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Psychology of wealth: we attract money and success by the power of thought


How the human subconscious helps to become rich

You have the right get rich. You were born to lead a carefree, happy life in prosperity and abundance. Therefore, you would have to have enough money to lead such a full life.

You have come to this world to develop physically, mentally and spiritually and have an undeniable right to everything that will help you achieve the goal of your life. You would have to surround yourself with beauty and luxury.

Why do you want to be satisfied with the most necessary, if you can draw the inexhaustible wealth of your subconscious. In this chapter, you will learn how to make money with your friend and constant companion. Your wish get rich - this is nothing more than the desire for a more fulfilled, happier and more beautiful life. Here we are talking about the cosmic instinct. Therefore, your aspiration is not only good, it is even very good.

The shortest and most convenient way to wealth

The path to wealth and success open to someone who is familiar with miracles forces of the subconscious. Who knows the laws of the mind, he firmly believes and knows for sure that he will never suffer from want - regardless of the economic situation, the exchange rate or crises of all kinds, for example, strikes or wars, because as soon as he inspires his subconscious mind about prosperity, it will provide it in abundance with everything necessary, wherever it is. He had already acquired an unshakable mental conviction that money would circulate freely in his life at any time and that he would have more than enough.

Why you do not have money in large quantities

You will probably say when reading this chapter: “I should have received a higher salary than I am currently receiving.” In my opinion, the success of most people is underestimated and paid too little. In many cases reason for lack of money among other things, it’s also the fact that these people secretly or openly curse money, they call it “dirty” or say: “Thirst for money is the root of all evil.” Another reason why you are not reaching success and wealth, it is that somewhere in your mind there is a superstition that poverty refers to virtues and is morally laudable. This setting subconscious most of the time goes back to the lessons we learned in our youth, and partly to the misinterpretation of certain passages in the Bible.

Money and life full of harmony

Someone once told me: “I am bankrupt. I hate money. This is the root of all evil. ” Only a neurotic and stupid person can say such things. The same distorted and one-sided is, of course, the position of those who are completely and completely attached to money. Man must use his abilities wisely. Many plague themselves in the pursuit of power, others for money. If all your feelings and thoughts are aimed at money and you say: “Money is all that I want, I will completely and completely devote myself to the goal of accumulating as much money as possible, everything else is not important to me”, then you, no doubt , gain money and wealth. But at the same time, you will lose sight of the fact that a person must lead a proportionate life and also satisfy his needs in the spiritual world, harmony, love, joy and perfect health.

Poverty is a mental illness.

Poverty is not at all some virtue or merit, on the contrary: here one of many mental illnesses is evident. If you felt physically ill, then you would explain this as some kind of disease in your body. You would do everything to help as soon as possible. But also long lack of money It is also a symptom of something seriously disturbing in your life.

The principle of life inherent in every person is to ensure growth, achievement of heights, success and wealth. You didn’t come to this world to vegetate in a poor shack, dress in rags and suffer from hunger. The law of life wants you to be happy, wealthy and successful.

Why money cannot be neglected

Free your subconscious from all the widespread strange and superstitious views on money. Never consider money as something evil or excessive - you only forcefully push it away from you. Always remember: subconscious he will not allow you anything that you reject with conviction. How can it attract to you that you yourself do not accept?

How to relate to money

With the following simple trick you can draw wealth. Just repeat many times a day: “I am happy with all my heart for money, I love them, I use them wisely, thoughtfully and for good purposes. I love to spend them on a grand scale and they miraculously return to me in multiplication. Money is not only something good, it is even something very good. Money flows to me from all sides in abundance. With their help, I will do a lot of good and useful things, and therefore I am grateful for my material and mental wealth».

How to attract the right money

Many years ago, I met in Australia with a young man who wanted to become a surgeon, but did not have money for this. I explained to him that every grain planted in the ground has the ability to attract everything he needs for development. This process should serve as an example to him and he should consolidate this idea in his subconscious. To earn a living, a young man who had outstanding abilities cleaned up practice rooms, washed windows, and did all kinds of casual work. He told me that every night before going to bed he draws in his imagination with utmost clarity a document on admission to medical practice, on which his last name is written in large, clear letters. Performing random work, he most often saw just such documents, and therefore it was easy for the mind to inspire himself with such an image. This lasted about 4 months, every night he was fascinated by the picture of his mental imagination, and then there was a clear success. The further life story of this young man is very instructive. One of the doctors liked this young man. He taught him how to sterilize instruments, make injections, provide first aid and other types of work needed in medical practice. Finally he gave him the position of medical and technical assistant. Later, this doctor sent him to study medicine at his own expense. Now the young man has become a famous doctor who works in Montreal. Due to proper use subconscious forces he put into effect the ancient law of attraction, which states: to whom his goal is clear, he only needs to wish for means to be realized. In this case, the goal was to have your own medical practice. The young man managed to present himself in reality as a doctor, to see through the eyes of a doctor and to feel in reality the way a doctor feels. He lived with this idea and realized it with all the strength of his love and the profession of a doctor, until she became a firm conviction in the depths of his subconscious with the forces of his imagination. So all the prerequisites for fulfilling his dreams were naturally created.

