Useful Tips

Tip 1: How to Wear a Wrist Watch


Many people ask the question "How to wear a men's watch?". In this article you will find all the answers to this question.

1. Watches are designed to be fastened on the wrist. By tradition, the watch is worn on the hand that is not dominant. Thus, the owner of a watch can work, carry out everyday activities with his main hand and at the same time be able to look at his watch, controlling time. If you are left-handed, you should wear a watch on your right wrist, if you are right-handed, then on your left. The classic mechanical clock for the right-hander has a winding head on the right side of the case. The clock for lefties comes complete with a mechanical head on the case on the left.

2. Focus on whether the width of the watch matches the thickness of your wrist. On a thin wrist, it is not recommended to wear dimensional models. And on a wide wrist, a small watch will look too small and inconspicuous.

3. The watch bracelet should not tightly wrap around the wrist. Adjust its length to a comfortable one so that the watch rotates freely around the wrist. Even a leather strap should recede from the wrist so much that between the buckle and the hand it is possible to stick your finger in freely.

4. Watches should be in harmony with style and lifestyle. If you lead an active and moving lifestyle, get waterproof functional sports watch models with an elastic band. If you are a manager, office clerk or businessman, then you will feel firm and stylish in a representative type watch. For a doctor, teacher or musician, an original watch or classic will give harmony.

Who should use a men's watch?

The choice of men's accessories should pay attention to girls with a slender androgynous appearance. A similar appearance, combining a number of masculine features, responds to related wardrobe items. In addition, lovers of the classic style in clothes can wear men's watches. Some models of men's watches (acid-colored plastic watches, models with a metal bracelet, ceramic watches) are suitable for casual style.

Do not buy men's watches for lovers of romantic details: lace, bows, quilling and polka dot fabrics. In this way, a massive watch will look alien.

We make an image with a men's watch

Remember that such an accessory requires a combination with things similar to it from a man’s wardrobe: a briefcase bag, suspenders, oxford boots or a baggy stocking cap. This trend is now in fashion. At the same time, do not be afraid to experiment and feel free to be inspired by photos of famous fashion bloggers.

So, for a massive metal men's watch, pick up narrow black ankle-length trousers, a black classic pullover and a black straight jacket. To colorize the image, a voluminous bright pink hat-stocking, knitted from kid mohair (i.e. fluffy) and a silk scarf with pink inserts, will help. To top it off, add a little mischief while putting on the varnished black loafers with translucent pink socks. A small quilted black handbag on a chain will put an end to this creative outfit.

Such an image, of course, can only afford a very brave girl.

For a more relaxed everyday option with a men's watch, choose clothes in shades of gray. So, a loose dark gray cashmere coat can be worn over a large knit sweater dress. In this image, men's watches are played out with light gray tight leather trousers, and stiletto heel ankle boots do not allow to become too tough at the same time. As accessories, it is better to choose a massive necklace from many steel chains and a bright clutch - for example, a leopard color.

For a walk on a cool weekend, combine a men's watch with a faux fur coat and boyfriend jeans. So, to insulate yourself well, put on a brown V-neck pullover over a white T-shirt. At the same time, the edge of the shirt should peek out from under the pullover, emphasizing the negligence of the outfit. Choose loose boyfriend jeans that are slightly tucked underneath.

From shoes to this, along with minimalistic sneakers, rude men's boots with tractor soles or ankle boots without a heel are well suited. This unpretentious outfit seems to explode from a beige short fur coat made of shaggy artificial wool, large earrings with rhinestones and a flashy pink clutch. However, it is this meeting of male and female that makes the image truly unforgettable.

How to wear a watch according to etiquette

Watches are even more subject to the rules of etiquette than other accessories. And by the ability to correctly observe these basic rules, you can determine the taste of the owner, his status and even possibly assess his skills to navigate fashion trends. Given these simple recommendations, your watch will not only be an ordinary part of the wardrobe, but also a sign of good style.

Which hand to wear the watch

There is an established rule: you should not wear a watch on the prevailing hand, because it is inconvenient. You can easily damage the watch or touch a foreign object with them, not to mention that writing with the watch on your wrist is an extremely uncomfortable task, and fastening the watch on your wrist is much easier with your main hand.
But if you still doubt the choice, we recommend trying a certain period of time to wear a watch on one hand, and then on the other. As a result, listening to your feelings, make a decisive choice.
Another interesting fact is that according to ancient Chinese medicine, the wrist has certain points of Cun, directly connected with the heart. And if these points are too transmitted, there is a probability of a violation of the internal balance of energy flows. After all, the symmetrical and rhythmic pulsation of these points is the guarantee of health, longevity and vivacity. Therefore, depending on the location of these points, women are advised to wear all kinds of accessories on their left hand, and for men - on their right.

The right choice of strap

Regardless of whether you choose a model with a strap or a bracelet, the watch should fit snugly against your wrist without squeezing your hand. Therefore, be sure to correctly adjust the strap / bracelet to fit your wrist.
Remember that you should not wear a watch so that it hangs freely, it is permissible according to the rules of etiquette to move it along the wrist a couple of centimeters up and down. The dial should not be flipped around. The ideal location of the watch just above the brush is not allowed to go down the watch below the bone.

Men's watches should not fit too tightly to the hand. If there are traces of the watch on the brush, it means that they are too tight and it is worth loosening the strap. In this case, use the rule that between the bracelet and the skin with some effort it is possible to stick your finger.
As for women's watches, exceptions to the rules are permissible. It is allowed for the model to fit snugly on the arm or, on the contrary, be positioned freely, like a bracelet, depending on the design and style of the accessory.

How to wear a watch with clothes

Wearing a men's watch over a sleeve or shirt cuff is permissible only in the most informal environments. A solemn event or a business meeting especially requires that the watch only peeks out from the edge of the sleeve of your clothes with the bent position of the hand and closes when it is straightened.

How to choose the right watch

The main criterion in choosing should be the size of your wrist. Since overly massive models on a fragile hand, or vice versa, miniature watches on a wide brush, can ruin the overall impression due to an absurd combination. We recommend that you pay attention to the case of the model was not visually wider than the wrist.
It is important to comply with the design of the model with a specific situation. For example, it is worth remembering that the business style does not allow a catchy design with fine detail or a sporty format, and an informal meeting is not an obligatory reason to wear a strict, classic model. Perhaps in certain cases it is better to refuse a practical accessory.
The last basic principle of wearing the watch correctly is considered bad form during a conversation or meeting to look at the watch. So you embarrass your opponent. The interlocutor may decide that you are not interested in the conversation, or you are in a hurry to quickly end the meeting.