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How to learn to laugh beautifully and contagiously?


who would be easier to learn to laugh beautifully: an adult or a child?

A person learns pretty well everything and, I think, you can learn another laugh. However, it will be an imitation timely “included” to replace the laughter of the present. Real laughter is spontaneous and capable of breaking free in all its glory, no matter how much a person tries to get rid of it. This is well expressed in those people who, with a laugh, “grunt”, which is not always possible to hide.

Laughter changes with age at all.

In childhood, laughter is sincere, direct, lively and contagious.

In childhood, it (laughter) can be corrected by explaining to the child where it is appropriate to laugh and where not, where it is impossible to laugh out loud, and where you can freely have fun.

But with age, especially in adolescents, laughter changes not only in sound due to mutation, growing vocal cords, but also in content.

In adolescence and adulthood, laughter becomes an expression of diverse feelings: from resentment, scornful laughter, degrading laughter, laughter is acceptable, for company and so on.

Girls naturally regulate their laughter, since it is part of the coquetry system, but the guys “cackle” like geese for a long time until someone individually explains to everyone how to laugh and how rude animal laughter spoils the image.

Usually it is someone from close people who is well disposed and wishes good.

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I think if you restrain yourself, you will get another nut. or nerve. diseases. What for? After all, laughter as well as facial expressions and gestures are what we are. However, there are people who can control this.

I read about sign language and I think you can.
Look at some programs where the stars are laughing and try to copy the laughter of this or that person in turn while you are alone with yourself. In my opinion, this is nonsense, and it’s very easy to do, if you’re intolerable.

I also don’t like my laughter, which is intermittent and too loud, and sometimes, on the contrary, is not heard at all. but I want it to be quiet and not intermittent ..

Loud laughter is a sign of an open, sincere person.

I got a good laugh when I went pregnant. Flooding and contagious. And now, as if there was not enough breathing. :))

Interestingly, but on the contrary, I laugh absolutely without sound. Can this be somehow corrected or it will not work out naturally? There must be some exercises for this.

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And my laugh also infuriates me = (and I’m terribly too lazy to work with him (but I know for sure that it’s possible to change it))) I’ve checked it from my own experience) I just had hysterical laughter and a cute giggle and a witchy yell and just open infectious rzhach)))) but maybe laughter and depends on the character))) I have changed it too many times ^ _ ^

I do not like my laughter, damn laugh like a horse. it's just awful.

I also hate my laughter, damn it (((
sometimes I laugh a lot and loud laugh, so infuriates pancake
I laugh like a horse, fu ((how will I deal with this problem? Tell me please))

Yes, it all depends on the character! My style of laughter often changes :) depending on my environment, usually best friends laugh the same way :) fact.

Laughter changed very often) And it was always contagious!: D Now it’s also contagious, but I don’t like it at all.: С
I will parody some stars.

Rejoice at what is.

Laughter changed very often) And it was always contagious!: D Now it’s also contagious, but I don’t like it at all.: С
I will parody some stars.

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What should be female laughter?

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How can and should a girl laugh?

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  • Firstly, quietly. The loud laughter of many annoying and very annoying, in addition, it can interfere with others.
  • Secondly, restrained. Of course, rampant fun is great, but only in the company of old friends and not in a public place.
  • Thirdly, feminine. Rude female laughter is an indicator of bad taste.
  • Fourth, nice and elegant. During laughter, no extraneous sounds such as grunts should be heard.

How to identify flaws?

To change and correct your laughter and make it beautiful, you must first determine what exactly needs to be changed, that is, identify weaknesses. There are several ways to do this. The first is a frank conversation with friends, relatives or relatives. Just ask a person who has known you for a long time and is not afraid to tell you the truth, describe your laughter. Let him tell you what he likes and what, on the contrary, annoys or embarrasses.

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The second method suits shy natures. Invite your friends to visit, come up with some fun activity and put a camera somewhere in the corner or in another secluded place, immediately forgetting about it. Do not think about shooting, relax and laugh. After the party, review the recording and evaluate your laughter. List all that you liked and did not like.

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If the camera bothers you and you cannot relax, constantly thinking about it, then just read a funny joke or watch a funny movie or video and laugh in front of the mirror.

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How to change laughter?

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How to learn to laugh beautifully?

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  1. Determine how you should laugh. To do this, you can imagine yourself laughing beautifully. If your imagination does not work so well, then you can take as the basis the laughter of some friend, acquaintance, or, for example, a celebrity.
  2. Learn to hold back. Yes, it would seem that sparks and emotional laughter are usually the most infectious, but often it is not too beautiful. So when you have fun, try to monitor your behavior, facial expressions. Try not to wave your arms, not to swing, not to fall to the floor (and this also happens), not to hit yourself on the stomach and head. Laughter, which is more like a tantrum or convulsions, will not please anyone. If it’s very funny for you, and you can’t stop at all, then leave the room, drink some water and think about something else. The maximum that a true lady can do is slightly cover her mouth with her hand.
  3. Do not throw your head back. Firstly, it makes laughter more loud, ugly and throaty. Secondly, such a gesture can be regarded as an indicator of bad manners.
  4. Learn to smile. To do this, have to practice at the mirror. Choose the most suitable smile and remember it. For example, if your teeth are not very attractive, then you should not open them completely. It is undesirable to raise the corners of the lips strongly, it looks unnatural and ugly. A smile should be relaxed and sincere, so do not strain all the muscles of the face, but just relax, think about something good and remember your expression.
  5. Do not open your mouth too wide, it looks extremely unpleasant and rude, and also increases the risk of accidentally spraying saliva on the interlocutor. You can slightly open it, showing a little teeth.
  6. Do not laugh out loud, especially in society. Loud female laughter looks extremely unpleasant. But if you laugh quietly, then you will definitely cause sympathy. So as soon as you plan to give free rein to emotions while having fun, immediately begin to control the volume of your voice so as not to look ridiculous.
  7. Do not laugh if you are not funny. It will look pretentious, so that you will immediately "understand". But what to do in order not to offend a person? If he was joking, but you did not understand the joke, just smile, but try to do it sincerely.
  8. During laughter, try to avoid various extraneous “attached” sounds and actions, for example, whistling, screeching, grunting, spraying with saliva. At first it will not be easy, but if you constantly look after yourself, you will soon learn to laugh beautifully. To get rid of everything superfluous as quickly as possible, try to laugh more at home alone and correct mistakes so that the company does not face the dirt.
  9. Train. It may seem strange, but training will really help to change laughter for the better. It is advisable to laugh in splendid isolation and focus on laughter. You can watch comedies or read jokes and even tickle yourself. Literally in a week of such “laughable fitness” you will notice a change for the better.
  10. Laugh only when appropriate. So, there are situations and places in which laughing is simply indecent. A choked laugh looks no less impolite than open. If you can’t laugh, but really want to, think about something else and be distracted, this should help. For example, you can focus on some problem you have or solve a complex problem. In general, occupy your brain with something else, and the laughter will stop. In addition, you can, for example, pinch yourself, this will also help you get distracted.
  11. What you laugh at is also important. For example, it’s not worth laughing at “flat” jokes; this will characterize you as not the smartest and most uneducated girl.
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Learn to laugh feminine and beautiful and do not worry about how you will look.