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Secrets of sorcerers: how to make a magic wand?


A magic wand is a device of good and useful magic. It helps to change the properties of objects so that they bring joy and good mood to any person. A true wand never does harm.

She refuses to perform evil or offensive magic. In this case, it deteriorates and forever loses its magical properties. In addition, it will be possible to make another magic wand no earlier than in one year.

Key Points

Making a real wand at home is very simple. When performing some preparatory steps, the process of creating a magic wand will take no more than 1 second. It is important to observe the required simple conditions for the production of a magic wand.

First of all, you need to find the basis, or preparation of the future magic wand. The basis can be any solid object having an oblong or elongated shape.

It is not necessary to use objects in the form of sticks - twigs, twigs, Chinese chopsticks, pencils, etc. A light elongated object from almost any non-fragile material - plastic, metal, paper, shockproof glass, wood, clay and others - is suitable.

You can even mold a magic wand from dough (the recipe is given below) and bake in the oven until golden brown. In this case, if the wand loses its magical properties, it can be consumed as a cookie for tea. In a word, the scope for imagination when choosing a material is not limited.

It is necessary to fulfill only one important condition: the blank for the magic wand, no matter what it is made of, should not have sharp edges, chipping, nothing that could injure or scratch the skin.

It is strictly forbidden to use knives, forks, knitting needles and nail files as a magic wand.

Make a magic wand

Stand in the center of the room, straighten up, keep your head straight.

Put the blank of the magic wand on your head, lower your hands.

Close your eyes tightly.

Say loudly and clearly: “Wand! Magical The real one! Be! ”

It is important to pronounce these words strictly in the given sequence, with conviction and firmness. It is not necessary to say out loud, you can say mentally to yourself, most importantly, do not disrupt the word order.

To make a magic wand yourself, you must:

  • One second of free time
  • Workpiece in the form of an elongated object,
  • Room,
  • A special sequence of words.

The magic wand is ready for use immediately after pronunciation, the shelf life with proper use is unlimited. We wish you success in the work of good magic and look forward to further cooperation.

How to make a real magic wand

Have you noticed that wishes come true? It works the magic that everyone is endowed with to some extent. The wand itself is just a wand, an antenna that accumulates and enhances the wizard's energy. How to make a magic wand that is obedient to its master and “pretends” to be an ordinary branch for everyone else?

For starters, simple truths:

  • The wand must be natural in order to keep the memory of the vitality of the tree. This can only be found in the forest or in the park, since the trees planted in the city are weak and lack any connection with the elements.
  • The branch broken by the wizard loses its strength, “dies”, so the tree itself must give the branch after a sincere request and an honest promise not to use magic to the detriment of living beings. If this condition is violated, the wand will never gain the necessary strength and will take energy from its owner.
  • Each tree is endowed with unique qualities, but the magician should feel “his” wand. To do this, just pick up a twig, close your eyes and feel its weight in the palm of your hand. If the impression is that the wand has become an extension of the hand, then it is “the same”.
  • Say thank you to the tree. Even science has already proved that sincere gratitude has a magical property, so these are not just familiar words, but the first spells available to everyone, the meaning of which for most has been lost. Give the tree a little of your energy and wish you well. In this case, the stick will not lose touch with the forest and will be fueled by its clean, inexhaustible energy.

And now you can start making a magic wand!

How to make a magic wand at home: affordable magic

Ash, birch, cedar, maple, chestnut, alder, hazel ... In general, there are no trees completely unsuitable for creating magic wands. Nevertheless, there are instances that take energy (well, so they are arranged, what can you do?): Aspen, spruce, pine. The branch selected by the inner instinct (seen by the "third eye") needs to be hidden and brought home. In the wizard’s house, the wand is saturated with its energy before it becomes truly magical.

How to make a magic wand at home? It is not difficult from a technical point of view, but not as simple as it might seem!

