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How to make a quick tennis ball on Wii Sports


Today I will talk about my favorite game from the collection of Wii Sports, for which I spend a lot of free time. This is a Wii Tennis game.

So, let's start in order. When I first started to get acquainted with this game, then I did not succeed. I constantly missed, didn’t get into the opponent’s area, made awkward movements. At first I sinned on the imperfection of the controller, unable to accurately repeat my movements. But over time, I mastered the technique of hitting the ball and now I enjoy the wonderful game that charges me with energy.

I always started the game with a guest account - this was my mistake. Every time I turned on the game, I had 0 points on my account, since the results were not saved under the guest’s account. Although, maybe this was not a mistake - I took only the first steps, mastered the prefix, studied its features. When there was a certain stability in the results and it was not difficult for me to beat my rivals, the question arose of improving my skills. That's when I started my profile, set up the look of my virtual Self and began to go out on the court with new motivation. He quickly crossed the bar of 1000 points and received the status of a professional. Now my rivals are much more skilled, and the game has become more realistic. Sometimes my opponents pull out the heaviest ball after my insidious blow, and sometimes they make childhood mistakes - just like in Grand Slam tournaments))).

Improving the skill affects the number of fans. When you act as a beginner, then two or four people are watching your game. With an increase in the rating, the number of fans is growing. They are madly happy with every successful blow of the opponent and maliciously laugh at my every miss. Or does it just seem to me?

Constantly playing tennis, you notice some features that are not immediately available for perception. For example, for a long time I did not pay attention to my second partner, who was standing by the grid and did not help me in any way. And just purely by chance, accidentally hitting my Wii Remote behind the curtain in the room, I saw the second player successfully swing his racket and send the ball to the opponent’s side and earn another point in my piggy bank. And only after this incident, I noticed that the second player also repeats my movements on impact. After this unexpected discovery, I began to actively use the second player at the grid. There were funny cases when two close players at the net hit the ball, preventing him from even descending on the court. It was a glorious cabin.

The second discovery that I made in the game is the possibility of a quick and powerful blow when serving, when the ball flies like lightning. First, I saw this blow performed by an opponent. This terrible power hit took me by surprise. I was even upset - not only because of the lost game, but also because of injustice: I could not answer the opponent with these weapons. But it turned out I was in vain upset. Once a friend came to me and began to brag to him about his prefix. When the turn came to the demonstration of tennis, he picked up the controller and, with a careless movement, suddenly repeated this lightning strike. I was shocked. My experience of the game was estimated at that time by several weeks, and here, in front of my eyes, a person makes such a blow. A friend began to boast that he used to play real tennis and therefore he was hit. Further play showed that he did not have any professional skills, and a crushing score in favor of the opponent slightly cooled his ardor. But now I knew that I also have the opportunity to make a quick serve, you just need to train and work out the technique. I will not boast, but now I get such strikes very often. I must say that such strikes did not always lead to a winning point, sometimes an opponent managed to hit even such a ball. What could not be said about me for a long time - I did not have time to react to such balls. But recently, this shortcoming has been overcome. Now I always internally wait for the tricks of the opponent, focus and ready for any surprises.

By the way, tennis is not only a good discharge after a hard day, but also a good simulator for the development of arm muscles. Sometimes, I change the settings of my player in the settings, making him left-handed. If you are right-handed, I advise you also to follow my advice - this way you will develop your left hand. At first the movements will be awkward, then you will get used to it. You can alternate the game - one day we play with the right hand, the second day - with the left.

Perhaps you yourself will guess that if you want to interrupt the video showing the replay of the last hit, then just press the A button. This will keep the game at a higher pace without making unnecessary breaks.

What else can be said about this game? In one forum, a player claimed that an opponent, saving the leaving ball, jumped to the podium! Unfortunately, I can’t play this trick in any way, although I’m trying to send the ball to the court line itself. The opponent jumps, throws himself to the ground, almost puzzling the stands of the stadium, but I never saw the jump to the stands. Another interesting feature noticed in the game. Sometimes, sweat begins to roll from a rival. Moreover, the drops of sweat are so huge and so intensely allocated that a normal person would have long been bent from dehydration. According to unconfirmed reports, such a state of a bot player indicates his fatigue - his reaction and movement speed are falling and you can use this fact to inflict a sharp blow. Perhaps this is so, I did not notice much difference.

