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How to change the name of the channel on YouTube and add a description?


Basically, users of YouTube video hosting set the name of the blog according to the content published on it. But often enough, the topic changes, in which case, you need to know how to change the name on YouTube on your phone and computer.

Can I change the name of the YouTube channel

According to the rules of video hosting, the user has the right to change the name of his channel at any time. You can also change your own user data. This is a convenient feature, since blog topics often change, and in order not to mislead viewers, many video bloggers, as a rule, try to change the name of the channel to the topic of the published content.

Important! The name of the channel can be changed no more than three times in 90 days. If the number of attempts is exceeded, you will need to wait for the end of three months from the last attempt, after which the number of attempts is resumed.

Changing the name of the user itself is also not hindered. There is no need to provide documents or indicate the reasons that triggered the change of name. Everything is done in a couple of clicks, which is convenient for users of the resource.

Why change the name?

Each user creates their own YouTube channel in order to make people subscribe to it, and the more they subscribe, the better. The name - this applies not only to YouTube, but also to television channels - should reflect the theme. If you decide to change it abruptly, you can, of course, just create a new channel, but then you will lose subscribers. It’s much better to change the name of the old profile.

YouTube has long been one of the ten most visited sites in the world, and it, like other major resources, is constantly exposed to innovations that affect design. In connection with these, many users have problems with certain functions, including how to change the name of the channel. “YouTube” has excellent technical support that answers all questions of users around the clock, however, due to the notorious innovations, the interface for accessing it is changing. It turns out a vicious circle.

How to change the name of the channel on "YouTube"?

Note: this method involves changing the name of your Google+ account along with the name of the channel.

To get started, launch your browser and go to YouTube.

Go to your profile through a special icon in the upper right corner. You will be taken to the Google login page, where you need to enter your e-mail and password.

You will again be on the main page of "YouTube". Now in the upper right corner there will be an icon with an image of your channel. By clicking on it, you will open a small context menu. Select Creative Studio.

You are taken to the control panel. Under your name there will be a link "watch channel". Follow it.

The channel design page will open. Click on the settings icon, which is located under the banner on the right. In the new window, select "Advanced Settings."

You are now in the settings menu. Click on "Edit" to the right of your channel name. Then again, "Change."

You will be transferred to the page of your account on Google+, where you can change the name of your account. Along with it, the name of your YouTube channel will also change.

How to change the name of the channel on "YouTube" via phone or tablet?

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Go to the "Account" tab.
  3. Click the channel icon.
  4. Click on the settings icon in the lower right corner.
  5. Now select "Edit." It is indicated by a pencil icon.
  6. Change the name and click OK.

What is the description for?

How to change the name of the channel on YouTube on a tablet or through a computer should now be clear, but there is another important component of a successful resource - a description.

In addition to introducing new visitors to your channel, it’s also a must for YouTube search robots.

If the topic is not reflected in the name, then the description of the channel will help save the situation and not miss out on potential subscribers. Also, if you do not have a description, then search robots will not give out your resource in user queries.

What should be the description?

So, queries are keywords that users search on the Internet. Accordingly, keywords should be in the description of your channel. There are many special services on the Web for their selection, and it is better to use them than take something out of your head.

The description should begin with a keyword, and it should end it. It is advisable to use them in the text several times, you can change the cases. The text in the channel description should not exceed thousands of characters without spaces.

How to add / change channel description?

In comparison with how to change the name of the channel on "YouTube", the description is somewhat simpler.

  1. By going to YouTube, log in through your Google account.
  2. Click on the icon with the image of your channel and select "Creative Studio" in the menu that opens.
  3. In the control panel, click on the link "watch channel".
  4. On the design page on the left below the place for the banner will be a button "+ description". By clicking on it, you can add text with a description of the channel. Or, if there is already a description, click on the text itself and make the necessary changes.


They should be not only in the text. They must also be registered separately in a special line. How to get there?

Go to the design page through "Creative Studio" / "watch channel". Click on the settings icon below the banner space on the right. Further "advanced settings". On the new page under the name of the channel, you will see the "keywords" field. It is precisely this that needs to be filled.

On smartphone

To replace the name of the blog on the YouTube video hosting service from your phone, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the application on your smartphone. As a rule, the program is already preinstalled on most devices. If the application is missing, then you need to download it from the official store of games and applications (Play Market for Android, AppStore for IOS).
  2. Enter the login and password to enter, if you suddenly have problems at this stage, it is recommended to check the network connection.
  3. The user icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the window. It is required to click on it and go to the tab "My channel".
  4. Click the gear icon to open the settings.
  5. The channel settings tab will open, and a pencil icon will appear next to the name. By clicking on it, you can enter a new name.
  6. After saving the changes, the name will be changed.