Obstacles and traps on the path to wealth

You probably already heard remarks like: “This one also got his money dishonestly.” “This is a fraudster.” “I knew him, then he was still a beggar”, “With such elbows, it is no wonder to have success.”

If after that you carefully look at the speaker, then most often it turns out that he suffers either from a lack of money, or from a physical or mental illness. Perhaps his fellow students climbed faster success ladderthan he did, and I woke him up to his cruel envy. However, ill-will itself is at the same time the direct cause of its failure. A negative attitude towards his former friends and their well-being makes his own impossible wealthwhom he so desires.

Actually, he asks for the fulfillment of two opposite desires. On the one hand, he says: “Wealth and wealth flow to me from all sides, ”and at the next moment declares:“ I envy this man with his wealth. ” Make it your constant habit to view the happiness and success of your neighbors with true joy.

Protect your condition

If you are looking for advice in matters related to money, or are concerned about the course of your stocks and securities, then utter in complete peace and with deep confidence the following statement: “My wisdom subconscious protects all my financial transactions and inspires me with the right decision, so that all my affairs will be profitable. ” Repeat this often, and you will be sure that you wisely chose where to invest your capital, and thereby saved yourself from losses.

Your inexhaustible source of money

Correct understanding subconscious forces and the creative powers of thoughts and pictures of your imagination is the fastest and most reliable way to put an end to all the shortcomings inside and outside of you and live from now on in prosperity. Accept the gift of wealth that gives you the subconscious. The right attitude to welfare and the deep confidence that it will come soon give impetus to the beginning of a process that is subject only to its own mathematics and mechanics. As soon as you manage to awaken in yourself the feeling that you are a wealthy person, you will receive everything that is necessary for this. Repeat the following statement every day and write it in gold letters on your heart:

“I am one with the infinite the wealth of my subconscious. I have the right to be wealthy, happy and lucky. Money comes to me in abundance from inexhaustible sources.

Every moment I realize my true value. What I can and have, I will willingly put at the service of my neighbors, and I am perfectly financially secure. Life is great! ”

How to attract money and success by the power of thought

First of all necessary exclude from the speech phrases repelling money: “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have enough money”, “the poor are much happier than the rich” and so on. When you say these words, you are programming yourself for an eternal lack of finances and, even worse, look for advantages in this lack. This behavior prevents the disclosure of your money channel, so it must be radically changed. Transform these phrases: “I can’t afford it, but only for now”, “I don’t have enough money, but this is a temporary phenomenon.” And the justifying stereotype that the poor are happier than the rich must be expelled from their consciousness completely and irrevocably.

The next step is to visualize what you want. Draw yourself a vivid visual image of money and career achievements. Opening the wallet, mentally increase the amount that is there, and it will increase in reality. The period before falling asleep and after waking up is considered especially productive for visualization: at this time, the line between consciousness and the subconsciousness weakens, so the images that you imagine will be deposited in the subconscious and will determine your behavior. That is, if for some time you draw in your head pictures of your own success and fall asleep with this thought, then you will begin to behave accordingly, and achieving the goal will be much easier. In addition, at the border of sleep and reality, you may have a good idea about how to get out of financial difficulties and increase income.

More often imagine that you have already achieved material well-being - this will help you feel the necessary emotions and recharge your batteries. Negative thinking will immediately step aside, giving way to the psychology of wealth. In addition, a constant sense of proximity to the goal contributes to its achievement.

Say affirmations for money and success. This is an effective way to set yourself up to attract money. Every morning, say in front of the mirror the phrases “I know that today luck will accompany me in all matters”, “I respect money and let it into my life”, “I wish prosperity and material well-being and I will make every effort to achieve this ". The main thing is to pronounce these phrases with confidence, experiencing only positive emotions, and Fortune will smile at you, and the cash flow will not pass you by.

Do not forget about gratitude. Receiving income or making another victory, thank the universe for the opportunities sent to you, so that luck will continue to accompany you. You can back up the words with deeds: help the needy person with money, and this amount will return to you three times.

Attracting wealth is not so difficult. Set yourself up for a money wave, step up the career ladder and make a profit. We wish you good luck and a tight wallet, and do not forget to click on the buttons and