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How to brew and drink green tea


Green tea has many benefits. Due to the kakhetins contained in it, it helps to reduce body fat and regulates body weight. Theanine in it helps to strengthen the immune system and has a positive effect on nervous and mental activity. Antioxidants inhibit aging and environmental hazards. But all the positive properties are characteristic only for properly brewed tea, drunk at a certain time and in limited doses.

What to brew

The taste and quality of green tea depends on the dishes in which it is prepared. The usual utensils for brewing tea is a teapot. Teapots are different, depending on the material of manufacture.

Type of teapotAdvantagesdisadvantages
GlassYou can observe the process of brewing tea leaves. Inexpensive price.It retains heat poorly.
FaienceKeeps the desired water temperature.
PorcelainKeeps warm.It costs more than a faience teapot.
CeramicKeeps heat, allows to reveal taste and aroma of tea.
ClayHelps “breathe” tea leaves.Rarely found on sale.
MetalIt retains heat well.It is susceptible to oxidation during poor manufacturing.

How to choose quality green tea

The best producers of green tea remain China and Japan. You should pay attention to the color of the leaves, they should retain their greenish tint. Elite Chinese varieties have pistachio color. If the leaves are darkened, they are overdried, and this will affect the taste of tea.
You need to know when the tea leaf was harvested. Fresh tea is one year after collection. It is worth noting such features of tea: the tea collected in the spring has a sweet taste, and summer - slightly gives off bitterness. Tea should not turn into dust if you rub the tea between your fingers. It should not exceed 5% of garbage of broken branches and cuttings.
Marking on a pack of tea indicates the quality of tea, you only need to be able to read it correctly. Highest quality is indicated by the word "extra", followed by numbers from 1 to 7.

Classic brewing method

For ordinary tea drinking, classic brewing techniques are suitable. They do not require the use of special dishes and special accessories. For 150 grams of water, one teaspoon of raw material is enough. It is important to know that high-quality green tea requires a low temperature (up to 70 ° C). The lower the quality of the tea, the higher the water temperature should be, but not higher than 85 ° C.

You should not brew tea for too long, a long stay of the tea leaf in hot water gives the drink astringency and bitterness. Aromatic and taste characteristics are lost. How much to brew green tea? The minimum brewing time is thirty seconds, the time should increase with each re-brewing.

The capacity in which the tea will be brewed is warmed up, water for this needs to be brought to a certain temperature. A certain amount of dry tea leaves is poured into the kettle, it is poured with hot water. After a few minutes, the drink can be poured into a bowl or cup and drunk.

Regular consumption of green tea increases mental and physical activity, prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, improves immunity.

Other methods of brewing

  • You can use stepwise brewing of green tea. In this case, 0.5 teaspoon of dried green tea leaves is taken in a glass of water. Water should not be higher than 70 ° C. First, the leaves are filled with water on 1/3 of the teapot, you need to stand for one minute, then add water to half the teapot, again stand for a couple of minutes and add water to 3/4 of the volume. After two minutes, half the water will need to be poured from the kettle, and hot water should be added to the remaining water.
  • Leafy green tea is poured with hot water, left for a couple of minutes. Then the leaves are transferred to the teapot. It is filled with hot water to half, left for two to three minutes, after which it is added to the top and the tea continues to be brewed for five minutes.

Tea ceremony in China

Tea has a special position in the daily life of the Chinese. Not a single friendly meeting, not a single official event is complete without tea drinking. The Chinese use various methods of brewing tea. It all depends on the wealth of the family, circumstances, the variety of tea and other factors. Great importance is given to utensils. Large kettles of faience, clay or porcelain, as well as portioned cups with lids are considered traditional.

Large kettles are used for large companies. There is a special cup in the kettle, where the tea leaves is filled. A cup is placed in a kettle. Heated water warms the tea leaves, they gradually open, giving the aroma and taste to the drink. Varieties of high-quality tea can be brewed repeatedly. How long does the ceremony last? The whole action can take from one to two hours. The Chinese are scrupulous about all the stages of preparation, heating dishes, making tea, and drinking it.

Properly prepared green tea produces a beautiful, vibrant color. In its aroma it will be possible to catch fruit, herbal and floral notes. Each variety of green tea will be constantly opened in a new way, surprising and delighting with its taste. And the beneficial properties of this healing drink will help to cope with many diseases with regular tea consumption. Knowing everything about green tea, how to brew this elixir of youth, you can daily delight yourself with a small tea ceremony.

General tea brewing requirements

Green tea is a delicate product, it went through an incomplete fermentation cycle, so it did not acquire a classic brown color. That is why the methods of brewing black and green tea are fundamentally different from each other. How to brew green tea in order to feel its proper taste and aroma?

There are several universal requirements that connoisseurs of this healing drink observe.

