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Short nails manicure at home


Everyone knows that short nails are not only convenient, but also attractive for people of the opposite sex. The classic oval, square shapes, decorated in pastel colors, will drive any man crazy and will make you popular among friends. We will tell you how to make a beautiful manicure at home: the photo step by step on short nails will demonstrate light and beautiful nail art.

Hygienic manicure

The first thing a good manicure begins with is the treatment of nails. Let's take a step-by-step look at how this process happens:

  1. Start filed nails on dry nails. Cut off the unnecessary length and gently file the desired shape with a nail file. File in exactly one direction: this will prevent injury to the nail plate and further delamination.
  2. Pour warm water into a bowladd liquid soap there. Wash your hands and sit back: you have to spend the next few minutes with your fingers down in the water.
  3. Take your fingers out of the water, wipe dry. If your cuticle grows evenly, then prefer an unedged manicure. Slide the peel of the orange stick to the base of the nail. With a trim manicure, after shifting, cut off the excess with nail scissors or tweezers. Pre-sanitize them over a match or wipe with alcohol. In case of a cut, treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Use a pair of tweezers to remove rough skin at the tips of the nails. Wipe with peroxide.
  5. Rub oil or a special cosmetic product from the store into the skin around the nails. Do a circular massage of your fingers and hands.
  6. Perform a decorative coating of nailsaccording to your preference.

Dot manicure

The simplest type of decorative coating, after monophonic. Stock up on a needle or toothpick before staining.

  1. Paint the nail plates with a solid color optionally.
  2. Pour a drop of varnish onto a piece of paperdip a toothpick there.
  3. Spot your fingernails randomly or invented.

With a toothpick, you can create a great many drawings: waves, flowers, geometric shapes.

To do this, you will need:

  • small sharp-pointed scissors,
  • a few nail files to shape,
  • metal tweezers (if the manicure is trimmed),
  • a wooden or metal spoon to move the cuticle,
  • materials for softening the skin during steaming (sea salt, special oil),
  • ear sticks, rims,
  • cuticle oil,
  • substance for removal of the grown cuticle,
  • nail polish remover (if the nails were painted)
  • drying fixer
  • tint nail polish,
  • hand cream.

To make a manicure for short nails at home, you need to choose a nail file. It is she who plays an important role in the further formation of the plate. A poor-quality tool damages the nail, provokes the appearance of cracks and punctures. This leads to the fact that the nails last a short time, quickly break off and lose attractiveness.

Immediately should exclude conventional metal files. They have the only advantage - we quickly cut off the required length when it needs to be done urgently. Otherwise, such a tool leads to injuries of the fornix. In just two days, such a treatment will lead to delamination of the nail plate. Repairing the damaged surface and the tip of the nail is very difficult.

Sometimes it takes several times to trim the nail to heal. In some cases, recovery takes two weeks with constant coverage of the nail with fortified formulations. If thin and weak nails were not previously strengthened, a glass nail file is ideal for them. She gently polishes the nail and gives it the necessary shape, while maintaining a special smoothness and natural shine.

A manicure looks great after using a sapphire file. It is produced in various versions - with coarse-grained and fine-grained chips. There are also combined models. They gradually displace traumatic iron analogues.


Do not use coarse coarse-grained nail files. They are used to treat extended nails, and they are not suitable for a thin natural nail plate. Greater accuracy must be observed when treating nails with a rough file. It can injure the skin. And in a manicure, excess cuts are best eliminated.

Water drawings

This method is quite difficult - not all girls manage to achieve the desired result the first time. Follow the guidelines to make your nails look brilliant:

  1. Pour in a glass of warm water.
  2. Brush one drop of varnish into water with a brush: It sprawls, forming a circle with jagged edges.
  3. Make droplets shake in the center of the circle with brushes of varnishes of other colors.
  4. Stick a toothpick in the center of a multi-colored water circle and start creating petals on the varnish surface: make movements carefully, barely gliding over the surface. Deep penetration of toothpicks into water will result in blurry patterns.
  5. Coat the skin around the nail plates with cream. Dip one finger into the varnish film. Pull out slowly. On the nail there will be a pattern formed earlier on the varnish surface.
  6. For each nail, you need to make an individual varnish film.
  7. Finish the manicure by coating all the plates with a fixative.

The simplest version of this wonderful manicure can be done with a cosmetic sponge.. It is important to take into account that the sponge must have a fine-grained structure. If you don’t have such an item, and you really want a manicure, use a piece of sponge to wash the dishes. Naturally, it should be new. Follow the steps below:

  1. Apply colorless nail polish to the nail plate. It is better if it is a specialized foundation with a therapeutic effect. At your request, the base varnish can be colored.
  2. Spread the skin around the nails with oily creamso that the applied gradient does not stain it.
  3. On a piece of paper, drop two drops of varnishes of different colors. It is important that the drops come on top of each other.
  4. Using a toothpick, mix the crossed edges of the varnishes, combining them into a single whole.
  5. Blot the prepared varnish with a sponge and press it to the nail plate for a few seconds. Do the same with the rest of the nails, remembering to update the varnish on the sponge.
  6. Apply fixing varnish: It will smooth out irregularities in the coating and keep the gradient from abrasion.

