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How to attract and retain customers on the site - Pozvonim service overview


Most people have difficulty using their DirecTV Tivo (DirecTivo) with the Vonage Voice Over IP (VOIP) or IPvaani Video Phone Service. The problem is that the data transfer process within the Vonage telephone service cannot be called good, especially if the speed exceeds 19k. A useful solution for you may be to use a cheap external modem that connects to your Tivo device and allows you to lower the data transfer speed. Installation is very simple - keep reading further to find out how!

Acquaintance with the service, why it works

Immediately look at what opportunities provide Call future customers.

To begin with, for those who order a callback to through a widget on the site, this service is absolutely free.

This is true for potential customers who have not yet decided. Also, if you have already entered your number once, it is automatically entered into the database, thereby simplifying interaction in the future (one-click call).

Another question is how long the client will wait for a call on average, especially when it comes to the height of the working day.

The average is 23 seconds, given that some operators are busy. Ideally, dialing should be done in 8 seconds with a light traffic line.

It will be possible to get through to anywhere in the world, the system itself determines where the client is at the moment.

At the same time, you need to pay only for using the service itself, and not for the number of minutes and seconds spent by managers on communication.

When studying service offers, the most interesting are its following features:

Function "night hunter". Even if the working day of the specialists is over and now they cannot answer the call, you can simply indicate what time and on which day you will be ready to talk with them,

Order a call at a specific time. This, of course, is convenient - you will be called back only when it is convenient, so this will not come as a surprise to you, for example, in the midst of a workflow,

Notification of employees about calls (SMS, e-mail). So they will quickly be able to respond to the request, also a report on statistics (analysis) for the elapsed time period will be sent to the email address

Fixing manager work quality ratings. After the client’s conversation with the operator, a message will be sent to him, where he will be able to indicate how satisfactory the quality of service,

Statistics online. For a more thorough check of statistics on receiving calls through the widget, you can look at the current results at any time in real time.

The principle of operation, installing the module on the site

It is proposed to start working with the service with a free version containing the basic functions of the system:

  • The “quick response” button on the site itself is constantly visible when scrolling through the page,
  • Recording conversations - this is a real opportunity, for example, to record how high-quality service your online store provides,
  • "Night Hunter",
  • Using all methods of capturing a client system,
  • Detailed data for each call passed through the service,
  • A report sent by e-mail daily,
  • Basic version absolutely free, and calls cost from 2 rubles per minute of communication.

But this is not all, a free bonus to balance will be a good bonus for new users, the conditions are lower.

Pozvonim service together with SEOslim blog gives everyone 1000 p. to the account, after registration by the link

Do not miss your chance to save!

To register, an e-mail and an original password will be enough:

Immediately we get into our profile, on the “Start!” Tab, where it is proposed to perform three consecutive steps to start working with the service:

The first point is to confirm the email address, the procedure is standard.

Then, data is provided for installing the widget - the address of your site, names and phone numbers by which managers will contact potential customers.

Next, the placement of the device is checked, you can start working with the system.

If you do not take advantage of the action, then 200 rubles will be available on the internal account, which can be used to pay for tariffs and telephone calls. It is proposed to do this through Robokassa in various ways.

In one minute of conversation fixed 4 rubles, that is, on average, one session will cost 12 rubles.

In principle, here in the office you can see all the basic information - call statistics, separately for convenience there are sections “Delayed calls”, “Call analytics”, data on the profile.

The technical support center is represented quite widely, but it works only on weekdays - you can leave a request on the site.

That is, the very principles of the service that are offered to customers can be clearly seen here.

As for the options with integrating the service on your website, this can be done in several ways:

  • If you have already registered in the control panel, the next step is to place the code at the bottom of each page of the site,
  • Specialized companies can help more professionally, just select the desired platform and city,

• If you do not want to contact third-party companies, contact Pozvonim specialists by leaving a request on the site through the same form.

There are 4 display scenarios - for "catching" customers at the entrance, at the exit, those who cannot decide and hang on the site for a long time or return after the first visit.

Everything is configured individually.

Tariff line

As said earlier, there is a very distinct free version, for the use of which you do not need to pay anything, but will pay you.

Only the conversations at a very affordable rate are paid. Naturally, the paid version will be able to give more freedom, there are no restrictions.

There is also the opportunity to familiarize yourself with additional features through the demo version, this is testing for 7 days.

Thus, each site can understand whether an advanced version is needed.

It turns out that there are only two tariff plans - paid and free.

For a minute of conversation you pay when using a regular phone number 4 rubles, in the case of choosing communication by SIP number - 2 rubles.

Paid version costs 750 rubles / month, a discount is given to those who deposit money immediately for the year of use - 500 rubles, respectively.

When you register there are gift 50 minutes of communication, those same 200 rubles.

What is the difference between these versions?

It is clear that with an arsenal of opportunities, we will additionally highlight a paid service:

  1. Strong support is consultations of a personal manager, assistance in introducing additional functions on the site, priority in responding to the ticket system,
  2. Help with optimization - changing the design of the widget and button, changing test phrases at any time,
  3. Additional event alerts,
  4. Integration (Yandex.Metrica and Google.Analytics, CRM).

In principle, there is something to think about, and the amount of 500 rubles a month does not seem so sky-high.

How to make money with Pozvonim (affiliate program)

If you are already registered, go to the appropriate section in your account to participate in the Affiliate Program.

You can connect to the affiliate program and activate it here; two options are offered:

After activation, it will be possible to familiarize yourself with the terms of cooperation. Here you will immediately see the generated links to attract customers.

The systems are different in approach, so in “Attract” you get 1000 rubles for each invited person, in the future, as soon as they spend 3000 rubles, the same amount will be paid to you.

“Connect and manage” - 35% of the expenses of customers who clicked on your link will be returned to you, you can also see all their payments and settings, having the ability to respond if necessary.

Of course, you need to evaluate the capabilities of the system yourself. The plus is that, firstly, the free version provides all the basic functions, and secondly, call billing is quite acceptable. That is, there is no risk as such.

Test the service, if suddenly something does not work out, it will not become a problem.

So go in, register and call your customers. The service allows you to centrally manage applications, monitor statistics, use analytics with benefit.