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Children's birthday


I want to share the scenario of the birthday of my daughter Angelica. July 20, 2005, my daughter turned 10 years old.

At the festival were invited children - of different interests and unfamiliar among themselves - aged 10-12 years. Now at this age, if the children are already adults, if the teenagers are still very young. My task was to find a holiday scenario that would be interesting for both the first and second categories of children. So that the holiday will be remembered for a long time, first of all, to my daughter and, of course, to her friends. Using materials of entertaining leisure time for children and scenarios of children's matinees, I decided to generalize them and come up with my own. The scenario is very simple, it does not take a lot of time in preliminary preparation, it does not require special material costs. The hosts of this event were me - (mom) and my daughter Angelica.

Preparation for the holiday

  1. Be sure to decorate the room. It can be balloons, Christmas tree garland (electric), on the wall with large numbers indicate "10" (can be made of foil or Christmas tree "rain-hedgehog")
  2. Cardboard cards with the names of guests.
  3. Badges. They can be made of colored paper or cardboard. They are handed to the players for the correct answers.
  4. Prizes, such as school supplies, which will be awarded at the end of the evening when counting the number of tokens.
  5. Cards with letters for the competition "Tricks of the brownie".
  6. For a comic lottery: candle, calendar, felt-tip pen, chocolate, cream, handkerchief, comb, mug (or tea bag).
  7. Greetings card for "Comic Greetings" and small leaflets with adverbs: boldly, quickly, neatly, slowly, loudly, cheerfully, cheerfully, skillfully, beautifully, quietly.
  8. For "Self Portrait", prepare sheets of paper and simple pencils according to the number of participants.
  9. To prepare tasks-notes for playing forfeits.
  • don’t start the holiday with difficult contests; for starters, take the simplest ones,
  • rehearse each number (game, draw, tricks),
  • take the role of the leader very seriously: connect numbers with each other with some kind of tales, tricks,
  • if you are not hoping for your memory, it is better to have at hand a printout of your holiday (from the words of the presenter to the tasks-questions).

Holiday script

Presenter - mom:

“Every person has a reason to at least once a year to bring together friends and relatives, those who are always happy to see, on his personal holiday - Birthday. Today is Angelica’s birthday. Today she turns 10 years old. This is the first round date in your life. This is the first date of years, consisting of two digits. 10 years! Infancy and early childhood have passed. Ahead is childhood, but already "adult", life is ahead, and I want to say:

I wish you in ten years
Living fun, bright, without troubles.
Useful gifts, surprises,
Less grudges and vagaries!
Let everything be fine at school:
Nice, clear and cool!
I wish you a fervent laugh
More luck and success! "

All guests congratulate the birthday girl, get to know each other and sit down at the table. To prevent confusion at the table, my daughter and I prepared cards with the names of the invited children, put the cards on the table. At the spread of each card, they explained what the name means, and wrote a comic poem with him. For example:

Hope: "hope" is a Russian name.
Sveti always dawn gentle
Over the world, clever Nadezhda!
Gayane: "earthly" - an ancient Greek name.
You are like a star in the night window
O stranger Gayana!
Victoria: "victory" is a Latin name.
Vicki has her own approach to clothes,
Since Vika is a trendsetter.

After absorbing salads and hot dishes, the host again takes the floor.

Presenter - mom:

"I draw your attention to the content of the inscription in the middle of the cards. Let's read it one by one." Each of the guests reads comic poems and a name designation about himself. Thus, if children meet each other for the first time, another opportunity to remember names.

Presenter - Angelica:

"And now we are starting our holiday program. I invite you to participate actively in it. Because for each correct answer, my assistant (this is mom or younger sister) gives a token. At the end of our evening, points will be calculated and prizes will be awarded according to their number So, the mystery contest.

Both adults and children like to solve riddles. Thanks to riddles, a person thinks about new, previously unnoticed properties of an object, learns to find the correct answer. To make it easier to answer, I divided the puzzles into groups: about nature, about man, about home and household utensils.

About nature:

  1. He lives in the forest, grins like a robber, people are afraid of him, but he is afraid of people. (Owl)
  2. There is water all around, and drinking is a disaster. (Sea)
  3. It’s not burning, but burning. (Nettle)
  4. Flies - a long nose, a thin voice, whoever kills him will shed human blood. (Mosquito)
  5. A blue shawl, a red kolobok rolls around a shawl, smiles at people. (Sky and sun)

About a human:

  1. Five brothers are equal for years, different in height. (Fingers)
  2. They go after their whole lives, but they cannot overtake each other. (Legs)
  3. Two Egorki live near the hill, live in harmony, but do not look at each other. (Eyes)
  4. What is the most expensive thing in the world? (Health)

About the house, household utensils:

  1. Knocks, spins, walks the whole century, and not a man. (Clock)
  2. A small dog curls up, does not bark, does not bite, and does not let into the house. (Castle)
  3. It hangs in the house, there is no language, but it will tell the truth. (Mirror)
For the correct first answer, a token is awarded.

