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Volleyball Rules for Students at a Glance: Highlights


The rules of volleyball are quite simple, in addition, there are not so many of them when compared, for example, with basketball. Most people begin to get acquainted with this game at school at physical education lessons. This sport was invented in 1895 by the American George William MorganSince then, the game has evolved significantly and updated its rules several times.

Volleyball can be considered one of the most affordable sports; for its game you need a small area stretched between a net and a ball. 6 people play on each side (less is allowed in amateur competitions). The victory goes to the team that allowed the ball to land in its own half of the field fewer times. On the one hand, the essence of the game is clear and understandable, but in fact, volleyball has a number of nuances that all participants in the game should definitely know.

This is interesting: for the first time volleyball was included in the program of the Olympic Games in 1964.

The basic rules of volleyball in a concise manner on points

The following paragraphs provide a series of rules that will be enough to explain the game to schoolchildren and beginner volleyball players:

  • Two teams play, each consisting of 6 people (3 - attack line, 3 - line of defense).
  • For one draw, the team is allowed to touch the ball only 3 times (blocking is not considered a touch).
  • It is forbidden to catch, throw or hold the ball.
  • The player cannot touch the ball twice (the block does not count).
  • Players move clockwise. The team must move (change positions) after the opponent first scored a point, and then your side.
  • In volleyball there are 3 games, each is played up to 25 points (to win the game, there must be a difference of 2 points, if the score is 24:24, then the match continues until there is a necessary two point difference).
  • Each team in each game has the right to take 2 time-outs lasting 30 seconds each.
  • Players in the back line are not allowed to attack from the attack zone (3 meter line). If the volleyball players of the back line want to perform an attack hit, then they must make a jump to the 3-meter line without interceding for it).
  • Contact of the ball with any part of the player’s body is allowed (the answer is for many interested - you can play foot volleyball).
  • If two or more players touch the ball at the same time - this is considered one touch.
  • After the filing, the front line players can change positions between themselves.
  • 8 seconds from the moment the referee blows the whistle.
  • Only one hand feeds.
  • In each game, the team is allowed to make a maximum of 6 substitutions (at the same time, several performers can be replaced at once).

These were the basic rules of volleyball, and now we will understand the main aspects of the game in more detail.

What is the essence of volleyball?

The goal of volleyball is to move the ball using the net through the net to half of the opponent’s field, trying to make the round touch the court or bounce off the field from any part of the opponent player. At that time, the opposing team must prevent the ball from reaching their half of the court.

Volleyball rules prohibit players from hitting the ball twice. Usually, a team tries to organize an attack with three touches: the first is the reception and simultaneous transfer to the binder (the one that is under the net is zone 3), the second is the transfer to the attacker, and the third is the strike.

The victory goes to the team that won more games (in total, from 3 to 5 sets are played depending on the tournament).

Teams, site and technical aspects

At the same time, 6 players should be on the court. Substitutions are allowed to be used throughout the match, however, in one game (set), the coach can make a maximum of 6 substitutions.

Each player takes his position in the attack zone (next to the net) or in the defense zone (the back of the court behind the three-meter line). According to the rules, there are 6 zones in volleyball, each has its own number (see the picture below) Players move clockwise.

The volleyball court has a rectangular shape measuring 18 by 9 meters. In the middle of the platform, a grid is stretched at a height from the floor:

  • For men - 2.43 m.
  • For women - 24 m.

For students of different ages, the grid height has the following meanings:

  • Boys 11-12 years old - 2.20 m.
  • Girls 11-12 years old - 2.00 m.
  • Boys 13-14 years old - 2.30 m.
  • Girls 13-14 years old - 2.10 m.
  • Boys 15-16 years old - 2.40 m.
  • Girls 15-16 years old - 2.20 m.

The circumference of the volleyball is 65-67 centimeters, and the weight is 250-280 grams.

Points set

To score a point, the ball must hit the floor in half of the opponent’s field or go off the court from an opponent player - this is the main way to score, but there are many other ways to replenish your piggy bank with points, for example:

  • Opponent did not serve or did it with violations.
  • The opponent could not break the ball over the net with the last blow.
  • The opponent stood up for the midline of the field or touched the top edge of the grid during the attack.
  • Incorrect execution of the transmission (holding or grabbing the ball in hands).
  • Incorrect command transition.

A set of points when blocking. Players of the defending team can jump out and block the opponent’s shot, if after blocking the ball bounces in half of the opponent’s field or leaves them outside the field, then your team will receive a point. If after the block the ball bounced to your half of the court, the ball is awarded to the opposing team.

According to the rules, the game is played up to 25 points, but if the score reaches this mark, and none of the parties has an advantage of 2 points, then the set continues until this necessary two point difference.

Do you know? The longest volleyball game lasted 48 minutes. It was a match of the championship of Italy (men), the teams “Cuneo” and “Sisley” played. The second set of the match ended with a score of 54:52.

Depending on the level of competition, in volleyball the number of sets varies from 3 to 5. The last 5th game is played up to 15 points.

What are the violations of the rules in volleyball?

Volleyball is a dynamic sport, therefore, participants may break the rules during the game. Violations in volleyball are:

  • Touching the ball by one player twice in one rally (block is not taken into account).
  • Front line infeed.
  • More than three touches of the team for the rally.
  • Disorders in the arrangement.
  • Serving more than 8 seconds from the moment of whistle.
  • Touch the top of the grid.
  • An outpost for the midline of the field (a spade is fixed if the arm (s), leg (s) are completely in half of the opponent’s field.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior of volleyball players - kicks of opponents, trips, etc.
  • Conflicts with the judiciary.

Volleyball rules were briefly presented. This simplified version of the rules can be used to teach the game to students of different ages. Volleyball is a very interesting and energetic sport, which for many is a hobby or an active holiday. Note that in Russia volleyball is one of the three most popular sports.