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Hello everyone, dear friends! I am sincerely glad that you again visited our blog - a storehouse of useful information about a healthy lifestyle! ?

In the subconscious of most people, an understanding has formed that delicious food must be harmful.

I hasten to dispel the myth - this statement has no reason to be correct. Low-calorie food is not a standard of lack of taste and uniformity. Do not believe?

Today we will learn not only how to cook healthy food, but also get acquainted with relevant gastronomic tricks. Each visitor to our blog will surely find a technique with which you can delight yourself with delicious, but low-calorie dishes. Go. ?

Basic rules for preparing a healthy meal

Changing or diversifying your diet is easy - just cook aromatic food from healthy foods. After the meal, your attitude to healthy food will radically change.

So, initially I propose to create a suitable "atmosphere" in the kitchen, but for this you will need to follow a small set of simple rules:

  • To prepare healthy dishes, we need healthy products, a list of which you can find here.
  • Take care of the cleanliness of your kitchen in advance - utensils and cutlery must be sterile.
  • You need to forget about adding various seasonings and flavor enhancers to dishes.
  • The less our food was processed, the more useful substances and trace elements were preserved in its structural composition.
  • Try to cook in a great mood - then the food will be even more delicious. ?
  • Use modern technology for cooking, expanding your “culinary” horizons.

The rules are very simple and do not require special training. Really right?

Now, almost every kitchen already has various consumer electronics for cooking, and you need to always monitor cleanliness - this is the key to the absence of pathogenic bacteria in the house.

Reliable "helpers" of any housewife: "Friends, the kitchen will become irreplaceable for us - a microwave, a blender, a slow cooker, a juicer, an air grill, a yogurt maker, a double boiler, a dryer for vegetables and fruits."

Cooking healthy food: 10 options to make a delicious dish of healthy foods

Now we can move on to the main part of the article, starting our introduction to the basic ways of preparing healthy food.

Especially for Start-health visitors, I have prepared the most complete list of techniques, thanks to which we will make not only healthy, but also delicious dishes:

  • Roasting - An actual way of cooking for busy housewives who can “send” necessary food to the oven and forget about them for a certain time. We cook without oil, but at the same time we get juicy and aromatic food.
  • Blanching - put fresh vegetables in boiling water for 1.5–2 minutes, and then transfer the products to a pre-prepared “water bath”. Food is cooled in the container, only useful substances and microelements remain in it.
  • "Water bath" - An innovative way of cooking, or rather its final stage, especially common in high-end restaurants. We fill the deep container half with ice, add a little filtered water to it and at the right moment we lower the products there from the hot pan to stop the cooking process. Due to a sharp change in temperature in the structural composition of food, enzymes are destroyed and pathogens are destroyed.
  • On open fire - A traditional cooking method that does not use refined oil. In 10 minutes we can enjoy meat, fish or vegetables that are not carcinogenic and safe for health.
  • Air grill - A modern method of cooking through the circulation of hot air around products. During the operation of the equipment, food loses fat flowing into a special compartment of the device, and all useful substances remain in the food. Cool stuff, by the way. We want to get one. ?
  • Quenching - A great alternative to junk food. Before lowering the products into a deep container with a small amount of water, we first fry them in a hot pan until a golden crust appears. We do not use oils, but we get no less appetizing and tasty dishes.
  • Boiling - The most common cooking option, often used in many diet programs. Pouring water into a saucepan and putting food in a boiled liquid is simple, convenient, healthy and tasty.
  • Wrap - An actual technique to prepare juicy and fragrant dishes. By wrapping food in foil or special parchment, we create a vacuum effect, so the food combines two cooking methods - steaming and an open fire.
  • Steam cooking - One of the most useful methods that allow you to indulge in a delicious meal, which retains all the useful trace elements. To prepare such dishes, we need a double boiler or a deep frying pan with an airtight lid and a small hole on the surface for circulation of air flows.
  • Drying - The most relevant way to prevent disruptions to junk food outside the home. Just pre-dry fresh fruits or vegetables, getting a great alternative to snacks in Bistro-style establishments.

We have just decided on the methods of cooking. Friends, do not worry, expensive equipment for creating gastronomic masterpieces is an optional accessory. Delicious homemade food can be made knowing the intricacies of the culinary process.

