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How to set the table


What mistress does not dream to surprise guests with her culinary abilities at the festive table? But to produce the maximum effect, you need to know how to properly set the table at home. The correct arrangement of dishes and devices creates a special atmosphere. What you need to know about serving? How to arrange a table for a birthday, new year, a family breakfast, lunch, dinner?

Important etiquette rules

Table setting is not only the proper arrangement of cutlery, but also its design. The choice of decoration elements and the set of dishes, first of all, depend on the format of the meal (birthday, family dinner, business lunch, wedding, etc.).

But some rules remain unchanged.

  • The banquet room should be bright, well-ventilated and, of course, large enough to accommodate all invited guests.
  • Dishes and appliances must be cleaned and polished. Be sure to make sure that there are no spots left on the water.
  • The table can be of any shape, but its size should be selected taking into account the number of guests. Optimally, if one person has 80 cm of table length.
  • The tablecloth should be well-ironed, clean and fit the size of the table. Correctly, if its edges hang down by 30 cm, and the corners cover the legs.
  • Near each plate in the correct order should be knives, spoons, forks, glasses.
  • In addition to devices for personal use, auxiliary tables should be present on the table. They are necessary for laying food with common dishes.
  • Appliance type and location should be the same.
  • Unacceptable sets, chopped corners, bent appliances, blunt knives are unacceptable.

To properly cover the table with a tablecloth at home, first place the folded product on the surface, and then, lifting it by the edges, sharply lower your hands down. Then she will lie perfectly.

Serving Order

Whether it’s a birthday or a meal at home with your family, according to the rules of etiquette, you need to set up a table in a certain order.

  • The table is covered with a tablecloth.
  • Opposite the chairs are plates.
  • Then the cutlery is laid out.
  • Now the turn of glasses, glasses, glasses.
  • At the next stage, dishes are placed on the table.
  • Take out napkins.
  • Sets of spices, salt are laid out.
  • The table is beautifully decorated with flowers, candles or original compositions.

Placement of cutlery

At first glance, it seems that remembering the rules for placing instruments on a table is very difficult. But in fact they are quite simple and designed for convenience. All cutlery are placed in the order of use, the last are intended for first courses.

So, the basic rules.

  • Plates are located in the center of the seat 2 cm from the edge of the table. If several dishes will be served for a birthday or other holiday, then deep dishes can be put on shallow ones. Bread (pie) plates are placed on the left hand, at a distance of about 10 cm.
  • As for the spoons, knives and forks, they are laid out around the plate with the tip up (the blade of the knife looks at the plate). There are forks on the left side and knives on the right. If dessert is expected, then the soup spoon is placed above the plate, otherwise, on the right hand, to the knife. For a big holiday, such as a birthday, a set of cutlery should include a small snack fork, a knife, devices for fish or other specific dishes (depending on the menu). There should be a distance of 1 cm between the plate and the devices.
  • Dishes for drinks should be on the right hand. If you plan to serve wine and water at the same time, then that drink is placed closer, which is more in harmony with the dish served first. The next glass, wine glass or glass should stand on the line of intersection of the first knife and plate. If there is a handle on the dishes, then it rotates to the right. The number of items for each guest more than three is considered unacceptable.

Many are confused in the rules for the location of cutlery on the table, so we suggest that you study them clearly.

Important details: napkins and condiment sets

Napkins are an indispensable part of table setting. Distinguish between linen and paper products. The first is placed under a deep dish (if there is no snack plate) or on your feet. Paper napkins are placed in a napkin holder at guests' extended arm. Additionally, you can roll them into bizarre shapes, such as roses, envelopes, a variety of geometric shapes or boats, little animals (for children's birthday). If napkins are intended not only for table decoration, it is important that they unfold easily.

When setting the table, it is important not to forget about the set of spices and seasonings. Salt and pepper must be on it. No need to fill the containers to the very edges, it will be enough to fill seasonings in half. If the menu will contain meat dishes, then it is advisable to put mustard and horseradish on the table.

Serving the home table

At the weekend, the family, as a rule, gathers at home in full force, the hostess prepares her favorite tasty dishes, and sincere conversations are conducted sincerely. This is the most suitable time to make breakfast, lunch and dinner special charm and comfort with the help of proper table setting. Even at home, you can create a festive atmosphere. And if there are children in the family, then this will serve as an excellent lesson on how to behave in society, for which we need various cutlery and how to use it.

