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How to win any fight and how to avoid it?


Even if you have a black belt in karate, this does not guarantee you victory in a street fight. A street fight is not a performance in front of judges and spectators (as in martial arts), but a fierce battle. There is no mercy and rules in it. Rather, there is one rule: someone must become a winner, and someone a loser.

Unfortunately, the reality of today is that no one is safe from collisions with street scumbags, robbers or hooligans. An attack can occur anywhere and at the most inopportune moment. And then you will only have one of two things left: to win or lose, there is no third. Moreover, not only your health, self-esteem, but also your life may be at stake.

  • How to beat a street fight
  • How to defeat your enemies
  • How to win a battle

If you think that in victory the most important thing is strength, battle tactics, and self-defense skills, then you are mistaken. Of course, all this is important, but the first most important condition is the fortitude and psychological preparedness of the fighter. The psychological state of the fighter provides 85% victory.
How to develop the psychological abilities of a fighter:

- Develop the ability to intuitively feel the threat of attack. Observe who is in your field of vision, whether a threat can be expected, and which one. If an attack occurs, it will not be sudden, and you will have time to take control of the situation.

- If someone can be a threat, instantly scroll through your imagination when attacking (what techniques to use, how you get away from strikes, what handy tools you can use for self-defense, etc.).

- Learn to evaluate the situation as a whole. Is it possible to avoid a fight - for example, to talk to attackers and solve the situation peacefully. Or even flee. (Actually, the best self-defense is a failed attack!)

- If your intuition tells you that your affairs are very bad, attack first. The goal is to take the enemy out of action with 1-2 hits.

  • A little about the psychological preparation for hand-to-hand combat

The content of the article

There is always a chance to get into a situation when you have to use physical force. Moreover, even a trained person with a delivered blow sometimes gives in, forgetting about his skills, falling into a panic.

It has long been noted that the most powerful fighters participating in fights without rules appear from dysfunctional quarters, where you have to constantly defend your rights with your fists. At such reflexes, such fighters are supposed to fight, not being afraid to receive a painful blow. Every movement is refined for them, although it does not look as beautiful as shown in films or at demonstrations of martial artists.

Winner Psychology

In order to win everyone in the battle, it is necessary to have the psychology of the winner, that is, to be confident in your abilities. How is such confidence gained? In practice - when there is a contact battle and victory is won. But in a calmer world, Spartan training conditions are not for everyone. You can increase self-confidence by sparring in the gym, lightly striking an opponent, so as not to cause or get injured. Gradually, skills are developed that are delayed at the level of reflexes.

Before a fight, even if he is against five or ten opponents, you do not need to think about defeat or consequences. If the fight cannot be avoided, you need to relax and try to use all your skills to the benefit of future victory. Cheek brings success.

Peace of mind

Well-known champion fighters say that you can not hate your opponent. Emotions overwhelm, cloud the mind. Only a cold mind and a clear calculation can bring victory. You need to imagine that this is a simple person, a reflection of yourself, which you just need to defeat.

While maintaining inner calm, it is best to look into the eyes. From the eyes of the opponent you can find out about the upcoming attack, as they reflect the intention. Even if you missed the attack, do not despair. There is not a single fighter who at least once did not get on the body or face.

Against a group of people. Choose a leader

If you have to confront a group of people, you can very quickly resolve the conflict by disabling only one person. To do this, you must determine who the leader is and knock him out. When the “sticks” see that the leader is in a knockout, the herd feeling will prompt you to run where your eyes look. They will forget about their intentions, since they are dictated by the will of the defeated leader.

Victory over any opponent is good. But you need to remember that the main rival is you yourself. Having defeated yourself, your laziness, cowardice, indecision, you can compete with others. You do not have to attack first - this is a sign of a low level of development and internal cowardice.

Reasons for the fight

  1. The struggle for resources. Something is not divided.
  2. The struggle for the disposition of women. Someone did not share.
  3. Manifestation of dominance. Show how cool someone is if there’s nothing more to prove.

Having assessed the situation, the aggression that has arisen and the reason for its manifestation, we can plan the development of the conflict: how far the aggressor is ready to go, and what measures should be taken to get out of this situation.

If there is an opportunity to get away from the conflict if there is no justified reason to get involved in a fight, any methods are suitable: to keep silent, ignore aggression or laugh it off.

If you are provoked, for example, “Why are you staring”, you can answer “Yes, you just look like my friend Sasha.” “Let's go, go, talk” - “Speak here, I have no secrets.”

You must have internal rules that clearly define the boundary, after the violation of which conversations end and the transition from words to action begins, for example, if the aggressor allows himself to touch you, take you by the neck, push him in the chest.

How to win a street fight and major mistakes during a conflict

1. You enter into a verbal skirmish with the aggressor, and also listen and believe what he says.

Gopota begins to promise that he will erase you into powder if you do not follow his will. If you can’t laugh it off, you should not listen to what the gopnik says or answer his questions (“Why are you.”). It is absolutely useless to talk with people with a lower level of culture, they will verbally knock confidence out of you. To win a street fight, it is necessary from the very beginning to have psychological superiority, not to shade, not to express excitement, and not to be led to the scenario proposed by the aggressor. Gopnik should immediately be made aware that there is nothing to talk with him about. Either dosvidos or a fight. The aggressor threat value is zero.

2. Be confident in your innocence.

You are not guilty of anything. This is another person, violating moral principles, as well as current legislation, is trying to unreasonably involve you in a conflict. Defend your innocence and be ready to defend yourself at all costs.

