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Removable Ball Ring (Captive Bead Ring (CBR) or Ball Closure Ring (BCR))


Insert the ball back into the ring. Thread the ring into the piercing. First of all, it is worth taking care of the earring. Ring with a ball clasp: It looks like a ring without a clasp, only with a ball in the middle, which acts as a clasp.

I advise in the cabin! Try to do as I - insert the very tip into the nose, to the place where it begins to bend. And put your finger in your nose with a pillow to the inner puncture site and try to feel this stuck tip of the earring, pressing the earring outside. That is, the earring passes through the hole directly behind the needle and finally leaves from that side.

Gave a gold earring. Now I wait until the nose heals. Inside, nothing is in the way, unless of course you will not pinch your nose with your hands. The most popular places for puncture are ears, lips, eyebrows and nostrils, and often piercing is done at home, without first familiarizing yourself with the materiel.

After these manipulations, wrap the nostril so that the clasp of the earring is located as distant from the edge of the nose and does not bring you discomfort in the future.

How to extract an earring

Carefully insert the jewelry into the punctured nostril, bring it to the desired position and again thoroughly disinfect the freshly made piercing with “Chlorhexidine” or “Miramistin”.

Putting a ring into a nose piercing requires careful maneuvers, but after some training you will need to get used to this process. A ball or bead in a closed ring is held in place only by pressure. Do not stretch the ring too much to the sides, as this will make it difficult to connect the ends back. In this case, you can open / close the closed ring with pliers.

How to put in an earring

Rotate the ring as long as it will fit into your nose piercing. If the edges of the ring are too far apart, you may find it difficult to close them.

Pull one end of the ring into the hole in the nose piercing. Gradually pull the ring through the piercing, until the middle of the jewelry, so that the place for the ball is directly under the piercing.

After a convenient and safe fastening of the ball, the nose ring will be considered correctly dressed. Pull clockwise with your right hand and counterclockwise with your left hand so that the ends separate in different directions. Do not stretch the ring more than necessary, since it will then be difficult to return to its original position.

After this step, the nose ring is considered securely fastened. Opening the latch to the side. Hold this part with the thumb and forefinger of one hand while holding the bottom of the ring with your other hand. Gently pull the moving part to one side until it pops out.

By moving it to the side, you ease the pressure, freeing this part from the teeth and making it easier to slip. Pressing the movable part to the side causes the ring to open slightly, thereby reducing pressure on the movable portion of the ring.

Earrings with a hook: the secrets of easy dressing

Pass the ring through the piercing. Press on the edge of the movable part of the ring, while gently turning the other end of the ring to the side. Otherwise, you cannot pin a single segment to the end or evenly. Turn the ring to the side, thereby widening the gap. After the segment is firmly fixed in place, the ring will hold firmly in the piercing, and you can safely wear the jewelry.

We pierce a hole for an earring

Leave the first earring in place for the first eight weeks after the puncture. Then you can remove the earring, but complete healing will take 12 to 24 weeks. You should not wear a hoop / nose ring until the puncture has completely healed. In the case of most new punctures, you need to wait a sufficient amount of time for the wound to heal completely before changing the decoration. Also, an early change of jewelry can lead to serious consequences in the form of infection.

For more information, check out our other article on the measures you need to take if an infection gets into the piercing. The procedure is carried out only with gloves. Clean hands are an important part when removing earrings from piercings.

Depending on the earring, the fastener mechanism may vary. To open the earring, simply pull both ends of the ring in different directions. To remove such an earring from the nose, gently press on the inside of the earring in your nose, pushing it outward.

Depending on your jewelry, you may need to make two or three full turns to completely remove the earring. Use any lubricant to prevent the earring from getting stuck in the nose while removing it. Straight studs: short or long studs with a ball or other stoppers at the end. The base can be either straight or twisted.

Due to the integrity of the base and stopper, these earrings are probably the most difficult to pull and remove. Some types of earrings will be more convenient to remove if one finger is inside the nose to extract the inside of the jewelry. Do not be shy about this, from the outside it may seem that you are picking your nose, but if you do this alone, you will save yourself from unnecessary discomfort. Do not worry if there is a little blood left on the earring, this happens especially often when the earring is removed for the first time after the piercing.

After removing the earring, put it in a safe place so as not to lose. This will help kill the bacteria around the piercing and reduce the risk of infection. Use saline to handle the earrings. After removing the earring, you will have two tasks: processing the newly extracted earring and the earring with which you are going to replace the previous one.

Gently push the edge of the earring into the piercing. Separate the ring so hard that part of your nose with piercing passes into the resulting gap. Go to the salon. Pre-ask your friends about the master who is involved in this.

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One of the most popular types of jewelry for piercing is a ring with a removable ball, also called a compression ring. (Closure Ring) or exciting ring (Captive ring). Such a ring holds the ball or other object by means of elastic force, for which a through hole is drilled in the ball or recesses are made into which the ends are inserted. The ball can be made of the same material as the ring, or of any other, the market offers thousands of varieties of balls and other details of various colors, shapes and sizes. Small balls can be safely changed during the healing of a puncture.

Qualitatively the manufactured ring has a circle shape, a smooth surface and convex, smoothed ends in order to be conveniently inserted, the material must be elastic enough to hold the ball securely. The ends should look even and smooth, you should not feel as if you made a ring of thick wire and then tried to “polish” it with a file in your garage.

