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How to start a conversation with a girl, How to start a conversation


Young people have a question how to start a conversation with a girl often enough.

Do not be afraid of your insecurity, everything comes with experience. Psychologists will tell how find an approach to the opposite sex.

What can I talk to the girl about over the phone for the first time? Find out about this from our article.

How can a guy start chatting with girls?

If you haven’t had a girl yet, then doubtand if I like it - the young man’s natural sensations.

Understand that young girls also fear whether a guy will like them, what impression they will make, what to say and how to look the most profitable.

Any little things are important in communication:

  • what do you look like. Pay attention to clothes, style, accuracy,
  • as you say - features of speech, intonation, voice,
  • how much you can maintain a conversation, choose a suitable topic and avoid unpleasant questions,
  • self-confidence - girls do not need indecisive guys who doubt their every word and action,
  • sense of humor - the ability to laugh and laugh at oneself.

Even status in a small social group can matter whether you are a leader by nature or peers reject you.

In fact, we wind up more. We think how other people will perceive us, and this becomes the cause of unnatural behavior. It seems to us that we are not worthy of communication, so we are in no hurry to make contact.

You can be embarrassed or scared by a very beautiful and popular girl.

Watching her and showing indecision, you can’t get to know each other, in the end it does someone else.

How to start chatting? The girl attracted you attention - smile at her, say “hello”. This usually does not require much effort. Greeting should be friendly and courageous. Be prepared to continue the conversation.

Greeting - this is only a preliminary stage, then you must already have a dialogue and make sure that the girl has a good impression on you. Surely you have topics that you understand.

But it is important to consider whether it will be interesting to the girl herself. To start a conversation, choose neutral topics. It’s easier to start a conversation when you have common topics for example, you go to the same pool, often meet in transport or near your home, intersect in a cafe.

Find out where the girl you like happens, but do not turn into too obvious a pursuer not to scare her.

note to more successful people in terms of communication. What are they doing. How to talk. Look at their facial expressions, body movements, the reaction of others.

How to start a conversation with a girl - tips for guys

If you know each other but didn’t have to communicate in person, the situation is simpler. You can ask her opinion about any upcoming or past event, about a common acquaintance.

To ask a question is the best opportunity to hear what you want and start a conversation on abstract topics. It is important to show that you are really interested in what you ask. Show interest in the problems of the girl, she will appreciate it (do not immediately be interested in her personal life).

To begin with, you can tell a little about yourself if you touched on a topic that concerns you (for example, playing football at the upcoming faculty sports day, in-depth courses on some general topic). You should not categorically judge something without finding out another opinion about it.

If nothing comes to mind and you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl, perhaps he will tell you what the girl is doing now, what she has in her hands - a book, a dog, a backpack.

If it is impossible to start a conversation due to the lack of visible signs of a girl’s activities, resort to “eternal” sources:

    • music (what do you like? Were there at the concert ...?),
    • literature (do you like detective stories? Melodrama? Poetry?)
    • sports (which sports he likes), etc.

The conversation must be built in a relaxed manner (this is not an interrogation). Sometimes it’s more convenient to start with yourself, for example, I love a bicycle and drive almost every evening along the promenade, do you make up a company? Or - do you want to teach?

Is it possible to build a conversation not on real events, but on how she perceives this or that? how does he think about this and that? If after discussing a certain issue there is an awkward pause - the conversation needs to be moved in a different direction, changing the subject.

It is not worth inventing and deceiving anything in order not to get confused by yourself and not to pass for a storyteller. In addition, the fraud is usually revealed, and what it turns out is unknown.

You should not start a conversation with a discussion of friends or acquaintances, relatives, their financial situation. More important is the person himself, and not the one whose son or daughter he is.

Of course, there are no universal instructions on how to start a conversation with a girl. The girl’s feedback will help to understand how to act in a particular situation.