To improve your tennis technique, I advise you to also use the training mode. Not everyone knows about this mode, so just in case I’ll talk about it. When you launch the Wii Sports game, on the left side of the screen you see six buttons with the words Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Boxing. But note that on the right side there are two more buttons, but instead of labels there are images. To enter the training mode, you need to press the button with the image of a dumbbell. A new window with a table will open for you. For each of the five games, there are three types of training exercises. Be sure to try them all out. They are very interesting and help to master the technique of the game. Please note that the training takes place not in the stadium, but in the blue synthetic training courts (all for real!) The first exercise for tennis is that the coach sends you balls one by one, which must be carefully beaten. The coach is constantly changing the strength and direction of delivery, speeding up the pace. It also has its own record statistics (but not for guests, here is another reason why it is better to create your own profile). For a long time, my record in the first exercise was 40 points, for which I received a silver medal. For several weeks I was not able to break my record, and only today before writing these lines I set a new record - 56 points and was awarded a gold medal.

And here is another tip that applies to tennis. By default, you are always the first to serve. But you can change the order of filing. To do this, you need to click on the positions of players with a question mark on the right side of the screen on the screen where four players are selected. Then your players will be in this place, but do not forget to click on the players on the left side so that question marks appear there. Otherwise, you risk playing with yourself! This is a very funny situation. I picked up two controllers and played with myself. Such a game blows the roof in a few minutes))). You can try it.

And for a snack - a surprise! The developers of the Wii Sports game turned out to be creative people. They hid some secrets in the game. About one of them I will share with you. You can conduct the tournament not on the green court of the stadium, but on the training blue site, which was discussed a little higher. How to get there! But very simple. Start tennis in the usual way - select the Tennis game, then select the number of players, then the player himself - everything is as usual. And then a window appears in front of you with a warning that you need to be careful and take care that there are no people or objects near you that might interfere with your play. And before pressing button A, to go to the next window, press and hold button 2 on the controller (the lowest button). Now you will see that you are on the blue court - choose your opponents and go to victories!

I must say that there are many hidden secrets both in this game and in other Wii games. I plan to have a special page for these purposes, on which I will post the secrets and tricks that relate to this console. If you know something about such secrets, then unsubscribe in the comments.

That's probably all I wanted to tell about the Wii Tennis game. Play for health!

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Wii sports

Short description (function in development)

If you follow the sales of games, you probably noticed that Wii Sports is the best-selling game for Wii. High numbers, however, because the game (and this is the first plus that needs to be said) comes with the prefix. Many critics say that in terms of volume and other characteristics, it draws only on a demo, but I will try to convince you that even as a demo, it will have a cham to keep you busy.

The game is a collection of various sports - tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball and golf. None of the above, however, is a full-fledged implementation of the sport, but for a free game will be quite sufficient.

Let's figure it out in order.

In tennis, we can play simple tennis against the computer or against friends. Feeding and hitting the ball - intuitive swings that will not be difficult for either the players or your grandmothers - everyone can learn in a few minutes. There are minuses here - this is a strange direction for a hit ball to fly - often it will fly out of the territory you need and you will ask yourself what I did wrong again. Train, watch which way you are waving and this problem may disappear. The feeding and beating process itself was done well - albeit not 1: 1, but the game recognizes your swings well and after a few strokes you get used to timing.

In baseball, we need to hit the balls served to us. The farther the ball flies away, the greater our chances of winning. As in tennis, sometimes your balls will strangely fly out into the restricted area, which can be a little frustrating.

Bowling. Everything is in order here. We can adjust the direction of the ball’s flight, we can take care of its strength and speed, and the throwing process itself is not so complicated. The only snag that you may initially encounter is the timely release of button B while throwing the ball.

Golf in the game is also simplified to a minimum. We try to score balls in the holes, admiring the beautiful meadows and lakes. If in tennis and baseball you can endure problems with the mot, then in golf they can really make you angry. Due to the low sensitivity, it is very difficult to adjust the impact force, especially when rolling balls. Usually, all the joy of this mode comes down to a blow, and then a nervous roll-up begins with constant throws due to a poor correlation of swings and strokes in the game.

The last of the sports is boxing. Here we have the opportunity to fill the face of a virtual opponent or friend (those who wish can blindfold themselves the Mii version of their boss to beat him). In general, the mode is not bad, but you will notice that with quick swings your hits are not read optimally and even get confused. Try not to rush, and perhaps the game will give you more accurate recognition of your swings.

Graphically, the game does not stand out. The characters of the game are the Mii-shki you created. Landscapes and other graphic parts are made for the level of the game well and are designed in the same style.