  • The mystery of the creation of the wand does not tolerate prying eyes, so the magician should not be allowed to be seen before the rite of initiation.
  • Carefully cleaned from the bark, the stick must be treated with a sandpaper (sandpaper), pronouncing the spell "I conjure you, oh, omnipotent branch (birch, cedar, etc.) by the forces of four elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire! Take in their strength and power. Be my faithful assistant! ”
  • At the base of the wand, you need to make a hole (with a nail, screw, screwdriver) so that it does not crack, in order to place the magic core. The fabulous “cores”, alas, are inaccessible to modern wizards, but magic spilled everywhere is waiting for its embodiment! A feather (just not a black crow or a rooster!) Will fill the wand with the power of the Wind, a beautiful light pebble or a real crystal - it will give energy from the bowels of the Earth, the nook will fill with the power of Fire, and the scales of fish with the power of Water. Choose a congenial element and it will help you everywhere.
  • With a piece of wood or salt dough on consecrated water, glue the magic core tightly, seal it with a finger ring or inscribe the initial letter of the element-patron (A - air, air, E - earth, earth, W - water, water, F - fire, fire).
  • Some coat the wand with varnishes. This is not forbidden, but also not welcome. It is better to cover the magic wand before initiation with natural fragrant oil and, wrapping it in a scarf, leave it until the next full moon.
  • The final step is the dedication of the wand. You can dedicate your wand to the full moon or to one of the fire festivals held by the magical community on May 1 (Beltan) or October 31 (Samhain, Celtic New Year). To do this, at midnight put a magic wand on a snow-white cloth, light a candle and make up “Become a guide, assistant and keeper!”. Then the candle is quenched in water and buried in the ground. All these manipulations are a tribute to the ritual. It is important to understand that the wand is only an attribute, magic is inside the wizard and only concentrates in amulets and other artifacts.

Now you know how to make a magic wand at home with your own hands. She can help fulfill your desires. But remember:

desiring evil, one can lose magical power suddenly and irrevocably. Energy is spent on negative much more, and a stick can simply become an ordinary useless piece of wood.

Magical energy itself is not evil or good, it is neutral. Good or bad people make it white or black with their thoughts. So that it is better to wish good (health, prosperity, joy) to oneself and loved ones than to spend the same energy on the wish of evil to others!

How to choose material for YOUR magic wand?

In order to correctly make your wand with your own hands (there are also not quite right ones, they will be discussed later), you need to find YOUR tree that will voluntarily agree (yes, it will agree, you were not mistaken!) To become your friend and assistant on for the rest of my life.

In the search for a suitable tree, you should turn off all extraneous thoughts, focus on the task, listen to your intuition.

Please note - the tree is also a living creature! You can also talk to him, communicate. Some people have very well developed abilities with which they communicate with the environment! But if you do not have such abilities - do not despair! Nobody has canceled intuition and perseverance!

• So, for a CORRECT magic wand a young tree is best suited. If a powerful tree has responded to your call, then ask for a branch from him.
Just “ask”! In order to “hear” YOUR tree, you need to wander for several days in the park, in the forest, take a walk in the garden.

You can search for material for sticks at any time of the year, even winter-autumn are not an obstacle to communication with a tree. Yes, the Tree is sleeping, but it continues to hear, which means it can answer you.

• Approaching each tree, address it respectfully with your request, ask the tree for a branch as your faithful friend and helper.
• Listen to yourself, perhaps you will be magnetically drawn to the tree you need.
• Having chosen a suitable clearing, sit down among the trees, put all your thoughts in order, begin meditation - it will help to concentrate, remove all unnecessary things and enter into harmony with nature.
• When pre-selecting a tree, you can also be guided by the Celtic horoscope, in it you will find out which tree matches your character. But, again, I remind you that the tree must give consent and voluntarily give you its branch.

Showing your imagination, you can find many more ways of unity with nature, which in the future will be very useful to you - you also need to communicate with a magic wand, merge mentally ...

Some experts advise choosing a sound species of trees for a magic wand. In young plants, the core is softer, and adults have a firmer base, stronger.
Sticks made of oak, pine, and bamboo will have interesting properties.

If your choice fell on bamboo wood, then you just need to go to the places where this tree grows. An even better option would be to grow bamboo with your own hands in a pot - it is already half energetically connected with you.

And you know that with great success even in our time magic wands are used by the priests of Ganesha and even some Indian Yogis! They certainly will not reveal to us their centuries-old secrets and methods for making sticks!

Will our wand have magical properties?