3. Internal dialogue with the hope of a peaceful outcome to the conflict.

If the Gopnik crossed the permissible, there is no turning back, and there is nothing to think about. If you were asked to go out to talk, in reality they will not talk to you at all, although many are convinced of the opposite.

4. You expect the gopnik to start first.

If the aggressor’s mood is defined as incompatible with the settlement of the conflict, hit first, because as a rule everyone misses the first blow. Do not wait for you to take the first blow on yourself, as it can be the last.

5. If you hit first, finish.

Do not watch what happens after the first blow to the gopnik in the face. Immediately tear the distance and finish, not allowing to come to your senses.

6. Do not try to be a gentleman.

The fight has no official beginning, end, rules and judge. This animal is a mess, so use any even forbidden tricks and do not wait for the “Fight” command.

7. A man will not scream.

If something happens, screaming, it attracts attention, and can also cause the crowd to stop killing you with your feet, if God forbid this happened. If anything, shout “Cops!”.

8. Use any means at hand.

A street fight is not a sports match and you are not its instigator, so use everything at hand: stone, brick, stick, bottle, ashtray, etc.

9. Think less, and rely more on reflexes.

At the time of the conflict, the body produces adrenaline, and if it is not burned, having entered the battle, the excess of this hormone will be able to crush your legs. In a street fight, the one who has a faster reaction and less doubt wins. Turn off your brain, let the beast out.

10. Engage in a fight only as a last resort and take preventive measures.

It’s better not to bring matters to a fight. Therefore, if it is possible to bypass the crowd of gopniks, do not turn on the hero mode, but pass by in the distance. Follow the general principles of defense against attack.

Street Fights and Tricks

1. Vulnerable points on the body are the groin, lower leg, knee joints, solar plexus, ribs, heart, liver, kidneys.

2. Head blows should be carried out in the lower jaw, nose, eyebrow, eyes, temple, ears, nape.

3. The best start of a street fight is a hard hit in the groin with further finishing the gopnik.

4. A good continuation of the battle will be a blow to the nose or lower jaw. A blow to the lower jaw missed by the aggressor can lead to loss of consciousness, and a broken nose will cause pain shock, blood, tears and snot.

5. Painful strokes are kicks to the knee and lower leg.

6. Hand strikes, the most commonly used in street fighting, are direct and side strokes.

7. Do not give up and protect your face.

8. Stay upright to the opponent a little sideways, covering the groin from the possibility of a direct kick.

9. Do not stand as a idol, move and move your head.

What you should not do in a street fight

1. Try to beat high kicks. A sharp movement of the opponent towards, and he will be able to knock you down to the ground.

2. Even if you missed a blow, do not give the appearance that it hurts you, be patient.

3. Do not make warning movements, swings and screams. I decided to beat - hit.

4. Do not try to deliberately get involved in a fight if you do not have the skills to work in sparring, because after a series of missed punches, you are likely to be demoralized. Having experience hitting a pear will not give you anything.

5. Do not try to break through the body of the gopnik if he is wearing a winter jacket. Try to work on open areas of the body. A good way to get your opponent to lose their hands and open their heads is to use a low kick.

Remember that your task is to win the street fight or to get out of the conflict with minimal damage. If you understand that the fight is not developing in your favor, look for ways to retreat. If the gopnik escaped or stopped resisting, immediately leave the scene of the fight.

Who wins the fight?

There is an idea that a physically strong person wins the fight, who knows the techniques of some kind of martial arts. This is actually not the case. In any fight, the one who is able to go further than the opponent wins. Let me give you an example. Let's say I'm fighting a master of sports in boxing. He wants to beat me, and I want to kill him. My intentions go further. Who do you think will win? Naturally, doubts arise, many will think that, of course, he will knock me out. Even so, his victory in one fight will be just his next victory. But in the next fight I win and fulfill my intention, I kill him. In a series of confrontations I won and my victory was final, but it was temporary.

In fact, if I wanted to kill a boxer, I would not box with him, but would inflict blows “forbidden” in his understanding, hit him in the balls or Adam's apple, and then I would finish him off. So the victory would have been in the first battle. In such situations, the one who strikes the first decides.

The example is very rude, I agree. In fact, you do not need to cultivate the desire to kill in yourself. Here we are talking about the inner mood "I’m going to the end, I’m ready to fight back anyone who comes over me." If you cultivate your readiness to go to the end, then quickly notice that no one wants to fight with you anymore. Any gopota will very well instinctively feel the danger on your part and simply will not want to get involved. You can be of any complexion. If you have an internal willingness to fight back, then they will give in to you in advance. Fights simply will not be. If the fight took place, then you do not have to intend to kill the opponent, just tune further than his intentions.

I know two guys, 160 cm tall, very thin, but they are slightly unbalanced, in general, and in a fight, especially. That is, they are just able to go to the end, but unconsciously. Everyone is afraid of them, and masters of sports and all sorts of healthy people. Just in anger, they can accidentally cripple someone.

This applies not only to fights. This attitude is also useful in doing business. If you are more serious than your opponent, then you will use those leverage that will not occur to your competitor.

Summarizing, we can say that it is useful to expand the degree of internal freedom and learn to openly show your will, then you yourself will not have aggressive tendencies. In order to discourage the gopniks from hitting you, you need to cultivate a willingness to stand for victory to the end, and remove your own fears.