You can hardly even talk about music in the game, as it is present only on some screens. Sounds can be praised - for example, in bowling, they create the atmosphere of being in a real bowling alley, and the blows of tennis rackets - just like in real ones.

Managing the game is very simple and intuitive. The minus in all this, as mentioned above - poor recognition, especially with fast swings - at this moment chaos begins and the game either generally refuses to read the movements, or interprets them incorrectly.

In the game, in addition to simple game modes against the computer or friends, there are training modes. Like training in Wii Fit or Dr. Kawashima, you can perform certain exercises every day - variations of the sports already described with some changes. Each time, the results are recorded and performing exercises regularly, you can monitor the development of their indicators.

In general, the Wii Sports game is not bad. It is easy to learn the capabilities of the console, spontaneous games with friends or to take training courses, but alone the game quickly gets bored. Because you do not have to pay separately for the game - these disadvantages can be safely tolerated.

Review compiled by Peamur

Alternative View 1 (by Guest):

Wii Sports is not just a free collection of mini-games based on five sports, it is a very high-quality gaming product, without any discounts on its availability.

Let's leave the graphics aside - the benefit is that there are no problems with it, and the toy, in my opinion, looks great, and in moments it’s quite technologically advanced. Let's go straight to the design and gameplay. Each look is executed soundly and not without its subtleties in game mechanics, for the development of which, if you wish, you will have to spend a lot of time - otherwise you should not even dream about the “pro” level in boxing or golf.

The main mistake is to wait from Wii Sports for a convincing demonstration of the capabilities of the Mout, tracking 1 in 1 movements, thinking that this is the nuances of the gameplay. Tracking is pretty sketchy, there is no smoothness and accuracy, therefore it doesn’t matter how you strike in tennis - just lowering your hand or raising it, making a big backswing or not, it will surely recognize which side the blow is delivered from, how the racket’s plane is located (under angle or parallel to the ground, the main thing is to “show” it clearly) in order to determine the type of impact, in the end - vertically or horizontally your movement, it depends on whether you play a candle or a regular blow. The main thing - not only in tennis, but also in golf, and in baseball, and even - albeit to a lesser extent - in bowling and boxing - is timing, the cornerstone of the game mechanics of WiSports. For example, it is precisely the moment you hit tennis that you control the direction and length of the ball. He will not fly anyhow, if you learn to feel the moment to strike in the direction you need.

In golf, it’s even more interesting - with all the seemingly ease of development, the toy itself turned out to be very curious and difficult, everything again comes down to a sense of moment and calculation: it is necessary to choose the direction and strength of the impact, taking into account the topography, as well as the strength and direction of the wind, besides directly the blow again depends on your sense of moment, plus this time also on the smooth movement, 9 completely different and very beautiful fields, several types of grass and terrain, a pronounced relief, a constantly changing wind and always several The only possible tactical decisions of each scenario guarantee a huge number of different game situations, and it is so fascinating that, as it happened, I spent five or six hours in a row with my friends at wii golf, and I did 20 times a full circle of these nine holes not tired. Of course, I will not deny the only drawback of the implementation, some inaccuracy and sharpness in the performance of short strokes, but believe me, you can get used to it.

Boxing, bowling, baseball are three separate and rather large topics. I will not dwell on them in detail, I can only say that in the case of boxing and bowling, it will be necessary to practice certain techniques of strikes and achieve a serious result, at least at the “pro” level, it will not be easy. There are also enough of its nuances. Baseball, unfortunately, is greatly simplified - the game comes down to a single wave of Wiimout, and the process, I believe, will not be able to captivate even big fans of this sport for a long time.

In general, I think that Wii Sports is an excellent collection of several sports toys connected by the same style and general principles of gameplay, of course, not without flaws (to take at least the excessive simplification of baseball or inaccurate controls in some cases) the main thing is not to have false expectations and just try, without any prejudice, to understand and master each species, then the game will surely captivate you. In my opinion, it is worthy of a purchase - even separately from the Wii.

If we subtract from the final score the score for some flaws in management and another half point for the simplicity of baseball (moreover, I have no complaints about the graphics and design, nor about the game modes and content saturation, much less the gameplay and design), then we get по мне справедливую оценку в 8.5 баллов из 10.

Графика 6.0Управление 8.5Сохранение: Сохраняются только рекорды в тренировках.
Звук 6.5История -Настройка управления: не настраивается.
Дизайн 7.5Геймплей 7.5Сложность: не настраивается.