An aesthetic meal in the morning sets the mood for the rest of the day. To serve dishes beautifully, it is necessary to take into account some nuances. First of all, you need to arrange snack plates, and then cups with saucers and a spoon. The latter are placed in the middle of the table so that everyone can easily get them. If eggs are planned for breakfast, they are served in a special stand on a high leg. It should stand on a small saucer, and a spoon for eggs is placed on it. Porridge is poured into a deep dish, which is placed on top of a snack plate. Baking served on a wide dish, should also be present butter, honey, jam or jam. Each participant in the meal has a small knife for oil. Be sure to have a napkin holder with napkins on the table. It will be beautiful if they are made in the same style with a heater for a teapot. Do not forget about salt and sugar.

During the day it is customary to serve first, second courses, as well as dessert. Therefore, for proper table setting at home for dinner, you will need several more appliances than for breakfast. For common dishes you will need auxiliary spoons, shovels and forks. Bouillon cups or deep plates are placed at eateries, and dessert dishes are brought at the end, when the first and second dishes are already eaten, and the used dishes are tidied up. Do not forget about knives for meat and fish. But for scrambled eggs, meatballs, zraz and cutlets it will be enough to give forks.

Evening serving for dinner is practically no different from the morning. Typically, pancakes, pancakes or pie are served beautifully on a shared platter. Dessert plates set immediately, on the right side they have dessert forks or spoons. If you want to give the dinner a romantic atmosphere, then candles and candlesticks are placed on the table and next to it.

Festive table setting

For a festive lunch or dinner, you need to take care of the decorative elements. Not only traditional table setting rules are important here, but also a combination of colors and a sense of style of the hostess at home.

So, what should be considered when preparing for the holiday?

  • Tablecloth and napkins. The color scheme can be any, but it is important that the tablecloth is in harmony with the napkins. You can use universal white, delicate shades of lilac, blue, green. A romantic dinner will come in handy rich pink, red and burgundy colors. It is advisable to give napkins an unusual shape or simply roll them into tubes and beautifully bandage with a contrasting satin ribbon.
  • Crockery, cutlery. The banquet table will decorate dishes in the form of non-standard geometric shapes, appliances with curved, designer handles. A snow-white porcelain set will look most advantageous. However, if the tablecloth and napkins are also white, you can choose a set of dishes with a border.
  • Candles This element of decor is more appropriate at a wedding or a romantic dinner, but for a birthday it is better to limit yourself to candles on the cake. It should be remembered that the main role is played by the candlestick. It can be tall and thin, or candles can float in flat bowls filled with water and flower petals.
  • Flowers When decorating the table with flowers, it is important to choose the right vases. High ones are best left for bouquets presented for a birthday to a birthday person. For serving, low vases are more suitable, which will not close the review for guests. You should also take care of the moderate aroma of flowers, it should not mix with the smell of dishes or interrupt it.
  • Original compositions. Various towers of fruits will look beautiful on the festive table. Depending on the time of year, you can create decorations from branches of spruce, cones, mountain ash, sea stones, sand, etc. Such compositions can then be placed at home. Do-it-yourself decor items are at the height of fashion.
  • Children's table setting. On a birthday, for younger guests it is better to choose dishes made of plastic and limit themselves to safe appliances without sharp ends. A multi-colored tablecloth is more suitable, with cartoon characters and fairy tales. You can put small gifts on napkins folded into a fancy shape. If the little princess has a birthday, then the table can be decorated with flowers. However, there should not be too many of them; it is better to limit oneself to balloons and paper garlands. Do not forget to prepare plates with the names of small guests at each seat, this will help to avoid confusion during the holiday.

Correctly and beautifully served festive table will make an unforgettable impression on guests. And it’s not even a matter of etiquette at all - it’s always nice when order reigns at home, and a special atmosphere of comfort is in the air. Therefore, it is very important that a woman knows how to properly set the table, knows all the rules of design and strictly follows them.

Table setting at home

It is wrong to assume that in ordinary life you can not bother, and all the difficulties of decoration are used exclusively for holidays. Psychologists argue that the mood and taste perception of food depends on the appearance of the dish and the table as a whole.
Table setting at home differs from the solemn smaller number of appliances and decor details.