Exclusion of cooking methods that are harmful to health: “Marinating, drying, souring, pickling, and frying are cooking methods that involve the addition of either refined oils or a large amount of salt, so I do not“ include them ”in our list. We consider only healthy methods. ”

How to make healthy food tasty: gastronomic tricks

Friends, now I am in a hurry to share with you simple, but relevant “tricks” that will help make our healthy dishes tasty without adding harmful ingredients:

  • Instead of flavor enhancers, use spicy foods (parmesan, chili sauce, sesame seeds).
  • To make the nuts more flavorful, they need to be cooked in a shallow container (in a pan), without adding oil, but using herbs, a little salt and pepper.
  • Chopped, ground tofu is a great alternative to any sauce (mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup).
  • Many people are “addicted” to baking and flour products - this is a “disease” of the 21st century. I advise you to replace 1/3 of butter with applesauce during cooking, reducing the level of harmful trace elements in dishes and preventing the appearance of an extra centimeter at the waist.
  • In order to completely abandon refined oil, use non-stick cookware for cooking.
  • There are a lot of useful substances in nuts, but also there is a sufficient amount of vegetable fats in them, so it is often not recommended to use them. Fry oatmeal in a pan without adding oil and get the perfect substitute for your favorite “snack”.
  • To diversify your cooking, bake oatmeal and cornmeal breading until golden brown.
  • By adding a little zest of citrus fruits to your food, you can make it more satisfying by changing the taste of the whole dish.

With the help of such gastronomic tips, we can translate various recipes in the kitchen using exclusively healthy food. Remember
which can always be found for junk food low-calorie, but tasty counterpart. ?

Useful advice from Start-health: “We have already said enough about the dangers of refined oils, so I’ll just offer a great alternative to them so that the food is not tasteless - soy sauce, crushed tofu, tomato paste or lemon juice. It should be noted that all ingredients must be home-made. You can find out more about replacing a food hazardous to health with useful analogues by looking to this article».

I hope that you were amazed at the scale of preparing healthy food at home. Delicious dishes are, first of all, the result of the efforts and labors of a person, and not the “fruit” of food additives. The main thing is to allocate enough time for cooking and not be afraid to create something new.

I am sure that the fair sex, periodically visiting our blog, has accumulated a lot of no less interesting and useful tips for cooking healthy food.

Do not forget to share them in the comments, dear girls. ? I am sure that many men will also use the information you provide with pleasure.

What is a healthy diet?

With the help of a healthy diet, we ensure the growth and normal development of the body, contribute to its strengthening and prevent various diseases. Ideal nutrition is a person’s diet that takes into account the characteristics of his body, lifestyle, type of activity. Proper nutrition is becoming an indispensable weapon in the fight against metabolic diseases. Combining it with exercise, we reduce the risk of chronic diseases and physical disorders.

12 tips for cooking healthy foods at home:

1 . In the peel of vegetables and immediately below it is the largest number of vitamins, trace elements and other beneficial substances. Therefore, it is advisable to cook vegetables without peeling them, of course, if possible. At the same time, they must be thoroughly washed under running water with a brush. Vegetables that are eaten raw can be doused with boiling water. If you still need to peel vegetables, then try to remove the peel as thinly as possible. Vegetable broths, medicinal decoctions are prepared from the peel.

2. Use aromatic herbs, spicy seasonings, pepper instead of salt. Limiting salty foods will help not to stay in the body of excess fluid.

3. Cook dishes on vegetable or chicken broths, this will make them less high-calorie. You can cook on a secondary broth, draining the first.

4. Try to do without the addition of heavy animal fats in cooking. If necessary, it is possible to replace them with vegetable oils. Try not to abuse saturated animal fats and in food.

5. To prepare a more saturated and aromatic broth, try to use fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than canned ones, there are more useful substances in them.

6. When choosing meat and fish, give preference to fresh fish and lean meat. In the skin of poultry and fish are harmful substances that are poorly digested by the stomach and stored in unnecessary fats. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the skin before cooking, this can significantly reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

7. To make it easier to remove excess fat from the broth, refrigerate it in the refrigerator. Frozen fat is easily removed with a spoon.

8. When preparing dairy dishes, try to use milk with a low percentage of fat, or completely low-fat dairy products.

9. For thicker and more rich soups, you can add rice, vegetable puree, beans, peas, lentils to the broth. The same applies to sauces, cream soups, mashed soups.

