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How to show kindness spontaneously


Spontaneous manifestations of kindness are when we try to brighten up another person’s day by doing something thoughtful, good, and caring. Kindness is a way to show others that, even in the midst of the hostility and selfishness of this world, there is a place for kindness.

Initially, the idea of ​​spontaneous manifestations of kindness belongs to Anna Herbert, who is said to have written in a restaurant on a table napkin, "Practice spontaneous manifestations of kindness and beautiful actions without any sense."

Soon, this concept spread throughout the world, calling for various actions in the name of kindness. And you can not wait for someone who will initiate the manifestation of kindness, but start practicing good deeds right now, at any time and in any form, even gaming.

By doing good deeds for others, you help create a community of people who know about the kindness of people who consider the nobility of spirit, action, and kindness to others to be a major part of a healthy community. Here are some suggestions for spontaneous manifestations of kindness that will help other people get inspired by your actions.

  1. Be kind to others. A feeling of kindness is contagious. When you are ready to share your kindness, others will be inspired by your example and will think what they themselves can do. Maintain this fire with your kindness.

Be careful and caring.. Manifestations of kindness need to reflect on the needs and needs of others. Try to set an example for others.

- Pass someone in front of you. If you got to the line at the grocery store at the same time as another person, smile and skip ahead.
- When you are stuck in a traffic jam and another car wants to wedge in front of you, which you absolutely do not want to miss, remember that someone also missed you and return your gratitude to the next person.

Use your good manners as a form of kindness. Good manners have not died, many of them are simply forgotten. Yet manners are the basis of courteous and good relations, and their use is a sign of respect for others.

- Open doors to other people.
- Hold the umbrella over someone in the rain, and come on time to the agreed meeting.
- Always say “thank you” when someone has done something for you, be thankful and let this know

Compliment generously. An awkward silence hangs in the air when you are riding in an elevator or standing in line at a store. Therefore, instead of standing, staring at the floor, find something that you like in the neighbor in line, and sincerely give him a compliment. A person will not only be pleased, but it can be an impetus to a conversation with a possible new friend.

- Surprise your neighbor by telling him or her how good he or she looks today.
- Tell your assistant how smart he or she is and do it sincerely. Praise any subordinate who is left to finish the report until late or has done something extra at work. Notice such things.
- Praise your child for his skills and correct views. Do it for something different from school lessons and homework.
- Write a handwritten note to a friend or family member telling them how you love and worry about them.

Think of people that matter to your surroundings and thank them.

- Send your child’s old toys and books to your local kindergarten. Say thanks to the educators and teachers who do so much for young children.
- Drop by a neighbor with a freshly baked pie. Your neighbors are an important part of your community, and they matter only because they are nearby. Recognize their importance and role in your life.

Try yourself as a volunteer. Give a helping hand. Have you ever seen the homeless and upset about not being able to change anything? Even if you cannot save them all, you can change a lot with one small action.

- Buy a pair of gloves or take an old blanket out of the closet and give it to someone who lives on a cold street or to any organization that helps the disadvantaged.

Keep clean, even if no one asks you about it.

- If you see on the street that someone has thrown out the garbage, do not just shake your head in disapproval and turn away in the other direction, but pick up and throw this garbage away.
- You can even take a cellophane bag for a walk and remove the excess on the street that does not please your eye. And this will be your spontaneous manifestation of kindness for people who will follow the same route.

Wrap with the kindness of work colleagues.

- Complete the workload of a colleague to release him early on the child’s birthday.
- Bring freshly baked cakes or muffins to work and share them with your colleagues.

Spend a little of your wealth on others - pay for the coffee of the next table. Why not surprise someone by paying for what they were about to pay? Here are some fun suggestions:

- Pay for coffee and cake for the next table in the cafe.
- Pay for movie tickets for those who are standing in line for you.
- Pay for the entrance to the zoo for children and their parents waiting to enter the zoo.

--> --> Give your household some rest. There are many good things you can do for your loved ones. Some of them may be that you give them a break from the chores of the housework and, for a change, do something else and enjoyable.

- Serve breakfast in bed.
- Wash their car.
- Weed in the garden while everyone is at work.
- Promise to wash the dishes for a week!
- Print photos of your family members and write why they are so important to you.

  • Don't expect anything. The greatest good deeds are those that are done of good will and from the heart, because you care about another person and want him to be happy, and you do not expect anything in return.

  • Let's run boomerang of kindness! Kindness is such a thing that has its own rewards, and it can strengthen your sense of happiness and well-being. What more could you want?