Presenter - Angelica:

“Imagine if a brownie suddenly came and mixed up the words, we would stop understanding each other. This cannot be allowed! So, each of you needs to break the spell of the brownie and restore the words.”

Further competition "tricks of the brownie". Cards are dealt, each with one set of words. You need to lay out cards with letters so that the word turns out:
monk - cinema, kevi - eyelids, ointments - winter, riag - game, kera - river, role - eagle and so on. Those who correctly and quickly gathered words are awarded tokens.

Presenter - mom:

"You are probably tired of mental work. Let's play comic lottery. In one box are prizes, and folded notes with the names of prizes. Each of you comes up, takes a note, reads what prize he got, and takes it himself.

  1. Will have to live, learning grief,
    Do not forget about the days of the calendar. (prize - calendar)
  2. Do you understand the meaning of the gift?
    Life will be joyful and vibrant. (prize - felt-tip pens)
  3. And you won’t be bitter - it will be sweet
    Since you got a chocolate bar. (prize - chocolate)
  4. A big love awaits you
    And kisses all year round. (prize - handkerchief)
  5. You’ll be beautiful with your hair
    Captivating everyone with a thick, fluffy mane. (prize - comb)
  6. While the teacher takes the chips off you,
    Brew tea mug calmly. (prize - a mug or tea bag)
  7. To the one who receives this candle,
    Have to travel the world. (prize is a candle)
  8. Although this cream is inedible,
    But the smell is simply incomparable. (prize - cream)

Presenter - Angelica:

"I want to show you some fun and funny tricks. Focus "I - clairvoyant". I learned to read minds. I suggest you write your plan on pieces of paper (for example: drink a glass of juice, look at the ceiling, etc.), stick these sheets in an envelope and pass it to me. "

For the uninitiated, further looks like this. The magician takes the envelope, puts it on the table, covers it with his palm and says: "I am asked to look out the window. Was there such a request?" The magician at this time opens the envelope and does not read aloud the contents of the note. Someone replies: "Yes." The session continues. The magician takes the next envelope, etc. What is the secret? The magician at the beginning of the session asks his sister (mother, grandmother) to join the draw, having previously agreed with her about the contents of the note in the envelope, and it is also necessary that she somehow mark the envelope (for example, bent a corner). The magician will take this envelope last. And taking any envelope, he "reads the thoughts" not from the envelope that is in his hands, but from an agreed upon phrase written by his sister (mother, grandmother). When a magician seems to compare what is written with what he “read”, he actually remembers the contents of the note in order to “read” it while guessing over the next envelope.

Presenter - Angelica:

"Now I want to show you a small draw "at least three times". Who wants to attend? Here is a strip of paper for you. Bet you can't break it three times? "

The participant replies that he will cope with such a trifle and will now show how this is done. He really breaks the strip. Leading surprised raises his eyebrows and says: "But I said - with three."

Presenter - Angelica:

"The next competition is game "believe - do not believe". I ask the question, do you answer yes or no. Do you believe that:

  1. In Japan, do students write on a blackboard with a colored ink brush? (Yes)
  2. A fountain pen was invented in ancient Egypt? (Yes)
  3. In one Chinese circus two crocodiles taught to dance a waltz? (No)
  4. In winter, penguins fly north? (No, they can't fly)
  5. If you put flounder fish on a chessboard, will it become checkered? (Yes)
  6. Ballpoint pen used only by military pilots? (Yes)
  7. Can bats use radio signals? (No)
  8. Spiders feed on their own web? (Yes)
  9. In Africa, vitaminized pencils are produced for children who have a habit of chewing on anything. (Yes)
  10. Most turnips are grown in Russia? (No, in America)
  11. Can a rainbow be seen at midnight? (Yes)
  12. Eskimos dry capelin fish and eat instead of bread? (Yes)
  13. In some countries, firefly beetles are used as lights? (Yes)

For the first correct answers, tokens are awarded.

Presenter - mom:

"I suggest you play game "forfeits". A hat is passed on to the children, in which there are notes-fantasies (for example, telling a joke, dancing an oriental belly dance, singing the song "Let them run awkwardly.", Etc.)