10. A good substitute for sour cream added to dishes is natural yogurt. The caloric content of food after such a replacement will decrease markedly.

11. See the amount of sugar, salt, various preservatives and oils on the labels of processed foods and finished products.

12. The best way to cook is to cook without frying. Now there are a lot of kitchen appliances that help to cook healthy food for a couple and on non-stick coatings without oil (dry frying). When cooking in deep fat, it is necessary to change the oil after each frying, this will help to avoid a large number of harmful carcinogens in food.

Just following most of these tips will help make a big difference in your lifestyle.

In the bottom section: 12 tips for cooking healthy food at home, at home.

The main rules of cooking

There are many healthy ways to cook, and modern kitchen appliances make cooking completely simple, while maintaining the value of the products. Before talking about cooking methods, first we’ll clarify what the basic concepts of healthy cooking include:

  • The first rule is that cooking can only be healthy when what you are going to cook from is healthy in itself. Food should be easily digestible and enriched with vital energy. Products must be fresh. Remember that 3-4 hours after cooking, any food loses its energy and is not able to benefit a person.
  • The second important rule is it's the cleanliness of the kitchen and utensils. If you cook in mud, then the food will acquire harmful negative properties and even healthy foods will not bring any benefit to those who eat them.
  • The mood in cooking should be good.. Feel as though it is not you cooking the food, but the pure energy that is passing through you. Think only of the good during this magical process. When preparing for someone, think about the well-being of this person and mentally wish him happiness. Energy is extremely important. The taste of your dish by 50% will depend on it.

Cooking methods

There are many of them all cooking methods, of which there are many - boiling in water, steaming, stewing, frying, baking, drying, drying, pickling, salting, pickling, etc. - the most useful are boiling in water and steam, stewing, baking , drying, pickling. Other cooking methods have their drawbacks. For example, when frying, you have to use a lot of oil, as a result of which the favorite crisp crust forms on the product, but it is it that makes the dish harmful. When salting and pickling, a large amount of salt is used, enough of which has been written about the dangers. Fruits and berries are best stored in the freezer, as making jam requires a lot of sugar, which also does not benefit our body.

Consider the most useful ways of cooking:

Cooking on an open fire

You do not need to use oil for this. This method is perfect for frying cutlets, thin slices of pork or fish, all that has time to quickly fry. For dressing, you can use soy sauce or rice vinegar. The advantage of this method is the quick preparation and the ability to get tasty and low-fat food.

A cooking method using hot air that circulates around products placed on a wire rack. with this cooking method, food preserves vitamins and nutrients, and, importantly, does not burn. The food is non-greasy because all the fat secreted by the products flows into a special aerogrill section. When using an air grill, it is important not to overexpose the food - the darker the food, the more harmful it is. Most of all, air grills are suitable for frying fatty meat and juicy vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes).


This is probably the healthiest way to cook. When steaming, products retain their nutritional value, vitamins and trace elements. This method does not require fat at all. During cooking, hot steam covers all the ingredients. This technique is ideal for cooking fish, mushrooms, vegetables, minced meat, rice, puddings, soufflé, seafood, eggs, potatoes. Steamed food is recommended for use by people with diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular system, as well as those who want to lose weight. This food is also recommended for children, pregnant women and the elderly.

The advantage of the double boiler is also that the food in it does not dry out and does not burn. It can be used to warm up or defrost dishes.

However, not all product categories are suitable for cooking in a double boiler. For example, large pieces of meat or pasta that need to be boiled in water are not suitable for this technique.

The minus of the double boiler is that not everyone likes the taste of such food. Dishes are not so tasty, but rather lean to taste. To improve the taste of a dish, you can pour it with soy sauce or lemon juice, as well as use aromatic greens.

One of the main culinary processes. Especially useful is the method of cooking food in boiling water. Food becomes unusually tender, nourishes the water with its aroma and taste.

A method that combines steaming and baking. A good way to cook chicken or fish. To do this, wrap the products in foil and put in the oven to bake.

To make a truly natural juice, use a juicer. Свежевыжатые соки содержат множество полезный веществ и витаминов, они также отличаются высокой концентрацией биологически активных веществ, которые быстро усваиваются организмом и начинают активно участвуют в процессе обмена веществ.