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Какие бывают теннисные мячи?

The design of all tennis balls in the world is the same: they are hollow rubber balls covered with fleecy fabric. And then the differences begin.

By production method balls are divided into sealed and leaky. The first ones are filled with inert gas, or a special tablet of inorganic salts is placed in them, which, when decomposed, creates excess pressure inside the ball. These balls are delivered in sealed containers, similar to cans and allowing you to maintain pressure. Immediately after depressurization, these balls are characterized by a high rebound, however, as they lose pressure, they lose it (roughly speaking, deflate) and become practically unsuitable for play, and this happens quite quickly. These are the same balls that are used in professional tournaments and are changed every few games after the words of the judge on the tower “New balls please”.

Leaky balls do not have internal pressure and bounce due to the special surface structure. The new balls have a very hard rebound, but they are optimized as they are used. It is impossible to play them only when their cover has worn out.

External coating the ball determines its suitability for one or another type of court. So, the usual coating (regular duty) the balls are thin and soft, which makes such balls suitable for clay and indoor courts: a thin pile does not fluff. (Here, I recall an episode three years ago from the dirt tournament in Madrid, when Anabel Medina Garrigues, playing with Serena Williams, intentionally fluffed new balls on a racket to make them slower.)

Dense balls (extra duty) do not wear off on hard hard courts for longer (but they cling strongly and quickly fluff over heterogeneous soil cover). Sometimes in a separate category special herbal balls that differ from ordinary ones only in that their pile does not get dirty on the grass.

There is also a special type training ballsdeveloped as part of the educational campaign of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Play and stay. According to their characteristics (lower rebound and flight speed, larger size) they are suitable for children and novice players. Depending on the category (“Red”, “orange”, “green”) they are used for mini-tennis or playing with reduced rackets. Since 2012, according to ITF rules, in tournaments for children under 10 years old they play only with such balls.

What kind of balls do professionals play?

Topics that are ITF Certified. To get approval, the ball, firstly, must comply with standard specifications (certain intervals in terms of size, weight, rebound), and secondly, pass special tests for stability and strength.

For the 2016 season, ITF certified about 260 models of tennis balls. About a hundred of them are training (see above), the rest are professional (more than 30 brands).

Why so many?

Professional balls also come in several forms - depending on of type and court locationon which they will be used. Standard and most common - balls category 2.

Balls category 1 a bit heavier, fly faster and are designed to (accelerate) games on slower courts. This is the official Roland Garros ball. Category 3 slightly larger, slower and suitable for fast coatings (slows down the game on them). There are no such balls in the current ITF list. The fourth category includes balls designed to play in conditions elevations (above 1219 meters above sea level).

The variety and rotation of balls from tournament to tournament often causes frustration for players, since each ball reacts differently to different conditions (weather, time of day), which on a professional level can play a big role and even cause injuries (especially for high-altitude balls, which are a bit heavier than usual). Many tennis players say they would like to play with one ball all year - or at least during one segment of the season, but this is almost impossible to achieve, as is often the case in situations where too many interests intersect.

Do men and women have different balls?

Strictly speaking, the concepts of “male” and “female” ball do not exist: no manufacturer builds his line of balls on a gender basis. But Andy Murray didn’t just raise a bucket in Miami: men and women really play with different balls, not only in Florida, but in almost all hard tournaments. ATP uses balls with a dense hard coating extra duty (black marking), and in WTA - with regular (also primed) regular duty (red marking). And although both one and the second balls belong to the standard high-speed category 2, the regular duty thin pile wears out faster on hard hard courts, due to which the balls fly faster and increase the overall pace of women's matches.

Therefore, Murray’s discontent can be understood: a random female ball in a man’s match can tell the blows the speed at which neither the player performing them nor his opponent answering them can count. A few years ago, the same misunderstanding occurred at the US Open with Andy Roddick, who after the match said the same thing as Murray, admitting that he was tempted to serve the ball with a lighter female ball.

Paired specialist Bob Bryan, who plays women's balls in a mixed game at the Grand Slam tournaments, even specified how much faster they are: a female ball from a male pitch flies 8-9 kilometers per hour faster than a male one. The technical consultant of one of the ball manufacturing companies, however, did not agree, stressing that the lighter balls after the initial acceleration and slow down more sharply (similar to a shuttlecock for badminton).


Итого : Хорошая игра для новичков.
Плюсы : На первых порах захватывающий геймплей.
Минусы : Постепенное снижение интереса при игре в одиночку.