  1. Take into account that the support plates should be required. Using them, you will avoid contamination of the tablecloth. Agree that sometimes it is very difficult to remove stains from borsch from it.
  2. It is not recommended to replace the tablecloth with oilcloth. To make the table look “smart”, sometimes it's enough to lay a checkered cloth on it. Of course, everything should look harmonious and the tablecloth should be combined with the overall interior of the kitchen.
  3. If your menu has a first course, then the presence of deep plates is required. It’s much easier to go around with a saucepan and pour broth on everyone than rush around with plates.
  4. Under the deep plate should stand a side dish.
  5. In order not to constantly run after the forks and spoons, provide them in the right amount in advance.

Step 1. First we make a tablecloth

The main thing here is to make sure that the overhang of the tablecloth is no more and no less than 20-30 cm. The overhang will look uglier shorter and longer - inconvenient for those sitting at the table.

As for the color, you can choose either a win-win and traditional white tablecloth, or lay any option you like, add it with tracks and side-pens as shown in the photo.

And here are examples of festive table setting at home and without a tablecloth at all.

Step 2. Putting the plates

This part of the “serving” theory will be the most extensive. After all, the composition and combination of plates depends on the planned menu, the number of guests and the scale of the holiday.

According to the classic table setting rules, several plates can rely on one person:

  • Substitution large plate (serving) - for the day and everyday table it is not required, also some serving styles (for example, rustic) allow its absence. The photo below shows examples of serving with and without a plate.

May also be needed: medium (snack), small (pie or dessert) and a deep plate for soup.

  • According to the canon, the appearance of the deep plate depends on the type of soup. For thick, choose a wide one (photo on the left), for a light broth or cream soup - a bowl with or without handles (photo on the right). But this is just that rule, which can be completely neglected.

As for the arrangement of plates, snack or deep plates are placed on the substitution plates, dessert and / or salad plates are placed on the left as shown in the picture on the right. This place may also contain a tea pair, a pie plate or, for example, a bowl for eggs on the occasion of Easter. The photo below shows the options for the holiday serving and the composition of the plates.

  • Plates should be placed at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from the edge of the table and at the same distance from each other,
  • So that the snack plate does not slip on the counter, between them you need to put a paper or textile napkin as shown in the photo below.

Step 3. Put the cutlery

Now proceed to the layout of the devices. They are placed on the sides according to the number of changes in dishes (with the concave side to the table):

  • To the right of the plates are knives and spoons,
  • On the left are forks,
  • You can put a teaspoon on top.

Festive table setting at home does not require a large number of special knives, forks and spoons. Most often, one knife, one fork and a couple of spoons (for soup and dessert) are enough.

But if necessary and desired, you can additionally serve the table with special forks, knives and spoons as shown in the following photo selection.

Why table setting is needed

Everyone will agree that it is much nicer to eat at a chicly served table. If everything is properly organized, then a daily meal turns into a holiday.
It is not necessary to cook gourmet dishes, you can use the usual inexpensive products. The very idea of ​​decorating the dining table is important.
Serving Planning for Specific Meals
Introduce new traditions to your family. Due to the lack of time in the modern world, not every family can afford joint dinners. In this case, you can limit yourself to one general meal, which will take place in the evening.
Not only for a festive meal, but also for a simple dinner, you can originally arrange a serving. Children will be happy to help you with this, as a rule, they are very fond of arranging plates and laying out napkins.
At this table you can chat with all family members. The atmosphere of comfort is conducive to confidential conversations, everyone can talk about their problems or achievements. Such a tradition will bring a piece of joy into everyday life. After everyone gets used to gathering at home for dinner, you can start introducing weekend fees into family traditions.

Table Setting Rules

  1. You need to use the same devices.
  2. Each dish should have its own serving.
  3. When arranging objects, it is necessary to take into account that about 80 cm of space should be allocated for each person. This condition will make guests feel comfortable.
  4. Plates are placed in the middle of the allocated space, at a distance of two cm from the edge.
  5. When planning the serving of several dishes, deep dishes are set flat.
  6. At a distance of 10 cm to the left of the person plates are placed for sweets or bread.
  7. Spoons, forks and knives are placed with the tip up, on the right - knives, on the left - forks. If dessert is provided, then the soup spoon is placed above the plate.
  8. Glasses and glasses must be placed on the right. If alcohol and water are served at the same time, then the container that should be combined with the first dish is put closer.
  9. All dishes should be clean without stains and streaks. Before serving, wipe it with a dry towel.