To remove the ball, take the ring on one side with the thumb and forefinger of one hand (put your fingers at 3:00 or 9:00, the ball should be at 12:00), and hold the ball with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Pull the ball in the opposite direction from the ring.

To insert a ball, hold the jewelry as described above. Make sure your fingers do not block the ends or cavities on the ball. Insert one end of the ring into the cavity on the ball. As a rule, this is best done by touch. Pull the ring slightly in the direction opposite to the ball, while lowering the ball so that the second cavity approaches the free end. The ball should firmly stand between the ends (often at this moment there is a characteristic click, but it may not be) to check if the ball is firmly fixed, try scrolling it along the axis - if it does not fly out, it means that you did everything right.

To remove the jewelry from the puncture without damaging the fabric, it is necessary to widen the ends wider - in this case it would be better to bend the ring a little. To avoid deformation, the ends do not need to be pulled apart, but spread apart so that they describe two parallel lines, and the ring would turn into a curl, a spiral segment. You can change the ball yourself, but if you need to replace the entire decoration, seek professional help - especially during the healing of a puncture.

What punctures are used for such decoration

A segmented ring is decorated with such punctures as a septum puncture (a puncture of the septum of the nose), a Daith puncture (which is located inside the auricle, the history of this piercing is quite interesting (but about it a little later)), and also the lobes. As for fully healed punctures, the segment ring is also inserted into the navel, nipples, lips, nose and eyebrows.

Segment ring sizes and pricing

In thickness, such jewelry most often reaches 1.6 millimeters. Their diameter begins with 6 millimeters, and weight can reach 16 grams. Of course, this depends on the dimensions of the ring and the material of which it is made. The average price of a segmented ring with titanium anodized material coating is about 200 rubles.

How to wear jewelry

Usually, when meeting with this type of jewelry for punctures, many people are puzzled and ask a question about how to open a segment ring. In fact, everything is quite simple. You should act in the same way as with the ball ring. Just pull the small segment of the ring towards you with some force. Nothing needs to be unscrewed, because such rings do not have threads. Apply a little force and disconnect the small segment from the large.

We all understand that with many punctures it is quite easy to get an infection. She will not please many people, and therefore you should always clean your jewelry for piercing before using them. The same applies to the segment ring. It’s pretty easy to clean the ring, so don’t be lazy. After all, your health depends on you.

In order to clean and disinfect the ring, you should lower it in a salt solution for about five or ten minutes. To do this, simply mix a quarter of a spoonful of salt and 250 milliliters of warm distilled water. After this, grate the ring with this salt water using a piece of cloth.

If you need to use pliers in the process of putting on jewelry, they should also be disinfected. You can use the same saline solution or a special saline solution. Wipe thoroughly all parts of the instrument that may touch your jewelry.

Do not forget that it is necessary to rinse well and the puncture site itself. Even when it heals completely, you will need to treat your puncture with a mild antiseptic (for example, benzalkonium chloride, bactin, or just the most common liquid antibacterial soap that has never harmed anyone). All this will greatly reduce the possible risk of infection, infection of your puncture in the future.

Take your time to change the first earring at the puncture site. It should be left in place for a period of 8-9 weeks after the puncture procedure itself. The earring can be removed only after that, but the place can be completely healed only 12-24 weeks after you have pierced. Professionals do not strongly recommend wearing a ring until your puncture heals completely.

The most difficult part in putting on a segmented ring is its discovery. As mentioned earlier, just pull a small portion of the segment toward you with a little effort. You can use small scissors, tongs, or pliers to unclench the ring and pull the small segment out of it. After that, if you have already treated the entire ring with antiseptic agents, put most of the segment into the puncture. Now return a small part of the ring segment to its original place and, if necessary, squeeze the ring back using the same pliers.

How to remove the ring

In fact, in the process of removing a segmented ring, there is nothing unusual, but for some magical reason, this is precisely what causes many fans to impress others with their appearance. With the help of the same pliers, blunt scissors or a special device for removing jewelry for piercing (of course, you should proceed from what you would most like to use), open the ring and pull out a small segment from it, take it off. Depending on where the piercing was done, it can be difficult to remove jewelry in different ways. Somewhere there is little space between the skin and the ring, somewhere it’s scary to get hurt yourself or it’s just inconvenient to get to the ring. If you still cannot get rid of the ringlet on your own, it is best to turn to the salon where you once had piercings for help. In any case, the masters have more experience in "communication" with such products. Наверняка при их опыте вы уже далеко не первый, кто не может самостоятельно снять или надеть безделушку для пирсинга.

Daith (Дейс) пирсинг

Теперь вы наконец-то получите информацию о том, о чем говорилось еще в самом начале статьи. Что такое дейс-прокол или дейс-пирсинг? Это прокол хряща, который располагается в самом центре наружного уха. This piercing is not popular, but it looks very special. Of course, it is strongly discouraged to make such a puncture yourself at home. A certain level of skill and professionalism is required here. It is also worth keeping in mind that such a puncture at first causes terrible discomfort, but over time, when the piercing heals, it will never bother you again. The first few days are promised swelling and redness, but after 4-8 months it will heal completely. For this type of piercing in the ear, a segmented ring is also suitable.