How to start a conversation with a girl - recommendations

You can start like this. First, evaluate the situation. If you were noticed and sent a response signal: with an open look, a gesture or an inviting smile - the situation is simpler. The option, if you have not been considered and simply ignored, will be more difficult.

First you need to say hello, and then introduce yourself. You can approach, as if by chance, with the words: "Hello, I’m Vasya, glad to meet you."

Further, you can ask simple questions that cannot be answered in a monosyllabic way (to develop a conversation). For example, “what do you do on weekends (holidays, vacations)? Or "what are you keen on? Do you like swings (film, theater, opera)?

Make a comment about what's nearby. This can serve as a topic for engaging in a casual conversation. It is good to raise a topic that will allow you to escape from everyday life, just make sure that it is not in a hurry. At the bus stop, you can make a note about the irregularity of buses, in the store - about the originality of the assortment, etc.

Treat the interlocutor depending on the place of your conversation: in the bar - by the fact that she is already drinking with her telephone number (if the waiter will bring the drink), then letting her know about it, you can offer a cup of coffee on the street or in the cinema.

All women love compliments, so to begin a conversation with a girl, make a sincere compliment. Remember: a compliment must be sincere, a slender girl can admire the ease of her walk, everyone will appreciate the remark about a sweet smile.

Try to make her smile, it is noticed that women favor men who know how to make them laugh. Humor can help out in any situation.

Confident straightforwardness is often a win-win option. A woman would find it appropriate to continue the conversation.

Now you can find out if she has a boyfriend (husband). Although this is a rather bold move, but in order not to suffer from this issue, it is worth solving it right away. Although with serious attraction, this may not be important.

If all your tricks were unsuccessful, you can resort to pity. Women often fall for this bait because of their natural pity. You can, for example, say that you are lost, will it tell you the way?

You will probably be able to start a conversation with a stranger if you read our tips on how to start a conversation with a girl.

Start a conversation with a girl in VK

Today, the worldwide network has replaced us with walks in the parks and even get-togethers. Today, we increasingly make friends on the network, get to know people, communicate with them, but there are people who want to behave the same way, but don’t know how to start a conversation on the network. Therefore, we decided to teach them how to communicate with people.

It should be noted that today there are a lot of cute, single girls who want to chat online, and you have 100% of what you can find your soul mate, friend or just a good person with whom you can talk on different topics.

Before you start a conversation with a Vkontakte girl or another network, you need to pay attention to the status of your page. Since the network, people can’t see what you really are, they draw conclusions, looking at your page, this is a kind of outerwear.

Depending on what page your people will respond to your messages, that is, to the same your message, girls can respond in completely different ways. First of all, you need to pay careful attention to the photographs.

You need to upload only those photos where you look decent, that is, they can be photos in interesting places, clubs, restaurants, bars, etc., but try to keep smaller pictures where you have a drink with friends.

Your wall plays an important role. It should have as few vulgar photos and pictures, stupid jokes and jokes as possible. Try to add only interesting and fun entries.

If you liked one particular girl, look what her interests are, read the notes, and then select about the same ones and put them on your wall. This will show her that you think alike, or you have common interests.

If you want to fill out such fields of the questionnaire as your hobby or what you are doing, we advise you to write only real facts, while in order to attract girls your occupation should be interesting and profitable. No need to write that you are a courier or a seller in a store, the girl immediately has a negative opinion about you.

Almost always a message like “Hello, how are you?” Has infuriated the girls, many of them simply ignore such messages. Try to show your originality already at the first communication, especially the first opinion has an important role.

If you want to start a conversation with a girl who likes to hang out in clubs, then you can write: "Hello, and you often visit ... I somehow never saw you, otherwise I would definitely invite you to a dance)))." Such a message has several advantages. Firstly, you can continue your communication on the topic of clubs, and secondly, you can offer to meet in real life, saying: "the meeting place cannot be changed)))."