  1. Water. Her choice needs to be emphasized. Ideally, this is spring water, which, unlike tap water, is very soft. In urban conditions, it is difficult to find such water, so bottled drinking and even tap water, which has stood in an open glass container for at least 5 hours, is suitable.
  2. Teapot. It can be thick-walled porcelain or clay. In the traditional Chinese sense, this vessel should be made of porous yixing clay. This material allows tea to breathe and absorbs aromas. That is why, with a long brewing of one type of tea in it, it each time becomes more intense in taste and aroma.
  3. Calculation of the amount of infusion. It all depends on the type of tea, but on average it is 5-6 g per 200 ml of water. In a simplified form, take 2 tsp. product.
  4. Brewing temperature. The universal temperature of water for brewing green tea is 80 ° С. But there are especially delicate varieties of tea, consisting of a large number of tips and young leaves, that they can be brewed with water at a temperature of 65 ° C.

There are many varieties of tea ceremonies in the world, but true drink lovers always follow the traditions of China. Here they can really competently brew green tea of ​​the rarest variety. They approach each stage of this philosophical process slowly and meaningfully, which is probably why they can understand the true taste of the divine drink.

How to make Chinese tea

It is customary to brew Chinese tea several times in straits. This is not just a whim, but a necessity due to the technological process of production of the tea itself. Lightly fermented green teas and oolongs are popular in this country. They can be brewed up to 10 times, so the best way to make a drink is considered to be the spill. What is it like?

Its essence is that the infusion is filled with hot water for only a few seconds. The habitual Europeans insistence as such does not occur. That is why tea withstands such a large number of brews and each time gives new notes in the taste.

The brewing of green tea for a traditional tea party is carried out in Guyana - a container with a lid specially designed for this purpose. First, the Gaivan is warmed up. This is done with freshly boiled water in the kettle. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times. During this time, the water in the kettle manages to catch a cold to the desired 80 ° C.

The right amount of tea leaves is poured into the warm and humid haiwan and quickly pour water on ¾. Leave in this form for only 2-3 seconds and also quickly drain the water out. Such a first strait is necessary in order to soften the sheet and remove dust from its surface, with which it could become covered during production and storage.

Further, the brewing technology is reduced to the following procedures.

  1. The softened sheet is again poured with hot water to the full volume of gaiwan. The exposure time is 5 seconds. After this, the infusion pours into a chahai - the so-called cup of justice, in which the drink acquires a uniform taste, color and aroma. From a tepid drink is poured into bowls or cups.
  2. Next is the second strait and subsequent. With each new strait, the exposure time of tea in water is extended by 5 seconds and can reach 2 minutes. This is the maximum time that occurs when brewing Chinese tea.

In this case, the answer to the question how many times you can brew green tea will be 10. But this rule does not apply to all varieties of the product, so when buying, you need to clarify this point with the seller or examine the information on the package.

Brewing Indian and Ceylon Tea

The technology for the production of green tea in India and Ceylon is different from the Chinese, therefore the product itself is more coarse and less aromatic. To extract the maximum of taste, smell and benefit from it, the infusion method is most often used.

Leaf tea at the rate of 1 tsp. 200 ml of water plus another spoon on the teapot is filled with hot water, the temperature of which is not lower than 85 ° C. Infuse the drink for 2-3 minutes. This is the maximum time for green tea, as with further contact with hot water, the infusion becomes bitter and harmful components can form in it.

Indian and Ceylon tea is not previously spilled with water. This option of preparing and cleaning the sheet is not practiced. The infusion of this tea is always more intense in color than Chinese, but less aromatic and delicate in taste.

How much to brew green tea and can it be done several times? Indian and Ceylon product does not involve re-brewing. In this, it is less economical than Chinese. Nevertheless, most Europeans prefer to brew tea leaves rather than spill it.

A porcelain, earthenware and even glass teapot is suitable for this method. Well, if a strainer is attached to it. During the preparation of the drink, the teapot is covered with a towel on top to maintain the maximum temperature of the water for the coming minutes. Later, the finished drink is poured into cups.

There is an option for brewing green tea bags. To do this, use special sachets for the teapot, which contain a larger volume of tea compared to a standard bag. This method is suitable in case of shortage of time, therefore it is preferred by office workers.

How to drink green tea

Green tea must be not only able to brew, but also consumed. How to drink green tea and what causes some taboos? In China, this drink can be drunk up to 10 times, both day and night, because in their national culture there are night tea parties. The European is not accustomed to such a regime, therefore, seeks to drink green tea in the first half of the day, as he attributes the drink to tonic.

He really invigorates well, so it is better to drink green tea in the morning after waking up, before dinner and after it, but no later than 18 hours. Experts recommend doing this every day to help the body cope with a lack of vitamins and other substances it needs.

In order to get the maximum benefit from tea, you need to drink a freshly brewed drink. It should not be hot or cold, but optimal for a pleasant tea party. A good tea leaf has a lot of antioxidants, micro and macro elements, so it is useful to use it in between meals. In this case, the components of the drink will not interact with food and are better absorbed by the body.

Despite the fact that tea is very healthy, it is not drunk instead of water. Pure drinking water, juices and fruit drinks should still be included in the human diet. Why can not you drink green tea in the evening or at night? It is harmful to the nervous system. In the evening, the whole body prepares for sleep, and a portion of the tonic will be superfluous to him. You cannot drink expired tea, pathogenic microbes may be present in it, and beneficial substances are already lost to a greater extent.

