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Is it possible to become right-handed left-handed?


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Although a person has two hands, he prefers to use only one to perform actions. Of course, most often the right limb becomes the leading limb, but what if the dominant hand is the left?

I think, in childhood, you could notice among your classmates left-handed people, who in every possible way tried to direct the true path. They remained with them after lessons for spelling training, conducted lectures aimed at rethinking the unique and quite interesting difference from the bulk of the children.

Some items in the house, such as scissors, sharpeners, rulers and even door handles, are for right-handed people only. In order not to adapt to the oppressive abundance of injustices, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the most effective methods for developing the superpowers of the right hand for left-handed people.

By systematically training and devoting a sufficient amount of time to full-fledged classes, an individual can become an ambidexter, that is, a person who has equal control of the upper limbs.

The development of the right hand involves an integrated approach. But why strive to reverse what the person feels comfortable with? In fact, in a child who is used to writing with his left hand, there is a risk of acquiring scoliosis or other back problems.

This is because with such a letter the baby needs to take a pose that maximally allows the elbow and shoulder joint to be bent to turn the hand closer to the notebook. The situation leads to the fact that children literally lie at their desks, and the desire to constantly monitor the state of posture of teachers does not always arise.

The danger of retraining

The development of both hands at a young age minimizes the situation of problems with the back and vision. After all, the alternation of hands will help relieve the load from the muscle corset, giving time for relaxation.

Doctors do not recommend retraining left-handed people for several reasons. Under the auspices of “right-wing” education, parents will be able to hide only the most visible signs and characteristics of a left-handed person, but the rest of the actions performed by an individual in everyday life and life will still remain the prerogative of their beloved hand.

Retraining is dangerous by the occurrence of malfunctions of important systems of the human body. Serious neuroses, tics, delays in physical development or emotional development can develop. In addition to the above problems, the child may begin to stutter or experience a feeling of tremendous constriction, and as a result of this, he gets the risk of losing his dignity and normal self-esteem.

But there is one more violation that can begin its development, thanks to an attempt to retrain the baby. Dyslexia is a disorder that interferes with the ability to read and write. Sometimes it manifests itself in a banal bad handwriting, swallowing m words while reading and writing backwards.

Just think about it, in the context of convenience, the whole world already belongs to the right-handed people, and here you also need to write with an uncontrolled hand, so that others are happy!

According to experts, it is better to try to develop a small person with the help of a leading hand in drawing or writing. And it also happens that they use lead leg training, for example, in football or other sports.

What is hidden in the right hemisphere

Researchers of the phenomenon still have not decided on the reasons provoking the development of left-handedness. Scientists and the bright heads of doctors tend to believe that left-handed people are born due to malfunctioning of the brain in the prenatal period. Also attributed to the causes and feature of the birth itself, and brain pathology, and even genetics!

It is proved that in the family of left-handed people, according to statistics in 75% of cases, left-handed people will also be born. But what is the main difference from right-handedness? The left hemisphere is responsible for the following list of queries in the brain:

In people whose right hand is the dominant hand, the left hemisphere dominates, but for a left-handed person - the right, where the main bias is:

  • intuition
  • creative inclinations
  • feelings
  • visual images.

This means that among left-handers there are very often geniuses who have proven themselves as great artists, literary masters or creators of musical works. Among them were Charlie Chaplin, and Marilyn Monroe, and even Julius Caesar himself!

But what are the effective exercises that help to master the right hand no worse than the left? And what needs to be emphasized?

Full communication

What is kinesiology? This is a science that deals with the development of the brain through the prism of movements. She has been familiar to people for more than two hundred years and perfectly recommends herself around the globe.

Aristotle and Hippocrates used kinesiology exercises for an integrated approach in the development and activation of interhemispheric communications in the brain.

What is this training for?

  • Improve stress resistance,
  • develop the corpus callosum,
  • streamline and synchronize the work of the left and right hemispheres,
  • unleash the potential of the thought process,
  • improve concentration and long-term memory,
  • improve writing and reading techniques,
  • stimulate hand motility.

There is a global variety of kinesiology problems. One of the techniques I can call finger training, which is suitable for both adults and children. They are designed for the productive development of the muscles of the right hand for left-handed people and stimulate the interhemispheric effects of the cerebral cortex.

1. "Fist-rib-palm"

To complete this task, you can attract the whole family and enjoy a productive pastime. You need to take three steps in turn, clearly controlling the movements of your hand:

  • stretch your hand palm down, squeeze it into a fist,
  • turn your palm around with your edge. To do this, turn the brush counterclockwise, spreading your fingers, keeping your thumb pressed to the index,
  • turn your palm clockwise again to the floor, leaving your fingers extended and tense.

You need to perform actions slowly, gradually increasing the speed of execution. Strive to approach automation, so that there is no confusion between actions.

2. “Flashlights”

Exercise is performed from the starting position of two arms, straightened in front of themselves. When the phrase "Flashlights lit!" - straighten and tighten your fingers, palms point down. When the command "Flashlight went out!", Squeeze the fingers of the left hand, and fingers of the right - leave in the original position.

When the command "Flashlight lit up", you need to unclench the fingers of your left hand, which were in a fist, and squeeze your fingers with your right. That is, you should succeed in alternately “lighting” the flashlights on command, in the context of an exercise for the fingers.

The exercise is designed to generate impulses that help coordinate the tasks of the hand, comprehending the images. To perform the exercise "Bunny", pull the index and middle finger up, and the ring and little fingers - press with your thumb to each other and palm. Stay in that position, counting to 10. The task must be performed first with the fingers of one hand, and then with two at the same time.

To aggravate the conditions, I suggest that you stay in the starting position of the exercise "Bunny" and tap the little finger on the little finger and ring finger. The main thing is not to bend the middle and index.

You need to connect the thumb and forefinger together so that they form a circle. Straighten the remaining fingers, lift them up and press them together. Hold in this position, counting to 10, and then attach the other hand to the workout.

To complement the exercise, I suggest you bring the resulting "rings" to the eyes, simulating glasses. To do this, turn the hands over, raising the elbows, and press the fingers tightly to the face.

Connect the thumb of the right hand and the forefinger by pulling and lifting the rest up. Next, replace the index with the middle, nameless and pinky. Perform similar manipulations with your left hand. Perform exercises with both hands at the same time, alternately replacing the fingers on each of them.

Complicate the task and try to form “rings” that connect the right and left hand. To do this, take the starting position and penetrate the “ring” from the fingers of the left hand into the “ring” of the right, changing fingers one at a time.

6. "Ironing-knocking"

Place the palm of your left hand on top of your head. And the palm of the right is on the stomach. Focus and try to rotate the palm of the right hand, and the left - light tapping. The task must be performed simultaneously, not allowing the actions to become identical.

On this I begin today with an educational program!

Train your ambidextra skills and enjoy the learning process!

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