Presenter - Angelica:

And now wisdom questions contest

  1. Which month is the shortest of all? (May - 3 letters)
  2. Can an ostrich call itself a bird? (no, can't speak)
  3. What can be prepared but not eaten? (lessons)
  4. Which hand on etiquette need to stir the tea? (tea is better with a spoon)
  5. What tree does the crow sit in after the rain? (wet)
  6. From what utensils you can’t eat anything? (from empty)
  7. What European capital stands on mowed grass? (Paris, on the Seine)
  8. What can you see with your eyes closed? (sleep)
  9. What key do not put in your pocket? (treble clef)
  10. Which state can be worn on the head? (Panama)
  11. What are we eating for? (at the table)
  12. What stones can not be found in the sea? (dry)
  13. Which word belongs to you, but is pronounced more often by others? (name)

For the first correct answers, tokens are awarded.

Presenter - mom:

"Guys, you are great: clever, resourceful, smart. And you have not forgotten who the holiday is dedicated to today? Of course, the birthday. Let's congratulate him. So, "comic congratulation". The birthday boy gets up, the guests are given a box with little notes, words (boldly, quickly, neatly, slowly, loudly, cheerfully, cheerfully, skillfully, beautifully, quietly). The presenter reads the text, and the children take turns taking notes, finish the sentences and paste the words in the card. The more ridiculous, the more fun. Then everyone puts their signatures. Sample text:

Dear Birthday Girl! Congratulations on your anniversary!
Wish you to
I got up in the morning.
I did exercises.
I had breakfast.
I went to school.
Answered in the lesson.
At the break, she behaved.
She was preparing her homework.
And she studied only well.

Next is a birthday cake with candles. The birthday boy makes a wish and blows out the candles. The birthday girl thanks all the guests and asks in memory to leave her self-portraits, and everyone should draw himself blindfolded, and then sign with his own name. It turned out very interesting and funny.

Then the number of tokens is calculated and prizes are awarded.

Next was a free program: dancing, funny stories, karaoke.

Everyone liked the holiday: both my daughter and her guests. Talk about an interesting holiday did not stop for several more days.

1. The birthday of the child. Children's birthday

The kid is looking forward to his birthday, asking you several times a day: "And soon? And when? And how much is left?" In order not to answer 100 times to the same question, the author of the site recommends that you make a waiting calendar so that every day the child can cut off by the number and see how many days are left before the holiday. Cake and circles with numbers are made of thick paper (cardboard).

The most amazing and magical thing on this calendar is that when all the circles are cut off and there is only one paper cake left from the calendar, then in the evening it suddenly magically materializes into a real cake, surprising a lot and delighting the birthday person (birthday girl) and everyone gathered.

As you may have guessed, no magic, in fact, unfortunately, no. You just need to draw a cake when making the calendar, which you can then bake yourself, buy or order. A detailed master class on making a calendar-waiting for a children's birthday, see the link.

2. Do it yourself on your birthday. Original birthday

If it is better for parents to make a calendar-expectation of a children's birthday themselves, in secret from the child, then the birthday party (s) should definitely participate in creating invitation cards for the holiday. In the invitation, be sure to indicate the date and time of the event, the place where the children's holiday will be held. You can make invitations yourself, or you can use ready-made options.

For example, here you will find a large number of colorful invitation cards. Choose the template you like, type your text directly in it, and then print it. Use the links below to download blank invitation templates. It will be necessary to fill them out by hand:

3. Children's holiday at home. Children party

To create a festive mood for yourself and young guests, you must definitely decorate the apartment for a children's birthday. Of course, when decorating a house for a children's holiday, you can not do without balloons. Great if you have the opportunity to inflate them with helium. By the way, on sale you can find cartridges with helium for inflating balloons.

Large balls made of corrugated paper also look very impressive.

Making such a ball is a snap. To do this, fold the corrugated paper with an accordion and fasten it in the middle with wire. Now you need to round the ends on both sides, and then straighten all the folds.

The stores sell very inexpensive Chinese lanterns. They will also help you create a festive atmosphere in your home.

To decorate the house for the holiday, you can make lanterns with your own hands with your child. How to make flashlights from paper and other materials read in our special article.

Creating a festive interior, do not forget about garlands. Garlands of corrugated paper, of pompons, paper chains, garlands of flags. how to make them read here.

An interesting idea is to make out of balls or other materials a figure corresponding to the number of years that a child turns.

You can originally decorate a room for a children's holiday using ordinary balloons. Balls can be easily turned into dinosaurs, fish or, for example, an octopus. The necessary details must be cut out of dense colored paper and glued to the balls with adhesive tape. Note: in the photo below the octopus's tentacles and sea waves are made of stripes of corrugated paper.