It is worth noting that the number of characters for a name is limited. Thus, the user cannot enter more than 64 characters, the system will not let you set the name too long and will persistently ask the user to make it shorter.

On the computer, the channel name changes as follows:

  1. You need to open a browser to access the network and go to the main page of the YouTube service.
  2. On the main page of the video hosting you need to click on the login button, which is located in the upper right corner of the window.
  3. Enter login and password for authorization in your account.
  4. Then you need to click on the user account icon located in the upper right corner of the monitor.
  5. A pop-up window will appear in which a list of user channels will be displayed. Click on where you want to change the name. This will make it active.
  6. Once the channel has become active, again click on the icon in the corner. A pop-up menu will appear. In it, you need to click on the button in the form of a gear, this will transfer the user to the settings.
  7. In the left part, go to the tab “Account”.
  8. There will be a blue link next to the blog name “Change to Google”. Go on it.
  9. A window will open for changing information.
  10. Enter a new name and press the button “Save”.
  11. Channel name changed.

Changes do not always take effect instantly. Sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes.

How to change user name and surname on Youtube

The user can also correct their own data, namely the name and surname on the site. It is not necessary to indicate reliable information, quite often video bloggers take harmonious nicknames, which is not prohibited by the rules of the hosting. To change the name, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to video hosting from any convenient resource (tablet, smartphone, computer).
  2. Enter login and password to enter your personal account.
  3. Click on the user icon in the upper right corner.
  4. A small window will open in which you need to click once on the profile name to make it active.
  5. Then again click on the icon, and after the icon in the form of a gear opposite the profile.
  6. From the menu on the left side of the monitor go to the tab “Account”.
  7. A tab with user data will open. Near the name of the user is a blue link “Change to Google +”. Go on it.
  8. A page will open on which the user can enter new first and last names.
  9. In order for the changes to take effect, you must click “Save.”
  10. After that, a window pops up on YouTube asking for confirmation of the change of information. Click on “ChangePsevdonym ”.
  11. As soon as the user confirms the change of information, the data will change.

It is worth noting that the name and surname can be changed a limited number of times, unlike a nickname. The service allows you to do this no more than 3 times in 3 months.

What to do if the limit is exceeded

If the user has exceeded the limit on changing the name or the name of the channel, it is recommended to wait three months. This will resume the number of attempts on this action. If a gross mistake is made in the name and it must be corrected immediately, thenRequired to contact support service. This can help solve the problem.

There are also radical methods, such as deleting a blog and creating a new one with the name you need. In this case, you need to download the video and reload them back. It is worth noting that the number of views is zeroed out. Also, if the user has a Google + account attached, then just go to his settings and there indicate which alias should be displayed in other related services.

Change the name through the computer

In order to change the name of the channel on youtube, you need to follow a few simple steps, namely:

  1. Click on the avatar (logo) of your account and select "Creative Studio".
  2. Next we need to click on the “Channel”. Then we select the “Advanced” function, where in the column “Account Information” you have to click on the item “Change”.
  3. You will see a window that warns you that you need to change the name in your Google+ account. We obediently agree with this point and get into the Google social network, where we already have to change the name.

But of course, a small problem may arise here. The fact is that when you create your first project, it should always consist of two words, namely the name and surname. That is, no matter how you say it, you have to have two words, no more and no less. Many will ask, they say, how then are other youtubers called in one word? I'll explain now.

It turns out that in order to make a brand name instead of a name and surname, you need to create a new channel on the same account. Only then can you call yourself what you want, and not necessarily in two words.

Change the channel address

But many are not even confused by the name, but by the address, that is, the display of the URL. By default, an incomprehensible gibberish will appear in the address bar, but this can also be influenced by making the address more attractive and recognizable.

To do this, you will need to click on the logo again, and then select "Settings".

And now it remains only to select the "General Information" section and click on the "Advanced" button directly below the avatar. There you will see an item about choosing your own URL. You need to click on the “Here” link, after which you can already change the name of your channel, or rather its address on YouTube.

Unfortunately, in 2017, the rules changed, and now in YouTube you can’t make some kind of original url. Everything is strict. Now either change it based on the name, or add a suffix to an existing name. And if you have a default channel, then there are no options at all, since you can use the replacement only by assigning your name. Unfortunately, Dmitry Kostin is already busy with some kind of villain, so all I can do is add some suffix to it.

But sometimes, going to the right menu, you will not find the item change URL item. This means that you do not fit the minimum requirements:

  • You must have at least 100 subscribers
  • Your created project must be at least 30 days old
  • You must use an icon (photo or avatar)
  • Your page should be framed.

As soon as all these requirements are met, come back again with your head held proudly and change whatever you want. So look for subscribers, put a logo and wait for the due date. If it is unbearable, then you can use the services for recruiting subscribers. But personally, I do not recommend this. This can further affect badly and leave its mark.