The secrets of perfect manicure

  1. Strong cutting of the cuticle leaves ugly traces at the base of the nail, it is often damaged and has a sacrum. Also, this leads to its abundant increase in the future.
  2. The cuticle is carefully moved with a soft cloth or a piece of towel.
  3. After steaming, use a wooden spatula. To prevent coarsening in this area will help regular use of emollient oil based on cotton or apricot kernels.
  4. Rapid nail growth is provided not only by taking vitamins inside, but also by external exposure. Salt baths with marine minerals or iodized components are ideal for this.
  5. A significant effect is expected from a special varnish, which includes a vitamin complex and medicinal components.

Sticker manicure

Particularly popular among women who prefer to do manicure on short nails at home, have won decorative stickers on nails. You can buy them at any cosmetics store, but the most diverse options can be seen in specialized nail stores.
Stickers have a sticky layer. When creating a manicure composition on short nails, follow the instructions:

  1. Open the pack of stickers.
  2. Manicure and apply a base color coat of decorative coating.
  3. Pry the sticker with tweezers and tear it off the sheet. Gently transfer it to the nail plate and apply it to the selected place with an adhesive layer.
  4. Press with a cotton swab.
  5. Fasten top clear varnish.

The nails on which the stencil transfer is planned should be completely dry. It is better if the drawings are pasted a couple of hours after the first application.

Glitter manicure will never go out of style. Use dry sequins to give short nails an evening charm. Paint the nails with the first layer of colored varnish, and, without waiting for the final drying, sprinkle the sparkles in a chaotic manner. A beautiful option is the accumulation of shiny dust particles near the base or tip of the nails. Lock the result.

A very beautiful option will be placing a strass on one or two nails. This will give a special charm, make your look magical. As a rule, special glue comes with rhinestones, with the help of which they are fixed on the nail plate.

The use of rhinestone at the same time on all nails is permissible, but it will look elaborate. Remember: men do not like such a manicure, so if you are looking for a soulmate, limit yourself to a minimum of details.
There are many options for manicure for short nails. It looks more successful than on long ones: accurate execution will immediately make you a favorite of style among friends and acquaintances. We hope that the article is a beautiful manicure at home: the photo step by step on short nails made you a specialist who can easily process nails for himself and for his acquaintances.

A little bit about the pros

We are not mercantile, but short nails require much less care and attention, which means less money. It is not necessary to regularly visit the master so that he corrects the form or urgently glues a broken nail. You can cope with manicure at home, even without any special skills.

With short nails you don’t need to be constantly afraid of “Will I tear the tights”, “Will I accidentally scratch the child”. No matter how trite, you always want to feel free, which with long nails often does not work.

And of course, what a manicure today without design. For some reason, many think that for short nails few options have been invented. In fact, all the most fashionable designs are more suitable just for short nails. By the way, did you know that French manicure did not initially provide for length?

Manicure in 20-30 minutes

You do not need much time to make a neat manicure on short nails, it is enough to do it regularly.

  1. File your nails with a nail file, giving them the desired shape.
  2. Make a bath with your favorite product to soften the cuticle.
  3. If necessary, remove the cuticle using special tools and scissors (or forceps). Or just slide it with an orange stick.
  4. Cover your nails with varnish or gel polish. You can choose a design, or you can limit yourself to a one-color manicure - it will look on short nails as effectively.
  5. Moisten the cuticle with oil. This step can and should be repeated daily - the beauty of your hands will be ensured.

Design, design and design again

We already mentioned: there are a lot of options, we’ll imagine at least a couple of them. The trend towards decorating short nails is more relevant than ever.

Ombre manicure. Only the laziest today did not try to create a smooth transition from one color to another. There are many workshops that demonstrate how best and how to do it right. Some catch transitions in thermal varnishes, but that's another story. In the meantime, look at the photo and make sure that short nails can look spectacular.

Girls never suffered from a lack of ideas, but sometimes you want something very simple. For such cases, the Beverly Hills design is suitable. Manicure is done using delicate mother-of-pearl shades. Something like a French, but the "smile" is not so pronounced.

On short claws, all kinds of flowers, hearts and other cute drawings look good. Acrylic paints or stickers to help you. And of course, women rarely can resist a romantic manicure: pastel shades not only decorate the image, but also give a well-groomed look to the hands.

Romance is romance, but we could not help but note the graphic design on short nails, as if it was created for them.

Underwater rocks

Everything is fine, but for manicure on short nails there are some nuances.