If we talk about a drink with additional ingredients, then tea with lemon and honey will be most useful. When to drink green tea with lemon? In between meals, especially in the winter, when the body often experiences hypothermia and is exposed to viral diseases.

There are many opinions that green tea strengthens or weakens. Rather, it normalizes stool, as it promotes good digestion. It can be drunk with intestinal disorders, as it relieves spasms, helps to cleanse and soothe the mucous membrane.

Green tea is the drink with the longest and most colorful history. There are many ways to brew, eat and use it in cooking. Its extracts are widely used in dietary supplements, in Japan they are added to food, but nothing can be more pleasant and interesting than the classical tea drinking ceremony.

Which water is better to choose

The taste qualities of green tea depend a lot on water. Spring water is considered the best, but not everyone has the opportunity to use it.

Therefore, it is better to give preference to bottled water or use tap water, having previously cleaned it with a filter. If this is not possible, you can prepare the water yourself.

To do this, pour it into a bottle and put in the freezer for a while, until the water is partially icy. Now you can get the bottle out of the cold, drain the unfrozen water, and unfreeze the ice. As a result, melt water will be obtained, purified in this way from metal salts and other impurities.

How to

Such boiling is called “silver”, when boiled water still retains the oxygen contained in it. Now you need to warm the teapot, sprinkling it with boiling water. This allows the tea to be fully brewed and not to cool quickly.

The volume of water depends on the number of cups. For one cup, you need to take one teaspoon of dried leaves.

This tea needs less time to brew than black. After 1 minute, he is ready to drink. If the drink is infused more, it will become stronger, as more tannins will go into the water.

Therefore, it is advisable to drink tea as soon as it is brewed. So it will be tastier and healthier. Green tea can be brewed repeatedly (up to 7 times) using the same brew, while increasing the brewing time. With each subsequent cup in tea, more nutrients are secreted.

Good quality green tea usually has whole leaves that fully open during brewing. The color of the leaves is green with a silver or golden hue. The product in bags can be of poor quality, as often it is a waste from the production of tea. The taste of the drink from different manufacturers may vary significantly. Therefore, everyone makes their choice by trying several varieties.

How to make tea in a cup

Not everyone prefers to use a teapot; someone is satisfied with the process of making tea in a cup. In this case, the same rules are observed as when applying the teapot.

How to brew leafy green tea right in the mug: the water is heated to the desired temperature, then a cup is boiled with boiling water. Dry teaspoon in a cup, pour dry leaves and pour water.

After a minute, you can already drink a hot drink. After the first cup of the drink, you can refill the remaining tea leaves with water to prepare another serving.

Milk oolong

Only a few managed to appreciate this tea with an unusual name in our country, since until recently no one had heard of it. But more and more often in tea shops began to offer to try this exotic tea drink.

He got his name because his taste is felt milk and creamy notes. Such tea is not cheap, and it is sold exclusively in specialized stores.

The method of preparing milk oolong is similar to the technology for brewing ordinary green tea.

Clay or porcelain utensils are preferred. Boiling water is heated to a temperature of 85 ° C or, if necessary, cools to this limit. It is advisable to use, if not spring water, then at least bottled table water.

So, how to brew green tea milk oolong tea? Заварник нужно обдать горячей водой до засыпания заварки. Затем залить насыпанный объем заварки нагретой до требуемой температуры водой.

На 500 мл воды берется 8-9 г сухой заварки. Через пару-тройку секунд воду из заварника нужно слить, оставив внутри распаренную заварку. Эта процедура помогает «разбудить» чай, очистить его от ненужных примесей и пылинок.

After that, you can proceed to the main brewing of tea. You need to pour water into the teapot and wait a minute.

Then the drink can be poured into cups and begin to drink it.

Brewing milk oolong from one portion of the infusion is allowed up to 8 times. The main thing is not to forget to control the temperature of the heated water and gradually increase the brewing time, adding half a minute each time.

It is advisable to drink milk oolong in the morning, but not before bedtime, as this drink invigorates and gives strength.

Interesting to know

  1. The homeland of green tea is called China. They prefer to drink tea from low cups, and then inhale the aroma from high,
  2. In Japan, guests drink green tea from one cup, but the first cup is offered to the main guest,
  3. In England, it is customary to offer guests several varieties of tea to choose from,
  4. Leaves of green and black tea are collected from one plant - Chinese camellia. Green tea retains its color due to the fact that it is not subjected to fermentation,
  5. The product can be sheet, tiled and powder. Large leaf green tea is of higher quality,
  6. To avoid unpleasant odors, keep the dry tea leaves in sealed packaging. When falling asleep in a teapot, it is undesirable to touch it with your hands, it is better to use a dry spoon,
  7. Green tea is actively used in cosmetology and in perfumery.

Having once tasted the taste and aroma of green tea, it is impossible to abandon it in the future. Only after tasting several varieties of tea, you can find your favorite taste. Compliance with certain brewing rules will allow you to enjoy this drink daily and get benefits from it.