What to write to a girl in SMS

Communication via SMS is one of the most common and easiest ways to communicate at the beginning of a relationship. Although the messages are short phrases, they can still convey a great depth of feelings and emotions. Sometimes you look forward to SMSk from your loved one with such impatience.

In SMS you can write what you feel embarrassed to say in words. In acquaintance through SMS there is only one minus - you do not see a person with your own eyes. How to start texting a girl, how to express your feelings? In these short few lines, the guy should be able to express and show a lot of feelings and qualities. Show a sense of humor, and charm. Here are some tips to start a conversation with a girl via SMS:

There must be a greeting word, although this phrase seems commonplace, it is simply necessary to start any speech, and to show the ability to conduct a cultural conduct, to show respect for the interlocutor and to start any conversation.

Try to exclude the phrase “What are you doing?”, This phrase is definitely banal and it will be felt in your message. Better try to guess what she can do, and write about it in interrogative form. For example: "Watching TV?". And in such a situation, it does not matter if you guess what she is doing, it is important that she respond to your message.

But in case you nevertheless accidentally guessed, there may be an interesting reason for the further development of the conversation - “Yes. And how do you know about this? ”-“ I introduced you and felt it, maybe we are connected by some magnetism. ”

Anything like that, you still have to act according to the circumstances. The advantage is that SMS allows you to ponder your next phrase, unlike a telephone conversation or a direct conversation in real life. Especially if the girl really likes, and you feel some timidity in communication with direct contact.

Want to start a conversation with a girl? Then you can come up with some kind of joke, humor always helps to somewhat defuse the atmosphere in heated situations. The main thing is that the joke should not be trivial from any frayed magazine with jokes.

It is also important that the joke is not vulgar and ambiguous, you simply may seem uncivilized. When communicating with girls, you always need to behave culturally and be gallant, all the girls want to feel like an object of great respect and courtship, they are pleased.

Do not be shy, come up with compliments, banal compliments will not advance you far, but well-written copyright compliments will help you look in a favorable light.

Why is it so difficult to start a conversation for the first time?

Experience is gained over time. No one becomes a cool communicator the first time.

As soon as you decide to start dating a girl, you begin to think how to do it right.

You have to cross the barrier of uncertainty, and that's fine. Every new person in your life - unique personalityrequiring a different approach.

We are afraid of failures. Insecure people, failure is a blow to self-esteem, so it’s so important to improve the quality of your psyche, work on personality traitsstrengthen the nervous system.

Analyze failures, draw conclusions and change your behavior.

Psychological advice and practical advice

How to start a conversation with a girl? Psychologists and coaches have long developed wayshow best to start chatting with the opposite sex.

Sometimes spontaneity Is the best way to make contact. Like a girl - come.

No need to show excessive arrogance, assertiveness - everything should be in moderation.

But shyness and uncertainty will immediately tell the young lady that you have little experience in communication.

How to start communication:

    Eye contact is important. Do not hide your eyes, but do not stare into your eyes all the time so as not to frighten the girl. If you intersect periodically with the same person, for example, in transport, smile, look in the eyes for a couple of seconds, showing your interest.

Do not drag out too long the moment of acquaintance, demonstrating your indecision. The look must be confident, friendly.

  • Choose the right time. Not the best option when she is surrounded by friends. Such an acquaintance is suitable for experienced guys. Yes, and next to other girls, acquaintance may not take place. You can talk to her when you walk together in the same direction. It is convenient to make such acquaintances in transport or in a store. Say that this is not the first time you have met her, offer to meet you. It is not very convenient to try to start a conversation when she is late for work.
  • As one of the options to start dating - make a compliment. However, do not overdo it - the girl should be pleased, nor should you embarrass her.
  • Having met, continue the conversation.

    Prepare a few in advance suitable neutral phrases and topics.

    The first acquaintance is usually short.

    Do not forget the contacts, profiles on social networks.

    How to start a conversation?

    This is very important since first impression - the brightest.

      Greeting. Easy enough “hello” or more officially “good afternoon”.

