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How to Cook Frozen Peeled Mussels


Not everyone knows how to cook frozen mussels. Moreover, having tried such a product, few remain its eternal fans. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the said mollusk is not always cooked correctly. Indeed, in order to impress its guests with a delicious exotic dish, it needs to be subjected to special heat treatment.

So, let's figure it out together how to cook frozen mussels so that their taste becomes delicious and unforgettable.

The right product choice

Before preparing peeled frozen mussels, you need to find out how to choose them correctly:

  • There should be no frost on the frozen product, as well as no cracks in the icing of the ice. If such defects still exist, then, most likely, the mollusks have already thawed, and during the next thawing they will almost completely lose their useful properties.
  • Frozen peeled mussels should be light in color.
  • It is recommended to purchase only the largest mollusks. After all, they are considered the most delicious and juicy. As a rule, on the packages with this product two numbers are always indicated, which indicate the number of pieces per kilogram (55/1 or 40/1). Thus, the smaller the first number, the larger the mussels will be.
  • Mussels are a natural filter of the aquatic environment. According to experts, they filter about 700 liters of fluid per day. And if mollusks are grown in an ecologically dirty region, then they can accumulate a lot of harmful substances. Such a product is better not to eat, as there is a high probability of poisoning.
  • It should be noted that about 1 g of peeled mussels comes out of 1 kg of crude mussels.

Thawing the product and cleaning it properly

Before preparing frozen mussels, they should be unfrozen. To do this, glazed clams must be removed from the bag, and then put in a deep bowl and put in the refrigerator. After the ice has completely melted, the product must be put in a colander, and then thoroughly rinsed under strong pressure of cool water. This procedure will help you get rid of sand, which often remains in the mollusks after they are cleaned.

It should be noted that very often housewives purchase such a product in shells. And here the question arises not only about cooking this ingredient, but also about how to clean frozen mussels. This is pretty easy to do. It is necessary to defrost the product by putting it in cold water, and then wash thoroughly with a brush. Next, the shells need to be cooked (within 15-17 minutes), cool and remove the clams from the opened wings.

In order to save time and money, we recommend that you purchase already peeled mussels. Indeed, often shells come across spoiled mollusks that are unsuitable for consumption.

Peeled frozen mussels: recipes for various dishes

Mussels can be cooked in completely different ways: in a slow cooker, and for a couple, and in a microwave, and on a stove. Thawed clams are fried, boiled, baked and even marinated. This seafood is used to prepare not only soups and salads, but also snacks and hot dishes. Heat it should be only about 3-5 minutes.

Before cooking peeled frozen mussels, it should be remembered that such mollusks can have a rather strong aroma and taste of fish or mud. In order to get rid of them, experts recommend sprinkling the thawed and clean product with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Fried mussels with onions and garlic

How to cook frozen mussels in a pan? For this savory dish we need:

  • large onions - 2 pcs.,
  • fresh butter - 70 g,
  • salt and black pepper to taste,
  • large frozen mussels - 800 g,
  • fresh garlic - a couple of cloves.

Cooking process

This dish is very tasty and nutritious. It can be used just like that, and served with a side dish.

So, before you make delicious frozen mussels, they should be thawed thoroughly, washed, and then completely dried, shaken vigorously in a colander or soaked on paper towels. Next, the mollusks must be placed in a stewpan, add the same butter there and reheat as much as possible. After that, finely chopped onions should be put in the same dishes and mixed thoroughly. As a result of such processing, you should get tasty and very juicy mussel meat. After they are well browned, allspice, grated garlic and salt should be added to them. Having mixed the ingredients well, they need to be removed from the heat, covered and kept in this position for about three minutes.

We cook shellfish in Belgian style

Only experienced cooks know how to boil frozen mussels in wine. But so that you can surprise your guests with such an exotic dish, we will reveal this secret right now.

So, for the preparation of Belgian mussels we need:

  • semisweet white wine - 700 ml,
  • frozen mussel meat - 400 g,
  • low-fat cream (it is better to take 10 or 20%) - about 600 ml,
  • Dijon mustard - a big spoon,
  • Provencal herbs - add as you wish,
  • leeks - a few arrows,
  • blue cheese with mold - about 200 g,
  • salt and white pepper - add as desired.

Making cream sauce

To make a delicious and fragrant mussel sauce, you should take a small saucepan, pour in low-fat cream, and then add a large spoonful of Dijon mustard and finely chopped leek. Sometimes, along with herbs, some cooks spread a small amount of capers. At the end of the cream should add blue cheese with mold, previously cut into small cubes. Next, the sauce must be seasoned with white pepper and bring to a state of thick sour cream.

Baked clams in the oven

Surprisingly, such a product turns out to be very tasty not only in boiled or fried, but also in baked form. For this we need:

  • Filtered drinking water - approximately 1 liter,
  • ground pepper and small salt - to taste,
  • thawed mussels, peeled - 500 g,
  • processed cheese - 2 packs,
  • chicken yolk - 1 pc.,
  • wheat flour - a tablespoon,
  • hard cheese "Dutch" - 210 g,
  • potato starch - a tablespoon,
  • fresh garlic - 3 cloves,
  • fat cream (it is better to take 40%) - 300 ml.

Shellfish preparation

How to bake frozen mussel meat? How to cook such a dish, we will tell you right now. To do this, take a saucepan, pour water into it, salt and bring to a boil. Next, pour the thawed mussels into the dishes and boil them for about 3 minutes. After this, the products must be discarded in a colander and let the liquid drain as much as possible.