4. Children's holidays. Organization of children's parties

With the design of the premises for the children's party sorted out, now move on to entertainment. On our site there are many good articles on games and competitions for children's parties. You can find them at the links:

Choose the 2-3 games you like most and spend them on children's birthday. Make or buy the necessary equipment in advance for holding games at a children's party.

In this article we want to offer you some more win-win entertainment options for children's parties.

5. Birthday games. Kids birthday contests

On children's birthdays, draws of small gifts for guests are very popular. Everyone knows the classic version of the prize draw such. Wrapped in beautiful paper, prizes are hung on cords, and blindfolded kids cut them off in turn. Who cut what kind of bundle, he got such a prize. The number of prizes must be greater than the participants of the drawing, so that the latest also has plenty to choose from.

The site describes in detail how to make lottery tickets for children's parties. Play them among the guests. Kids will love to erase the protective layer on lottery tickets and find out what prizes they won.

Another great idea how to draw small prizes and souvenirs among children who came to your child for a holiday is to make a surprise ball for each guest. To make it more interesting, it is better to hide balls with gifts in different places of the apartment.

It’s not difficult to make a ball with a surprise, it’s more difficult to find a useful “stuffing” for it. "Filling" can be any small interesting gizmos, toys, quality sweets, for example: children's jewelry, watches, hairpins, small cars or dolls, stickers, shells, beautiful pebbles, balloons, a pocket mirror, a notebook, magnets, animal figures, cookies , sweets and much, much more. Для изготовления одного шара будет достаточно подготовить 3-4 вещицы.

Заготовленные заранее сюрпризы надо будет обмотать лентами гофрированной бумаги, чтобы в конечном итоге получился кокон в форме шара с запрятанными подарками внутри. Самую ценную вещь лучше положить в центр шара. The process of making a ball with a surprise resembles an episode from the movie "Brillint's Hand", in which smugglers hid jewelry in a cast.

A finished ball can be decorated if desired.

6. Games on the birthday of the child. Games contests for birthday

Be sure to include several tricks in the entertainment program. After all, all children just love magic tricks! Now in stores you can find many interesting sets for magic tricks. You can show tricks yourself, or maybe a child, if you are well trained in advance.

We have a wonderful section on our site with scientific experiments for preschool children. In it you will find entertaining experiences that can be shown to children at their birthday or any other children's holiday.

Most popular

  • Logical and entertaining tasks (300 tasks) - 3.4 million.
  • What to do if the child does not want to go to kindergarten - Yulia Vasilkina - 365.1 thousand
  • The development of fine motor skills in children - 339.5 thousand
  • Early onset of sexual activity. Premarital communications - 339.2 thousand
  • The first year of the baby’s life. 52 most important weeks for child development - Elena Sosoreva - 313.1 thousand
  • Rhesus conflict during pregnancy - 263.3 thousand
  • We develop fine motor skills in kids - Irina Ermakova - 183.5 thousand
  • If the baby cries for no reason - Alevtina Lugovskaya - 176.7 thousand
  • That the child was not difficult - Tatyana Shishova - 142.7 thousand
  • The child is one year old: to shave or not to shave? - 139.5 thousand

Now in the section:

Total Records: 1412

7. Holding children's parties. Children's birthday party

Do not forget to arrange a photo shoot for the birthday person (s) and guests.

You can pre-equip a special place, scenery for these purposes. Buy or search at home for any costumes, accessories so that you can dress up for filming. This will be especially interesting for little girls who like to dress up as princesses.

An interesting and unusual idea is to make special accessories for a photo shoot on sticks.

See how you can experiment with them.

Download cool accessories for a photo shoot at the links:

Pinata "Donkey" master class.

Pinata is a great entertainment for children on holiday. Roughly speaking, pinata is a box in the form of an object or animal, pasted over with a fringe of corrugated paper. Sweets and surprises are hidden inside the piñata. Children take turns kicking a pinyata with a stick. As a result, the box falls apart and surprises fall out.

Usually the finished pinata is hung somewhere high, for example on a tree. But if there is nothing suitable nearby, you can hang a pinata on a rope and ask two adults to hold the ends of the rope.

To make a pinata, you will need:

- large cardboard box
- scissors
- box cutting knife
- pencil
- ruler
- wide adhesive tape
- corrugated paper
- liquid glue

A detailed master class on making a donkey "Donkey" do it yourself, see the photo.

You can make a pinata in the form of a figure corresponding to the age of the birthday child.

Or in the form of a watermelon slice, for example.

A great idea is to make pinyata using the papier-mâché technique.

8. Children's birthday at home. Celebrate children's birthday

The children's holiday is coming to an end, it is time for young guests to go home. To make this inevitable part of the children's party not so sad, prepare small gifts for the children that they can take with them.