    This is an elementary politeness and the ability not to frighten the young lady with a sharp pressure. Show your friendly attitude.

  • Ask a questionto which she will not be able to give a definite answer yes or no. For example, you may be interested in the breed of dog that she walks with. Or ask the store to help you choose the most delicious cheese.
  • Tell mewhat an interesting hair color she has, how a blouse goes to her, what an unusual look she has, how easily she moves on rollers.
  • Give thanks for help if you asked the girl about something, and then ask for a phone number.

  • Remember the sense of humor. If a woman laughs, she will already be more disposed towards a man. Laughter inspires confidence, liberates.
  • Make a small present, non-binding - give a balloon, a flower from a flowerbed, offer to treat with a cup of coffee, if the meeting takes place in a cafe.
  • Telling about myself don't brag - Your task is to interest. Ask the girl a couple of questions about her, but do not see the interrogation, do not immediately ask about the personal.

    You can offer to exchange phone numbers or meet tomorrow at the same place.

    How to get acquainted on the street?

    Many guys are afraid to approach a girl on the street - she can rush, be out of the mood or she already has someone. However, without trying to get to know each other, you won’t know if you had a chance.

    Look at the girl - it is likely that she became interested in you too. Smile slightly and pay attention to her reaction.

    How to speak? You can just come up and say:

    - Hello, girl, can I meet you?

    - Hi, my name is Roman, I saw you and decided to meet you.

    Don’t try to hug her right away, as some guys do, thinking they are cool pickups. This will scare the girl, and on this acquaintance will end.

    If you are traveling together in transport, give her a hand at the exit, ask what music she listens to.

    If a girl makes contact, можно поинтересоваться местом работы или как она проводит свободное время — вполне вероятно, что вы найдете общие увлечения, и это будет поводом встретиться снова.

    Как возобновить общение с бывшей девушкой?

    Для начала необходимо понимать, действительно ли вам это нужно и зачем. Возможно, вы тешите себя надеждой вернуть прежние отношения. Но желает ли этого девушка?

    If you broke up, then there was a certain reason for this, and it is likely that your former partner was hostile towards you.

    Write to her on social networks, ask how you are doing, what has changed in her life, if any help is needed. Sincerely interested, but do not be too intrusive if she still does not want to communicate.

    The most dangerous - again, go down to clarify the relationship and find the reasons why you broke up. So you can’t make friendships.

    If you met her on the street, ask how are you, discuss common acquaintances, ask does she need any help.

    It must be understood that in order for hostility to pass and the girl not to experience the previous negative for you, time needs to pass.

    Standard errors

    Few people manage to avoid communication errors. But knowing them, you can reduce the number of failures.

    Main mistakes:

    1. Too defiant behavior. The guy believes that he is irresistible, and all the girls should be crazy about him.
    2. Too cute guy. It seems to be attractive, but in fact, for a permanent relationship, girls value masculinity and the ability to protect more.
    3. Trying to "buy location". Gifts are loved by all girls, but you need to understand that at the first date you should not try to appease the girl with a show of your financial capabilities. This can lead to relationships for the benefit.
    4. Do not immediately talk about feelings, even if you’ve been in love with a girl for a long time.

    This may scare her away, because she still does not know you. Relations should develop gradually and naturally.

    The guy gives the girl the opportunity to decide what to do. In this way you show your indecision. Be more active, suggest leisure options. It is not necessary to fulfill any women's requests implicitly - in fact, this does not appeal to oneself, but only a consumer attitude and reduces the level of respect for a man.

  • Indecision. You want to kiss a girl, she understands this, but you are afraid to take the initiative, you are nervous, worried, blush.
  • Excessive assertiveness - you immediately hug, kiss, offer from the first date to continue a more intimate acquaintance. There is a category of women who will agree to this. But a girl looking for a serious relationship will be scared, disappointed and will try to distance herself from you.
  • Develop communication skills, and then communication with the opposite sex will be given easily.