How to choose the right tablecloth

A required attribute is a tablecloth. It can be both for everyday use, and for solemn. What recommendations do experts give when choosing a tablecloth?

  • for the banquet, a tablecloth made of natural fabrics, preferably white, is used,
  • for everyday dinner or lunch you can use the acrylic attribute, it should fit the shape of the table,
  • it is important that the tablecloth is a suitable length, it should cover the entire surface, and the edges should hang down by 20-25 cm.

Required condition. Any tablecloth should be clean. Therefore, you need to have several options available.

Plate layout

So, the tablecloth is laid out. Now you need to arrange the plates. The scheme is very simple. По самому центру должна стоять декоративная тарелка, она не должна находиться слишком близко к краю. На нее ставится тарелочка для закуски. Если в меню есть жидкие блюда, то глубокая емкость так же ставится на декоративную тарелку. Важно учесть, что при подаче супа-пюре подается суповая тарелка, а при подаче бульона нужно подать чашку. Тарелка для хлеба ставится слева от декоративной.

Instrument Location

Serving provides a certain arrangement of all devices. Everything must comply with etiquette:

  • devices should be placed on the sides of the plates, in some cases they are placed on top,
  • to the left of the main plate should be forks,
  • the knives are placed on the right, their blades should be directed to the plate,
  • there should be a soup spoon on top of the plate,
  • a dessert spoon is placed on the right side, it should enclose a series of knives.

Important. The devices that will be used first should be closest to the plate. Devices for first courses should be the farthest. Keep in mind that all devices must be freely available for use.

How to choose glasses

For serving a festive table, it is very important to choose the right glasses. A specific type of wine glasses or glasses is provided for each drink.
For red wines, brandy and brandy use "pot-bellied" glasses. And for wines from white varieties use small glasses. The tallest or narrowest wine glasses are for champagne. For juices and water glasses are served that are designed for cocktails.

Using wipes

How to set a table beautifully? One of the most important elements of decoration during the design of any holiday or banquet are napkins. A lot of techniques have been invented, following which you can create an exquisite and unusual composition from them. When choosing wipes, you need to pay attention to color. You can buy napkins of the same color with holiday candles.
Wipes should be folded so that after unfolding they do not look too wrinkled. This decoration is placed on a plate for snacks. Using figures from napkins, you can make your table very stylish.

Dinner table setting

  1. Festive dinner with family. Beautiful candles and plates are laid out on the table, wine and light snacks are stocked. Later you can serve a hot meal, dessert and fruit. Remove the glasses, and instead place the cups and saucers.
  2. How to set the table for a romantic dinner? A small table is set, at which two people sit opposite each other. Candles and flowers are required. A special fleur of romantic mood will add a tablecloth of dark tone.
  3. For a theme dinner. You can serve dishes made from products that are grown in your country house. The table is decorated with compositions of vegetables. All dishes are simple, made from natural products.
  4. For dinner with a friend. No extra details. A delicate tablecloth, a minimum number of appliances, light dishes. Perhaps slicing or seafood.
  5. Dinner for friends. Friends come to visit for simple informal communication. Therefore, forget about the solemnity, everything should be simple. But of course, cook some delicious dishes

Table setting for a children's event

The organization of a children's event is always a particular concern for parents. It is necessary to take care not only of the good food and the beauty of serving, but also of the safety of the guys.
How to set a table for a children's holiday?

  1. To make children feel like adults, cover them with a separate table.
  2. It is necessary to maintain the design in one scale. Better if you pick up any cartoon theme. She must be present in everything.
  3. Disposable tableware is a real find for parents who need to organize a children's holiday. Just do not think that we are talking about simple disposable plates. In stores you can buy a very beautiful dishes made of durable plastic or special cardboard. Such dishes are very practical, because they do not beat. She is very beautiful, so the kids will be delighted with her.
  4. Do not cook a variety of salads and meat dishes. This is a children's holiday, and children do not like to eat such a party. Surprise them with beautiful buffet snacks, this is exactly what they will like.

Benefits of Proper Table Setting

If your family gets used to eating in a cozy and beautiful environment, then the food will be a real pleasure. Children will grow culturally, knowing the place of each item on the table. Evening gatherings at a beautifully laid table will unite your family. And this family tradition will be passed down from generation to generation.