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Attention! Follow the traffic, then a lot of photos

Update: The most attentive readers of immediately noticed something was amiss. Doubts about the originality of the accessory appeared with us. Therefore, we immediately contacted the manufacturer LunaTik, the company MINIMAL. The sentence was brief - 100% fake and that's why:

  • the anodized coating of the frame should not be scratched,
  • Two hex keys are included with the original LunaTik: L-shaped and straight. Our subject has two identical L-shaped,
  • the strap fastener of the original accessory is black,
  • a hologram of an unknown (read: Chinese) production is pasted on the box.

    In the near future we will publish Comparative review of the original LunaTik BlackOut and this fakeso that you do not repeat the mistakes of the author of this article.

    Before buying one of the most popular accessories for iPod nano, I was tormented by just one question.

    What normal person will wear a music player on a rubber and steel strap as a watch? And the point is not in the incomprehensible views of people at the sight of an unknown device on the hand - I would not pay attention to them at all - the question is the need for such a tandem that can be easily replaced by an already lying iPhone pocket and a good mechanical watch. Having never found the answer to the question tormenting me, I succumbed to a fleeting impulse and very soon ended up in the store. So begins my story of acquaintance with the "apple" watch, which I once mistook for a portable player.

    I bought it! I bought it!

    In the store, by the way, I was incredibly lucky. Initially, I went there for a cheaper TikTok strap, which is completely made of rubber. But the seller, having complained about the weak sales of expensive (in comparison with the products of other companies) covers in Kiev, offered to buy LunaTik at the price of TikTok, that is, for 50 US dollars. The coveted accessory was successfully purchased. It began a difficult period for me to get used to a new class of devices. But more on that later.

    What's in the box or how I made the watch myself

    In a small box was not only a strap for the player, but also two miniature hex wrenches with clear instructions in pictures. Taking LunaTik in my hands, I immediately made sure that my new player was not in danger. The stainless steel frame is glued inside with a soft material that prevents iPod nano from being scratched.

    Before placing the iPod in the steel paws of the rim, it is necessary to carefully unscrew the two bolts on the sides and divide the clock into two parts. By the way, they got out easily, but it was more difficult to put them back.

    Next, iPod puts a clip on a special “tongue”, which is located on one half of the watch, and is pressed by the second part of LunaTik. Now to us need to fasten two bolts. To do this, you must immediately use the two screwdrivers from the kit. They will strive to fall out all the time, it takes time for large male hands to get used to these tiny tools.

    Actually, it remains to put this design on hand. This is done simply - in one of the holes on the strap there is a special plastic plug on which the second part of the rubber fastener is attached. It is easily removable and moves around the strap. An interesting and convenient solution for adjusting the length of the accessory.

    LunaTik Operating Experience

    At first, when I wore a watch, I had a feeling that there is something bulky on the hand. In principle, I have not worn any watches for a long time, the iPhone has always served them for me - maybe this is the point. In the evening, I mastered the basic functions of iPod nano, updated its software to the latest version with support for more than a dozen new skins, and moved half of my library to it.

    I expected to use iPod nano with LunaTik not only as a watch, but also as the main music player. With this, everything worked out with a bang. Unlike the strap Belkin VerveWearwho described in great detail Leonid Klyuyev, the side face of our “experimental rabbit” just looks away. This allows you to run the cable under the sleeve of a raglan or any outerwear and listen to music. In autumn and winter - it’s very convenient, nothing interferes and the basic elements are always at hand, even if she is wearing a glove. In the summer, when there will be a minimum of clothing on the body, the wire can hang out and interfere.

    Literally in a week, I got used to unusual watches, began to glance at them more often, and music constantly sounded in my ears. Even when the iPhone 4S battery could not withstand the load and sat by the evening. The feeling of some voluminous object on the arm vanished by itself. No, no, the strap is really big, but for that it is intended for representatives of the stronger sex.

    For all the time I used the strap, I found only two flaws of "Lunatic" - small and serious. The first is that you will need to find the correct position of the watch on your hand, otherwise they will put pressure on the brush from the outside. I dealt with this in a day or two. The second and more annoying drawback is that if you have outerwear on you and the headphones are in your pocket, then you will have to contrive a lot to put them through your sleeve and insert them into iPod nano. And how will others be pleased with this sight ... For example, in the subway. Believe my personal experience.

    Does the strap wear out?

    Naturally. But first, let's talk about the player itself. For three months he did not receive a single attrition. Its screen and the lower part, which remain uncovered, were also without scratches. All thanks to the successful design of the steel frame, the protruding edges of which protect iPod nano.

    The rubber strap is slightly worn, appeared on it characteristic wearthat are visible only with a thorough inspection. It is periodically recommended to wipe it from dust, it still sticks to it quite well.

    On a black border appeared several small chippingwhich can not be avoided with active use. They are indicated in the pictures above by green arrows. They do not spoil the appearance of the strap, but only add real male aggressiveness to it. Unfortunately, during the review and the natural disassembly of the strap, one screw was lost. But LunaTik didn’t even think about decaying - the whole structure also holds tightly to my hand.

    To buy or not to buy?

    iPod nano in conjunction with LunaTik performed best. I was easily used to checking the time by pressing a button, for this I had to get my iPhone out of my pocket. Music was always there now. I did not have to think about discharging my main device, which was also used for calls, mail and photography.

    Movie from the creators of Lunatik

    A pleasant surprise for me was the reaction of people around me from a variety of professions. If one of them noticed a “black” bracelet on my hand, he immediately began to praise it. And after I found out that this is also a multifunctional player from Apple, I always asked about the place of purchase of this gadget. Believe it or not, there was not a single person whom LunaTik would have left indifferent. Even the price of 90 US dollars on the official site did not scare anyone. A worthwhile purchase for a true iMagnac!

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