONY PlayStation 1 emulator


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An emulator is software that simulates the functions of other platforms or devices. For example, when you use the PlayStation emulator on a computer, it copies the functions of the Sony PlayStation console and allows you to play games from the PlayStation in the same way as you would on the console. To emulate the PlayStation system on a computer, you need to download, install and configure the ePSXe emulator correctly.

Installing the ePSXe Emulator

1. Download the latest version of the ePSXe emulator.

2. Unpack the archive with the emulator (you need an archiver). In order to avoid incidents, make sure that the path to the folder with the emulator does not contain Cyrillic. I will unpack the emulator to the ps1 folder in the root of drive D (i.e. the path to the emulator D: / ps1 ).

3. Attention! For the emulator to work, Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 and DirectX must be installed on the system.

Note. If your Russian version of the emulator doesn’t work well or crashes (for example, this is possible on some versions of Windows 10), then download the English version - it contains a mark on the download page v200 (stable) . The configuration is carried out in exactly the same way.

Setup and first launch

1. Run the file ePSXe.exe .

2. The setup wizard starts. Push Tune .

3. A window appears warning that the PSX BIOS was not found. Push OK .

4. In the window BIOS configuration the emulator itself will offer the desired BIOS. Push Further .

5. In the window Video setting for better graphics, select the plugin Pete’s OpenGL2 GPU core 2.0.0 . Now you need to configure it. Push Customization .

6. To run in full screen mode, set the maximum resolution supported by your monitor. To run in windowed mode, put down the desired resolution. I prefer windowed mode with optimal resolution of 1024 * 768. Color Depth - 32 Bit.

7. Internal resolution on X - set 2: Very high .

8. Internal resolution on Y - 3: Ultra high (who has a weak video card - set 2: Very high).

9. Scaling. For games that were released on PS1, the native aspect ratio was 3: 4. Therefore, we choose zoom mode 2: Keep aspect ratio, stretch on small heights .

10. Render mode and Threading mode set to maximum (values ​​2 and 3, respectively).

11. Setting the texture.

Texture filtering - for better graphics, select 1: Standart .

Hi-Res Texture - leave 0: None .

Video Memory Capacity - 256 or 512.

Be sure to check Use texture shaders in window mode .

12. Frames per second. Check only Frame Limit / s and put an end to Auto frame limit / skip .

13. Compatibility . All values ​​are set to maximum ( Extended and Full ).

14. Full screen filters.

Tick ​​off Image filtering .

Tick ​​off Shader effects leave the value 1: Fullscreen smoothing and shader power set the value 4: Maximum .

15. Section Other. Check only the opposite MDEC Filtration and Fixes for GF4 .

16. Configuring the graphics plugin is complete. It should be like in the screenshot. Push OK .

17. Once again, we get to the video plugin selection window and click Further .

18. Sound settings. Choose a plugin ePSXe SPU core 2.0.0 . Click on Customization .

19. Make sure that you have selected the values ​​as in the figure ( sound delay - 0: Standard delay , Sound Effects - 2: Full Sound Effects ) Push OK .

20. Click Further to go to the next settings section.

21. Configuring the CD drive. Choose a plugin ePSXe CDR WNT / W2K core 2.0.0 . Push Customization .

AT CD drive selection select the letter of your CD drive. If there is no drive, then do not change anything. Push OK .

22. Click Further to go to section Controller Configuration . Click on Controller 1 (Controller 2 is configured in the same way).

23. Here is my version of keyboard control settings. You can specify values ​​that are convenient for you.

To set the control button, simply place the cursor in the cell and press the desired key.

Push OK to apply the settings.

24. Click Further . The ePSXe setup is now complete. Push Done .

Game launch

It is preferable to play with disk images rather than real CDs. If only because it is faster and more convenient.

1. In the main window of the ePSXe emulator, click FileRun from CD image .

2. Select your image in the file manager.

3. Enjoy the game!

Thanks for your attention! Have a nice game!

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Download emulator

Step 1. First, download the latest version of RPCS3 for your operating system.

Step 2 Now create a folder and name it RPCS3

It is in this folder that we will unpack the emulator files

Install the firmware

Step 1. Download the firmware to your PC:

Step 2. And now it's time to install this very firmware. We return to our folder, select the rpcs3.exe file and agree with all the conditions that the pop-up window will offer

Step 3. Select File -> Install Framerate and select the firmware file (PS3UPDAT.PUP) from the local files.

Launch games

Step 1. Run rpcs3.exe

Step 2. It all depends on the type of your game. If there is a file with the permission “.pkg” in it, click File -> Install PKG

Step 3. If you have a folder with the game, you need to transfer it to dev_hdd0game

Step 4. For some games, you may need a file with “.rap” permission, it must be placed in | dev_hddo | home | 00000001 | exdata | .

Step 5. Double-click on the game icon or select File -> Boot game. Wait for the compilation to finish. Upon completion, the game will start automatically.