So, you went for a walk in the forest (park, garden). While meditating, you felt that some tree was “calling” you. Another moment and you are already standing under it. Try to start a dialogue with the tree, listen ... If you have the ability to communicate with nature - it will be easier for you to establish contact with the desired tree. If not, turn on intuition.

Listen to your feelings carefully and do not try to cut the first branch that comes across. When you clearly hear the response of the tree, explain to him why you need a wand. Explain that you will make it a magical thing that will be your friend and helper. Only after receiving consent from the tree to give you a branch, you can proceed to the next step!

Consent received. Now you need to correctly trim the desired branch. To do this, hit the base of the branch sharply, but not hard. The proof that nevertheless you correctly heard everything and correctly understood the answer of the tree will be a branch that has easily fallen away.

And now begins the second important part of turning an ordinary branch into a magical tool of witchcraft.

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How to make a magic wand to conjure

A very important moment is coming! The branch is received, now you need to correctly make the stick itself from it.

To begin with, the resulting branch needs to be removed from the side shoots and buds, cleaned from the bark, give it a designed shape and cleaned to smoothness.

• Take your branch in your hands, align the place of the cut, cut the other end of the branch, determining the desired length for your stick,
• Cut off all the shoots on the branch,
Now put the knife back! In the future, when making the wand, you won’t need it anymore! All processes will need to be performed manually!
• Clean the workpiece from the bark using nails and teeth. When the workpiece becomes completely white, you can stop - the bark has been successfully removed,
• The cleaned stick should dry well for 10-15 days, so that we can proceed to the next operation. I draw your attention - the wand must constantly contact the owner,

• The next step is smoothing. To do this, you need to take only natural tools, namely, fine-grained pumice stone or stone. With their help, slowly, investing your whole soul, you should carefully process the stick. If you wish, you can sharpen one end of the stick. After grinding the stick in this way, achieve its full smoothness, align it along the entire length,
• For convenience and for the purpose of constantly carrying the wand with you, make a small hole in it (again with your nails!) And thread a loop from the braid into it.
• Do not be afraid of the fact that soon, a smooth stick will become covered with small cracks - this is a normal and regular process. We continue to grind and achieve complete drying of the stick - then it will no longer crack, but will remain smooth forever. When such a result is achieved, know - yours wand completely ready!

A prerequisite is the constant contact of the owner with his future magic wand (from the moment of cutting)! Whether it’s a shower, whether it’s a bed, work, a street - the preparation of the “candidate” for sticks should be with you constantly and every second! In contact with the owner, she is gaining his energy, born as a WAND! Staying with the owner in various life situations, she feels with him the emotions experienced by the owner, which allows the wand to tune in to the owner and get in touch with him. The most interesting thing is that over time, and the owner will feel the emotions that the wand experiences - the connection is two-way. Try to take a wand in your hands at every opportunity, talk with her, tell her about your desires, pass your thoughts through it. Performing magic rituals, the main participant in the action should be your magic wand.

Do not leave your “sorceress” for a moment for a whole year - it is during this time that the wand is saturated with YOUR energy. The contact will be established so powerful that any of your desires, any slipping your thoughts will be known to a magic wand. She will become a formidable weapon in your hands, defense and other. You will never want to leave her!

At the very beginning, we mentioned that there is another kind of sticks that is easier, easier to make, but such a stick will not differ in the long-term effect of the work.

The wand - the work will turn out to be half magic if you do not contact it every second, if the terms of its manufacture are significantly reduced, if you used sandpaper or a nail file instead of natural stones to process it.

In such a wand, some magical properties will also be present, but it will only last for a short time.

Video how to make a Harry Potter wand

Weren't you afraid of everything you read? Aren't you afraid to be the owner of a Power of such power? Then seek and create, but do not forget that you should be guided primarily by justice, objectivity and mercy. Otherwise, your weapons in the wrong hands will be directed at you! To alleviate the suffering of people, to heal incurable diseases, to get rid of harmful entities - this is a worthy application for a magic wand!

Who can make a working wand

Not everyone can make magic wands with real power.

No need to take this person with a very weak energy, for example, as a result of a long illness.

