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Meerow - s club penguin cheats


Hi, this is Kirito and I want to tell you a story about how I met the roblex administrator

As always, I sat in rolox, held an event.

It was a roller skating mode.

And then I suddenly see that a bunch of people have entered the server.

I went nuts first, and then I went nuts again.

It was the roblex admin who came into the games from the event and shot pizza at everyone.

And he shot me.

This is my 2 screen with a celebrity.

The first screen was with Berezaa and this one with the administration.

Club penguin ultimate cheats

ok guys here is my friends ultimate cheats

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May 2010
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  • Admin Commands For My Roblox Game

    The commands are,

    Shows a list of all the commands

    If the command script breaks for you, say this to fix it

    kill / Person299
    kills Person299

    loopkill / Person299
    Repeatedly kills Person299 when he respawns

    unloopkill / Person299
    Undos loopkill /

    heal / Person299
    Returns Person299 to full health

    damage / Person299 / 50
    Makes Person299’s character take 50 damage

    health / Person299 / 999999
    Makes Person299’s MaxHealth and Health 999999

    kick / Person299
    Removes Person299 from the game, cannot be used by admin / ed people

    ban / Person299
    Removes Person299 from the game and keeps him from reenterring, cannot be used by admin / ed people

    Shows a list of everyone banned

    unban / Person299
    Unbans Person299

    explode / Person299
    Explodes Person299’s character

    rocket / Person299
    Straps a rocket onto Person299’s back

    removetools / Person299
    Removes all of Person299’s tools.

    givetools / Person299
    Gives Person299 all the tools in StarterPack

    givebtools / Person299
    Gives Person299 the building tools

    sit / Person299
    Makes Person299 sit

    part / 4/1/2
    Makes a part with the given dimensions appear over your character

    respawn / Person299
    Makes Person299’s character respawn

    jail / Person299
    Makes a lil jail cell around Person299’s character

    unjail / Person299
    Undos jail /

    punish / Person299
    Puts Person299’s character in game.Lighting

    unpunish / Person299
    Undos punish /

    merge / Person299 / Farvei
    Makes Person299 control Farvei’s character

    teleport / Person299 / nccvoyager
    Teleports Person299’s character to nccvoyager’s character

    control / Person299
    Makes you control Person299’s character

    change / Person299 / Money / 999999
    Makes the Money value in Person299’s leaderstats 999999

    Gives you a list of all the tools available to be give / en, the tool must be in game.

    give / Person299 / Tool
    Give’s Person299 a tool, the toolname can be abbreviated

    time / 15.30
    Makes game.Lighting.TimeOfDay 15:30

    ambient / 255/0/0
    Makes game.Lighting.Ambient 255.0.0

    maxplayers / 20
    Makes game.Players.MaxPlayers 20

    nograv / Person299
    Makes Person299 almost weightless

    antigrav / Person299
    Gives Person299 antigravity properties

    grav / Person299
    Returns Person299’s gravity to normal

    highgrav / Person299
    Makes Person299 heavyier

    setgrav / Person299 / -196
    Sets Person299’s gravity

    trip / Person299
    Makes Person299’s character trip

    walkspeed / Person299 / 99
    Makes Person299’s character’s humanoid’s WalkSpeed ​​99, 16 is average

    invisible / Person299
    Makes Person299’s character invisible

    visible / Person299
    Undos invisible /

    freeze / Person299
    Makes Person299’s character unable to move

    thaw / Person299
    Undos freeze /

    unlock / Person299
    Makes Person299’s character unlocked

    lock / Person299
    Makes Person299’s character locked

    ff / Person299
    Gives Person299’s character a ForceField

    unff / Person299
    Undos ff /

    sparkles / Person299
    Makes Person299’s character sparkly

    unsparkles / Person299
    Undos sparkles /

    shield / Person299
    Makes a destructive shield thingy appear around Person299

    unshield / Person299
    Undos shield /

    god / Person299
    Makes Person299 godish

    ungod / Person299
    Undos god /

    zombify / Person299
    Makes Person299 a infecting zombie

    admin / Person299
    Makes Person299 able to use the command script, cannot be used by admin / ed people

    Shows a list of everyone in the adminlist

    unadmin / Person299
    Undos admin /, cannot be used by admin / ed people

    Shuts the server down, cannot be used by admin / ed people

    m / Fallout 2 is one of the best games ever made
    Makes a message appear on the screen saying “Fallout 2 is one of the best games ever made” for 2 seconds

    h / i like pie
    Makes a hint appear on the screen saying “i like pie” for 2 seconds

    c / game.Workspace: remove ()
    Makes a script which source is whats after c /

    Removes all scripts created by c / and removes all jails.

    Capitalization doesnt matter, and name input can be abbreviated.
    Just about any name input can be replaced with multiple names seperated by “,” s, me, all, others, guests, admins, nonadmins, random, or team teamname.

    Administrator Identification

    The Roblox logo next to the nickname.

    All administrators have an admin icon on their profiles, and in the game they have the Roblox logo next to their nickname in the player list, allowing users to easily distinguish them from ordinary players. If a player who does not have a badge claims to be an administrator or moderator, then they lie, and you can complain about them. There are some accounts owned by administrators or moderators who do not have an icon, but they will not act as administrators or moderators of these accounts.

    Some administrators, such as Lilly_S, InceptionTime, or Builderman, are more widely known than other employees in the community, and tend to receive the most reviews due to their significant presence on the platform.