Well, if it is not banal sweets or cheap Chinese toys, but something unusual and necessary. A useful list of interesting and inexpensive things that you can give to children, you can find on the website

Not only the gift itself is important, but also the gift wrapping. You will find a large selection of boxes for every taste on our website at the link. All boxes are accompanied by ready-made schemes. You just need to choose the packaging you like, print its template on thick paper or cardboard and glue it according to the instructions. In the box with a gift you can put a small home-made card with words of gratitude for attending a children's holiday.

On you will find some more fun gift boxes.

A wonderful gift option for a children's holiday is handmade painted gingerbread from the company VkusNyashka ( Tasty, fragrant, completely natural and very beautiful - what children need! Each gingerbread in individual packaging, it is very convenient. They are made according to an old recipe. Gingerbread includes burnt sugar, honey is not used. No margarine and artificial additives! Low moisture and fat content and a large number of natural spices contribute to the long shelf life of gingerbread cookies. You can choose your favorite gingerbread from the catalog, or place an individual order. Experienced craftsmen from VkusNyashki realize any of your ideas.

We shared with you useful ideas on organizing and conducting children's parties, children's birthdays. In our article “Children's birthday menu”, you will find tips on how to design a children's table, what menu to make for a children's holiday.

How to complete a birthday

The children's holiday is coming to an end, it is time for young guests to go home ... To make this inevitable part of the children's party not so sad, prepare for the children small gifts that they can take with them.

Well, if it is not banal sweets or cheap Chinese toys, but something unusual and necessary.

Not only the gift itself is important, but also the gift wrapping. In the box with a gift you can put a small home-made card with words of gratitude for attending a children's holiday.

Children's birthday menu

Canapes are very popular among children. You will need sticks for canapes or wooden skewers for kebabs. And what to string on them: fresh and pickled cucumbers, avocado, sweet bell pepper of different colors, raw and boiled carrots, cheese, processed cheese in plates, boiled and peeled quail eggs, meat, chicken, sausage, olives, olives, apples , oranges, cherry tomatoes, grapes, etc.

And here is an example of fruit and berry “kebabs” on skewers.

You can serve ready-made canapes to the table, or you can invite children to make themselves canapes from prepared products in advance.

Mini-sandwiches with ham, herring oil, chicken liver pate and cheese sauce will complement the table. You can put the filling not on bread, but on tartlets. Do not forget also about pita rolls and eggplant, stuffed eggs and tomatoes.

For hot, we recommend you prepare portioned mini pizzas. There are few children who do not like this dish.

If the children are already old enough and the possibilities of your kitchen allow you to do culinary experiments, then you can offer them to cook pizzas for themselves. Children receive the finished basics from the dough and fill them with the selected ingredients to their taste. Pizzas are baked and everyone gets the result of their culinary research.

Another win-win option is assorted pasta. Most children love them very much. And to make the dish more festive, buy pasta of different shapes and colors, cook them (separately from each other) and arrange them nicely on plates. You can also serve various dressings - tomato sauce, grated cheese, chopped boiled meat for “pirate pasta”.

Sweet table for children's birthday

Of course, not a single children's birthday is complete without a cake. The cake can be homemade or purchased, at your discretion. We recommend that you serve the cake on a special dish with a leg. Cakes, pastries and fruits located on such dishes look very festive and solemn. A dish with a leg can be bought in a store, or you can make it yourself. To do this, you will need plates of different diameters, as well as candlesticks or wine glasses. Glue them together using a glue gun. The finished design, if desired, can be painted with spray paint from a spray can.

We advise you to include in the menu two sweet dishes, very beloved by children: jelly and ice cream. Make jelly in portioned cups or saucers. For its manufacture, it is better to use natural dyes, for example, berry juice. You can make jelly multilayer, multi-colored, milky or mint.

An interesting idea is to organize an ice cream factory. It sounds grandiose, enjoys constant success, and it is very simple to carry it out. It is necessary to prepare ice cream (the simplest is better, but tasty - ice cream). And prepare fillers for it: ground nuts, candied fruit, sliced ​​fresh or canned fruits, berries, waffles and cookies, chocolate, coconut, syrups and preserves. It is important not to forget the beautiful cups (or bowls) and special spoons for the formation of balls of ice cream.

Children's birthday drinks

As for drinks, we advise you to place home-made compote of dried fruits or berries, homemade lemonade or milk-fruit and berry cocktail on the table instead of purchased juices and sweet soda. Any drinks are better to pour in advance on individual glasses or bottles.

Material prepared by: Anna Ponomarenko