First, you should restore your strength, for example, being alone in nature. You can’t make such a tool for a woman during the period of monthly discharge, during this period a woman emits negative energy in large volumes, and this energy can be transmitted to magic objects, the consequences are different.

Production from a tree branch and its verification

How to make a real magic wand with magic? An important point here is the choice of wood species. Witchcraft tools made from trees of different species will have different magical powers.

The choice of wood species depends on the purpose for which our assistant will be used.

If a magic wand made of oak wood is better suited for power actions, then an instrument made of jasmine (for women) or sequoia (for men) is better suited for love magic and magic.

In choosing a tree for our assistant, it is important that the tree, as it were, “gives consent” to such use of its parts. Согласие это вы должны определить настроившись на выбранное дерево соответствующим образом, можно вспомнить о календаре друидов, или — если хотите упростить процесс — просто попробуйте почувствовать, прогуливаясь по лесу, какое из деревьев подойдёт для реализации ваших целей. Выбирать древесину лучше в новолуние.

Отправляясь за деревом, вы должны:

  • Выбросить из головы дурные мысли
  • Надеть чистую одежду из светлой ткани
  • Bring a small cloth bag of salt with you to throw away on your way back.
  • Do not talk to anyone on the way

After a day, clear the branch from the bark, then carefully cut the ends, leaving the stick 20-40 centimeters long, then smooth it with an abrasive stone as best as possible, until it acquires an even cylindrical shape.

After all preparations, you need to charge the magic wand with magical energy in accordance with the rules and traditions of your magic school, traditional or.

You can test the effectiveness of a new tool by applying it to some simple spell. It is advisable to repeat such a check three times.

An experienced magician can determine the suitability of your assistant.

How to make it in one second

If you are an experienced magician and witchcraft tools are needed urgently, you can quickly, in a second, make a temporary wand that will help, for example, repel an enemy attack. Take any cylindrical object on which your gaze will fall in a moment of urgent need, mentally give it a strong fire, cleansing of everything alien.

Then quickly say 3 times, holding the said object on an outstretched right hand: "Help now, I will repay after!".

A witchcraft item is ready in a second, it is suitable for emergency power influences and is able to strengthen your magic message several times. After use, you need to thank him, but you can no longer use it. Take it to the intersection at night and leave it on the road.

At home

You can make our companion in the world of magic at home, quickly enough. These may be non-classical methods of their manufacture, and most importantly, atypical material for the manufacture of this magic tool.

The magic assistant can be made from:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Ebonite
  • Good crystal
  • A simple pencil

Below we will consider some types of such tools.

Paper making

Our assistant can be made of paper, because paper is made of wood. To do this, roll a sheet of paper into a tight roll, preferably new, but continuous along the entire length of the roll.

The paper used for recorders, or just a long piece of paper, is suitable for this. - contact with the body during the day and charging with magical energy, as mentioned above.

The peculiarity of our witchcraft companion, made of paper, is that it is worse suited for rough power influences and has a shorter service life than a similar solid wood stick. Making a magic wand out of paper is real enough, then it is better suited for love magic.

From a simple pencil

Yes, it can even be made from such an everyday tool as a simple pencil. Only wooden pencils are suitable for this purpose, neither automatic nor flexible plastic.

First, twist the pencil between your palms for 2 to 3 minutes, expelling someone else’s energy from it (this action can be omitted if it is completely new and was bought in a factory-sealed package).

Then sharpen the pencil, condemning performance spells and thinking about the magic item that will be obtained from this pencil. It is better to sharpen it with a new knife and only at night.

Then put the already sharpened object under the pillow, after wrapping it in black or dark blue cloth. Carry it with you the next day.

In the morning, you can check and use a pencil stick.

The right decoration for the magic wand

An important, although not mandatory, moment in the manufacture of witchcraft items is their decoration with minerals (precious stones), genuine leather or fangs of animals. These jewelry can increase the magic power of the wand if it is added correctly and in accordance with the purposes for which it was made.

A witchcraft item made for power magic can be decorated with stones of cold tones: lapis lazuli, amethyst, blue calcite. It is better to decorate a rod for love magic with stones of warm colors: ruby, auripigment.

Jewelery made from pieces of leather and animal fangs is suitable for a guard rod.