Cooking Flavored Dish Sauce

What needs to be done so that you get very tasty frozen mussel meat? How to prepare a creamy sauce for such a baked dish, we will tell you right now. To do this, you need to knead two cream cheese with a fork, add chicken yolk, wheat flour, potato starch and squeezed garlic cloves to them. All ingredients should be mixed well. Next, in the resulting mass, you need to add about 300 ml of fat cream. Salt and pepper all the components, they should be thoroughly mixed again.

Forming and baking dishes in the oven

After the mussels are boiled, and the sauce is completely ready, you can safely proceed to the baking of the dish. To do this, you need to take a deep form, line its surface with culinary foil or grease with butter. Next, you need to place all the boiled clams in the dishes, and then pour in the creamy sauce and sprinkle with grated hard cheese.

At the end, the formed dish should be put in the oven preheated to 200 degrees and baked until a crisp and appetizing crust appears. Before serving the mollusks, it is necessary to sprinkle with grated cheese again.

Tasty and fast pickled mussels in oil

How to pickle frozen mussels so that you can enjoy them for several weeks? To do this, prepare the following:

  • drinking water - 1 l,
  • sweet onion - 1 pc.,
  • hot red pepper - 1 pc.,
  • medium-sized salt - ½ tablespoon,
  • liquid smoke - dessert spoon,
  • mussels peeled and thawed - 500 g,
  • garlic - 1 head,
  • any spices (dry dill, pepper in a pot, etc.) - add to taste,
  • vegetable oil - 200 ml.

Ingredient preparation

In order to pickle such a product, you should boil it in advance. To do this, pour 1 liter of water into the pan, boil it, and then throw the peeled onion, red hot pepper and add salt. Cooking the broth is recommended for about a quarter of an hour. Next, put a dessert spoon of liquid smoke and 500 g of peeled and thawed mussels in it. In this composition, it is advisable to cook the ingredients for about three minutes.

In a separate bowl, you need to mix the chopped head of garlic and spices to taste (for example, dry dill, black pepper, peas, etc.).

Blank forming

After the mussels are ready, you should prepare jars and lids, and then put garlic with spices and boiled clams in them. All ingredients should be poured with vegetable oil, tightly closed and cleaned in a cool room. After about 12 hours, the pickled mussels will be completely ready for use. It is recommended to store them in a refrigerator no more than 2-3 weeks. Serve such a fragrant billet should be to the festive table as a snack or you can use it to prepare other dishes.

Cooking mussels in a slow cooker

You already know how to cook dishes from mussels (frozen peeled) on the stove and in the oven. That is why now we want to tell you how you can make a delicious goulash of clams in a kitchen device such as a slow cooker. For this we need:

  • peeled mussels - 500 g,
  • olive oil - 100 ml,
  • ripe tomatoes - 2 large pcs.,
  • low-fat cream - 200 ml,
  • salt, pepper, spices, garlic, herbs - add to taste.

Tasty and hearty pasta with clams

Fans of spaghetti and pasta will definitely appreciate this simple recipe. Moreover, such a dish has every chance of becoming one of the most beloved. To prepare it, we need:

  • mussels peeled and thawed - 200 g,
  • peeled shrimp - 200 g,
  • peeled squids - 200 g,
  • butter - 90 g,
  • garlic cloves - 4 pcs.,
  • pasta or spaghetti - 500 g,
  • pepper and salt - add to taste,
  • low-fat cream - 150 ml,
  • wheat flour - 2 large spoons,
  • fresh sprigs of parsley - to decorate the finished dish.

Useful properties of mussels

These amazing mollusks contain a large amount of essential amino acids for humans. For example, the amino acid tryptophan, which promotes the production of the hormone of joy. The protein of mussels in its content of tryptophan, methionine, and keratin is superior to proteins of fish and meat. Obtaining methionine with food is necessary for humans, since this amino acid is not synthesized in our body. These mollusks have a lot of zinc, they have a beneficial effect on the health of our skin, nails and hair.

For lovers of diet mussels - just a godsend. They contain a lot of protein, almost no fat, and those that are - do not carry "bad" cholesterol. Keratin reduces appetite, promotes the production of melanin and reduces fat, it improves the adrenal gland, thyroid gland and pituitary gland. Adhering to various diets, you can eat delicious and delicious dishes with this seafood, completely not recovering. Calorie content - 100 kcal / 1 kg of product.

It is interesting! The average Dutchman eats about 10 kg of mussel meat per year.

How to choose quality frozen mussels

In order for the dish to be tasty and healthy, the ingredients must be fresh and of high quality. Here are some tips for choosing good mussels:

  • Frozen seafood should not have snow or ice cracks. If there are such defects, most likely, the product has already thawed, and during the next freezing, its useful properties were lost.
  • Peeled frozen clams should be light in color
  • Choose the largest mussels - they are considered more juicy and tasty. On the packages with this product, two numbers are always indicated through a fraction, which tell the buyer about the number of pieces of product per kilogram, for example 55/1 or 30/1. Therefore, the smaller the first digit, the larger the mollusks will be.
  • Mussels are a natural filter of the aquatic environment. They filter up to 700 liters of water per day. If mollusks are grown in ecologically dirty regions, they can accumulate a lot of toxins. It is better not to use such a product, since there is a high probability of poisoning. When choosing a product, look at the place of production on the packaging or, if you buy by weight, ask the seller for a quality certificate.

It is interesting! About 1 gram of peeled mussels comes from 1 kilogram of unpeeled mussels.