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Tame the gerbil

1 The key to successful taming will be the young age of the gerbil. If the gerbil is old and her temper is very ardent, the probability of changing her behavior is very small. Remember that these creatures do not like loneliness, therefore it is better to keep them same-sex (and only) in pairs. In this case, the taming will be more successful.

2 If the gerbil does not show aggression, go to step 3. If your gerbil bites, do not rush to be angry with her. Perhaps the gerbil from birth did not come into contact with human hands, so it perceives the human hand as an enemy. It is also possible that the previous owner mistreated the gerbil, so this left poor associations in her memory. In this case, it will be more difficult to tame a gerbil, but it is quite realistic. The first actions that you will continue to carry out must be done with gloves. Do not forget to exchange smells as well. Putting your hand in a gerbil housing, try to roll your hand out in the filler. When the gerbil ceases to be wary, you can remove the glove and contact it directly.

3 First, the gerbil should get used to your hands. To do this, place your hand in a cage and do not make sudden movements. Gradually, the animal will become bolder and will come to sniff your palm. This may not happen right away, so be patient. The hand should be kept in a cage for several minutes a day.

4 As soon as the animal ceases to be afraid, begins to calmly approach and touch its fingers, begin to give hand-made treats, for example, sunflower seeds or peanuts. Stretching the gerbil dainty, gently repeat her name. This will give a particularly good effect if the animal has not received this feeding anywhere else, except with hands. Then the proximity of a person will cause the gerbil to associate with especially delicious food.

5 As soon as the animal begins to take food from your palm without fear, try to pick it up in your hands. This must be done very carefully, with two hands. In no case do not take the gerbil by the tail - this way you can injure it. The most correct way is to take the gerbil under the tummy, in front, while the gerbil will jump over your hand, or stand "column". So, the gerbil will understand that these are your hands. If you grab the gerbil from the back, you can scare it very much, which will leave bad memories. Behind, as a rule, predators grab. If the gerbil began to panic and rush about the house, do not try to grab it. Let the gerbil calm down and move on to the next step.

6 If you are afraid to harm your pet, but you still need to remove it from the cage, use a regular liter jar. Place the can so that the gerbil can climb into it. Out of curiosity, she can do it herself, especially if you put delicious food in a jar. You can also use boxes in size.

7 Having taken the gerbil from the home, try to plant the animal on your arm or shoulder. The gerbil will begin to examine the hand, running along it, reaching the shoulder and going down. Insure your pet so that it does not fall to the floor. So there will be an exchange of smells. Gerbils do not remember things visually, their memory is based on the experience of smells.

8 Try to hold your hand with a gerbil over a sofa or bed for the first time so that your pet is not injured in the fall. Treat the animal with something tasty when it sits on your shoulder so that it has a pleasant association with your smell.

9 If you repeat this kind of exercise every day, very soon the gerbil will begin to ask itself in her arms, rising to its hind legs and turning to you. Be careful and patient with your pet, and his trust is guaranteed to you.

Taming can last from a week to several months.

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Everything seems to be fine. You bought a gerbil, bought a cage for it, a variety of delicious food, settled it in a new comfortable home. Peace, friendship, chewing gum, it would seem. But sometimes it happens that your animal runs away from the cage.

Having decided to start a gerbil as a pet, be prepared for many surprises. For example, your animal will gnaw on various objects that fall in its path and have a "biting appeal."

In addition to sleep and lunch, these animals have a lot of hobbies. They love outdoor games and active sports. How can you entertain and occupy your favorite gerbil? What toys will be of interest to her?