The only thing I would like to give you advice. If you have almost no subscribers and views, it’s better to create a new channel and do not worry. I tell you, hemorrhoids will be much less and you will not lose anything.

How to change the name using a smartphone or tablet?

If you administer the whole thing directly from the phone, then everything is a little different here, because there is no creative studio as such. But don't be alarmed. Nothing complicated here.

Go to your Youtube mobile app and go to the home page. To do this, you need to select an account avatar in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select "My channel".

Now click on the gear icon, opposite the name, and opposite the name, click on the pencil icon, which symbolizes the name change. Well, then just change the name, surname or brand, after which you apply and enjoy. Just remember that you can rename the channel only 3 times in 90 days, so you do not need to supplement it with each letter, all the same the number of attempts is limited.

As you can see, there is nothing tricky in this matter. Everything is pretty simple. The main thing is to fit the requirements and not confuse the default channel with others.

Well, on this I end my article. I hope she was useful to you. And if so, then support me by subscribing to social networks and to the blog itself. Well, anyway, I'm waiting for you again. Good luck, bye-bye!

Instructions for the computer

  1. We open the official website of video hosting and log in, go to your personal profile.
  2. In the upper corner, on the right, finds an avatar, you need to click on it. You will see a menu in which you need to click "Settings".
  3. Click on the "Change to Google" button, as shown in the picture:
  4. Now you need to come up with a new name, enter it and select “OK”.

The whole procedure will take no more than 1-2 minutes. After that, check if the entered name is displayed in the "About Me" section.

How to change the name of the channel on YouTube from the phone

This can be done through devices running on Android, as well as on iOS. The mechanism of action is almost the same, even easier. Open the official video hosting application and do the following:

  1. We go into your account.
  2. Select the avatar of the channel you want to rename.
  3. Click on the gear icon, which means settings.
  4. Now click "Change."
  5. Enter the new name and click OK.

As you can see, to do this is more than simple, even a novice user will cope with the task.

Why is it important to choose the right name

So we looked at how to change the name of the channel on YouTube. Now let's talk about why this matters.
As the saying goes, as you call a ship - so it will sail. This rule also applies to Youtube channels. The name is first and foremost striking to users. Seeing it, the user makes a decision to go or scroll further. Another nice bonus: a channel with a well-chosen “nickname” will successfully promote itself independently. Each time, entering a key phrase in the search line, it will be displayed in the search results.

What should be the name

We examined how you can change the name of the Youtube channel, but another question: what to change it for. There is no universal answer, but there are several valuable recommendations:

  1. Originality. If you want to be heard, you need to come up with a creative name that stands out from the masses.
  2. Clearness. A clear connection with the field of activity, topics, specifics of the resource is needed.
  3. Memorable. This requirement can be rephrased as lightness. The user must remember the word so that later it can be easily entered into the search bar.
  4. No plagiarism. Naturally, copyright infringement is unacceptable and entails negative consequences. Also, do not look for options that are similar in sound or spelling to existing successful video blogs.

How to come up

So, first you need to brainstorm. Throw as many words and phrases as possible. Do not put yourself a numerical framework, write 100, 200, 300 points. Then, in turn, evaluate each line for compliance with the criteria listed above. Попросите помощи друзей, коллег или своих клиентов, если таковые имеются.

Вот несколько идей:

  1. Ваш бренд. Если у вас есть собственная компания и вы создаете блог в целях ее продвижения и рекламы, оптимальное решение — назвать его так же. The more the brand flashes on the Internet, the more new consumers are attracted to the business.
  2. Personal video blog. If you’re working on your own channel, it’s good to call it your first name and surname / created alias / nickname. Another good combination: last name + "channel". If the central place in the content will be occupied by your person, your knowledge, travel, master classes and so on - choose this option.
  3. Reflection of subject / field of activity. Here, you must first clearly develop a development strategy, content plan, key topics. Good examples are Fashion and Style, Hunting and Fishing, My Home, and so on.
  4. Combine the listed items. Combining the above, you can create channels that will be immediately understandable to users. For example, “Cooking with Inna Gvozdikova” or “Beautiful Nails by Elena Kogteva”.
  5. The help of a specialist. If there is no imagination or time for selection, entrust the matter to the professionals of your field. A freelancer or an advertising agency can cope with the task, the services of the second are somewhat more expensive.

Key phrase in title

How to find a key to enter it in a name?

  1. Write 10-20 topics to which you can make content.
  2. How can your target audience search for you through search engines? Sketch options.
  3. Check with Yandex.Wordstat how relevant and relevant your chosen topics are, or rather, which of them is most interesting to users.

We looked at how to rename a channel on YouTube and how to come up with a new name for it. Act and become successful!