  • The right form solves, if not everything, then a lot. Choose a rectangular one if you have long fingers, in other cases it is better to make a classic oval.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the cuticle. Do not let it grow, use special means to soften and remove.
  • Nails should be the same length. On short nails, the difference is noticeable, but we really want to get a perfectly beautiful manicure.
  • It is better to abandon the volumetric design, modeling here visually does not fit. Moreover, as we have already noted, there are plenty of other options!
  • Graphics and dark shades are best left for rectangular nails, and romance and flowers will look great on oval. French is suitable for any form.

Today, short nails are increasingly preferred. You can not grow them for a whole year and still every time you surprise your friends with the grace and beauty of manicure!

Types of manicure

Manicure on nails is done in several ways. The safest and easiest is the unedged method. It can be mastered quickly, it is easier than hardware processing. A manicure without circumcision is indispensable for people with sensitive and delicate skin on their hands, adolescents and children. Infection is excluded, since it does not use scissors and cuticle trimming tools. You should be wary of damage from scissors, tweezers and nail files. They can be painful in the sensitive area near the nail.

Stages of unedged manicure

Hands are recommended to steam for several minutes in a bath with the addition of liquid soap, foam or sea salt. Before the rest of the actions, the skin of the hands and each nail are thoroughly wiped with a towel until they dry completely. The entire nail and its base are covered with a special tool designed to remove the cuticle. The exposure time is indicated in the special instructions on the tube.

Excess material is removed using a cotton pad. The remains of the softened cuticle are shifted to the base of the nail with a wooden spatula. When buying a stick, you should ask about its quality so that it is made of soft, polished material. The best option is an orange stick. When processing the nail plate, a nail file is used to give shape.

If varnish is to be used in manicure, then the nails are not treated with special oil before applying it. The surface is degreased and coated with the selected varnish. And only after drying, the base of the nail is smeared with a cosmetic product with a soft texture - cream or oil.

Edging technique

Trimming manicure is done using a tool that will remove keratinized skin around the nail or cut the cuticle. Before steaming the hands, the varnish from the previous manicure is removed, the excess overgrown tips are carefully removed with scissors. It must be borne in mind that the nail will be filed, so trimming the plate is not recommended too short.

Using a nail file, movements should go from the edge to the center. You can not file nails abruptly and fussy, this leads to further stratification of the tissue. A cuticle softening agent is gently rubbed into the skin at the base of the nail. After that, the hands are kept in a warm bath with salt. Hands are dried with a towel.

The skin steamed around the nail is removed with tweezers. The burrs are trimmed with care. If they are not softened enough, then skin can be injured when removed. In this case, it is recommended to use an antiseptic.

The nail plate is degreased with nail polish remover. It is advisable to use a substance without acetone. To better preserve the varnish on the nails, you can use a colorless base, then apply the main color and cover with a fixative on top. This will give a special shine to the nail.

Hardware manicure

Manicuring with a typewriter requires skill. It should be performed only on dry hands. Using the device, the processing of the nail takes a short time. The device has several nozzles for grinding, sawing, cutting the cuticle. During operation, they make rapid rotational movements.

Combine hardware and trim manicure is impossible. The technology of their use is different. For edged manicure, well-steamed and wet hands are recommended. If you use the grinding device on a wet cuticle and plate, this will lead to severe thinning of the nail and other injuries.

Hardware manicure does not include pre-steaming. During the processing of the nail, the device is slightly tilted so that it is at a slight angle. The movements of the nozzle should be from the central part to the edge.

After removing the cuticle and shaping, degreasing and varnishing is carried out. According to statistics, hardware manicure with proper handling does less harm than a trimmer.

Nail shape

For short nails, you need to determine the shape so that they look perfect. The length of the fingers and the size of the brush are taken into account. Для длинных пальцев можно выбирать любую форму, даже прямоугольную. Скрыть недостатки крепких и коротких фаланг поможет классический овал.For puffy brushes, the preferred round shape or in the form of a drop.


  • the length of the nails should be the same, any deviation in this regard will be striking,
  • the nail can be visually lengthened if you use dark shades of varnish, vertical patterns or do not paint over the edges of the nail on the sides,
  • volumetric design, beads, rhinestones, is unacceptable on a short form
  • ideal for a rectangular plate are geometric patterns and color graphics,
  • Before work, the entire tool must be disinfected with alcohol,
  • so that the nails do not turn yellow from the colored varnish, they are stained with a base colorless base
  • uneven nail plates with tubercles are pre-sanded,
  • a suede fabric can polish a nail well,
  • so that the nails do not peel, after the bath they are thoroughly wiped with a dry cloth,
  • you can not always use varnishes for painting nails, they need rest.

Spanish manicure

For staining nails, deep and saturated shades with stripes are used. Manicure hides a thin nail plate well.

A special style of French manicure that can be done at home. It combines bright colors. A typical jacket is characterized by pastel colors and a white tip, and the most daring shades can be used in art painting. Also, the white tip of the nail can be combined with any color.

Applying a simple technique at home, independent hand care allows you to abandon the expensive services of salons, where they make various types of manicure.